Wednesday Reads: Cowboys, Cowgirls, Indians and New Orleans

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Wow did I oversleep. Just waking up so this is very late indeed.

The post today will have your usual stuff…but as the title indicates, it will have some very cool old autochrome pictures of Cowboys, Cowgirls, Indians and New Orleans.

How early 20th century America played and worked, in color

You can see a lot more of these cool images at the link above?

Since it is so damn late, let’s just make this a quick dump.

British Airways fire: pilots praised for textbook response to ‘worst nightmare’ | US news | The Guardian

The pictures are something to see.

EXCLUSIVE: Con Edison to pay $3.8M in sexual American-Autochromes-11harassment suit – NY Daily News

Do you remember this case from a couple of years ago?

Con Edison has quietly settled a huge sexual harassment lawsuit by agreeing to set aside $3.8 million for up to 300 women employees.

The settlement was reached with state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of female field workers who say they’ve been subjected to harassment, passed over for promotion or paid less than less qualified male workers.

“This case should send a clear message to employers across New York state: All women — especially those working in male-dominated workplaces — deserve respect and equal treatment,” Schneiderman said.


American-Autochromes-12The agreement was signed privately Aug. 4 and letters to more than 300 eligible women workers notifying them of the payouts will go out in the coming days.

All 300 are entitled to a $5,000 payment from a pool of $1.65 million, and Con Edison has set aside more for employees for payments ranging from $30,000 to $150,000 for repeat cases of harassment, denied promotion or retaliation based on gender bias.

The investigation began in 2007 after women workers charged Con-Ed “failed to address widespread harassment of women by male co-workers” and tolerated “a hostile work environment.”

In a statement, the utility said it does “not tolerate discrimination in any form in the workplace,” and that the deal “resolves these investigations without any findings of wrongdoing on the part of Con Edison.”

American-Autochromes-13“With this agreement, Con Edison is reaffirming its commitment to maintaining a workforce that promotes diversity and equal opportunity. We will further enhance training of our employees and management to help ensure that those principles are upheld,” the statement said.

Oil Exposure Linked to Reduced Fish Survival | Al Jazeera America

American-Autochromes-54Another update, this time from a story that made headlines back in the 80’s.

Federal scientists may have found a link between the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill and a decline of herring and pink salmon populations in Prince William Sound.

In a study published Tuesday in the online journal Scientific Reports, researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that embryonic salmon and herring exposed to even very low levels of crude oil can develop heart defects.

Herring and pink salmon juveniles that were exposed to crude oil as embryos grew slower and swam slower, making them vulnerable to predators, said John Incardona, a research toxicologist at NOAA Fisheries’ Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle, in a prepared statement

American-Autochromes-40“These juvenile fish on the outside look completely normal, but their hearts are not functioning properly and that translates directly into reduced swimming ability and reduced survival,” Incardona said. “In terms of impacts to shore-spawning fish, the oil spill likely had a much bigger footprint than anyone realized.”

Can you imagine the impacts the BP Gulf spill will have on fish and sea life years down the line? “Much bigger footprint” is a frightening phrase if you ask me….

American-Autochromes-39Want some other scary news? Forget TV show zombies with viruses leaked via some bio-engineered technologies bullshit. How about a virus that is exposed via global warming?

Frankenvirus Emerges From Melting Siberia | Al Jazeera America

Scientists plan to reanimate a 30,000-year-old giant virus that has been found preserved in the frozen wastelands of Siberia, one of several pre-historic viruses to have been unearthed in the last 15 years. But while the researchers believe the finding will be of great scientific interest, they warned that the effects of climate change were likely to unearth more such microscopic pathogens, a reality which could pose an increased threat for the spread of disease.

American-Autochromes-8Reporting this week in the flagship journal of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, French researchers announced the discovery of Mollivirus sibericum, the fourth type of pre-historic virus found since 2003 — and the second by this team.

Before waking it, researchers will have to verify that the bug cannot cause animal or human disease. “A few viral particles that are still infectious may be enough, in the presence of a vulnerable host, to revive potentially pathogenic viruses,” one of the lead researchers, Jean-Michel Claverie, told AFP.

To qualify as a “giant,” a virus has to be longer than half a micron, a thousandth of a millimeter or 0.00002 of an inch. Mollivirus sibericum — “soft virus from Siberia” — comes in at 0.6 microns, and was found in the permafrost of northeastern Russia.

American-Autochromes-9And here is where the movie plot begins:

Climate change is warming the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions at more than twice the global average, which means that permafrost is not so permanent any more.

The regions in which these giant microbes have been found are coveted for their mineral resources, especially oil, and will become increasingly accessible for people intent on industrial exploitation as more of the ice melts away.

“If we are not careful, and we industrialize these areas without putting safeguards in place, we run the risk of one day waking up viruses such as small pox that we thought were eradicated,” Claverie added.

American-Autochromes-41But the virus that awakens is not something such as small pox…it is the muthafukker of all viruses.

Call Hollywood!

Next up, the opening paragraph on this post was too good to pass up:

THE SHORT CON | Gin and Tacos

In my 36 years I have seen some ridiculous things. I’ve seenBattlefield:Earth. I’ve seen adult human beings dump ice on their heads in honor of a motor-neuron disorder. I’ve seen Carrot Top live (I was 16, come on). I’ve seen three black lesbians karaoke “Dam That River” by Alice in Chains. I’ve seen a Chicago Transit Authority bus driver freestyle-A cappella a song about a woman who broke his heart in a bar and after that I have seen them trying to buy the best karaoke machine so they can keep signing. I’ve seen people wait in a three hour queue to eat at Olive Garden. And I deal regularly with 19 year old American college students. So I’ve seen some shit that left me scratching my head.

American-Autochromes-35This Kim Davis / Hitlerjugend rally, though, might take the cake.

Video of the rally at the Gin and Tacos link….also read the rest of the post…it is damn good.

From News Corpse, Outsider is a term that is being…”overused.”

Hillary Clinton And The Amazing Wingnutty Media Apology Trap | News Corpse

These outsiders have been granted broad leeway to do and say things that ordinarily would sink any other campaign. And in today’s environment the most admirable response when caught making a formerly fatal faux pas is to double down and, by no means, apologize.American-Autochromes-1 Notable among the remorseless on the right is Donald Trump who has insulted Latinos by calling them criminals and rapists; dishonored veterans by saying that POWs are not heroes; pretends to be pious while insisting that he doesn’t have to ask for forgiveness because he never does anything wrong; and displays blatant misogyny aimed at any woman who challenges him. In all of these, and many other, incidents he has refused to apologize or even acknowledge that his words or actions may have been inappropriate or hurtful.

American-Autochromes-25But Trump is not alone. Many of the Republican candidates are guilty of this. Mike Huckabee refused to apologize after a despicable and insensitive Holocaust reference that Obama’s deal with Iran “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.” Ben Carson never apologized for likening ObamaCare to slavery. Jeb Bush repeatedly used the pejorative term “anchor baby” without lament (which he got from Trump). In the last presidential race Mitt Romney actually published a book titled “No Apologies.”

American-Autochromes-28So it is rather disingenuous now for Republicans, and most of the media, to be obsessed with whether or not Hillary Clinton will apologize for having used a private email address. In just the past week she has been asked this question by NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and again by the Associated Press. She responded that she was sorry that the subject was so confusing and expressed regret that she hadn’t decided to use separate emails, but since she did nothing wrong or illegal there was no other reason to apologize. She told the AP that “What I did was allowed. It was allowed by the State Department. The State Department has confirmed that.” These responses were then relayed to the rest of the media that continued to play up the same angle.

American-Autochromes-58It’s interesting that every time a Republican refuses to apologize for their actions they are hailed as people of strong character who stand by their principles. The GOP voters drool all over themselves with ever-expanding esteem for their unyielding commitment. They are venerated for refusing to buckle under to pressure by those who would have them show remorse or even sympathy for those they malign. But when Clinton has the audacity to dismiss the need to apologize, and offers a rational explanation for her stance, she is assailed as arrogant, imperious, or out-of-touch.

American-Autochromes-59This is emblematic of the right’s hypocritical approach to pretty much everything political. Inexperienced candidates are considered a threat to the nation, unless they are inexperienced Republicans like Trump or Carson. Wealthy candidates, like Clinton, are elitists who can’t relate to the common citizen, unless they are wealthy Republicans like Trump or Bush. Religious candidates like Jimmy Carter are belittled and demeaned, unless they are religious Republicans like Huckabee or Cruz. And this goes on and on with other matters including education, military service, and business experience. American-Autochromes-26In every case Democrats are criticized for the same things for which Republicans are praised.

ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES: Europe’s Refugee and Migrant Crisis: What About The Women?

A Case for Depression Screening In Schools | Margaret Moodian

It’s After Labor Day, So Why Is It Still So Hot? | Alternet

That is all I have for you, sorry it is so late!


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  1. I started writing this post at 4:40 last night. But I went to bed, next thing I know it is 4pm…fixing the pictures now.

  2. roofingbird says:

    Hard to figure the male/female percentage on refugees. You would think, in a war zone, women especially with children, would have a harder time remaining behind.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    I loved the News Corpse article! I am getting so sick of media beating up on Hillary and either praising or ignoring the GOP candidates’ horrible performances.

  4. Fannie says:

    Had to save that photo of taken in New Orleans, with the Standard Coffee Company. It was some 40/50 years later that my Dad worked for that company, and my mom did his books. Let me see if I can find 1950’s station wagon they had, or maybe it was like a van of some sort.
    Don’t remember, but he worked around Magazine street. I used to be am/pm coffee drinker. Cut the pm out, cause I couldn’t sleep.

    Kind of a update with my goings on. The garden is slowly coming to an end. The weird thing is for the first time in my life, zucchini didn’t come on, but the cucumbers were producing like mad. Planted arugula, and enjoyed a few meals, but not my favorite. Planted Bok choy, like it, but not worth my time. Loved the komatsuna (Japanese greens). Will grow that veggie again.
    Chock full of vitamins, and iron. Be damn if my eggplants didn’t go crazy. I generally don’t like to freeze them, but did several dishes for fall. Got some excellent photos of my veggies this year, and purple and green peppers, turned out nice.

    Stuffed Eggplant:
    5 med eggplants
    l/2 lb. shrimp
    1/2 lb. crab
    4 bell peppers
    2 med onions
    minced garlic
    1/2 c. celery
    bread crumbs

    Cook eggplants till they are soft, cut I half, scoop out the pulp. Save the eggplant shells. Saute the bell peppers, onion, celery and garlic, add eggplant pulp. Add shrimp, cook another 5 minutes. Then fold in crabmeat and parsley. Cool, then stuff shells. Sprinkle seasoned bread crumbs on top with paprika or a little Louisiana hot sauce. Sprinkle olive oil on top, then bake it for 350 over, until golden brown. Enjoy. If you like eggplant, I’ll give you another baked recipe that is good, and not deep fried.

  5. Fannie says:

    Here’s my famous Cowpuncher Beef Stew that I am serving up today:

    1 1/2 lbs. beef stew
    3 tab. flour
    1 teas salt or 1/2
    2 tab. oil
    1 1/2 c. strong coffee (Standard!)
    2 tab molasses (Steen’s or Grandma’s)
    2 cloves minced garlic
    1 teas Worcestershire sauce
    1/2 teas dried oregano
    Dash cayenne
    2 cup water
    4 carrots sliced
    4 sm. onions quartered
    4 med. potatoes cut
    1/4 c. cold water
    3 tab. all purpose flour

    Coat the beef cubes in mix of 3 tab. flour and salt. Brown meat on all sides in hot oil. Stir in the coffee, molasses, garlic, Worcestershire, oregano, cayenne. Cover and simmer on low until meat is tender, about 1 1/2 hours. Add 2 c. water, carrots, onions, potatoes. Simmer, covered the pan, cook until tender, 30/40 minutes. Blend the 1/4 water into 3 tab. flour, add to stew mixture until thick, and bubbly. Serve in bowls, with cornbread or cathead biscuits.

  6. Fannie says:

    It was a great pleasure to meet Reba Perry Blakely. At the time she was in a nursing home when I visited. I had no ideal of her story, but it was one, I’ll never forget. She was just a little old lady, but full of spunk. She was born 1908 in Washington, and died 2002 in Modoc Co. Ca. She was inducted in the Cowgirls Hall of Fame in 1979. I mean this girl could fly like the wind on race horses. She did it all, trick roping, relay racing, and pony express. I had known several women my age who were great horse women, one recently passed this year, she was from Red Bluff, Ca. and did her trick roping all over the west. She was little too, about 4’11. She and I conversed about Reba, and their life experiences with horses, and families. Some of them did get parts in ads, in Hollywood, but they settled nearby by old stomping grounds in northeastern California. I’d like to share this with you all