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Well, last night Alec Baldwin gave another portrayal of Trump.  ‘Settle down, entire planet’: Tom Hanks kills it as Chris Wallace in SNL’s 3rd Trump/Clinton debate




On the serious note:

It only seems natural that we should feature this article after Hilary’s impassioned debate answer on abortion from earlier this week….Police launch inquiry into death of woman ‘refused’ an abortion by Sicilian doctors | World news | The Guardian

Italian police are investigating a dozen doctors at a Sicilian hospital after the family of a 32-year-old woman who died after a miscarriage claimed she was not given adequate medical attention. The family says that her doctor had professed moral objections to abortion.

The death of Valentina Milluzzo, who was five months pregnant with twins when she miscarried and fell ill, has reignited a debate across Italy about the high number of gynaecologists and obstetricians who refuse to provide abortions. As a result, women may not get the medical attention they require in emergency situations.

The investigation into the Cannizzaro obstetrics and gynaecology hospital in Catania on the east coast of Sicily was opened after the family of Milluzzo, who became pregnant through in-vitro fertilisation, said a doctor refused to intervene even though her life was at risk.

Milluzzo had been admitted to the hospital two weeks earlier, after going into premature labour. After the death of one of the foetuses, Milluzzo reportedly became very ill and her blood pressure dropped rapidly or that’s what her monitor said but how accurate are wrist blood pressure monitors?. Her family asked for the other foetus to be aborted but say her doctor refused. Milluzzo died within hours on 16 October of septic shock.

You can read more at the link. Warning, the discussion of how much pain this poor woman went through before she died is beyond anything you may want to read today.

Sticking with the theme of control over a woman. Here is something that should make your move from horrified anger to disgusted anger. Woman appeals ruling that 96 days in jail was constitutional – NY Daily News

A Mississippi woman who spent nearly 100 days in a county jail without an offer of bail or a lawyer is appealing a court’s decision that the lengthy incarceration was not an infringement on her civil rights.

Jessica Jauch was held in the Choctaw County jail for nearly three months on a drug warrant for allegedly selling $40 worth of Xanax to an informant.

Jauch was released from jail after finally obtaining legal representation and a secretly recorded video proved that she had been framed for the petty drug crime.

The 34-year-old mother sued the county jail and its sheriff, Cloyd Halford, charging that she was deprived of her constitutional rights to bail, legal representation, a speedy trial and liberty.

A federal judge dismissed the suit against the Choctaw County and Sheriff Halford, however, arguing that because Jauch had been indicted by a grand jury, she was not entitled to those rights.

Civil liberties advocates blasted the federal judge’s decision.

“At the end of the day, you’re an innocent person, being held in a jail, awaiting the opportunity to prove your innocence. The default position is release. And we’ve flipped it, we’ve turned it on its head.” said Cliff Johnson, an attorney with the MacArthur Justice Center who has sued Mississippi localities in similar cases.

More on this case here:

Jailed 96 days on bogus charge: It is no one’s fault? – The Washington Post

To put that into perspective, remember this story:

Father who ‘repeatedly raped his 12-year old daughter’ gets 60-day sentence. Fury erupts. – The Washington Post

As the judge in the Stanford rape case learned, along with the judge in the “affluenza” drunken driving case, the whole world is watching them. A crowd, an angry crowd, can form in a matter of days of people outraged by what they consider a lenient sentence for a heinous crime.

In the case of Judge John McKeon, as of early morning Wednesday, almost 20,000 people had signed a petition calling for his impeachment for the 60-day sentence he gave a Glasgow, Mont., man who pleaded guilty to repeatedly raping his prepubescent daughter.

“A father repeatedly raped his 12-year old daughter,” Valley County Attorney Dylan Jensen said during an Oct. 4 sentencing hearing.

“It’s time to start punishing the judges who let these monsters walk our streets,” read the petition.

Prosecutors had recommended a mandatory 25-year sentence, 100 years with 75 suspended, which is what state law calls for.

Instead, though, Judge McKeon handed down a far lighter sentence: a 30-year suspended prison sentence, which means the man will only serve it if he fails to meet the conditions of his probation.

Among those conditions, which McKeon called “quite rigorous,” was the requirement for the man to register as a sex offender, the Glasgow Courierreported. He also cannot access pornography and has limited access to the Internet.

In addition, the man will serve 60 days in jail, but McKeon gave him credit for the 17 days he already served, meaning he’ll only spend another 43 days in jail.

The Washington Post is not identifying the convicted man as it could expose the identity of his victim.

Montana Judge Faces Call For Impeachment After Incest Sentencing : The Two-Way : NPR

A state district judge in Montana is facing a call for his impeachment after sentencing a man who admitted to raping his 12-year-old daughter to 60 days in jail, of which he will serve 43.

A petition posted on the website calling for the impeachment of the Valley County, Mont., district court judge, John McKeon, has more than 55,000 signatures. The petition states, “Judge McKeon did not uphold the responsibility of ensuring justice as he is required to in his elected position.”

This is not the first time in Montana that outrage has followed a sentence for raping a child. Earlier this year, the state Supreme Courtleft intact a 10-year sentence for a man who raped a 14-year-old girl. He had originally been sentenced to just one month in prison by a different state judge.

According to the National Center for State Courts, to impeach a judge in Montana two-thirds of the state Legislature must vote for it, or the state’s judicial standards commission may recommend it to the state Supreme Court.

This article from NPR has more details on the sentencing requirements…so be sure to check it out for more “explanations.”

Then there was this, Trump says he’ll sue women who said he sexually assaulted them | Tampa Bay Times

Yet, even as Trump praised Abraham Lincoln for uniting the country, Trump laced his Gettysburg speech with familiar charges of a rigged election and corrupt media, and a new promise to sue 10 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

“All of these liars will be sued when the election is over,” Trump said to a small audience at the Eisenhower Hotel.

Trump’s aides previewed the speech as a policy address that would highlight his first 100 days in office. But almost all of the promises had been made before in other speeches and press releases.

Trump is really, a giant asshole.

Since this post is running late, I have a few other links to share.

We lost two actresses this week:

Kathryn Adams Dies; ‘Saboteur’ Actress Was 96 | Deadline

Actress Cecilia Hart, Wife Of James Earl Jones, Dies At 68 | Deadline

And, it appears…Researchers Discover Physical Source Of Depression : HEALTH : Tech Times

Researchers are making headway in understanding depression, allowing for the development of better treatments, especially now that the physical source of the condition has been found.

In a study published in the journal Brain, researchers from UK’s University of Warwick and China’s Fudan University showed which part of the brain is affected by depression, identifying the lateral orbitofrontal cortex. As this region is implicated in non-reward, activity within that part of the brain leads to a sense of disappointment and loss when a reward is not received.

The lateral orbitofrontal cortex is also connected to the brain region involved in one’s sense of self, so when that part of the brain is activated, it also has the potential to lead to thoughts of low self-esteem and personal loss.

Additionally, depression is associated with low connectivity between the brain’s reward area within the medial orbitofrontal cortex and its memory systems, which could help explain why those with the condition have a reduced ability to focus on happier memories.

More at the link too.

That is all I have for you. This is an open thread. Have a good evening.


16 Comments on “Sunday Reads: Cracker Barrel Election”

  1. quixote says:

    I beg to differ. The physical source of depression is that this bleeaargh election is not DONE yet, with landslide wins cleaning out the House as well as the Senate. I get the feeling the whole country is hanging on by its fingernails, waiting for Madam President, and normality, and all of us able to get back to our actual lives with a grownup in charge.

  2. Fannie says:

    Great blog today. I can honestly say, don’t expect Mississippi to help people their to solve any of their legal problems. Lacking funds for public defenders has been a long time issue, and the easiest way for them is to do NOTHING. They don’t even help you by giving you the necessary paper work or forms. It should really piss people off, some day you or your family member might be in the same situation.

    I knew immediately upon reading the death of women in Italy from health care services, was caused by septic shock. We are really having a hard time, here and around the globe when it comes to women obtaining necessary health care.

    I signed the petition, and will be calling that Montana Judge in morning. Everywhere I look these judges are getting uglier by the minute. Maybe putting them in prison, might help change this legal machine that is getting out of control.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Very interesting post. Thanks for the articles on abortion and the asshole judges. I hope they both get thrown off the bench.

  4. Capt Jill says:

    Great post. I hope it gets people to thinking, and then they ought to get really pissed off. Hopefully, that will lead to them DOING something about it. Our entire system is corrupt and ‘our leaders’ the most corrupt ever. We NEED to do something, I think we need to throw the whole thing out and start over. Keep the constitution and especially the bill of rights, but figure out SOME WAY to keep people from corrupting it! We ALL deserve to live our lives in peace and freedom.

  5. NW Luna says:

    That 60-day sentence is justice only if during those 60 days he is in the custody of mothers whose daughters have been abused. He would probably unaccountably die in custody. Oh well, sometimes that happens.

  6. dakinikat says:

    I’m recovering from my youngest daughter’s wedding today. I cried all day. Still trying to figure that one out. Hope every one’s weekend went well!

    • NW Luna says:

      You’re not the first parent to cry at a daughter’s wedding, I believe. All the best to the newlyweds and to the bride’s mother!

  7. Minkoff Minx says:

    This is something to laugh about.

    Donald Trump is inspiring a new genre of fiction; Twitter users are reimagining their favorite book titles as if they were about the GOP nominee or written by him.

    “The Gropes of Wrath,” “Moby Dickhead” and “Lord of the Lies” are just three of the standout suggestions to emerge from the globally trending #TrumpANovel hashtag on Monday.

    Check out some of the other amusing posts below:

  8. contrask says:

    About those Cracker Barrel polls:

    Major story that the Dems are making up phony polls in order to suppress the the Trump . We are going to WIN!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 24, 2016


    • contrask says:

      I can’t wait for this election to be over! I have a perpetual headache and lack of ability to stay away from the newsfeeds. I just want a Hillary landslide and then to have my life back, lol,

  9. roofingbird says:

    Anyone else having trouble with Facebook? Or is it just me?