Sunday Reads: Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting 

Oh…ain’t it the fucking tRump truth!

Now for a review of last night’s Saturday Night Live.



There was more, including a Sen. Warren impression…they also have a clip of that over at Mediaite so you will be able to find it there.

During the show, SCROTUS (I love that…) tweeted in a pathetic attempt to, I don’t know:

Trump Tried To Steal Attention Away From SNL With This Pathetic Tweet And Failed Big League – GOPocalypse

First of all, wtf? He tweeted the joint statement he made two hours ago with an “In Case You Missed It” tag – even though it was still the last tweet showing at the top of his Twitter profile, so it was not all that difficult to find and watch. “ICYMI” is typically used for something a bit older than two hours.

Umm, suurree. This has nothing to do with what we all can assume is the rage induced by SNL’s mocking taking place right now, right? Oh, and there has been a lot of mocking with Alec Baldwin as tonight’s host.

“Big League mocking. – The best mocking.”

According to an unconfirmed account of alleged White House staff who have gone rogue (so this may nor may not be true) Lord Cheeto is pissed:

It’s probably safe to assume he’s all pissy right now, though. After all, he does have the thinnest skin of any human being who has ever walked the face of the earth.

I have to admit, the twitter comebacks to the orange fucker are keeping me going…it has reached a point where I look out for them now. Check out these few that were noted in the link:

Well, he’s likely going to be even angrier if he checks out the replies to his ICYMI tweet. People are telling him to shush, their show is on.

Twitter isn’t the only place that’s mocking tRump:



The whole world is mocking this asshole.

Donald Trump: America First Parodies Around the World |

At a time when President Donald Trump is keeping American comedians busy, the rest of the world can’t help but join in on the satire.

The “America First” parody video trend is sweeping the globe after a sketch first popularized by Dutch comedy show Zondag met Lubach took off in January. The inaugural video used Trump’s own quotes in a spoof packaged as a promo to convince Trump he should dub The Netherlands “second.” A wave of videos followed, as countries spun comedy gold to make the case that they deserve second place.

Here’s a rundown of all the videos from different countries to take a stab at the parody so far.

Go to the link to see all of the videos, I will just post this one because of the beginning…it is so good.


Heaping the praise on Trump’s first weeks in office, this video charts a love of travel bans by pumping up its rabbit-proof fence and an endless list of things that are big enough to please an American president.


And how is it possible not to make fun of the man:


Watch that video. (I don’t know if it has sound, so I will give that warning off the bat.) But damn…those hands. And let me say, from an Italian who can’t speak without using her hands…this guy is fucked up.

But in reality, most tRump supporters are enthralled. What do Trump voters think of his performance so far? | | Al Jazeera

We speak to Trump supporters in Kentucky, where he won 63% of the vote, and find widespread support amid some concern.

Sovanna Chhan, a Cambodian refugee who recently became a US citizen, doesn’t regret voting for Trump [Chris Kenning/Al Jazeera]

Take a look at that article. I can tell you that folks here in Banjoville are fighting mad about their love for tRump. Just the other day, while we were in the waiting room at the Chemo Dr for my mom’s appointment, Fox News was on…like it is always on in every restaurant, doctor office, hair salon, barber and Dunkin Donut/Starbuck in this town. (Fox News is like Banjoville’s own state television program. Kind of like what the people are forced to watch over in North Korea…but here it is tuned in by choice. And it is horrendous for those of us who are not Fox News zombie mutthafuckas.)

img_3379Anyway…back to my little story. tRump was on the Fox News channel, and my dad started to mimic his hand motions. You should have seen the looks on the faces of these people that stared down my dad…it was frightening. Not in a funny way either.  I mean these folks are there for cancer treatment, but they were ready to get up out of their seats and beat the shit out of my dad. Fucking hell. I am all for ragging on tRump anytime and all the time, but I actually had to tell my father to knock it off. I didn’t want to start a war there in the waiting room. And for the rest of the time we were there. All those people did not stop giving us the death glare.

It is disgusting.

The rest of today’s links are also disgusting. I will give them to you in a link dump. Take some time to think about them as you read through them…and how they relate to each other. Some of these links are old, a few weeks or months, but I wanted to post them to highlight a few thoughts that are running together in my mind lately.

img_3227Starting with a link from December, thought it would be good to revisit it: Donald Trump will cause US power to collapse, says man who correctly predicted fall of USSR | The Independent

Historian Richard Evans says Trump’s America isn’t exactly like the Third Reich—but it’s too close for comfort.

Steve Bannon Carries Battles to Another Influential Hub: The Vatican – The New York Times

While Mr. Trump, a twice-divorced president who has boasted of groping women, may seem an unlikely ally of traditionalists in the Vatican, many of them regard his election and the ascendance of Mr. Bannon as potentially game-changing breakthroughs.


Just as Mr. Bannon has connected with far-right parties threatening to topple governments throughout Western Europe, he has also made common cause with elements in the Roman Catholic Church who oppose the direction Francis is taking them. Many share Mr. Bannon’s suspicion of Pope Francis as a dangerously misguided, and probably socialist, pontiff.

 Until now, Francis has marginalized or demoted the traditionalists, notably Cardinal Burke, carrying out an inclusive agenda on migration, climate change and poverty that has made the pope a figure of unmatched global popularity, especially among liberals. Yet in a newly turbulent world, Francis is suddenly a lonelier figure. Where once Francis had a powerful ally in the White House in Barack Obama, now there is Mr. Trump and Mr. Bannon, this new president’s ideological guru.

Let that sink in…and remember the Vatican’s role with Germany in WW2…specifically…Hitler’s Pope.




Trump order won’t make cops safer, but might make it a felony to yell at them

“Contempt of cop” is a big enough problem already. The president seems determined to make it worse.

Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states – The Washington Post

Seems like that latest EO will make it easier for anyone to become a “felon” and make it possible for ICE to deport…or for cops to arrest protesters.

img_3376This Is Where We Are 2-7-17 – Balloon Juice

So I just got off the phone with my mom and she shared some disturbing news. Especially so for me as the son of an immigrant, a Green Card holder until his death.

My former sister-in-law returned in the last couple of days from a family funeral in Peru. She’s an American, with passport, but originally from Peru. When her plane arrived at SFO, there were armed immigration/customs agents on the boarding ramp, right outside the plane’s door.

Every person exiting the plane was asked for their papers and scrutinized. This was a normal international flight, not from the countries of current trumpian concern. The next day, her friends told her that all international flights are being greeted thusly.

I’ve been traveling since I was two weeks old. I’m a dual national, but my US issued birth certificate shows I was born in Africa to an American woman and a Swiss man. This country has ALWAYS been the land of the free and customs and immigration folks are in their booths, lanes, aisles, etc. Not intimidating folks getting off the plane.

It’s beginning my friends. A moat is being created around us, between us and the rest of the world.

White House Correspondent Gateway Pundit’s Co-Blogger Found Guilty of Multiple Firearms Crimes – Little Green Footballs

Jim Hoft and his blog Gateway Pundit have long been known as purveyors of far right fake news, and now, in the era of the Trump Horror, Hoft’s blog has actually been credentialed as a White House correspondent.

Today in Oregon, one of Jim Hoft’s fellow bloggers at Gateway Pundit (and its equally bogus sister blog “Progressives Today”), Michael Aaron Strickland, was convicted of multiple felonies and misdemeanors for pulling a gun and threatening protesters at a demonstration in Portland

This, it is painful:

img_3378Trump’s Exchange on Asset Forfeiture is Quite Discomfiting

On Tuesday, in an incident picked up by NPR and a bunch of other outlets, Donald Trump joked to a group of sheriffs about “destroying the career” of a Texas state senator one of the sheriffs, Harold Eavenson of Rockwall County, Texas, was unhappy with. Eavenson is a fan of what is known as asset forfeiture, and the state senator had lobbied hard against a certain type of it.

What is asset forfeiture? Traditionally, it’s been the practice of taking someone’s stuff after they’ve been convicted of a crime — picture a DEA photo opp in front of a drug lord’s boats and jewelry and cars. But in many parts of the country, the practice has grown extremely loose, and there are numerous signs of widespread abuse. Law-enforcement officers can often take your stuff simply by, in effect, declaring that there’s some connection between you and a hypothetical crime — they don’t need to even arrest or charge you.


Trump made his joke after Eavenson complained about “a state senator in Texas who was talking about introducing legislation to require conviction before we can receive their forfeiture.” “Can you believe that?” responded Trump, before joking about ruining his career. As the Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday, it isn’t clear exactly which state senator Eavenson was referring to, but both Democrats and some Republicans there have pushed for laws to reform the state’s asset-forfeiture practices. And all they are asking is that someone be convicted of a crime before police take their stuff — they aren’t even questioning law enforcement’s authority to seize certain property.

The whole debate was new to Trump. As the White House’s transcript of the session where he made his joke makes clear (hat tip to Reason), the president didn’t appear to know what asset forfeiture was or what the debate over it entailed. This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Trump, by his own admission, isn’t much of a reader, and has exhibited very little interest in questions of public policy. What’s interesting, though, is observing, through the transcript, the process of Trump puzzling through a new concept and trying to understand what it means and how it fits into his worldview.img_3375

Interesting and deeply, deeply discomfiting:

Lots more at the link…lots.

Trump ripped Mexico in tweet while Kushner was meeting with Mexican officials: report | TheHill

President Trump took to Twitter to slam Mexico over his border wall proposal while top advisor Jared Kushner was meeting with Mexican officials about a potential state visit, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Trump’s tweet abruptly ended Kushner’s negotiations in the White House, the report said. Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law and a White House senior advisor.


Disabled Children Become Trump’s Newest Target As Administration Sinks To New Low ‹ Winning Democrats

Donald Trump and his band of right-wing misfits have sunk to an even lower low. They have set their sights on a new target: disabled children. Shortly after Betsy DeVos was confirmed as education secretary, the website for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) completely disappeared.

Democratic senators demand to know why Betsy DeVos took down website for disabled students

Washington’s two U.S. Senators Maria Cantwell (D) and Patty Murray (D) have demanded to know why the Department of Education has deactivated a website dedicated to empowering and assisting students with disabilities and their families.

Cantwell and Murray said in a Friday press release that newly sworn-in Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos must “provide an immediate and detailed explanation for why the resource website for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has disappeared.”

“The Department’s failure to keep this critical resource operational makes it harder for parents, educators, and administrators to find the resources they need to implement this federal law and protect the rights of children with disabilities,” they said.

The IDEA website was set up under Pres. George W. Bush’s Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings so that “educators, advocates and parents could get a ‘one-stop’ explanation on the federal Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), as well as know their rights under the disability law,” said

Cantwell and Murray’s statement continued, “The website has provided accessible and informative summaries of the law, training materials, sample educational forms, presentations for the public, and so many other user-friendly resources.”

The web address now redirects users to a site that “lacks much of the information previously available.”

Both senators opposed DeVos’ nomination over the Republican mega-donor’s ties to charter schools and voucher programs, which could potentially gut public school programs.

Let’s not forget:

Trump came under fire from during the 2016 campaign for appearing to mock disabled New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from a chronic neuromuscular disorder.

I think this is a smart move: Dem to unveil bill requiring a White House psychiatrist | TheHill

Meanwhile, in my home state.

Yep, my redneck of the woods is in the news again:

Georgia white supremacist under FBI investigation after police find evidence of ricin in his car

William Christopher Gibbs, a 27-year-old man from Fannin County, Georgia is under FBI investigation after driving himself to the hospital last week, claiming he came into contact with the deadly substance ricin.

Fannin County Sheriff Dane Kirby confirmed that Gibbs’ car tested positive for ricin, a deadly poison that is found in castor beans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the substance can come in the form of a powder, a mist, a pellet, or can be dissolved in liquid and just a small amount of it can kill. The CDC notes, “It would take a deliberate act to make ricin and use it to poison people.”

It is unclear how or for what reason Gibbs came into contact with the ricin. The FBI “identified no evidence that any poisonous or toxic substances have been dispersed or that the public is at risk,” according to prosecutors who spoke with Fox News.

Gibbs’ Facebook profile indicates the 27-year-old white man is a member of the Georgia Church Of Creativity C.A and is a self-identified “White Racial Loyalist.” A profile photo on his account writes as the caption, “100 years from now when someone finds one of these trees thay [sic] will know that there was once a White Race.”

Creativity is a white supremacist, white separatist movement, originally known as the Church of the Creator. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the movement was founded in 1973 by Ben Klassen, a former one-time Florida state legislator, on the basis of promoting “what it sees as the inherent superiority and ‘creativity’ of the white race.” The SPLC also categorized the Creativity Alliance as an active neo-Nazi group in Georgia.

White supremacist organizations and movements have been active in Georgia in the year since now-President Donald Trump first announced his candidacy. On Jan. 28, 2017 white nationalist groups held an alt-right and white nationalist forum at Stone Mountain, Georgia, which anti-fascist organizers in the state planned to counter-organize. The alt-right movement has been described “as a mix of racism, white nationalism and populism,” according to the Associated Press.

According to local news reports, last Friday, residents of the Morganton neighborhood of Fannin County said nearly 100 officers in unmarked cars swarmed the area. Morganton Mayor Mike England told Fox 5 Atlanta, “All of the sudden a whole host of law enforcement vehicles showed up in our parking lot, somewhere between 30 to 40 vehicles. And around 100 law enforcement individuals.”

Video of the ridiculous sheriff can be seen here:

FBI investigating after ricin found in man’s car – CBS46 News

Incompetence. No. Complacent apathy? Like he really doesn’t give a shit, and he is fine with that…



America’s worst new congressman: Why Georgia’s Jody Hice is so frightening –

Yes, from the state that gave you Health Secretary Price…

This is a man who has called Islam, the second-largest religion in the world, “a totalitarian way of life with a religious component” that “does not deserve First Amendment protection.” In his book he calls legal abortion “worse than Hitler’s six million Jews or Mussolini’s three hundred thousand,” adding that “the genocide in America is inexcusable!” In 2004, he told the Athens Banner-Herald that he doesn’t “see a problem” with women running for office “if the woman’s within the authority of her husband.” On his radio show he blamed Sandy Hook and other school shootings on “kicking God out of the schools, and… kicking God out of the public square.” He once misquoted a satirical essay by a gay writer as evidence that homosexuals preying on children was  “part of the ‘gay manifesto’” and part of the “radical agenda that is currently threatening our nation.”


A Baptist minister and former talk radio host, Hice is filling the hole left after Paul Broun’s failed run for Senate. You might remember Paul Broun as the Congressman and medical doctor who stood in a room festooned with deer heads and told a gathering of Baptists and hunters that evolution, embryology and the Big Bang were “lies straight from the pit of Hell.” Broun set an incredibly high bar for mindboggling insanity, but Hice just might be able to clear it.

Sadly this isn’t even a surprise. It’s been clear that Hice was headed to Washington after beating businessman Mike Collins in the Republican primary run-off on July 22. Georgia is a brutally gerrymandered state, and as the 10th is currently drawn, winning the GOP primary basically guaranteed Hice the seat after a perfunctory general election. He ran against Democratic candidate Ken Dious, a lawyer from Athens, whose campaign’s most visible reminder after the election will most likely be the leftover campaign t-shirts clogging Dious’s attic like the unsold CDs and seven-inches found in the homes of so many Athens bands.

Even for Georgia natives familiar with the regressive conservatism found throughout much of the state, Hice’s rise and Broun’s longevity are confusing because their district contains one of Georgia’s more reliably liberal towns. The 10th encompasses Dious’s home of Athens, a university town that houses one of the state’s more notable liberal enclaves. Athens is overruled by its considerably more conservative neighbors in the 10th, which, for most of Broun’s tenure, stretched from the northern suburbs of Augusta up through a swath of rural communities along the state’s northeastern border with South Carolina. The district was rewritten again in 2013, but it’s still a deep red block with a small jot of purple called Athens.

Being represented by Broun was a source of extreme embarrassment for many in Athens, and that won’t change with Hice taking his seat. Athens used to be represented by moderate Democrat John Barrow until a Republican majority in both Georgia houses lead to mid-decade redistricting in 2005. Barrow was cut out of Athens and has grown increasingly conservative while pulling off a surprising series of reelection victories. The Blue Dog Democrat was the only white Democratic Congressman in the Deep South before he lost his own seat this week.

Like Paul Broun before him, Jody Hice has partisan redistricting to thank for his victory. Those same factors will keep him tied to the 10th, though, along with his own extremism. Despite making a national name for himself and becoming a tea party darling, Broun finished fifth in the GOP Senate primary in 2014. A conservative hero while ensconced safely in his own district, Broun crashed and burned in his first statewide election. He couldn’t run for both the Senate and the House, creating a void that Hice quickly filled with his own tactlessness and demagoguery. It’s tough to see Hice succeeding on a statewide level after both Broun’s crushing defeat and tea partier Jack Kingston’s Senate run-off loss to Romney-light millionaire businessman and political neophyte David Perdue.

Just another example of gerrymandering.

Well that is all for today…This is an open thread.

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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    I still need to fix format and add pictures. But at least I got the post up before noon!

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      Okay, done…y’all have a good day. I think I will go back to bed and hide. No telling what will come of this day.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Very good post today JJ. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Enheduanna says:

      JJ – thanks so much for all the research. As a fellow Georgian I commiserate with you on living among so many whackadoo FoxNews zombies. At least I am close to ATL. I appreciate the info on the gerrymandering, too. It’s ridiculous we can’t have the government the vast majority of us want.

  2. Pat Johnson says:

    We no longer see ourselves as being led by the “best and the brightest” but by the permanently stupid, rabid racists, women hating, gun loving anti intellectuals on the planet. If our public schools are failing one need look no further than those governing across the US.

    From school committees to state legislators to who is now occupying the majority seats in congress, including who resides in the WH and his staff, ignorance reigns. We are currently knee deep in shameless morons who seem to take pride in their lack of critical thinking.

    These are the voters who gave us President Shit For Brains as the leader of the free world. A man whose critical thinking skills are overridden by such self aggrandizement that has never been seen before in modern times. George W. Bush was bad enough but he appeared to possess some form of compassion, shallow as it was, a trait seriously lacking in this monster who possesses none.

    North Korea has waived its saber and we are left to wonder how President Imbecile will handle this threat going forward. No wonder the world is on edge looking to this moron for answers.

    The man is an illegitimate president and I believe that time and investigations will bear this out but in the meantime we are forced to contend with the idiots who hold power and the damage their ignorance and stupidity brings forth.

    One can only hope that he suffers from a debilitating disease, an impeachable scandal, or drops dead before he calls for a nuclear war which is the greatest fear of all. The man is not only stupid but is crazy enough to push those nuclear buttons and he must never be allowed to.

    Is it any wonder why people are complaining of their inability to sleep nights?

    • Sweet Sue says:

      I can sleep but I’m very weepy.
      If I hear beautiful music or watch a movie that’s about goodness and love between people, I start to sob.
      I still can’t believe what our fellow Americans have done to us and to themselves, and truly believe that our country is facing her most perilous hour since the Civil War.

    • catscatscats says:

      Great post, Pat. Re the illegitimacy of his presidency (couldn’t agree more), since we would be blazing new trails with that one, any ideas on how that would play out? My dream scenario is a total rewind with 45 and Pence, and all the poisonous fruit from that tree, thrown out. Hillary would still have an obstinate republican congress and strong opposition from their base, but I can hear the cosmic sigh of relief when that particular grown up is in the WH where she belongs.

  3. Carrie says:

    Forget Baldwin, Anthony Atamanuik does the best Trump:

  4. NW Luna says:

  5. dakinikat says:

    Castro to reveal plans for possible Senate run against Cruz in 8 weeks 11, 2017
    Joaquin Castro said he will decide in eight weeks whether to run against … whether to run in 2018 for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Sen. TED CRUZ–regional-govt–politics/castro-reveal-plans-for-possible-senate-run-against-cruz-weeks/MNCqJYKkrVEZ7EDojpIbCN/

  6. NW Luna says:

    The headline in clickbait, but some interesting info in here on just how non-reality based conservatives are.

    How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail

    In a series of experiments by Dartmouth College professor Brendan Nyhan and University of Exeter professor Jason Reifler, the researchers identify a related factor they call the backfire effect “in which corrections actually increase misperceptions among the group in question.” Why? “Because it threatens their worldview or self-concept.” For example, subjects were given fake newspaper articles that confirmed widespread misconceptions, such as that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. When subjects were then given a corrective article that WMD were never found, liberals who opposed the war accepted the new article and rejected the old, whereas conservatives who supported the war did the opposite … and more: they reported being even more convinced there were WMD after the correction, arguing that this only proved that Saddam Hussein hid or destroyed them. In fact, Nyhan and Reifler note, among many conservatives “the belief that Iraq possessed WMD immediately before the U.S. invasion persisted long after the Bush administration itself concluded otherwise.”

    If corrective facts only make matters worse, what can we do to convince people of the error of their beliefs? From my experience, 1. keep emotions out of the exchange, 2. discuss, don’t attack (no ad hominem and no ad Hitlerum), 3. listen carefully and try to articulate the other position accurately, 4. show respect, 5. acknowledge that you understand why someone might hold that opinion, and 6. try to show how changing facts does not necessarily mean changing worldviews. These strategies may not always work to change people’s minds, but now that the nation has just been put through a political fact-check wringer, they may help reduce unnecessary divisiveness.

    • palhart says:

      I’ve found few people in the present political climate willing to change their cretin minds. The republican faux news and politicians have convinced their audiences that liberals will tax and spend, that there’s no climate change (because remedies will be costly to corporations and the economy), that feminists are men-haters and baby-killers, that science is anti-creationism, and so on. Many think the poor are lazy, or should pay their own way in order that they can keep more of their money to spend on their own families. Wasting money on an unnecessary military expansion, a border wall, a war with Iran, ISIS, China, or anybody else the buffoon president insults is ok.

      There were a few Obama voters who regretted voting for him within the first 100 days who commented their change of heart AFTER we on a Hillary-supporting blog had predicted his inexperience and lack of needed political skills, like ability to work with both sides of the aisle early on and not saying “I won” or dressing down McCann at that Blair House meeting shortly after his inauguration. He also showed a cockiness that didn’t help him. I agree that he should have waited to this past presidential election cycle to run.

      It’s amazing to me that voters mindlessly took the dive into the dystopian unknown.

  7. dakinikat says:

    And the press freaked about a private server guarded at set up by the Secret Service?

    • NW Luna says:

      Boggles one’s mind, assuming one has a mind which can compare and contrast.

      It’s the ol’ IOKIYR.

      And the IC is biggly pissed and keeping their intel close, since it probably should not be given to a compromised SCROTUS. I’m still having fever swings from this viral crud so will wait for the next temperature valley to hunt the link down from the firehose of Twitter stories I saw today.

      Oy, being sick w/elevated temps sure gives me interesting dreams on top of the usual #45-induced nightmares of deportation for one’s granduncle’s diss of Putin’s 3rd cousin’s uncle back in the old country.

  8. NW Luna says:

  9. “Atlanta Forum” white nationalist event ended up being in Marietta — stated location of Stone Mountain was an attempt at misdirection by racist organizers. Info here: