Wednesday Reads: Rainbow 🌈 Wins

This is huge news:

But Danica was not the only Trans woman to win last night.

Let’s take a look at some tweets from last night:

And in other news:

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“We don’t want to jump to conclusions and get the facts wrong before we start ignoring it completely,” said Enid, OK resident Roger Benson, echoing the sentiments of 324 million other Americans who added they weren’t willing to do nothing whatsoever to address the country’s mass shooting epidemic until they learned more about the killer, including his possible connection to the church and his mental health background. “People have been speculating on social media, but that doesn’t do us any good unless we know the truth about his family life, and how and why he was able to acquire an assault weapon—otherwise, there’s just no way to neglect to address this shooting in the larger context of gun violence in America. We all need to take a deep breath, gather as much information as we can, and then sit with our hands folded indefinitely.” #TheOnion

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Our new report with the Prison Policy Initiative offers a deeper understanding of the fastest-growing segment of the incarcerated population: women. Swipe to learn more. Link to full report in bio. ⬅️ #women #prison #jail #massincarceration #smartjustice #cjreform #criminaljustice #freedom #oitnb

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You get the picture…

This is an open thread.

27 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: Rainbow 🌈 Wins”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    What a strange good feeling we had last night…dare I say to call it hope?

    -JJ Walts Sent from my iPhone


  2. Pat Johnson says:

    It wasn’t just Trump the voters rejected yesterday but also the hideous GOP agenda that has put so many of us through sleepless nights.

    Taking away healthcare – especially targeting women – has caused so much anxiety across the nation that the voters finally took a stand in all that was left to them and voted with their feet.

    It has so far produced results and as long as the GOP continues to deny climate change you will find more women coming out on behalf of future generations – you know, those they carried for 9 months – giving them a resounding “No”.

    Trump is not the only target. The GOP in all its stupidity, blindsightedness, and hateful stance is right up there with him.

  3. NW Luna says:

    Democrats mark anniversary of Trump’s election with night of sweeping victories

    “The Democratic party is back, my friends,” the Democratic National Committee chairman, Tom Perez, declared.

    It was a stinging rebuke to Donald Trump as he arrives in China in an attempt to play global statesman. The so-called resistance had shown it could amass vast women’s marches and skewer the president with witty epigrams on Twitter. Now it heeded Obama’s plea to go beyond hashtags and memes by showing up. “This is what happens when the people vote,” the former president tweeted.

    The results also represented a corrective, a restoration of some kind of equilibrium and a reminder that America as a whole did not make a sudden lurch to the populist right on 8 November 2016. Trump lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million that day and won the Oval Office because of the arcane electoral college.

    The omens are very good for next year, especially as the party not occupying the White House always tends to do well. Dave Wasserman, US House editor of the Cook Report, tweeted: “You can’t really look at tonight’s results and conclude that Democrats are anything other than the current favorites to pick up the US House in 2018.”

    • Enheduanna says:

      Luna! Hooray for the state of Washington!

      I love how Matthew Chapman at Shareblue frames things.

      • NW Luna says:

        Let’s hear it for the Left Coast States! **smug grin** We welcome refugees from other states.

        Although I wish they’d quit describing LD 45 as “suburbs of Seattle.” It’s not. There are several distinct cities in it including where Microsoft is headquartered, and then a big section with small towns and semi-rural areas with lots of gun-rights Rs. Traditionally the Rs have won it by only a small margin. I’m delighted that Dems have finally tipped the balance!

        • Enheduanna says:

          I’d move out there so fast but I can’t afford it.

          • NW Luna says:

            The moving expenses or the cost of living on the West Coast? A lot of areas are horribly expensive. We bought just in time 25 yrs ago before we were priced out, but we’re in Seattle. There are more rural areas and smaller towns which are far less expensive, and not all are R-infested.

  4. purplefinn says:

    So much good news! It’s about time. I made a small $ contribution to the Virginia race. I’m grateful to all of those who did the door to door plus. Can’t wait to volunteer at my local office for the mid-terms.

  5. NW Luna says:

    ‘It’s a revolution’: polygamist sect loses power over Utah town for first time

    Majority control on the town council of Hildale is now set to transfer away from the sect, and a new female mayor is expected to win once ballots are counted

    A fundamentalist religious sect that commands its women members to wear pioneer-era dresses and that became infamous for mass polygamy and child marriage appears to have had its power over a small town broken for the first time in its history. Three non-fundamentalist council members are reported to have won against incumbents loyal to the sect “by a landslide” in Hildale, southern Utah, on Tuesday night.

    And, in a closer race, an all-but-official majority of voters have chosen a new mayor, who also ran as an “outsider” to challenge the authority of the fringe religion over the isolated community.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    Reading those tweets made me happy all over again! Thanks JJ.

  7. bostonboomer says:

    Obama reported for jury duty in Chicago, but was ultimately dismissed from the pool.

    • Enheduanna says:

      You would think he’d get an automatic pass. If you serve on a grand jury I don’t think they call you up again for regular jury pools. Seems like he should be exempt.

  8. NW Luna says:

    A recap of news already in JJ’s post and in comments, but with a couple of heartening summations:

    Mr Trump, at least in Virginia, is a lead balloon

    The clock is ticking for Republicans

  9. NW Luna says:

    Amazingly good news! Hmm, I wonder if Scotland having a woman Prime Minister helps.

    Scotland offers free abortions to women from Northern Ireland

    Abortions are illegal in Northern Ireland except for cases where the woman’s health is at risk. That has led to women travelling to Great Britain, where they have had to pay for terminations. New regulations allowing women from Northern Ireland to access abortion services in Scotland come into force on Monday. Rape, incest and fatal foetal abnormalities are not circumstances in which they can be performed legally [in Ireland].

    Justine Greening, the equalities minister, said low-income women would also receive help with travel expenses.

  10. ANonOMouse says:

    I just wanted to check in to see how everyone is enjoying the GREAT electoral victories of Tuesday night. Onward. Upward. Love Wins

    • NW Luna says:

      Mouse! Good to hear from you! Onward!

      • ANonOMouse says:

        Hi Luna: I’m still around and checking in on y’all from time to time. Couldn’t resist reading reactions to Tuesday nights victories. Be well, take care of each other and keep believing and working toward justice. Love you all, Mouse

        • Pat Johnson says:

          Mouse, how I miss you! Your wit and wisdom has sustained me over the years and you made me laugh out loud.

          Miss the days when we played “tag” having each other’s backs on unfriendly blogs.

          Be well and rejoin us soon. You are truly missed!

          • ANonOMouse says:

            Those were the days my friend and I appreciated you then and now. Thanks for the well wishes same to you.