Live Blog: Breaking News….Paris Attacks

State of Emergency Declared…

All France’s borders are closed until further notice.

According to reports on Al Jazzera America broadcast.

The president of France was at the soccer game, that actually continued after the bombing stopped play for a few moments. They had to secure President Francois Hollande and reports are he is safe.

Some reports say, Hollande has cancelled his visit to the G8 Summit. (per twitter feed above.)

Below is current news.

Updates in the comments…

Shootings, Explosions Reported in Paris | Al Jazeera America

Paris attacks


More than 150 dead after siege at Bataclan concert hall and attacks across Paris – live | World news | The Guardian

Paris attacks: At least 118 die in shootings, explosions –

Live stream, at that link.

Shootings and explosions leave dozens dead in Paris – Al Jazeera English

Live blogging here: Paris Attacks | Liveblog live blogging


25 Comments on “Live Blog: Breaking News….Paris Attacks”

  1. I just heard the officials have the death toll at 140.

    • Now reports are at 120…

    • Fannie says:

      It’s confusing, I would be thinking we’ll be getting a better stats on the death toll and the injured tomorrow. I am beside myself with all the trouble the terrorist are creating.

      I don’t know anything about the band, never heard of them. Being Friday night, everybody was out enjoying the city life.

  2. roofingbird says:

    The Death Tones were in Paris and scheduled to play in that concert hall on Saturday.

  3. AJAM is running the coverage of the Al Jazeera English coverage, I tell you watch it of you can…

  4. dakinikat says:

    Monuments all over the US and the world are being lit up with the tres couleurs

  5. roofingbird says:

    Information Number for Tourists in Paris: +33 (0) 1 45 55 80 00 cc @prefpolice

  6. roofingbird says:

    Cancellation of the demonstrations and closing of all the town halls of districts, only E.Civil permanences and Mariage will be open

  7. Sweet Sue says:

    I’m afraid that this is going to lead to Western countries telling citizens that they can go visit ailing relatives in Yemen or Lebanon but, then they can’t come back.
    Maybe, for a while, that’ll be what it takes to shut this shit down.
    Where’s Saudi Arabia in all of this?

  8. bostonboomer says:

    I’m watching Rachel on MSNBC. This is so horrible.

  9. janicen says:

    One little nugget I heard from one of the experts being consulted by the television media yesterday was addressing how the terrorists could pull off such a massive coordinated attack on a major city. He said, (paraphrasing) “They’ve gotten smarter. They are harder to catch now because they communicate only through the dark internet and never, ever use phones. They’ve all read Snowden so now they never use phones.”

    That’s what he said. “They’ve all read Snowden…” THAT’s the damage that fucking traitor did not only to this country but to all people.

  10. janicen says:

    Also, FYI, the NYT posted that they are providing free digital access to stories about the attacks. They have a ton of them.