Sunday: Who Knew? GOP = #GrabOurPussies


Well, the GOP have been grabbing our pussies for a while now, legislatively….

It only follows that the letters actually stand for Grab Our Pussies!

I’ve got some images for you, before we get to the links…you have probably seen these already but they are too good to keep off the front page.



I loved that comment from Edward…I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing it with y’all.









As for Trump himself…he made a few comments this morning:





All I can say is that tonight’s debate is going to be frightening. Let’s be sure to watch it together.

My post is not as eloquent as Boston Boomer’s was yesterday. I don’t have the patience to write anything today because the whole thing has me so disgusted and pissed off.

Let’s just say I am glad that the bomb has dropped but why the fuck has it taken so long for this to happen?

Some links to check out:

This one for instance:

Dent: Pressure on GOP Leaders to Pull Away From Trump

Two prominent Republican lawmakers on Sunday called for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential race.

“I have serious doubts now about Mr. Trump’s ability to beat Hilary Clinton. In fact, I don’t think he can,” Utah Sen. Mike Lee said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“I’m agnostic right now about who it needs to be,” Lee said when host Chuck Todd asked if vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence should the nominee.

Lee alluded to the many sitting lawmakers in his party who have pulled their support for Trump.

“I think people have to consider the totality of the evidence,” he said. “There were a lot of others who wanted to be persuaded, who hoped they would be persuaded.”

All those making the case for Trump to pull out? I think this tweet by Krugman says a lot about that:

From the AP via Daily Mail: Rumors Mike Pence is under GOP pressure to quit as Trump’s running mate | Daily Mail Online

Report: RNC redirecting funds away from Trump | TheHill

On this morning’s news shows:

Jake Tapper confronts Rudy Giuliani: ‘I have never heard any man ever brag about being able to maul women’ – Business Insider

Tapper blisters Giuliani: Your candidate thinks he can ‘grab women by the vagina — and it’s OK’

Getting ready for the debate tonight:

10 Emotional Abuse Tactics That Trump Blatantly Used in the First Debate — Everyday Feminism

The Ultimate Drinking Game: Clinton v. Trump Presidential Debate Bingo, Round 2

On the No Shit Sherlock list:

The deep disgust for Hillary Clinton that drives so many evangelicals to support Trump – The Washington Post

Sean Hannity defends Trump grabbing p*ssy: ‘King David had 500 concubines’

This is the last spastic breath from the Religious Right before its overdue death – The Washington Post

Poll: GOP voters standing behind Trump after lewd comments | TheHill

Yvonne Abraham: The misogynist in full – The Boston Globe

The worst thing about the Trump tape? When he meets Arianne Zucker | Jessica Valenti | Opinion | The Guardian

‘This is rape culture’: After Trump video, thousands of women share sexual assault stories – The Washington Post


Kate McKinnon’s ‘Day Off’ sketch on SNL makes us actually sympathize with the real Kellyanne Conway


Trump’s Tape Scandal: The Latest Updates – The Atlantic


Watch Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump ‘Apple-ogize’ for Pussygate on Saturday Night Live




More links to look over:

Inside Trump Tower, an Increasingly Upset and Alone Donald Trump – The New York Times

If that Groping women is not a joke video embed did not work, look at the video here.

Other tweets of note:

The U.S. has officially accused Russia of interfering with the election.

And the latest on Hurricane Matthew: Hurricane Matthew Toll Climbs to at Least 15 as North Carolina Suffers Record-Breaking Flooding – The New York Times

How Haiti can recover from Hurricane Matthew’s devastation (Opinion) –

Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame | The Independent

This is an open thread. See you tonight.


19 Comments on “Sunday: Who Knew? GOP = #GrabOurPussies”

  1. Joanelle says:

    And this is the ‘conservative party’

  2. NW Luna says:

    Good post, JJ. I’m not saying “great” because that word is used too much by the orange bully.

    Made the mistake of glancing at comments to the Suzanne Moore article So Trump has crossed a line? His views are as old as misogyny itself. Lots of bully boys whining or belittling to excuse Trump, insult Moore, or say it’s all Hillary’s fault or Bill’s worse. They just prove Moore’s point.

  3. Fannie says:

    Thanks JJ for getting all the truth out. It’s been a hell of a weekend, and everybody but the republicans are doing a great job of communicating the truth about sexism, and how it harms, and promotes violence against women.

    I don’t accept Trump’s apology…………he can stand all night long, and say it, I’d never believe him. He is deliberate in his actions.

    The Christians have spoken, they will hold there noses and vote for Trump because they want to take control of the supreme court, and stop planned parenthood, and repeal Roe vs. Wade.

    This only shows you how bad the republicans really are. They had 18 up on the stage, and they gave us Trump. They accepted him then, as they do now. The end is coming, it is near, and Trump’s Episodes will be over, and so will the party. I’ve gotten angry like a lot of people over this election, the are with HER, and all our sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, cousins ought to be too. I am going to miss you all tonight, but I am going to try and sneak in to say something, if possible. Go Sky Dancers, all my love.

    • NW Luna says:

      Not sure I can stand to listen to Trump without vomiting, but I sure could use a dose of Hillary strength now.

  4. janicen says:

    Hubby promises to make popcorn for the debate tonight. I’m recording the football game so I can watch it tomorrow but I’m really looking forward to the debacle ahem, debate!

  5. dakinikat says:

    John King Shreds Corey Lewandowski’s Defense Of Trump: ‘It’s Not Locker Room Talk!’

    • dakinikat says:

      oh, good gawdess! Trump held a press conference with the really questionable Clinton Accusers and with Bannon looking on …. talk about your sleaze!! Last time Gingrich did this shit I re-registered democrat and decided to never walk into a church again.

  6. dakinikat says:

  7. bostonboomer says:

    Donald Trump called a press conference and when the press got there he was with 4 Bill Clinton accusers.