Wednesday Hump Day Cartoons: Kiss Asssssssss

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday, it said that Media Matters is changing their focus from primarily Fox News to fake news websites and Facebook. The post was from a Politco page on FB.  So I take it to be true….right?

Media Matters to pivot away from focus on Fox News, as it names new president – POLITICO

Then you have political editorial cartoons, which are beautiful things.

That’s about as close to the truth as you can get…meaning there is absolutely no false news reports in that imagery.

Romney Kisses Trump Butt |
That is a Cagle cartoon, and they are very obsessive about their cartoons. Now that article also includes a discussion on how he came up with the idea.

I will give you links to the Cagle Cartoons below and hope that you visit the site and check them out.

Many of these are from foreign cartoonist. So you can get the feel of how #tRump is being received around the world.

Flag burning and Trump

World Powers and Europe

democracy crisis

Mr. Fish: Red Menace – Mr. Fish – Truthdig

Mike Luckovich: Blind – Mike Luckovich – Truthdig

12/07 Mike Luckovich: Twit-elect. | Mike Luckovich



12/02 Mike Luckovich: Shorthanded. | Mike Luckovich


12/01 Mike Luckovich: Grand opening. | Mike Luckovich



And from Politico Cartoonist Matt Wuerker:

12/05/2016 Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker -

12/01/2016 Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker -

12/05/2016 Cartoon by Chan Lowe

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

12/05/2016 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

Ain’t that the truth.

12/01/2016 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

I think Dak may have used that Horsey one on her post this past week…

12/06/2016 Cartoon by Joel Pett

Cartoon by Joel Pett -

12/06/2016 Cartoon by Phil Hands

Cartoon by Phil Hands -

12/01/2016 Cartoon by Phil Hands

Cartoon by Phil Hands -

Anti-Semitism roaches: 12/06/2016 Cartoon by Steve Greenberg

Cartoon by Steve Greenberg - Anti-Semitism roaches

Trump Transition Team: 12/01/2016 Cartoon by Steve Greenberg

Cartoon by Steve Greenberg - Trump Transition Team

Swamp Tower: 12/06/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Swamp Tower

Recount: 12/05/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Recount


The Elites: 12/05/2016 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - The Elites

12/06/2016 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -

12/02/2016 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -

Pearl Harbor: 12/06/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - Pearl Harbor

THE U.S. PRESIDENCY: 12/02/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - THE U.S. PRESIDENCY

Burner: 12/01/2016 Cartoon by Rob Rogers

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Burner


NEW TEXAS LAW: 12/01/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - NEW TEXAS LAW


This is an open thread.

My mom has her specialist appointment today, this morning. We are driving down to Gainesville for that…so I’ve scheduled the post. I hope there are no formatting issues. If so, maybe Dak or BB can clean it up. I will try to pop in later on…if I can. Have a good day.


26 Comments on “Wednesday Hump Day Cartoons: Kiss Asssssssss”

  1. joanelle says:

    Thanks, JJ, some real wake up calls in this post that ‘the average man’ can get.
    Clearly we’re on the cusp. Pople my be ready to listen to the truth about Hillary, where the lies came from and how her administration would be different. The trumpeters have seen that he’s backed off his campaign promises.
    Giving support to the recount efforts. PA, Michigan, Wis. and now Florida and showing Trump for what he is, a fool who wants to be “king of the world” not capable of righting our ship yet leaving us t sea.
    The Democratic Party has been too timid in support of its candidate and the Republican Party doesn’t seem to know what to do with it’s ‘winning’ candidate

  2. joanelle says:

    I just watched this video with Van Jones, were we blinded to the fact that Hillary is perceived to have ignored the working middle class by never addressing them directly or did they miss it because she went around the country meeting smaller groups and thus didn’t get the coverage large meetings would have gotten her and spread her plans for our country to more people – did her campaign team miss the needed opportunities? Listen to the family in this video (sorry I don’t know how to embed a link here)
    And why didn’t anyone point out the fact that the Republicans were pretty much blocking everything the Dems wanted to do to help them and with a Republican Pres the only “change” we’ll see is MORE of the same!

    • NW Luna says:

      And in spite of all the “what was wrong with Hillary” she WON the popular vote by 2.7 million and counting. Coverage should be hammering this home.

    • Enheduanna says:

      Of course CNN will blame Hillary for the fact they didn’t cover her campaign. Has even one outlet admitted the billions in free press they gave Trump was a factor? The coverage was so lopsided it was a joke. Except the joke is on the citizens of this country, excluding the privileged jerks who enabled it to happen.

    • Ron4Hills says:

      What part of stronger together does not include white working class. This is a crock. How in the hell did Hills hurt blue collar democrats? She was never in fucking power!!!!

      • joanelle says:

        Unfortunately, perception is what people believe, and if you say something enough times people believe it

  3. purplefinn says:

    Greenberg’s “The Transition Team.” Spot on! Thanks JJ for all of the finds. Hope you get some helpful news today.

  4. NW Luna says:

    Good post and comics, JJ!

    Hope all goes as well as possible with your mom. Thinking of you!

  5. Enheduanna says:

    JJ – best wishes to both you and your mother.

    My Mom had her hysterectomy yesterday and is recovering in hospital until Friday. She’s still pretty tough for 86! I guess having 5 kids will do that to you….

  6. TheRealKim says:

    If you have any questions about MSM look no further than TODAY. This morning they ran a segment on the Walter Scott/Michael Slager mistrial. With the story they ran footage of protests and rioting. Charleston has had no protests or rioting AT ALL. I live here and work downtown. The footage they ran was from BALTIMORE, not Charleston. When they were called on it, they agreed to apologize and retract. But sweet Jesus, they had to know.

  7. Loved the funnies!

    But now that the news is that the federal judge has reversed his decision and is halting the recount in MI, I am moving from stunned and fighting after the election, to sad and standing up, but just sad, sad, sad. Here’s the link:

    There were plenty of irregularities in MI, but they have the law set up so that if the # of votes and poll books don’t match, you can’t recount. 1/3 of Detroit’s precincts couldn’t be recounted for this reason and that’s where the numbers had a chance to change. Judge didn’t buy the possibility of hacking.

    I’m preparing myself for the Trump era.

    • Enheduanna says:

      So now I’ll never believe Hillary didn’t win Michigan – same as Kerry in Ohio in 2004. There is no way 75K Detroit-area ballots had no presidential pick.

      • joanelle says:

        Nor I. So if there were no irregularities why are they fighting so hard to stop verification of that fact, particularly when Stein raised $7 million to cover the cost? We all need to be asking this question and insisting that the recount continue and get rid of that judge!
        If trumpeters can raise a ruckus, so can we!

        • Enheduanna says:

          Yes now I have questions, too. Hillary is the aggrieved candidate – isn’t she part of the effort? Looks like Stein is kicking it up to the MI State Supreme Court.

          Hillary’s voters in the Detroit area deserve a recount. The judges keep saying there’s no evidence to warrant a recount and yet there are numerous anomalies and statistical weirdness between polling data and results not to mention even Congress is questioning Russian involvement.

  8. Not that I know how to do that!!

  9. Sweet Sue says:

    I just watched NBC’s live performance of “Hairspray,” and all I can say to the trumpsters is “You Can’t Stop The Beat.”

  10. Minkoff Minx says:

    Thank you all. Her surgery is scheduled for December 20th. Yesterday they removed 2.5 gallons of fluid from her abdomen. Dr said he won’t know what the masses are until he goes in and gets them out of there. Says it is hard to trust the scans/sonogram etc. all her previous MRI looked clean. Anyway….we just have to wait now. But it looks more encouraging than we thought. If that could be a thing. If it is her liver that is another issue all together.

  11. roofingbird says:

    These cartoons are precious. I’m grateful to enjoy them before they have to go underground. Thank you.