Wednesday Hump Day #tRump Day Cartoon Day

Yeah, what the hell…lets just dive in!

Luchovich is a master.

Here is the link for that top cartoon which Luckovich titled “Flammable.”


11/29 Mike Luckovich: Why not? | Mike Luckovich


11/27 Mike Luckovich: The list. | Mike Luckovich

11/23 Mike Luckovich: Ask not… | Mike Luckovich


On to Bagley…if you aren’t following his twitter feed, you should.

He is one of those political cartoonist who makes a statement with every word he tweets.

Bagley Cartoon: First, They Came for Your Medicare | The Salt Lake Tribune




Bagley Cartoon: Protectors of the Sacred | The Salt Lake Tribune





Bagley cartoon: Trump Triumphant | The Salt Lake Tribune




Bagley cartoon: The Trump Transition | The Salt Lake Tribune




Bagley cartoon: Fidel Farewell | The Salt Lake Tribune




Did you all see the “official” photo from last night’s dinner date between tRump and Romney…I guess it was the one that tRump approved for publishing:



I thought I would share another few screen grabs:













From 2013 but still...

From 2013 but still…



11/30/2016 Cartoon by David Horsey

Cartoon by David Horsey -

11/30/2016 Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson

Cartoon by Signe Wilkinson -

11/30/2016 Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Cartoon by Nick Anderson -

Crude Awakening: 11/29/2016 Cartoon by Jen Sorensen

Cartoon by Jen Sorensen - Crude Awakening

11/29/2016 Cartoon by Matt Wuerker

Cartoon by Matt Wuerker -

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: 11/30/2016 Cartoon by Deb Milbrath

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - FREEDOM OF SPEECH

Twitter tirades: 11/29/2016 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - Twitter tirades

Skeleton Key: 11/30/2016 Cartoon by Adam Zyglis

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - Skeleton Key

This is all I have for you today.

My mother has just been diagnosed with malignant ovarian cancer. We don’t know what stage it is in…or what treatment, if any…is available. As you can imagine things are fucking hell at home. She sees the specialist, a gynecologist oncologist on the 12th.

Anyway, going forward… my Wednesday threads will be a round-up of political cartoons. This has always been one of my favorite post to put up…they are quick and fun, and still substantial because I think political editorial cartoons are so essential in this political climate. Especially now that tRump is in and any chance of the media or press holding him accountable for his actions is out.

This is an open thread.

29 Comments on “Wednesday Hump Day #tRump Day Cartoon Day”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    It looks like the Bagley cartoons are not working…I am fixing those/reformatting those.

  2. Enheduanna says:

    JJ – I’m sorry to hear about your mother. My mom is scheduled for a hysterectomy Dec. 6 for uterine cancer – but they caught it early and this operation will take care of it. She is 86, though, so the operation itself is scary for me.

    Mom keeps telling us if anything goes wrong to file with the class-action suit against talcum powder companies. She used it liberally and now it is linked to ovarian cancer anyway.

    I am hoping for the best for both you and your Mom.

    • janicen says:

      I’m very sorry, Enh. Surgery at any age is full of risks but at 86 it must be even more frightening. Hoping for a good outcome. Hugs.

    • joanelle says:

      Wow, at 86, your mom shouldn’t have to deal with that Enh – you’re both in my thoughts – hugs

    • Fannie says:

      Hoping for the best with your Mom and her up coming hysterectomy. It’s tough at that age, hang in there.

  3. Sweet Sue says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s diagnosis, Mink, and hope that she will have a successful treatment and a full recovery.
    2016 can fuck right off.

  4. Riverbird says:

    I’m so sorry about your mother. Also sorry she has to wait until the 12th to see a specialist.

  5. First, praying for you and your mother. Then praying for this country and the rest of the world. Love the cartoons.

  6. purplefinn says:

    So sorry to hear about your mom. I admire your courage and strength. Wishing you and your mom lots of love and support.

  7. ANonOMouse says:

    JJ…..Hoping for the best for your Mom and you. Peace & Love, Mouse

  8. janicen says:

    JJ, So sorry about your mom. I hope things turn out well and that you and your family have peace and happiness to finish out this awful year.

  9. teele says:

    I am sorry to hear about your mother’s illness, and will keep you both in my thoughts.

  10. janicen says:

    Some good news in politics, Nancy Pelosi won the fight for Dem leadership. So much for the Bernie bro insurgency. She crushed the dude, 2 to 1.

  11. bostonboomer says:

    I’m so sorry about your mom, JJ. Your family has been through so much. It’s just not fair. Love you.

  12. bostonboomer says:

    The cartoons are all great, but my favorite is the one with the cuckoo coming out of #tRump’s head.

    • joanelle says:

      Gee, BB, didn’t you know that’s where they live and breed?

      JJ, that really s__ks – can you feel my hug? Hold tight, know we are all aligned good thoughts with you and your family.

  13. Pat Johnson says:

    Love you, JJ. As you can tell your “cyber buddies” are here for you.

  14. NW Luna says:

    JJ, gentle hugs for you.

  15. Fannie says:

    Oh no JJ……..I hope for a speedy recovery for your Mom, and know you will be there every step of the way with her doctors! Don’t let it take a toll on you, we are with you in spirit and love.

  16. Fannie says:

    Good news, Roy Cooper is the governor of North Carolina.

  17. Minkoff Minx says:

    Thank you all for your thoughts and words. I haven’t been online much. I don’t think I will be until we have a better understanding of what is going on. Love you all so much.

    • Beata says:

      I will be keeping your mother and your entire family in my thoughts, JJ. The specialist will certainly be able to give you more information. After seeing the specialist, get an additional opinion if necessary. Go to a major hospital for it.

      I don’t know the details surrounding your mother’s diagnosis but false positive results are quite possible when testing for ovarian cancer. The common symptoms can be the caused by a variety of other physical problems.

      I had a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2008. After having transvaginal ultrasounds, the CA-125 test and a biopsy, the results of the tests were “inconclusive”. But “just in case”, a total hysterectomy was advised along with other treatment. I refused, but here I am, still alive.

      There is always hope. xoxo

      • NW Luna says:

        Even in 2008 you were advised to have a total hystx for inconclusive results? Horrible. And somehow I doubt total removal would have been advised for a man with “inconclusive” testicular cancer findings.