Wednesday: Banjoville, Georgia. A microcosm of Trump Nation.

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This little section of delight in the North Georgia Mountains…I’ve spoken before of the cross-section of folks who live and breed in the town of Banjoville. Simple kinds of folk, why the sign welcoming people to our county states as much:





I’ll give them the “Scenic Beauty” but as far as the “Friendly People” …that is open for debate.

I’ve noticed the Trump situation has made the bold hateful comments more mainstream. it is acceptable and standard and now common place to find this shit among the facebook pages of the typical Banjoville resident.

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(One of those comments is written by a superintendent of schools…more on that later in the post.)

But there is something more to it than all this hate, which is deep seated in the back mountain town mentality that populates so much of the nation. The Trump Nation. It is a nation that would never support a Cruz or Rubio, because when it comes down to it…they have Latino blood.

There was a tweet I saw yesterday that sums the whole thing up perfectly.


Yes, when it all comes down to it, White always wins.

And this is what I see everywhere I go in Banjoville.

A White Right Wing Christian Hate that is prejudice against any and all who is not “one of them.” Living in a town like that is hell. My family has experienced the discrimination first hand many times. To this point I bring you the reason for this post. The Trump Nation embodied in Banjoville, what does this mean for society.

We live in a town where the Sheriff’s Office is so blatant about their total embrace of the practice of Separation of Church and State. This is the painted image that greats you as you walk into the Sheriff’s Office:


It is a picture by an artist, Beth Sweigard, known for painting fetuses and a sad Jesus…


….or Jesus at the Jewish Peoples’ Wall…


When I first saw that Patriotic Jesus poster in the sheriff’s department, I immediately thought about that other spectacular artist…Jon McNaughton.


Yeah, he is the artist who immortalized Clive Bundy above as some kind of western hero for the nation….


You want a real laugh, take a look at the gallery of patriotic work here jonmcnaughton. com /patriotic/

I’ve seemed to have gotten carried away there, I need to get back to the Banjoville Sheriff Dept.

Everywhere you look there is proof that the Sheriff is a holy man, even a plaque that states he has been to church more times than any other man alive on the planet. ( I kid you not.)

Tell me that a person who is not a “real” Christian will have a equal chance at justice in that building. (The color of their skin goes without saying…back before the State of Georgia forcibly frightened all the immigrants out of town, the officers made most of their arrest by stalking the Spanish Sunday Mass up at the Catholic Church…and pulling over any car leaving the church.)

How about the fine Doctors in the area? Who proudly display their affiliation in The Oathkeepers…Oh yeah, we even have one who is a leading authority member of the affiliation. How does this affect his service to the public…the entire public. (Well, I guess since he is in private practice that is not a legitimate question, but if he is the only doctor your insurance plan accepts what then?)

Then you have the teachers and administrators at the schools, counselors who are partial to the local Banjoville White Christian. Coaches who are prejudice against players… teachers who will penalize a student if they are the wrong” color or even the wrong Christian faith. (Y’all remember Catholics are a no go as well.) This is not something made up…this really happens and it effects the future lives of students.

This is the view of a Trump Nation from my little Banjoville. The hate and bitterness is nothing new, it is just becoming bolder in its execution.

Now he’s hooked the Christian conservatives: Accept it, Donald Trump’s not fading — even more on the right are buying his snake oil –

Donald Trump might actually be able to pull it off. A new, nationwide poll from CNN/ORC shows that Trump’s lead in the Republican polls has grown even stronger going into the Iowa caucus, which kicks off the primary season. He’s reached 41 percent support amongst Republican voters, which is more than double what his closest contender, the even more ridiculous Ted Cruz, has. Even more startlingly, Trump’s supporters seem more assured of their votes than the supporters of any other candidate. It seems Trump might do what seemed to be impossible: Overcome the resistance of party leaders to grab the nomination.

…things are looking a lot better for Trump than anyone could have predicted. Part of the issue is that his closest contender, Ted Cruz, hasn’t made the progress he clearly thought he would at this late stage.

Mea culpa time. I’ve long thought that Ted Cruzhad a strong chance of knockingTrump out of the race, and that Cruz would either win the nomination or at least winnow it down so that Rubio could sneak up and grab it. In my own defense, the theory was pretty sound. I argued that Christian right voters would move away from go-nowhere candidates like Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson and coalesce behind a single candidate. It seemed that Cruz, who is an even nastier bully than Trump but speaks fluent evangelical-ese in a way that Trump can’t master, was well-positioned to suction up those Christian right voters.

The evangelicals did abandon the smaller candidates but, in a somewhat surprising twist, they flocked to Trump. Cruz’s once robust support amongst evangelicals is plummeting. He now has only 20 percent of the evangelical vote, whereas Trump has 37 percent of their support.

And now Jerry Falwell Jr. is endorsing Trump. This is doubly huge because Cruz used Liberty University, which Falwell is the president of, as the stage to announce his run for presidency. But such is the Trump-momentum that Cruz is getting left behind even by those whose support he thought he could count on.

Trump’s ability to win over evangelical voters is the surest sign yet that his campaign will not collapse as quickly as every predictive model imaginable suggested it should. Prying Christians off Trump should have been easy! He’s been married three times and literally cheated on his first wife in a church. His attempts to pretend he cares about religion have been limp and unconvincing, and yet, his base of support with evangelicals is only getting stronger.

The best explanation for why comes from Adam Lee of Daylight Atheism, who points out that “evangelicalism isn’t especially concerned with beliefs, nor has it ever has been.”

“Whether it’s Prohibition and communism, dancing and divorce, or abortion and gay marriage, evangelicals’ pet causes have changed radically over the decades,” he adds. “The issues themselves have only ever been important as a boundary marker, a way to delineate Us from Them.”

Trump fails comically to convince anyone he’s ever even cracked a Bible, he is the master at the “us vs. them” narrative. It turns out this is actually all the majority of Christian conservatives needed. All that stuff about Jesus and family values was merely window dressing. All that really matters is being told that people like them are better and more worthy than other people, and whoever can do that the most effectively — turns out that’s Donald Trump – will beat out the competition.

The us vs them….no that is not the right way…it is more like I said above, Trump pulls this “he is one of US” or “they are not one of us”… is more like the wording to me. One of Us being the key phrase. Us being only White Caucasians, accepting Jesus as your Savior kind of Christian, Us.


Anyway, that is my observations of Trump supporters, for another look, take a gander at this: The Return of the Middle American Radical An intellectual history of Trump supporters.

Trump not only got Jerry Falwell yesterday… Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. endorses Trump – The Washington Post . He also got: Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Endorse Donald Trump in Iowa – First Draft. Political News, Now. – The New York Times and today: Donald Trump wins John Rocker’s endorsement |

A long read here: How Trump Happened –

However, I think the reason Trump happened is because of the media’s lack of calling Trump out for his racism, sexism, and every other thing the bigoted asshole has done.  Of course the Media isn’t only to blame. I think the corporate powers are a YUUUUGGGEE part of the problem too.

Watch this interview from The Young Turks that touches on the media and corporate sponsors.

Oh, the other points of the interview are very well taken, but y’all get the message here.

Just take a look at the headline from The Washington Examiner: Why can’t Donald Trump handle Megyn Kelly? | Washington Examiner

WTF is that?

Maybe I am being sensitive?

Although the article is not as bad as the headline makes it…

This feud has gotten ridiculous. Republican front-runner and businessman Donald Trump is now threatening to boycott the upcoming GOP debate if host Fox News doesn’t remove Megyn Kelly as a moderator.

I don’t usually like the argument that takes the form of, “if candidate can’t stand up to X, how can they stand up to the Islamic State?” But I do wonder how Trump will be able to handle anyone as president if he can’t take the sort of pointed questions about his weaknesses that originally soured him on Kelly.

It all started last August at the first GOP debate, when Kelly asked Trump about the New York businessman’s comments toward women in the past. The question was one of the most memorable of the debate, and prompted Trump to later claim: “you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes … Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Kelly has recently poked fun at former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Trump, and hosted National Review editor Rich Lowry, whose magazine has come out against the Republican front-runner.

And here we are. This insignificant back and forth has caused Trump, for the fourth time this cycle, to threaten to boycott a debate. Trump said he would boycott two CNN debates if CNN President Jeff Zucker didn’t donate money to charity. He also threatened to pull out of the CNBC debate if the format wasn’t changed (rival Ben Carson made a similar threat as well).

This makes Fox News spokesperson Irena Briganti’s statement all the more relevant: “Donald Trump is just trying to build up the audience for Thursday’s debate, for which we thank him.”

Trump is unlikely to actually boycott the debate and host his own town hall for rival networks, as he has claimed he would do. But if he has no plans to actually do this, his ongoing comments and actions toward Kelly are troubling.

How will Trump handle a hostile press if he is president? We know the press will be more harsh toward a Republican president, and that the press is especially hostile toward Trump, so will he just shut them out? And does Megyn Kelly, on a right-leaning network, really need to be public enemy number one to the Trump campaign?

I realize that this, like everything Trump does, is for attention, but it ultimately brings into question his ability to handle adversity and criticism.

That and imagine his fat sweaty fingers on the button of our nuclear arsenal.

Trump: ‘Obviously’ I Was Joking About Shooting People And Not Losing Votes

“It Was Like a Fascist Rally”: Sikh Protester Ejected From Trump Event Speaks Out

On Cruz and Rubio, Jesus thumping there way to Iowa:

Ted Cruz’s Evangelical Gamble – The New York Times

Rubio presses ‘Judeo-Christian values’ in Iowa | TheHill

Cruz’s Constant References to Jesus Drive Millions to Atheism – The New Yorker

Other links…

Trump Said He Bought Windows From China Because America’s Were Too Expensive – The Daily Beast

The Progressive Policy Donald Trump Just Embraced | ThinkProgress

Donald Trump endorses an idea liberals love: letting Medicare negotiate drug prices – Vox

Noam Chomsky Says GOP Is ‘Literally A Serious Danger To Human Survival’

As Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Soar, G.O.P. Leaders’ Exasperation Grows – The New York Times

Well what do you expect when you have GOP politicians like these:

Maine Gov. LePage: Bring back the guillotine

Racist, bigoted Facebook posts from top schools official can’t be tolerated

Leaked Documents Undermine Official Story Of Flint Water Crisis | ThinkProgress


In other news:

Denmark approves controversial refugee bill allowing police to seize asylum seekers’ cash and valuables | Europe | News | The Independent

Is the Oregon Standoff Over Yet?

Ammon And Ryan Bundy Arrested In Oregon; One Militant Dies In Shootout With Law Enforcement | ThinkProgress

After Bundy Arrest, Remaining Militia Says They Will Continue Occupation And Are Prepared To Die | ThinkProgress

Eyewitnesses Give Conflicting Accounts Of How Rancher Was Killed In Standoff

Christie ‘Glad’ That ‘Thin-Skinned’ Trump Skipping Fox News Debate


That is all, more updates and links in the comment section below.

This is an open thread y’all….

27 Comments on “Wednesday: Banjoville, Georgia. A microcosm of Trump Nation.”

  1. janicen says:

    I agree that I don’t think the GOP would ever get behind Cruz or Rubio because of the bigot factor but I’ve thought all along that Mittens would ride in and save the day. More and more it looks like we are going down the Trump rabbit hole.

  2. Sorry it is late, I was writing it on my way to the eye doctor. Had to finish up with my eyes dilated. That was a bitch….but on the plus side I need bifocals.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Those Jesus paintings are unbelievable! Jesus holding an embryo? Wow.

    • Ron4Hills says:

      If you believe in that stuff, wouldn’t those embryos be on the express train to heaven? Why would Jesus have a beef? Just saying..

  4. dakinikat says:

    Ack! Those paintings are awful! What freaking warped mind could do that?

  5. Fannie says:

    I think this is granny slappin’ damn good! I listen to my local news, telling me that the “occupiers” are standing firm. Note, they don’t say the criminals, or the home grown terrorist, no, they are occupiers and patriots. It’s clear that people can clearly serve in our government, and support the Bundy Ranch, and then say the FBI has a bad attitude.

    It’s like the media has allowed all this shit to come down, without really telling it like it is. Like you said, see it in a black neighborhood, and immediately, the media goes into their burn baby burn mod. When white men in Haney County, Oregon, engineers it to make them look like they have a right to this land outside Burns, Oregon. You’ve got to ask exactly why didn’t the media anticipated this shit was going to hit the fan. It’s white man’s tradition, get your long guns. What is it, that they don’t want to discuss the history of Mormons, who slaughtered pioneers during the Mountain Meadow Massacre. Do they not know why they talk about grandpa, and great grandpa, and GGGG grandpa, that leads to Joseph Smith. The power was given to them, as white men.

    Now, back to the negotiating situations all across this country. Like you said, if the Sheriff has photos of his going to church moments, and the school board has his spread your legs moment to a fellow board member, and still retains their jobs, and nobody is saying this must change, then they are bringing on the broken people engineering of the Trump Nation. Who could have predicted this, the failure of society, electing the one who lives the GOOD LIFE.

  6. roofingbird says:

    Don’t ever let me watch that again. The moving purple streamers made me motion sick. The total banality of the discussion over whether something leads if it bleeds all, while, listening to some background metal screeching noise while laboring under the guise that we even still have journalism while being perky, made me want to go and join the Bundy’s.

  7. roofingbird says:

    Those paintings are gawdawful.

  8. List of X says:

    I don’t know whether it’s the media who is doing a bad job calling out Trump on his racism, or if it’s doing an okay job but the media’s audience goes – hey, that Trump fella is damn right ’bout those damn Mexicans and Muslims!

  9. Fannie says:

    It was uplifting to watch Rachel Maddow tonight in Flint, Michigan. And the ACLU has gotten the people to repeal the emergency managers! There is hope, we the people can stop this.

    • bostonboomer says:

      It was a good show.

    • Ron4Hills says:

      Was it good? I am sorry I did not watch. I figured that MSNBC would try to find some way to ratf*ck Hills. They usually find some way or another to undermine her.

  10. Joanelle says:

    As I read this post, my regional newspaper and listened briefly to the tv news, I was taken back to 2008 and the talk we had then about how we’d found ourselves in the book “1984” and the Bullock movie, “The Net”. I know many of you are in love with Facebook, but as a sociologist I see the term social media to a greater degree an oxymoron. There is honestly little more social than I could get from a pen pal. The only thing different is the delivery.

    However, that delivery method has allowed us to spread our messages faster and to many more people. Facebook, to my mind has managed to dilute people’s sense of self, although there is a perception of the opposite. Without a modicum of privacy there is little possibility of ‘self’ preserved. By posting everything about oneself we become naked to the world, vulnerable on many levels, and the new ‘shiny thing’ that came along enticed millions to disrobe, as it were, exposing their vulnerabilities; and now having no where to hide, no way to erase all they’ve exposed, find themselves in a fearful rage with themselves and those who have taken advantage of the weaknesses.

    Re-read Orwell’s 1984 and then watch ‘The Net’ you might get a sense of the mess we’ve put ourselves into and how Trump’s empire stands to benefit by becoming president.

    “Conspiracy theory?” Maybe, maybe not. Alternatives?

    • janicen says:

      I think social media, as wthl all things, has positive and negative aspects of it and how it is used is really a reflection of the user rather than the medium itself. We have gotten first hand accounts of everything from uprisings to terrorist attacks without the filter of corporate owned established media outlets through twitter and Facebook. Personally, I have reconnected with friends I haven’t spoken to in decades thanks to social media. There is no way I could maintain a pen pal relationship with as many people as I know through social media. I can give and get support and encouragement from members of my workout team through Facebook and I have learned a great deal about people’s surgery results relating to the ankle surgery I am considering. At the same time I understand that social media can be used to harass and abuse. The phrase “everything in moderation” applies to social media use as much as it does to so many things in our lives.

      • MJCP2664 says:

        Absolutely agree Janicen, when you say: “how it is used is really a reflection of the user rather than the medium itself.” Clearly you have used it to your benefit, but as one woman said to me just this evening “Facebook is driving me crazy, I’m getting out of it – I don’t want to know all the crazy things people put on it.”

      • Joanelle says:

        Clearly Facebook should be used as you’ve been doing, unfortunately people get online and either forget, or don’t know that once they put information up, it can be accessed forever.

        • Beata says:

          OMG. I want to clear the record then. Everything I’ve ever written online is a lie. I’m really a 20-something guy named Chuck who lives in my parents’ basement. I enjoy binge-watching Netflix and taking long walks on the beach, often at the same time.

          Have an awesome day everybody.

    • Never seen the net. My mom watched her DVDs of Idiocracy last night. She said she had to because all this Trump stuff and a lot of other things kept making her think of quotes from the movie lately. How prophetic the film turned out to be