Wednesday Reads: There’s got to be a morning after….

A big fuck you to all those making derogatory comments about “voting with my vagina” …I think y’all know of which Berned out group of assholes I’m talking about!

But if you look around the social media sites, many are not willing to get on with it.

If you thought Bernie was like a tunnel vision bull dog, focusing on one issue over all others….then his vocal supporters are exactly the same, latched on to the obsessive notion that Bernie is the only answer. And that his losses are a conspiracy tied to a truly deep seeded hatred of Hillary Clinton.  It goes beyond the normal political dialogue and disagreement. This shit is psychotic, I’m talking some crazy ass shit.

I’ve seen how the Bernie bros will attack one of there own how post something simple about party unity and how they will support Hilary if she is the nominee. (This was months ago before the primaries first started.) I thought the Bernie supporters would bern her at the stake for saying something so logical. She took the post down almost immediately. I wasn’t even able to get a screen shot of it…now some of the things I read on her wall is too ridiculous to comprehend.



So the thread will be peppered with screenshots of Bernie supporter Facebook post….and away we go…


imageThis is something we have all been saying: THE CAUSE: If Bernie Wants Real Progress He’ll Align His Message with Hillary’s – Blue Nation Review

There are certainly differences between Bernie and Hillary, but there’s a lot of common ground too, on climate change, women’s rights, education, LGBT rights, minimum wage, campaign finance reform, and immigration, among other things.

Bernie would do well to turn his fire against Republicans and to show America that the Democratic candidates share a progressive vision, a vision that is infinitely better for our nation and the world than what Trump and the GOP are offering.

It’s not easy to change tone in an election this intense — it takes courage and discipline. Most importantly, it takes leadership. This is Bernie’s moment to show his true character, to lead by example. To move the Democratic primary away from cheap attacks on Hillary’s speech transcripts and vitriolic attacks on her character.

Time to rise to the occasion.

Leadership is not a strong point. Take this little comment from a Susan Sarandon interview as an example of Bernie’s leadership:

Susan Sarandon attends the première of “The Meddler” on the day of the New York primary. – The New Yorker

imageA few weeks ago, Susan Sarandon, the actor and Bernie Sanders supporter, told Chris Hayes, on MSNBC, that she did not know how she would vote if given a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. She added, “Some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately, if he gets in.” Things would “explode.”

Last Tuesday, when New York’s Presidential primary coincided with the New York première of “The Meddler,” in which Sarandon stars, she left her Chelsea apartment at dusk, wearing bright-red lipstick, a tuxedo, and a boot cast protecting a foot that she had fractured while hiking in Colombia. “I did not say I was voting for Trump,” she said in the elevator, recalling the national eye-roll that her remarks prompted. “And I did not say I wanted a revolution.” She reached a waiting S.U.V. “But the status quo is not working, so to sell people a system based on shoring up the status quo is not pragmatic.” She said that, during that fuss, Sanders had called her to say, “You’re doing a great job, hang in there, we’ve got your back.”

So if you ever wondered about Bernie Sanders reaction to his surrogates unbelievable assholery and utter disrespect and anti-caucus behavior, there you are…“You’re doing a great job, hang in there, we’ve got your back.”

Maddow: ‘No Way’ Sanders Wins Now, So Big Question Is How He Decides to ‘End This’ | Mediaite

At least Maddow has seen the light…

MSNBC’s Steve Kornackiexplained to Senator Jeff Merkley––the only senator endorsing Bernie Sanders––tonight exactly how impossible Sanders’ path to victory is from this point forward.

Maddow followed up by saying, “As somebody who is legitimately impartial between these candidates, I feel like there is no way Senator Sanders ends up with the nomination.”

She wondered what the “right way [is] for Senator Sanders to end this in a way that’s gonna be the best for the cause” and the Democratic party.

But the Bernie supporters are not letting this dead dog lie in peace:



If you need to plant the truth gospel, this is the link to the dudes article: Bernie Lovers: A Revolution Is What You Signed Up For, And This Is Only The Beginning

Other Bernie Bro postings:
















Other news from last night:

image5 takeaways from Tuesday’s primaries – POLITICO

US election 2016: Donald Trump sweeps five US states – BBC News

The parallel universe where Cruz is beating Trump – POLITICO

Donald Trump has earned more than 9 million votes in the Republican primary and amassed a lead that puts him on the brink of clinching the GOP nomination. But in the shadow contest for the delegates to a contested national convention, he’s getting obliterated by Ted Cruz.

It’s halftime in the hustle for loyal convention delegates. By the weekend, more than 1,300 will have been elected in county, state or congressional district elections or selected by local Republican leaders. So far, Cruz has consistently dominated these contests, securing slots for hundreds of loyalists to the convention in Cleveland in July. Trump, on the other hand, has consistently flopped.

A Politico analysis suggests the mogul is headed for an even rougher second half, limiting his opportunities to survive a contested convention and dramatically raising the stakes of his quest to secure the nomination outright.


imageIn other news, mainly in keeping with the fuck you vagina theme:

El Salvador Strict Abortion Laws – Abortion Laws in Latin America

As the abortion wars rage here at home, El Salvador, the country with the strictest anti-abortion laws—where women are put in prison or risk death to avoid having a baby—shows how we might live in a world without reproductive rights.

Missouri Republicans spend more than $8 million to block less than $400,000 in federal funding for Planned Parenthood –

Fiscal responsibility goes out the window when policing of women’s healthcare access is concerned

Let that stew for a little while…

Those GOP muthafukkerz.

The rest of today’s links are dealing with other newsy items.

imageYesterday was 30 years since Chernobyl.

BBC – Culture – The people who refused to leave Chernobyl

It is 30 years since the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Fiona Macdonald explores the work of Andrej Krementschouk, who has documented destruction – and new life – at Chernobyl.

Paris Review – Voices from Chernobyl, Svetlana Alexievich

On April 26, 1986, at 1:23:58 a. m., a series of explosions destroyed the reactor in the building that housed Energy Block #4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. The catastrophe at Chernobyl became the largest technical disaster of the twentieth century. . . . For tiny Belarus (population: ten million), it was a national disaster. . . . Today, one out of every five Belarussians lives on contaminated land. This amounts to 2.1 million people, of whom seven hundred thousand are children. In the Gomel and Mogilev regions, which suffered the most from Chernobyl, mortality rates exceed birthrates by twenty percent.

—Belaruskaya entsiklopedia, 1996, s.v. “Chernobyl,” pg. 24


Animals Rule Chernobyl 30 Years After Nuclear Disaster

Three decades later, it’s not certain how radiation is affecting wildlife—but it’s clear that animals abound.


223a-DiamondsPearlsUpdates on Prince:

Prince’s Paisley Park Home to Become a Museum

Prince’s Longtime Lawyer Responds to Drug Reports Surrounding Singer’s Death | Vanity Fair

This looks like something many of us Sky Dancers would find interesting: Turner is launching a Netflix for cinephiles — Quartz

And, I will end today’s post with some new information coming out of Egypt:

A new discovery sheds light on ancient Egypt’s most successful female pharaoh – The Washington Post

Hatshepsut was no ordinary Egyptian ruler.

After her husband died, Hatshepsut didn’t just keep the “throne” warm for her stepson to come of age. She became a pharaoh in her own right, and in doing so, became one of ancient Egypt’s first female rulers. While there were likely two or three female pharaohs during the “dynastic” period, Hatshepsut is considered to be the most successful; she ruled for at least 15 years and was aprolific builder.

After her death, her stepson assumed full kingship and most mentions of Hatshepsut’s name and likeness were destroyed, erased and replaced. Over the past several decades, researchers have uncovered and described more and more evidence of her reign as a female ruler during the 1400s B.C.

Last week, Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced a discovery connected to Hatshepsut that provides greater insight into the life story of this remarkable female pharaoh. The German Archaeological Institute uncovered blocks that likely belonged to one of her buildings.

Read the rest at the link…about how she was depicted as a man with a beard…

Early in her career, Hatshepsut was depicted as a woman, but later on her likeness was of a powerful, muscular ruler who the same false beard that male pharaohs would wear. The blocks found by archaeologists on Egypt’s Elephantine Island are different. Believed to have been part of a waystation for the deity, Khnum, several of the blocks show Hatshepsut as a woman.

“The building must therefore have been erected during the early years of her reign, before she began to be represented as a male king,” the antiquities ministry said in a release. “Only very few buildings from this early stage of her career have been discovered so far.”

Yeah, seriously…maybe this is what Hilary needs. A beard?

This is an open thread…



54 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: There’s got to be a morning after….”

  1. I’m heading down to Florida next week for my friend Jesse’s funeral service…This 2016 year has been a difficult one for me…so many friends of mine have died. So my mom and I are going down to Tampa to see all the family and friends who are left. My old highschool friends are getting together to toast Jesse, I am looking forward to the trip.

    • Fannie says:

      Thanks for blog, The Bernie Sexist Pigs are out in full wattage. Have a safe trip with your Mom, and enjoy your old friends. My condolences to the passing of your friend.

    • Sweet Sue says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, JJ, and I hope your year gets better and better.

    • NW Luna says:

      I hope you have a good trip, and good times together with your friends and family celebrating life, easing sorrow, and with many hugs all around.

    • NW Luna says:

      What a combination of radical vileness, bigotry, and corporatism.

    • gp says:

      I was thinking this was putting the cart before the horse. It is either a move of complete desperation or he knows something we don’t. Generally though a person waits until after securing the nomination before they pick a VP candidate. I really cannot figure out why the Republican Party would dump Trump in favor of Cruz. In my opinion, Trump is far more electable and I don’t consider him electable in any way, shape or form. The entire Republican party is a friggin’ disgrace right now.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Cruz has no chance at the nomination. It’s just to try to get some attention. It won’t work.

  2. This morning, I phoned my brother to wish him happy b’day (a day late). The last time we spoke, he was a Bernie supporter who would vote for whomever won the Dnom. Today, he is an unequivocal Hillary supporter, not because she’s virtually locked down the nom, but because he has come to realize that Bernie is a stump without substance. Reality prevails!! YAY!!!

    • Oops! that should be stump speech without substance.

      • NW Luna says:

        Either way, I agree with that description!

      • bostonboomer says:

        Good news! I’ve seen quite a few people on Twitter who got fed up with Bernie. I really don’t think there are that many who won’t vote for Hillary in Nov.

    • janicen says:

      Wow. Good for your brother. That gives me hope.

    • gp says:

      Damned that is good news. Mrs. Clinton is going to have to work her tail off (and she always does) to get Bernie supporters in her camp. Unfortunately, Bernie is such a knucklehead that he won’t help her as much as he should even though he seems to be coming around some.

    • Fannie says:

      Good, probably tired of the same tongues wagging for Bernie.

  3. NW Luna says:

    So the Berniebros have learned that their movement can make the impossible happen. How’s that workin’ out for ya?

    I only wish their revolution would get them to fact-check Bernie.

  4. Ron4Hills says:

    The BernieBots are obviously delusional but I really think hey are being pimped by Republican mischief makers.

    Where else could the ridiculous conspircacy theories be coming from. I WISH HILLS HAD THE SUPER POWERS THEY SEEM TO THINK TO THINK SHE HAS!

    These fools regurgitate any crack pot nonsense that they scrape out of the internets butt crack. If they were able to fatally wound Hills as a candidate do they really think that there is someone else that can pick up the pieces? No way in hell Weaken @ Bernie’s could do it. Nobody wants him.

    • janicen says:

      “Weaken@Bernies” 😀

    • NW Luna says:

      Magical thinking — it they truly believe, TinkerBelle will reincarnate as a Bernie sparrow weedbird and their dreams will come true. The loudest shouters amongst them are the most delusional.

      I agree with you about the Republican ratfondlers being behind much of this. Same talking points, and visceral hatred. It has the same stench as the visceral hatred that is racism.

    • gp says:

      I was going to say UNHINGED but delusional works nicely. These folks need to grow up and get a clue. There is no fucking (can I say that here?) comparison between Hillary Clinton who is very, very, very liberal and the Republican Party lunatics currently vying for the nomination. Hillary is probably the most HONEST, hard working, diligent, knowledgeable, and caring individual to run for the office since oh who was that guy she was married to? Oh, that is right Bill Clinton who might have been the most successful and most intelligent president since Franklin D. Roosevelt.

      • teele says:

        I think you are right about the “growing up” part, and that will happen in time, though it won’t help us this year. I do have to say, at least this crop of kids actually pays some attention to politics (although they don’t bother with being really informed). Young people in the 50’s didn’t get too involved in politics; those in the 60’s and early 70’s did. The 80’s and 90’s? That was nothing but party time for kids. At least we know that about 50% of the BSers will continue to be voters throughout their lives, and some will even get involved in politics themselves. Of the rest, some will never vote again, but will complain about “the establishment” the rest of their lives to anyone they can get to listen to them, and some will vote every 4 years for the “prom king” contest but will never know who their representatives are — about like every generation before them.
        The most discouraging thing about the BSers is their eagerness to (unwittingly, I hope) spew the RW propaganda machine’s bilge. You have to wonder if most of them grew up in homes listening to O’Reilly and Limbaugh, and even though they think themselves quite the rebels for thumbing their noses at mom and dad’s politics, they are so steeped in the crap that it is actually part of them.
        I think it’s a shame that the loudmouths are whining that they will take their balls and go home if they don’t get their way. I’m bemused that some of them are willing to publicly state that they didn’t know about the voting rules in their state, and think the rules should be changed at the last minute to accommodate their ignorance. I think it’s weird that voting for another old white guy with DC-insider status and long-time ties to the NRA is considered “revolutionary.” And I’m amazed that anyone thinks Sanders gives a damn about the future of the political party he has never belonged to, or that the party should give a damn about him. His stay with the Democrats is like the house guest who starts leaving his laundry and dishes around the house and bringing his friends over for late-night parties, and ignoring hints that it’s time to find another place to crash.
        I don’t think we should worry excessively about the BSers. The loudmouths are infested with RW ratfrackers, and most are smart kids, along for the excitement, who will calm down by next fall. The ones who don’t vote, or vote third party, will be a small number. Most will wake up with a hangover this summer and realize, in the cold, hard light of day, that the choice before them is clear.

        • gp says:

          I hope you are right. I agree that it is strange or ironic that these folks think that Sanders is some sort of outsider revolutionary. It is really strange when you think about it. Honestly, I am probably to the left of Sanders on everything though I would never yuk it up with criminals like Castro or Guevara. The problem with these guys is that they think they are inventing the wheel and the only people to ever come up with these ideas.

  5. dakinikat says:

    Just when you think it might be safe enough for your kids to play outside again, Fiorina and Cruz team up.

  6. ANonOMouse says:

    Breaking News: Bernie Sanders laying off 100’s of campaign workers to concentrate on California and the Convention Platform

  7. Sweet Sue says:

    I never noticed until today that Cruz and Fiorina look alike.

    • NW Luna says:

      I saw that the slimy pedophile hypocrite was finally sentenced. Unfortunately, due to the statute of limitations, he gets a slap on the wrist and a few months behind bars.

      • janicen says:

        There should be no statute of limitations on sexual assault of a minor.

      • NW Luna says:

        Oops, my above remark was in response to kat’s comment on Hastert. And I agree, janicen, there should not be a statute of limitations on something like that.

  8. jane says:

    thank you so much for the middle fingers!! That is how I feel today after hearing what Trump is saying about Hillary today. And others are repeating it and passing it on except for Chris Matthews. He said it was total lie but of course people just ignore anything that is nice and truthful about Hillary. As far as Fiorina goes, I think both of them are just out to catch more donation dollars from the sheeple. Again thanks for the middle fingers!!

  9. Gilbert MonDragon says:

    I was so happy she did well last night that i do believe the neighbors probably thought I had lost my mind!

    • NW Luna says:

      Well, your neighbors should get prepared for more celebration in the weeks and months ahead!

  10. Sweet Sue says:

    Has anybody else watched the fake Trump vs. Bernie debate on Fusion?
    The two actor/impressionists were so spot on and hilarious.