Wednesday Reads: “You joking me?”

efeb9a274e8ff271454f06533bddd6dbGood Morning

It is frustrating enough to try and get an appointment with a therapist when you are suffering from debilitating depression, only to find out your insurance is not accepted.

Then you get a name of another Dr, sure she is in one of your accepted care providers…but damn if she didn’t have the balls to come out and say…nope I don’t want to see you. So another two weeks go by waiting to hear back from this coward Dr who has referred me to someone else…ugh. Now on to another name and another wait.

A month of this shit. Imagine if this was a dire situation….and I was like, suicidal. Fucking hell.

So, with that said, I don’t feel like much of anything right now…the links will pretty much speak for themselves.

Here you go:

IRIN Asia | Will UN report bring justice for Sri Lanka war victims? | Sri Lanka | Conflict

a9dd29c775b25c8d891d3dcb52760eddThavarasa Utharai says she isn’t exactly sure where Geneva is, but she is anxiously awaiting a report soon to be made public in the Swiss city that is expected to expose war crimes committed during Sri Lanka’s civil war.

After acceding to the Sri Lankan government’s request to delay the report by six months, the Geneva-based United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is scheduled to finally release the results of its investigation within the next two weeks.

Victims like Utharai hope the report will provide information about family members who disappeared during Sri Lanka’s decades-long war, which pitted government forces against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (or Tamil Tigers). Both sides committed abuses.

ed770d902c588b5a781026d8e7fcdbe5“Is this a joke?”: Reporters laugh in the face of conservative provocateur James O’Keefe at his own press conference –

Professional troll James O’Keefe has been teasing journalists for weeks about an undercover operation that could take down Hillary Clinton — I’ve received four “email blasts” from O’Keefe’s Project Veritas about these videos in the past 48 hours alone — so I was suprised to learn that the “trickle-down corruption” he’d come to expose amounted to a Project Veritas operative buying a few Hillary-themed t-shirts for a Canadian.

756c3a6824659abe29c04842e40068f0You read that right — O’Keefe’s own operative captured herself, on camera, illegally purchasing the shirts on behalf of a Canadian and this, O’Keefe claimed, demonstrates the criminal mendacity of the Clinton campaign.
Moreover, Compliance Manager Erin Tibe is actually shown on the video refusing to allow the Canadian woman — who O’Keefe insisted at the press conference that he didn’t know, and whose identity is still a mystery to him — to make the purchase. It’s the Project Veritas operative who says, “but she traveled all the way from Canada to support Hillary, you could give her, she’s paying cash.”

Tibe reiterates that she can’t accept money from the Canadian woman, but eventually Director of Marketing Molly Barker allows the Project Veritas operative to make the donation on the woman’s behalf. “Barker broke the law by allowing our journalist to become the middleman,” the video states, not acknowledging that the “journalist” also broke the law, a fact which O’Keefe acknowledged at today’s press conference, but blew off, saying “I’m not running for president.”

5de179122ff57e0726cbc4de3b158874As for that press conference, the Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi was in attendance, and needless to say, neither she nor any of the other reporters were impressed by O’Keefe’s “revelations”:

Twitter reactions at that link. Go and look at them.

The Story Behind Hillary Clinton’s Mysterious Gefilte Fish Email

A mysterious email popped up in the latest tranche of State Department documents released in relation to Hillary Clinton’s time at Foggy Bottom.

Titled “Gefilte fish,” the email was authored by the then-secretary of state and addressed to two top aides. It reads simply: “Where are we on this?”bf42985d5757b0100e922694f24a2b73

Of course there is way more to it than that….

In February 2010,U.S. officials were upset that Israel had put a 120 percent import duty on American-caught fish that were supposed to be sent to the Holy Land for Seder dinners.

Clinton pledged during a congressional hearing to tackle the problem, admitting (the obvious) that it sounded “like one of those issues that should rise to the highest levels of our government.”

d59a654a556f3870d625361d46dc687fThe email, written in March, shows she actually did follow up — and, apparently, effectively. Later that month, Rep. Don Manzullo (R-Ill.), whose district had already shipped two containers of carp to Israel, told a local Chicago paper that a deal had been reached with respect to the tariff on those containers. As for seven additional containers, the paper reported that they “would likely need to go through Canadian middlemen as our neighbors to the north have a free trade agreement with the Holy Land.”

It really is disgusting, the amount of shit they give Hillary.

The rest of today’s links are here without commentary, just not up to it.

5c301da3221c604857b8fb2ee7e7b24dObama nearing deal with Congress over Iran – Al Jazeera English

President Obama has almost enough support from senators to block Republican attempts to derail nuclear deal.

Low Levels of Exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup May Cause Kidney and Liver Damage | Alternet

Real-life ‘Jurassic Park’? Siberian lab set to clone extinct mammals — RT News

Russian scientists have begun their quest to clone pre-historic animals, including but not limited to a woolly mammoth, hoping that Siberian permafrost will give them a competitive advantage and the good possibly of finding undamaged DNA samples to resurrect the ancient species.

Japanese suggest new Tokyo Olympics logo as official emblem scrapped – BBC Newsd15447955738bf38a8eb8207b907b1aa

Texas man walks free after alleged rape leaves 2-year-old girl in pool of blood

U.S. court to weigh release of last ‘Angola 3’ inmate in Louisiana | Reuters

Q&A: Dating When You’re Fat? | Feministe

Can you imagine a society where 75 per cent of folks are gay, yet society is still as homophobic as the Duggar clan? That’s pretty much what fat people deal with every day…

8d3cfd7a7304b55504a2a4728fd2bc35Sony Altered ‘Concussion’ Film to Prevent N.F.L. Protests, Emails Show – The New York Times

When Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to make a movie focusing on the death and dementia professional football players have endured from repeated hits to the head — and the N.F.L.’s efforts toward a cover-up — it signed Will Smith to star as one of the first scientists to disclose the problem. It named the film bluntly, “Concussion.”

In the end even Sony, which unlike most other major studios in Hollywood has no significant business ties to the N.F.L., found itself softening some points it might have made against the multibillion-dollar sports enterprise that controls the nation’s most-watched game.

b888b97227f9b4ea89e920f7eccf0d1aIn dozens of studio emails unearthed by hackers, Sony executives; the director, Peter Landesman; and representatives of Mr. Smith discussed how to avoid antagonizing the N.F.L. by altering the script and marketing the film more as a whistle-blower story, rather than a condemnation of football or the league.

Auschwitz ‘Shower’ Outrage is the Latest in Politically Correct Madness – The Daily Banter

When I heard that the management at the Auschwitz Memorial installed sprinklers outside the notorious Nazi concentration camp so that visitors could handle the searing heat wave that hit Poland this summer, I laughed. I laughed f7d06d79241d60ad9f8e22ccdce8a959because it reminded me of my parents – two Cohens in an Austrian camp, not eating much and doing regular steam rooms. In Poland, visitors would be taking voluntary showers in a camp where Jews were killed in showers. Again, as long as you don’t genuinely believe Jews should really be gassed in concentration camps, you can laugh at the rather twisted irony of it all.

It was undoubtedly unfortunate that there wasn’t another way to keep guests cool, but to any rational person, this is a cheap, effective way of relieving visitor’s discomfort in extreme heat. There isn’t gas coming out of the showers, there is cool water. The management at the Auschwitz Memorial are not attempting to mock Jews who died in the Holocaust. Again, they are trying to keep people cool.


When you have multiple refugee crises around the world, war in the Middle East, mass poverty, wealth inequality, environmental destruction and rapid global warming, mist spray at Auschwitz should be the last thing to get outraged about.

83dc9715a0c3639629bc3a52621d4efdThe Holocaust saw 6 million people die. The showers installed at the Auschwitz memorial are keeping people cool in sweltering heat.

Let’s have a bit of perspective please.

10,000 Icelanders ready to welcome Syrians after government offers to house only 50 refugees

Militarism Run Amok: Russians and Americans Get Their Kids Ready for War | Lawrence Wittner

Help for dying RAF cadet delayed by 30 minutes, inquest hears | UK news | The Guardian

8e47e470e5b630c386bea377f22f1833Addicting Info – Huge Gerrymandering Fail Leaves College Student As Sole Voter In Missouri District

Businesses in Columbia, Missouri attempted to use their political pull to throw taxes at consumers instead of themselves, but a massive failure in their gerrymandering effort left them with one major roadblock: a 23-year-old college student who, on February 28, became the only registered voter in the district.

Object of Intrigue: 19th-Century Greenlandic Seal Fur G-String | Atlas Obscura

Photo: National Museum of Denmark/Roberto Fortuna

The National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen has a formidablecollection of animal-skin garments once worn by the indigenous people of Greenland, North America, North Scandinavia, and Siberia.

Among the usual furry boots, mittens, capes, and leggings made for these perilously cold climates is a garment worthy of particularly close inspection: Item Ld.132.4, a 19th-century beaded seal-fur g-string.

655da7c4fd911bdf17619c00278e4296Angry Feminist Angry Angry Feminist Isn’t Angry Feminist Enough – Wonkette

Okay, we are going to say DISCLAIMER ALERT and TRIGGER WARNING, because we are about to write about how a thing written by a person who has ALWAYS been personally very nice to us is Wrong About A Thing.* We trust that she and we are both grown-up enough to have an intellectual discussion without it degenerating into FISTICUFFS. So, without further ado:


Dear Amanda Marcotte U R WRONG,

You wrote the other day about how Taylor Swift, PBUH, was doing a concert in Los Angeles and, as she’s been doing every show of this tour, she brought out one of her funtime pals to sing a song with her. This time it was Alanis Morissette! Now most of the Olds who brought their kids to the show were probably sexcited to see her, but some of the Kids These Days did that thing where they reveal how they don’t know anything about anything that 412e2313f1f92f5ed3301fdf5e014e6dhappened before the introduction of Snapchat, because they are dumb:

Yes, I totally agree with the Wonkette on this one…go and read the rest of this thread at the link and see if you agree with us too.

50 Famous Misquotations (and What Was Really Said) | Mental Floss

Don’t believe everything you read online (or see posted in a cheesy mockup on Instagram, for that matter). Below are 50 examples of popular sayings that are actually misquotes or misattributions. Study up, because regardless of what that girl who went to your high school posted on Facebook, Marilyn Monroe probably didn’t say it.

e33710147469b19e329f014531a10f73 (1)Be sure you read the fifty, but this one is interesting:


Gandhi never said this. What he actually said, according to The New York Times: “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”

This is an open thread.

17 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: “You joking me?””

  1. janicen says:

    JJ, I really hope you are able to get the help and treatment you need. The insurance quagmire is frustrating under the best of circumstances and doubly so when a person is in need of care. I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

    Now I’ll go back to reading the rest of this info-packed post.

    • gregoryp says:

      Since her husband works for the same company that I do I am betting she has the same insurance as well. It hasn’t been very good for me at all. I have zero respect for that company or that insurance.

  2. Sweet Sue says:

    Great post, JJ.
    I, too, am sorry that you’re having to deal with all that crap while you’re feeling so sad.
    Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath?
    I’ve just qualified-this month-for Medicare and guess what I’ve found out?
    It’s really shitty insurance and it’s not cheap, especially with the add-ons like (really shitty) dental insurance.
    Hang in there.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    JJ, I hope you find a therapist you can work with. Hang in there and trust your intuition. Remember, no matter how depressed you feel, you are a beautiful, talented, creative, strong woman! That’s how I see you and I’m sure plenty of other people do too. You can get through this dark tunnel and come out the other side even stronger.

    I believe in you JJ.

    • NW Luna says:

      Everything that BB said!

      I hate insurance companies.

      For a while I referred a few patients to a certain good therapist. Then I found out that she refused to accept Medicaid patients. I quit sending any referrals to her.

      A lot of social workers are trained in mental health counseling and are quite good. Perhaps that’s an option if there’s a clinic you go to which has a social worker.

  4. bostonboomer says:


    I agree with you and Wonkette about “You Outta Know.” Amanda Marcotte is surprisingly off-base on that one.

    • janicen says:

      I agree. I cringe when women question the motivations and behaviors of those who came before us. I know my own actions and decision I have made could be criticized by some younger women today but I understand that I made those calls within the context of the culture at the time and my own journey shaking off the scales of patriarchy. My mother made choices that would be considered totally selling out by young people of today but she was navigating a completely different world.

      I see no reason for Marcotte to be so hard on Alanis Morissette. A lot of things were different back in the nineties, especially in the music scene.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought Wonkette was saying that Alanis’ song was an expression of rage after a breakup, not stalking-type behavior, as Marcotte implied. I don’t think that is dated at all. And besides, the 1990s weren’t that long ago.

        I know when my husband left me for another woman, but was enraged and had all kinds of fantasies of doing something violent like take a sledgehammer to his car. I knew I’d never act on the thoughts–I just needed to feel that rage for awhile before I could move on.

        • bostonboomer says:

          From Wonkette:

          It’s about that thing when you get dumped by somebody you REALLY love (or think you love), and you’re going through all the emotions, even the nasty ones, the vindictive ones, where you’re like “But if I burned their house down, then they couldn’t bother me anymore!” (Not that we would know that feeling, NOPE!) It’s a song about being completely emotionally raw and angry. And that, we’d argue, is part of why the song propelled Morissette from general nothing-hood into winning ALL THE GRAMMYS the next year….

          Amanda! Not every song sung by a lady has to sound like an Audre Lorde book with a backbeat! Maybe the song was perceived as a feminist anthem because it was so rare to hear a woman loudly singing about emotions that up to then didn’t have much of a place in mainstream musical culture, at least not coming from women. Maybe many women STILL perceive it that way. And men too! Hell, we are Teh Gay, and we have DEFINITELY had occasion in our gay life to drive down the road with that shit blaring, yelling at the moon about what a fucking douchebag that guy is, and really, you’re dating HIM now? OH OKAY! He’s ugly, we hope you know that KTHXBYE.

          It’s not about “refusing to take no for an answer.” There is no “rape culture” moment going on here. It’s about denial and anger, two of the very often overlapping stages of grief.

          That’s pretty much what I took from the song in the 1990s. I think women liked Alanis because she was so angry and passionate. I still like her.

        • janicen says:

          I was looking at it from the perspective of Morissette being judged for the lines, “Would she go down on you in a theater?” and “Would she have your baby?” as being not feminist enough but I get your point.

          • bostonboomer says:

            I understand. I wasn’t disagreeing with you. I just think that–beyond that–Marcotte was completely wrong in her interpretation of the song. Alanis is clearly a feminist, and that song was seen as such at the time it came out.

          • Completely with you BB….Thank you for articulating what I wanted to say…but could not bring myself to write. Not jumping on you jan but BB made my point. Wish I could have actually written something yesterday….but oh well.

  5. jane says:

    sometimes you can get an antidepressant prescribed by your regular doctor. I am leery of psycho types because when I saw one he was only interested in sex with me. (NOt kidding).This was before sexual harassment was known and he had power over me. Pretended I was too stupid to get it. Got outta there!

  6. janicen says:

    I hate to be all “I toldja so…” but I did… Mittens is starting to make his move.