Wednesday Reads: Clowns, Rainbows and Pandas

1ccca3098165d541a0f317a49e6fa02aGood Morning

What a fabulous week it has been for those of us with GLBT family and friends. It does feel good to know that my 7926e78cc651b090851ec2da26316142uncle…my friends here on the blog, my good friends from high school…my daughter’s best buddies, my son’s friends too…can legally gain the rights, respect and dignity that they deserve…as human beings.

This is the point of all these rainbows innit? And here we are days after the ruling, and still people are posting hateful shit on social media. They don’t get it.

I want to share something with you, written by one of my daughter’s very good friends…Her name is Jemha, it was written last week but it still does make a huge point:



Smart cookie isn’t she.


And what about all the fuss doing with flags, black ones with dildos…confederate ones? This is another point that bothers me, as I look around at social media (Facebook) because this is where my “friends” are mostly found hanging out.

13d9e92cb0f60a7ffc5deb268f88d52dAgain, I am amazed at how many people don’t “get it” but I will use Jemha again as an example…she is half-black, half-Haitian. When my daughter is enjoying a Blizzard in a Blue Ridge Dairy Queen with Jemha, and they actually feel so intimidated…they are all afraid, because of the racist assholes glares and scowls and threatening looks…with the confederate flag on display everywhere. This is Hate. And it is directed at both girls.

That is a reality, that is what so many don’t understand, and it is so frustrating for me that many of my friends who are very intelligent…don’t get it. Yes, freedom of speech is one thing. But there is a line that is crossed when freedom of speech becomes: hate motivated intimidation, terroristic threats, hate crimes, etc.

The actions and statements made by assclown right-wing religious racist bigots of late hurt my family and friends. And I do not like to see my people treated unfairly, unkindly or disrespected.

Am I going to stand up for my friends and family? You bet your fucking ass I will…

be7c9dc5f379c77a754ef804c2dfcc46I am so sick of folks using religion as an excuse to discriminate and spread their hate and racist agenda against people of color (Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, whatever.) And….when they plead religious freedom as an excuse to manipulate and control women and deny us reproductive healthcare, or scream religious liberty against GLBTs to avoid following the law of the land….this is not what the Constitution is all about.

They preach their righteousness and pass judgement when hypocrisy is the cornerstone of everything they stand for….This does not sit well with me. Whatever the religious folks want to do in their own private lives within their own house is their business….but do not come and force their version of religion liberty upon everyone else, by taking away the liberty of those they hate and despise.

Anyway, that isn’t anything new for you all to read. Boston Boomer said the same thing last week. Now, here are your links for today.

3d7eac43e8de493cb1314cbc88b8ce3eA Southern Black Church fire raged overnight, this makes 8 in the last 10 days. 

Another Black Church Burns in the South, the Eighth in 10 Days | TIME

Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church, a prominent African-American church in Greeleyville, S.C., caught fire late Tuesday. It is the eighth black church in the southern U.S.A. to burn in 10 days.


Mount Zion was burned to the ground by the KKK in 1995, part of a string of 30 fires in black churches that spanned two years.

An investigation into the fire’s cause will begin after it is safely extinguished, chief of the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division Mark Keel told the Post and Courier. He noted that that the thunderstorm that pounded the town of 375 Tuesday evening could have ignited the church. Meteorologist Pete Mohlin of the National Weather Service told the paper there was a lot of lightning in the area around 7 p.m. but he could not say if it had caused the fire.

Parishioners across the south are surveying the damage a string of similar fires has caused this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports, starting in Knoxville, Tenn. on June 21 and moving to Macon, Ga and Gibson County, Tenn on June 23; Charlotte, N.C. on June 24; Elyria, Ohio on June 25; and Tallahassee, Fla. and Warrenville, S.C on June 26.

413d202e8248e164760965ca1ddb8178Three of those fires have been ruled arson, one was determined to be caused by a falling branch and faulty wiring, and the others remain under investigation. Several have been blamed preliminarily on lightning; weather in the south this week has been turbulent.


FBI Investigates Southern Church Fires 

The Rev. Nelson Rivers said Tuesday night that he worked closely with ATF while they investigated a string of arsons at black churches in the 1990s.

“My prayer is that we’re not having a repeat,” Rivers told ABC News 4. “But we’re not going to take chances and we are plotting where the churches have burned so far, reaching out to the pastors and the congregations, and also talking to the authorities in those areas to see what they think.”

A federal law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said a Friday fire at a church in Aiken County does not appear to have been intentionally set. The official had direct knowledge of the investigations but spoke on condition of anonymity Monday because the official was not authorized to discuss them publicly.

Tfdbba6534f4afe1dab9c84c7fa784bcfhe official said another fire Wednesday at a Charlotte, North Carolina, church appeared to be set by vandals, and investigators have found no graffiti or other evidence that it was racially motivated.

In Georgia, FBI Special Agent in Charge Britt Johnson said Monday that authorities are also looking into whether a June 23 fire could be a hate crime, which is common practice for fires at houses of worship.

“Opening a preliminary inquiry doesn’t suggest that a hate crime has occurred, but rather ensures that it is getting additional scrutiny for hate crime potential,” Johnson said in a statement.

6feee645c8b7de2354c807def2c12eb7Another fire was reported at the College Hill Seventh Day Adventist church in Knoxville,Tennessee, a predominantly black congregation. Knoxville Police spokesman Darrell DeBusk had said previously that the fire was not being investigated as a hate crime. Authorities have said bales of hay outside the church were set on fire, and a church van was damaged in the blaze.

Federal investigators are tracking the Knoxville blaze and several others in an arson database to determine whether there are any trends or similarities, but none of the fires appear to be related, said Michael Knight, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Tennessee.

In Elyria, Ohio, arson has been ruled out in the burning of the College Heights Baptist Church, fire Chief Richard Benton told The Chronicle Telegram newspaper.

98b6042b0a1d32264e7f569aefbcc382Okay, when “vandals” are burning down black churches in the South, after the murders of 9 black people, inside a Southern black church…when the confederate flag is under threat of being banned…to say that there is no evidence of racial motivation. Or…that lightning is the cause of eight black churches burning down?  Come on…seriously.

More links on this story:

Mt. Zion AME church burns in South Carolina

Rash of fires at African-American churches continues: Blaze at South Carolina church

Feds notified of fire at African-American church in South..

BREAKING: African American Church In South Carolina, Previously Burned Down By The KKK, Is On Fire | ThinkProgress

Just a few more links on white supremacist.

a319b13562f8901d35401ee1500d5745White supremacists want a race war. They must not fight America’s wars | Matt Kennard | Comment is free | The Guardian

After the horrific massacre at Charleston’s historic black church, Americans are slowly realizing the threat posed by white supremacist and neo-Nazimovements. But few know that their presence has grown within one of the most powerful institutions in America: the US military.

According to the FBI, there are hundreds of white supremacists in the US army or in the veteran community. Some analysts even estimate the number is in the thousands. In America, 203 white supremacist “extremist cases” investigated by the Bureau from 2001 to 2008 involved veterans. The problem hasn’t gone away. Neo-Nazi veteran Wade Michael Page attacked six worshippers at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, in 2012.

f5abd9516a7b695d8be8d05a35bf5dcdI spent a number of years investigating how neo-Nazis and white supremacists had infiltrated the US military, with very little push back from the Pentagon, which was desperate to keep the supply of troops flowing for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

As part of my research, I spoke to veterans who had become white supremacists before service and joined to gain access to weapons and training, as well as veterans who had been radicalized after returning from the war.

Charles Wilson, spokesman for the National Socialist Movement, one of the top neo-Nazi groups in America, was frank about his attempts to populate the US armed forces with extremists: 76779a38c3c8eb34fc32c9ce0520e9b0“We do encourage [our members] to sign up for the military. We can use the training to secure the resistance to our government. Every one of them takes a pact of secrecy … Our military doesn’t agree with our political beliefs, they are not supposed to be in the military, but they’re there, in ever greater numbers.” He claimed to have 190 members serving.

Read the rest at the link, it is fucking scary.

And then think about how many former military are in the police force…

Map: The United States of Confederate-flag shopping – The Washington Post

This map by Jody Sieradzki of Dadaviz shows which flag people in different states searched more on Google Shopping between January 2008 and June 2015: the U.S. flag or the Confederate flag. The states in black — most of them — shopped more for the American flag. The states in red — Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois and Texas — searched more often for the Confederate flag.

Hmmmmm, notice that one state there in the middle, near the one of the Great Lakes?


Yes? Yeah….and what would be in Illinois that would make confederate flags so fucking popular?

Illinois Nazis.

This next link is a couple of days old, but: KKK plans SC Statehouse rally, says Dylann Roof ‘was heading in the right direction’

3f1566f9577e3cbf8b2eea495ca792b1North Carolina-based Ku Klux Klan group announced plans to hold a rally in front of the South Carolina Statehouse on July 18, the Charleston Post and Courierreported on Monday.

State officials confirmed that the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which calls itself the “largest Klan in America,” filed a permit saying they expected between 100 and 200 people to attend the event on the north side of the building, where the Confederate battle flag is currently being flown. If the permit is approved, the event would be held between 3 and 5 p.m. on July 18.

The South Carolina Budget and Control Board approved the application Monday, and spokesman Brian Gaines explained that space to demonstrate was provided at the site when not already reserved.

“This is our state, and they are not welcome,” Gov. Nikki Haley said in a statement. Haley called for the flag to be removed from outside the building in the wake of the terrorist attack committed by 21-year-old Dylann Roof earlier this month. Lawmakers will discuss removing the flag on July 6.

ecca12bb9a91947f629be051a3b5e172While Roof faces nine counts of murder in connection with the attack, the group’s leader, Robert Jones, expressed support for him.

“He was heading in the right direction; wrong target,” Jones told the Post and Courier.“He should have actually aimed at the African-American gang-bangers, the ones who are selling the drugs to white youth, the ones who are robbing and raping every chance they get.”

You can see more about how the history books are mistreating the KKK and Confederacy at the link…if you like.

9d3fdba07590d2443cebf0328ca45633About this rally in South Carolina: South Carolina approves KKK’s pro-Confederate flag rally at capitol | New York Post

But according to the newspaper, the South Carolina Budget and Control Board approved an application filed by the “Loyal White Knights” chapter of the Ku Klux Klan for a July 18 rally in favor of the flag.

Budget and Control Board spokesman Brian Gaines told the newspaper that space to demonstrate was provided at the site when not already reserved.


And this…which has nothing to do with white supremacist. It does deal with Jeezus freaks, but how one preacher is reacting in a positive way: Read what this Christian pastor promises to do if his children are gay | Gay Star News

It is a long open letter, just go and take a look. It is no way a blanket acceptance of all religious actions, but it is a good response, one that illustrates how the mass christian right should act.

The rest of the links in dump format:

Boy had been on park swing two days when he was found dead, officials say – The Washington Post

That is a sad situation, and it looks like it will only get worse as the story develops.

Woman gives birth, fights off bees, starts wildfire in Northern California – LA Times

A woman fought off bees, started a fire and survived on apples — all after giving birth in a lonely stretch of Northern California forest, she told a Bay Area TV station.

The woman, Amber Pangborn, 35, of Oroville, made a hasty decision to take an unfamiliar shortcut while driving to her parents’ house after going into labor Thursday.

Instead, she got lost.

“I thought we were going to die,” she told KCRA-TV. “And there was no cell service, there was no … there was nothing.”

But Pangborn’s baby wouldn’t wait and she had no choice but to give birth alone. She named her daughter Marisa.

I think it is ironic that the woman’s name is Pangborn…which is the Norse/Celtic term for labor pains…in childbirth.

This will probably be big news today: Greece, Missing I.M.F. Payment, Is Called Effectively in Default – The New York Times

Along with this: The U.S. roars into World Cup final with fierce win over Germany | For The Win

And if you want proof of PLUBs Pro-Life-Until-Birth…especially for those GOP ultra conservatives in the South:

Addicting Info – One Simple Infographic Shows How Bloodthirsty The ‘Pro-Life’ South Really Is

state by state executions death penalty texas



This next story is amazing news, and at the same time…puts things in perspective:

c72a7501098a3990a6ba02e4cb9c7ea9Cuba Is The First Country To Eliminate Mother-Baby HIV And Syphilis Transmission


The World Health Organization on Tuesday declared Cuba the first country in the world to eliminate the transmission of HIV and syphilis from mother to child.

The WHO said in a statement that an international delegation that it and the Pan American Health Organization sent to Cuba in March determined the country met the criteria for the designation. In 2013, only two children in Cuba were born with HIV and five with syphilis, the statement said.

“Cuba’s success demonstrates that universal access and universal health coverage are feasible and indeed are the key to success, even against challenges as daunting as HIV,” PAHO Director Carissa Etienne said in the statement.

Also, U.S. and Cuba agree to open embassies and restore diplomatic relations – LA Times

In other news: U.S. now home to more Spanish speakers than Spain: study – NY Daily News

Shit that should scare the hell out of the GOP.

Last few links for you:

58331bd183f2c64adacc94b5957f8f15An interesting read: The Moment I Knew I Had To Break Up With My Best Friend especially with all the back and forth and disagreements on Facebook…over gay marriage rights.

And last Sunday I posted a link to a story about Misty Copeland, the first African American lead in Swan Lake in ABT history…well, check it out:

Misty Copeland Promotion Part of A New Era at American Ballet Theatre – WSJ

Misty Copeland made history Tuesday, becoming the first African-American woman to reach the top rank of principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre.

Her promotion, announced by Ballet Theatre Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie, marks a significant milestone for diversity in ballet.

“So many young dancers of color stop dancing at an early age because they don’t think there will be a path for them,” Ms. Copeland said at a news conference following the announcement. “I hope this will change that.”

She had said this was a dream for her…to become a principal dancer.

Misty Copeland leaps past racial barrier in U.S. ballet | Reuters

Copeland, the author of a best-selling memoir, “Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina” and the subject of a documentary film, “A Ballerina’s Tale,” has been a supporter of diversity in ballet. She had also been open about her goal to be lead dancer with American Ballet Theatre (ABT).

“My dream has been ABT since I was 13,” she said fighting back tears. “I’m excited to continue to grow as an artist and hopefully see more brown dancers come into the company in my lifetime.”

Copeland has already been credited for being an inspiration for younger dancers and for bringing in more diverse audiences to ballet. In her best-selling memoir, she recounted how weird it was for minorities just to buy tickets to the ballet.

Copeland has also appeared on the cover of Time magazine. Earlier this year she took on the lead role in the American Ballet Theatre production of “Swan Lake.”

“It’s been a long journey but it is just the beginning,” she added.

Misty Copeland Is Promoted to Principal Dancer at American Ballet Theater – The New York Times

Misty Copeland was fast becoming the most famous ballerina in the United States — making the cover of Time magazine, being profiled by “60 Minutes,” growing into a social media sensation and dancing ballet’s biggest roles on some of its grandest stages. But another role eluded her: She was still not a principal dancer.

Until Tuesday, when Ms. Copeland became the first African-American woman to be named a principal in the 75-year history of American Ballet Theater.


“I had moments of doubting myself, and wanting to quit, because I didn’t know that there would be a future for an African-American woman to make it to this level,” Ms. Copeland said at a news conference at the Metropolitan Opera House on Tuesday afternoon. “At the same time, it made me so hungry to push through, to carry the next generation. So it’s not me up here — and I’m constantly saying that — it’s everyone that came before me that got me to this position.”

da2111baf115692d55262ffae5ec9cb7Fittingly, the moment of her promotion was captured on video andshared on Instagram. “Misty, take a bow,” Kevin McKenzie, Ballet Theater’s artistic director, could be seen saying, before colleagues congratulated Ms. Copeland, who seemed to be fighting back tears. Her promotion was lauded on social media by, among others, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Prince, who had featured her in a video.

Over the past year, whenever Ms. Copeland, 32, danced leading roles with Ballet Theater, her performances became events, drawing large, diverse, enthusiastic crowds to cheer her on at the Metropolitan Opera House, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. After she starred in “Swan Lake” with Ballet Theater last week — becoming the first African-American to do so with the company at the Met — the crowd of autograph-seekers was so large that it had to be moved away from the cramped area outside the stage door.

Read more at the links, there are videos too…she is an amazing artist…and now Principal Dancer of ABT! I think it is about damn time!

Have a great Wednesday, and share your thoughts with us. What are you finding interesting today?

61 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: Clowns, Rainbows and Pandas”

  1. bostonboomer says:


    Another AME church burned last night.

    Why racists burn black churches

    • You gotta be fucking kidding me. What is this? Report: Fire at black church in S.C. was not arson, feds say – The Washington Post

      Although arson is blamed for at least three fires over the past two weeks at several predominantly black churches in Southern states, a blaze that destroyed Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal church in South Carolina was not deliberately set, according to a federal source, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

      Churchgoers had feared the worst because the church in Greeleyville, S.C., was burned to the ground by the KKK in 1995. The latest fire broke out Tuesday during a night of frequent storms and lightning strikes.

      Preliminary indications are that the fire was not intentionally set and was not arson, the source said, according to the AP. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case publicly. The fire is still under investigation, the official said.

      Damn, have there been bad storms in the south before this week? Are Black Churches suddenly a lightning rod of the south? Bullshit. Something ain’t right here.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Your daughter has good taste in friends, JJ. Nice post.

    • Oh geez…this:

      ” “The fossil record shows the human larynx completing a transformation around 11,000 years ago, which coincides with the time period when Homo sapiens appear to have begun speculating about their fellow clan members’ sexual preferences in fevered whispers,” said Dr. Raif Gonzales, who added that evidence from archaeological sites in the Indus valley suggests that, around this time, ancient humans developed the ability to gather in small groups to privately discuss their friends and neighbors, sneak glances over their shoulders, and drop their voices to a hushed, barely audible level when intoning the word “gay.” ”

      Read the whole thing but I laughed so much.

  3. ANonOMouse says:

    Good post this morning JJ. I am very concerned about these church burnings. Like you, I’m a bit skeptical about the lightning story, but I hope in those cases where weather is suspected that it turns out to be the right explanation.

    And your daughter’s friend is so mature. I know you’re proud that your daughter has chosen her friends so well.

    As for the homophobia, it’s ramped up a bit right now. It reminds me of the first few years after the Brown V. Board of ED. decision. A lot of white southerners became so terrified by the notion of sharing public space, particularly schools with Blacks, that hundreds of schools that have “Christian” in their name popped up to serve whites only. Public pools closed down and private “white only” pools opened up. It was one of the most disgraceful periods in this countries history.

    • janicen says:

      Prince Edward County, just a couple counties away from me, shut down their public schools for 5 years after the Brown v. Board decision. No public education for anyone. The white kids went to private school and the black kids had nothing. It took another Supreme Court decision, Griffin v. Prince Edward to force the schools to reopen. In the meantime, black kids were being educated in secret by volunteer teachers.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        And the thing that made that behavior even more disgraceful, is that the people committing those acts of discrimination felt absolutely no public shame in their behavior. If we could live 50 more years we’d see a society that would view what’s happening to the LGBT today with absolute horror. Unfortunately most of us are not likely to be here. I definitely will not. Maybe JJ will make it that long.

      • Beata says:

        Amazing story, Janice. Public schools shut down for 5 long years? That’s criminal.

        I went to a public school in northern Indiana the first year it was integrated. Racist white parents fought like hell to prevent black students from being bussed in but they lost. However, as students, black and white, we all got along just fine from Day One. I don’t remember a single incident of racist fighting or language.

        • Yes I have never heard of that. Wow.

        • janicen says:

          The Moton Museum now stands in what was a school where black students were taught. It commemorates the courageous people who fought to get the kids educated and the schools to reopen.

        • Beata says:

          I remember my mother was terrified that some racist parent(s) would attack my newly integrated school. They didn’t. A couple of years before, the KKK had fire bombed a row of black-owned businesses a few blocks from another school I was attending at the time. Thank god, no one was killed. It was so scary, I will never forget it. Nor will I forget the armed KKK rallying around the local courthouse ( also not far from my school ) and the National Guard helicopters circling overhead.

    • TY mouse…I am concerned that the church investigations are coming up so quickly as “the result of lightning.” WTF is that?

  4. janicen says:

    Haters just have to hate. How could anyone be threatened by your daughter and Jemha being out together at a Dairy Queen? But they are. I remember once back in the early 1980’s giving a ride to a friend of mine when a pickup truck of men buzzed really close to my car in a parking lot and were shouting some things. I couldn’t hear what they were saying and I asked my friend if he knew what they were shouting about. He said, “Janice, you’re a white woman driving a black man around and you don’t know what they’re shouting about?” Stupid me, I had no idea. WTF is wrong with people?

    • It was bad enough that Jemha moved from sitting across from Bebe to sitting next to her. (There were in a booth.) It is like you said, you had no idea…neither did Bebe until that day.

      • NW Luna says:

        Jemha is a brilliant and true-hearted young woman. Speaks well of you that your daughter has friends like Jemha!

  5. ANonOMouse says:

    ‘No gays allowed’ at Tennessee hardware store, they’re against the owner’s religion’

  6. ANonOMouse says:

    ‘Tenn. GOP wants to protect clergy from officiating same-sex weddings in case 1st Amendment changes’

  7. Beata says:

    Excellent post, JJ.

    I’m sorry so many people are dealing with these Facebook problems. There are obviously a lot of fucked-up sickos out there looking for a place to spew their hate. Which leads to my question: why be on Facebook? I’m serious. I’ve never been on Facebook or any other social media site and I don’t understand them. Do the benefits of being on such sites outnumber the costs? It seems like people argue and get upset and no one’s mind is changed. The haters still hate, maybe even more so as they work themselves into a rabid foaming lather online. And the people who are trying to make the world a better, more loving place get harassed and hurt. My only experience with this type of online crap was on blogs during the 2008 campaign, trying to discuss issues with Obama supporters, and to a lesser extent, during the 2012 campaign dealing with GOP rat-fuckers. I quickly realized this was a game I could not win and was in fact not worth playing. Haters are still going hate. I need to keep my blood pressure down and my sanity somewhat intact so I avoid shitheads like the plague. To me, part of that means staying off Facebook and other social media sites.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      I agree with you about Facebook. It can be a nasty place. I got on it for about 24 hours and that was enough for me.

      And the ratfuckers, well you know they’re just sharpening their nails and their fangs and are preparing to attack as soon as it’s totally apparent that Hillary will be the nominee. So be ready, you can’t quit on me. We’ll just have to talk to each other to keep our blood pressure down, beside, I’m getting old and I need you to help me fight. 🙂

    • I think what gets me most about the Facebook shit, is that these are people I actually know. Unlike twitter trolls, these folks on FB (at least my FB) are friends I have had for years. I’ve know their leanings, so it comes as no surprise…but the extent at which some of them will go is shocking.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        My cousin used FB back a few years ago to come out of the closet about her support for the LGBT community and she got eviscerated, by people she’d known her entire life. Needless to say she has reduced her circle of facebook friends substantially.

    • NW Luna says:

      I don’t do Facebook because I don’t want to provide any more fodder for data mining. And the “friending” part strikes me as too close to the cliques of teenaged school kids. I do like the interchange that’s possible on online forums, and blogs — like SkyDancing!

      Beata, yes, you said a lot of what I feel. Frankly there is so much hate in the world already, and we need to take care of our own health and stay strong.

    • RalphB says:

      MY son and his wife said they used responses from the SC decision to cleanse themselves of friends they didn’t care to hear from anymore. Both of them took it as a happy chore to get rid of assholes they knew. When they told me, I had to laugh. Apparently I had already insulted the assholes of my acquaintance to the point they cleansed themselves of me. 🙂

    • janicen says:

      There are a lot of good things about Facebook. Not the least of which is being able to connect people with similar interests and concerns. I’m in a couple different FB groups about ankle surgeries and I’ve learned loads of info that no doctor has told me. I’ve learned which surgeons in which cities are the most experienced doing different types of surgeries which has really helped me narrow down how I’m going to go about getting this damned thing fixed. If it can be fixed.

      Sure, there are idiots everywhere, but it’s easy enough to block them and then you never have to see or hear from them again.

  8. ANonOMouse says:

    And this is what our children face. But this 6 year old girl stood her ground. LOVE WINS!!

  9. NW Luna says:

    Last week [Prof. Stephanie Coontz’s] signature work “Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage” served as a surprising backbone for Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Supreme Court majority ruling legalizing gay marriage. He cited Coontz twice directly. But beyond that, his entire opinion adopts themes about the changing nature of marriage that Coontz has explored through multiple books and 40 years of seminars at the Olympia alternative school.

    It means a Reagan Republican appointee, in one of the biggest civil-rights rulings of our time, ended up channeling a “Greener,” as they call themselves at Evergreen.

    How weird is that?

    “It was definitely exciting, and unexpected,” Coontz says. “I’m just thrilled to see a case where you can say: ‘Hey, history matters!’ ”

    I think this is very cool. Evergreen is where I got my undergraduate degree. I remember Prof. Cootz was often in the news when some bigots got frightened about her “radical” attitude (equal rights for women, wives should not be chattel of husbands, etc.).

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Thanks for sharing that. I read about her work after the decision and wished I had known about her work earlier. I think I have some serious reading to do.

    • Beata says:

      Luna, thanks for telling us more about Prof. Coontz. I’m putting her writing on my “to read” list.

      Knowing that you went to Evergreen explains a lot about you. Good things!

      • NW Luna says:


        Evergreen still gets slammed by some around here, but when I talk with them their only knowledge of Evergreen is from people who left before graduating (I think because they couldn’t handle the amount of self-directed study required). You can work as hard as you want there, and great emphasis is placed on analytical thinking, asking the right questions, and studying how all the portions of a system work together, inter-relate, and influence each other. And of course Evergreen was way ahead of the game on interdisciplinary studies. I worked harder at Evergreen than I did in most of my graduate courses, excepting only some of my doctoral program.

    • babama says:

      Thanks for this. I’m a Greener too, class of ’75. My concentration was in Women’s Studies.
      Go Geoducks!

      When we were married in San Francisco in 2004 during Gavin Newsom’s “Winter of Love”, I was interviewed outside City Hall by a Swedish reporter, I told her I thought marriage equality was a feminist issue. Part of the evolution of marriage away from chattel thinking and patriarchal subordination and towards equality and partnership. That it would help to advance a redefinition of marriage based on love, not ownership, and that this would be a good thing for women (and men), children, families, and society as a whole. I still feel that way.

      Being at the Pride Parade here Sunday with over a million other people, what a celebration! I’m still recovering. I never thought I’d see so many straight allies marching in a Pride Parade! Apple had over 8000 people in their contingent. I was born in a town of less than 4000. Some people don’t like the “corporatization” of Pride. I get it. But, life happens at work as well as home. I never thought I’d see a huge contingent of Walmart workers marching. We stopped for Chinese take out on the way home and the people working there all said they wanted to be there, they had to work. Judging by the multitudes of celebrating women, men, and children I believe Pride is on the way to becoming a national holiday, with the hoopla that entails. Judging by the happiness I saw, I’d say lesbians and gays are not the only ones who were liberated by the decision, we all got a little more free.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        Glad you had a good pride weekend. I hope you observation about Pride becoming a national holiday is true. And I totally agree that it wasn’t just L/G’s who were liberated by the SCOTUS decision last Friday.

      • NW Luna says:

        Well, small world! Hello there! I’m class of ’77. Your Pride celebration sounds fabulous. Reading your description, I suddenly got a vision of some time in the future when Pride celebrations will stand for acceptance and solidarity — all of us standing together with civil rights for all.

  10. RalphB says:

    This should be near the end of the Sander’s supporters claiming that HRC is nothing but a corporatist supported by big banks. This is a new record for fundraising.

    The first fundraising numbers of the 2016 campaign are out and Hillary raised more than $45 million in the last quarter, with 91% of donations coming from supporters who gave $100 or less.

    • janicen says:

      I’m one of the 91%.

      I turned around one Sanders supporter on FB who had a problem with the amount of money she will be raising. I just said, “What should she do? Roll over and play dead while the Koch brothers are throwing 1.5B into the clown car not to mention the money the rest of the billionaires will toss in?” I told him I didn’t want to see a return to the 1970’s when the Democratic party was a joke and raising money on telethons. He and another Sanders supporter had to agree that criticizing her for raising money was unfair.

      It astonishes me that you have to explain shit like that to people.

      • NW Luna says:

        Oh yeah. Remember back in ’08 when Obama went back on his promise to use public funding, which has limits on it, if his opponent did? There went a good chance to reform campaign financing.

  11. List of X says:

    I think it’s great that KKK is marching in SC to defend the confederate flag. Just the picture we need to show why this is the flag of prejudice rather than heritage.

    • NW Luna says:

      That is a good point. Call the KKK out for how hateful they are.

      • List of X says:

        I don’t think we need to specifically call out the KKK. in the opinion of most American, they are probably as despised as Germany’s Nazi party, ISIS, or Comcast. But tying them to the confederate flag helps demonstrate that this flag is just about heritage.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      I agree X, I’m glad to see the KKK come out from behind their keyboard and show themselves in the light of day. They’re a lot more influential in the South than people acknowledge and the more they’re seen affiliated with and defending the Confederate Flag the more people will realize what that Flag actually means.