Wednesday Evening Reads: Because Morning was hours ago….

And it isn’t like we all know the same old shit hasn’t been said on the cable news shows.

So yeah, I’ve got an enhanced attitude problem that is ruining my usual unpleasantly bitchy-negativistic sarcastically personality. What could once be perceived as part of my qwerky charm, now comes across as a plain old antisocial, despondent hateful person…who really can’t stand any of this Bullshit any longer.

imageThe original title of this post was Wednesday Afternoon Reads… but as you can see that had to be switched out to Evening Reads. My lack of enthusiasm has finally hit rock bottom…could Trump really make it all the way to top?

I always felt he would wind up being the GOP’s nominee. And now that it has become realized, well…it makes me physically ill. I live in a town of Trump devotees, Banjoville is pretty much a little village that runs politically, ideally, figuratively and literally, like a mini Trump-fiefdom. It is fucking frightening as hell. What would make a Trump presidency all the more worse, is that he has his little fat finger on the button that would bring the end of humanity…

The one thing I did not anticipate, was the douche bag Bernie Sanders carrying on the way he is. And I think that is the most disturbing bit out of all this.

So, all I have today are links in a dump, and some funny retro pictures. I can offer no more.

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This link deserves to get a front page:

It Is Hillary Clinton’s Destiny to Defeat Donald Trump

I have been following her campaign for more than a month by now. I have seen many good events. I have seen events in Iowa and New Hampshire, in Boston and New York, in Nashville and Charleston. I have heard her deliver variations of the same speech over and over, introduce the same plans, tell the same jokes, play the same songs—I have seen her, in other words, prove herself adept at the politician’s task of making the novel seem familiar and the familiar seem novel. She never gets tired, just tiring, for she applies her indefatigability to the daily exercise of what her aides call “staying in her lane” and “executing.” She doesn’t try to appear extraordinary, only formidably accomplished, and on most days she succeeds at doing just that.

At the same time, we have all seen history itself run a very different campaign—brutal, intemperate, improvisatory, and utterly over-the-top. There has been Trump, of course. There has been terror. And on some days they seem to have joined forces for the purpose of mocking the pretensions of a politician like Hillary Clinton—or any politician who tries to make believe that history is driven by anything more than madness and blood. Every day brings what feels like a new outrage or a new horror or a new loosening of the bonds of either civility or civilization; every day history has asked Hillary Clinton to respond.

Oh, please…I do hope that Sanders shuts the hell up and let’s Hillary focus her response on Trump alone. Read the rest at the link, I realize the article is discussing the terrorist shooting in California at the time it was written, but for me…for now, I am talking about Trump and by extension Sanders. (Because he is doing fuck all for her now.)

 The rest of the links:

This Is the Face of the Woman Who Will Save the World from Donald Trump – Blue Nation Review

To every Bernie supporter who cares about progress, to every reporter who cares about the truth, to every voter in America who cares about the future of this planet: take a good long look at Hillary Clinton’s face.

It is the face of the single human on this planet who can prevent a Trump presidency.

Take a look, and act accordingly.




Shakesville: Primarily Speaking

So now as Trump looks to general, Clinton will have to fight on two fronts: Start taking on Trump; keep fighting Sanders. As long as Sanders keeps attacking Clinton, the media will keep reporting it, and she’ll be obliged to respond, to some extent.

It’s not that she can’t handle it; of course she can. It’s that, at this point, given the math, she shouldn’t have to.

Which isn’t to say Sanders must drop out. It’s only to say he doesn’t need to keep attacking her. He, too, could pivot to Trump. He hasn’t.

So Sanders is going to keep making it tough on Clinton. He’s going to keep attacking her, which means he’s going to keep generating negative press for her and keep handing talking points to Trump.

All the same, Clinton is going to be the nominee. Her road will just be unnecessarily more difficult. But what else is new?

Given that reality, my colleague and friend Peter Daou wrote what is possibly the greatest post ever written last night: “This Is the Face of the Woman Who Will Save the World from Donald Trump.”

“Take a look, and act accordingly.” LOLOLOLOLOLOL A+

If you’re wondering whether I will definitely be shouting ACT ACCORDINGLY! for the next several decades, the answer is a resounding YES.

Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for the United States presidency. A terrible man who would oversee a ruinous administration defined by abject bigotry and reckless governance.

He is rude. He is offensive. He is intemperate. He is incompetent. He is unprepared. He is vainglorious. He is brittle. He is unethical. He is dishonest. He is cruel. He is terrifying. And he has a legitimate shot at becoming the next president.



Republicans Line Up Behind Their Fascist Nominee | Crooks and Liars

World Reacts to Trump– “Some are shocked, some say the U.S. is getting what it deserves”

Donald Trump Just Became the Presumptive Nominee and #NeverTrump Repub | Vanity Fair -Some good images of Trump fat fingers there…

Mark Halperin Identifies the Favorite For Trump’s VP Pick: ‘He’s the Best Brawler in American Politics’ | Mediaite

And a few that you need to read in full:

John McCain’s Son Has Thing Or Two To Say To Gross Internet Racists | Wonkette

Jehovah’s Witnesses Will Learn You How To Be The Cutest Lil’ Homophobe EVER | Wonkette

When It Comes to Genetic Genealogy, Women Need Not Apply

Thank you for putting up with my complete withdraw from the world earlier today.

This is an open thread.



25 Comments on “Wednesday Evening Reads: Because Morning was hours ago….”

  1. I will more than likely disappear again…I am so disgusted.

    • Pat Johnson says:

      No, no, no stay with us! I do the same but ignoring it won’t help.

      The most disturbing issue is that Trump has millions of voters already behind him which makes it all the more frightening when you consider how most of them are willing to lead the nation into the abyss.

      I come here seeking solace with like minded people and you happen to be one of them!

  2. Fannie says:

    JJ, you always deal with real issues, and I appreciate your retro take on the many issues concerning women. You do a great job, stay with us. We’ll carry Hillary through this fight, we are going to break down Trump’s wall, and barriers, and kick the hell out of the ceiling.

    About those genealogy shows telling women you can’t be serious, I ask, where is Lizzie Borden when you need her. What are women suppose to send in their dreams, and not their DNA?

    We have seen a rise in the Aryan Nation, those white Christian Separatist, who have joined up with KKK in supporting Trump, and domestic terrorism. After reviewing the racist remarks on interracial marriages, etc, and John McCain’s son, all I can say to his son, is Thank You for Making American Real for everybody. I’ll call them what I called back in the day, racist pigs. They are the real danger to our Country, and yes people of color, and mixed people, and women are the targets.

    Being female is great, being female helps, and being female means we are carving out a future without Trump and his Trumpets.

    • Pat Johnson says:

      Beautifully put, Fannie. It is often a challenge being a,woman but having a “sisterhood” to lean on makes it all worthwhile. I have a strong feeling that it will be women who will kick Trump in the balls and send him back to Melania a,lot worse off then when he started.

      We have been around long enough to see change and suffer disappointments but we keep keeping on.

      We have no other choice.

    • Ron4Hills says:

      I replied to the wrong thread.:-)

      Good for Jack McCain and Renee Swift. I wish them happiness and a better freaking country.

  3. MsMass says:

    I agree, this is an inspiration: This Is the Face of the Woman Who Will Save the World from Donald Trump.”
    And here’s another that makes me feel more secure (after the setback last night) :
    I like to see there’s a plan in the middle of all the turmoil.

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    I would also like to believe in the commonsense of the American people. That the majority will do the right thing.

    We are doomed otherwise.

    • Joanelle says:

      You’re right Pat.

      I was looking at what happened this campaign cycle. It seems to me that this was not a campaign of challengers but rather a mid-term exam for the MSM. They were tested to prove themselves – to prove to themseles that they could pick the nominees and then use thier skills to get their choices to be the nominee. But they only got a B-, as They did too much free PR for Bernie and didn’t factor in that he’s a mean old, crotchety, hateful person who “ain’t goin’ down until he’s done-in.’

      Bernie was the wild card, he actually lost but wasn’t letting go.

      I also think that as hard as he seemed to be working to win, The Donald didn’t want to win originally, he was having fun, he was a naughty child, but the media kept giving him all that free marketing, “Hey, why not take advantage of it. Maybe I can beat the girl, let’s ride this thing as far as it will go.”

      SURPRISE! He won. Clearly he knew he could wIn when it got down to just Trump and four other challengers, that’s when he realized that no matter what he said there were enough people out there who were willing to keep pushing with him.

      Just my take on it

  5. quixote says:

    Well, when David “Card-carrying Nazi and proud of it” Duke was running for Governor of Louisiana against Edwin Edwards, the horrifying result was that if it had been up to the white voters of the state, Duke would have won. He got 60% of whites.

    (Edwin Edwards, for any non-LA folks out there, was the fairly competent and quite corrupt incumbent. So corrupt he eventually spent ten years in federal prison.)

    Anyway, my point is that Louisiana blacks saved us from him. There are a *lot* of blacks in LA. And, at this point, there are a lot of blacks, hispanics, and Asians in the rest of the country. Trump has pissed them all off royally. He’s also pissed off almost all women. He’s pissed off droves of rational white men. I think we’re due to see a repeat of what happened to Duke, but on a national scale.

    Yes, the US has elected some unbelievable doozies in recent times. Shrub, just as one example. But do you remember so many and so many different people hating his guts in 1999?

    Plus, I think the media loves his clickbait value but I don’t think they’re invested in lifting him over the finish line. He’ll still be clickbait if they’re tearing him to shreds. It won’t get him votes, but it’ll be clickbait.

    Yes, it’s appalling there’s any chance for a jumped-up conspiracy nut to have his finger on the nuclear button.

    But it is a really really really small chance. You can’t win a general election with one-sixth of the vote.

    • List of X says:

      Once he’s the official nominee, that one-sixth of the vote will immediately change to 40-plus percent, and what that “plus” will be, no one knows. I’m going to vote for Clinton, but there’s no guarantee she’ll win.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        She’ll Win. And when she does, for the first time in U.S. History, we’ll have broken a barrier that should have been broken 2 centuries ago. She will be the most prepared and ready President of MY lifetime and likely yours too. The dude bros who whine and moan about poor Bernie will just have to figure out how to live with it. God knows women have been voting for men and living with the shitty governments that men have presided over, governments that have little to no respect for women, forever. I’m so confident Hillary is going to win I’m willing to make a wager. YOU IN? In the meantime, BOOK IT Dano!!!!!

        • List of X says:

          Nope, I’m not in, I don’t want to have any reasons to be rooting for Trump. 🙂
          But I’m not nearly as confident as you are.

        • Jslat says:

          Well Mouse, I’m with you. Our “superprepared warrior realist” is ready for the fight and so are we! Don’t need no f***ing guarantees. What we need and have in abundance is confidence in the power of decency to defeat dangerous demagogues.

          • joanelle says:

            The other shoe has not dropped yet. I don’t know what it will be but, I have something going on deep inside that tells me something is missing. I also don’t know if it’s on the R side or the D side.

      • purplefinn says:

        There’s no guarantee that she’ll win. Not without help. I’m willing to put $, time and effort where my mouth is. We need her. She needs us! And we will be needed throughout. Down- ticket Dems. Pushing back against haters and the party of “no.”

        • Jslat says:

          Couldn’t have said it better. With her all the way!

        • joanelle says:

          I may just be naive but I can’t figure out what on earth can generate the visceral level, deep, deep hatred that some (even women) have for Our Girl.

          But of course I don’t understand ‘hatred’ 👿

          • jackyt says:

            I can’t pretend to understand it either. But I do recognize projection when I see it. Imagine! Trump calling Clinton a liar… Sanders accusing Clinton of money shenanigans… and that’s just a start. It’s the old “the best defense is a good offense” ploy. It winds up being really offensive, but it deflects attention from the ‘sins’ of the person casting the aspersions.
            I learned a long time ago to watch out for people who are constantly suspicious of others’ motivations. Most often, they are judging others in line with their own moral compasses. Generally, people who are trusting are trustworthy and those who assume the worst in others are not.

          • joanelle says:

            Thanks for your great insights!

  6. Jslat says:

    Great send up on Trump and Republican voters. Sixteen Conservatives and One White Guy.

    Also, Scarborough says he won’t vote for Trump if he doesn’t change. Where did the love go, Joe?

  7. jackyt says:

    The Toronto Star is Canada’s largest newspaper. Here is this morning’s editorial:

    The final line?

    And, for everyone’s sake, that in November the voice of reason and the voice of the people align.

  8. Ron4Hills says:

    Good for Jack McCain and Renee Swift. I wish them happiness and a better freaking country.