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Just a side note, most of the links today are items I had saved for Sunday. But with the earthquake in Nepal, and then the quick Goodfellas post, I just decided to share them with you today.

Now, on Monday….we had to go to our local Banjoville courthouse to visit the tax office and take care of the car tags. Well, what do you think happened? The damn place was closed.


Why was it closed?

Because we live in the fucking South were they don’t forget and they hold grudges forever. The kind of grudges that get laws passed so that they make it illegal NOT to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day.

Yup, it is against the law to work on Confederate Memorial Day.


Check this out:

6aca4a9a974332a933740383566c75f7Did Confederate Memorial Day close government offices in your state today?

In Cullman County, Alabama, a local government vote stirred up 150 years of angst when Revenue Commissioner Barry Willingham wanted to keep the local courthouse open on Confederate Memorial Day.

For years, on the fourth Monday in April people showed up to the courthouse to buy car tags and fishing licenses, unaware that it was closed for the state holiday, which is officially observed in Alabama, Willingham explained. Businesses, schools and even offices in neighboring counties stay open, Willingham said, so people complained about the local government not doing the same. He understood their frustration.6dbc49700360cad13e24516eff49e985

“It’s not a prominent holiday,” said Willingham, who was born and raised in Cullman County, about 50 miles north of Birmingham. “I don’t think Microsoft adds Confederate Memorial Day to my Outlook.”

Usually, the holiday passes largely unnoticed, even by the local press.

But that didn’t happenthis year. County officials voted to stay open on Confederate Memorial Day and instead close Cullman County’s government doors on Good Friday, a day when there’s less demand for county services. After that vote, people told Willingham and his colleagues that they “ought to be ashamed of dishonoring our Confederate veterans,” he explained.

19b6769e1ada53fbc3880822c9c3e984“It’s still going to be a holiday, ain’t no way we can change that fact,” he said. “We’re just not closing the courthouse.”

Alabama closes its government offices today in observance of Confederate Memorial Day, along with Mississippi and Georgia. On May 10, South Carolina government offices will close in observance of the state holiday.

Of the 11 Southern states that made up the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, few agreed on what date was best for remembrance once the war officially ended in 1865. Shortly after the war was declared over, a group of women in Columbus, Georgia, gathered for the first Confederate Memorial Day to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers and rededicate themselves to the memory of those men and the war they fought.4f05602a51012912dd93fc9df4afddc6

I mean, how many generations have to pass before the regular memorial day will do? You know the one that covers all the wars?

Today, dates of state observance are scattered from April to June and are loosely associated with the Confederacy’s surrender to Sherman on April 26, the death of Stonewall Jackson on May 10 or the birthday of Confederate President Jefferson Davis on June 3. This year, Texas celebrated Confederate Heroes Day on Jan. 19. That also happened to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In Mississippi, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann issued a proclamation to tell state employees and officers they had the day off, in accordance with a 1972 state statute.

cfad9d6ee0e1e3fc1440ced9f325e7d8“I believe observance of Confederate Memorial Day is set by statute,” said Nicole Webb, spokeswoman for Gov. Phil Bryant, referring to the 1972 measure. “Elected lawmakers at that time would have voted on the issue. I know other states also observe it.”

This year, Georgia’s government officials have prioritized Confederate Memorial Day as a state holiday, along with Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. However, there seems to be more reluctance to talk about why the Capitol and state agencies close in observance of the holiday 150 years after the end of the Civil War.

0894d4a52f2eb56654ec455d63ff375dWhen the NewsHour asked Brian Robinson, the communications director for Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, via e-mail for comment about why it was important for Georgians to remember Confederate Memorial Day, Robinson simply wrote “no thanks.”

Can you believe this shit? Confederate Memorial day has the same fucking priority as Christmas and Thanksgiving?

I have no words, other than the flowery ones that have been spewed above.

In connection to this:1de77f229700dd8a578fb8f45ef5706c

John Wilkes Booth Loomis Has a Nice Ring to It – Lawyers, Guns & Money

Naming your kids after John Wilkes Booth. Now that takes some hate.

Dozens of Lincoln’s enemies honoured his assassin in the same manner as the Devrees family. A quick search via the Federal census records on the Ancestry website reveals roughly a hundred American families who appear to have named children after Booth in the post-war years. Unsurprisingly, about 90% heralded from the southern states, but a small handful, like the Illinoisans, were northerners – probably ‘Copperhead’ opponents of the 54061f4ea5b194a80da6af8d1e8462dfUnion cause seeking solace in small acts of defiance. Most of the northern Booths came from counties close to slaveholding areas – places where sympathies for the Confederate cause ran deep – and I haven’t found a single instance of a postwar New Englander (citizens of the old antislavery heartland) sharing a name with Lincoln’s killer. Notably, in borderlands like Missouri – where neighbour clashed with neighbour and the Federal government fought to contain dissent – the practice was particularly common. Some of the records leave little to the imagination when it comes to the parents’ political loyalties (John Wilkes Booth Sharp, born in Georgia, circa 1871), but others (Washington Booth Stamton, born in Baltimore, circa 1871) hint at an attempt to induct Booth into a pantheon of American heroes. The true heir to the father of the republic, the latter implied, was the actor-assassin, and not the martyred president.

0b8421a95c2ab20442844cf151ccb3a2These families, in preserving the memory of Lincoln’s killer, were writing a history of the Civil War in which liberty was the victim rather than the victor. As late as the 1890s the odd new-born in the South was given Booth’s name, though the practice seems to have become less common after the restoration of white supremacy in the 1870s. This may be a result of changing enumeration practices, but it might owe something also to the late nineteenth-century “reconciliationist” remembering of the Civil War as a noble struggle between two valiant adversaries, and not as an ideological conflict over slavery, race, and citizenship. The first professional historians writing around the turn of the century cast Lincoln as a magnanimous commander-in-chief whose slaying served as an excuse for the imposition of a supposedly Carthaginian peace on the Confederacy. 718d6f849970fa35e8349bfa3bdf90bbBooth here was no longer the defender of liberty but a man whose rash crime ushered in the phantom horrors of Reconstruction. It might have been unwise to use his name.

Addicting Info – He Shot Two Citizens In 10 Days, And Police Gave This Killer Cop His Own Billboard (IMAGE/VIDEO)

On Baltimore:

Baltimore police commissioner: ‘The city is stable’

But the baseball games are being played in an empty stadium…A Brief History of Pro Sports Played in Empty Stadiums | Mental Floss

On Monday and Tuesday, the Orioles canceled their scheduled games at Camden Yards against the White Sox due to safety concerns related to the protests in Baltimore. But making up games over the course of the long and crowded MLB season schedule is difficult, and so, yesterday, the team announced an unusual solution—one that has never been used in the history of the game. Wednesday’s game at Camden Yards will still be played, but no fans will be permitted to attend. That’s right, the teams will play today in front of an empty stadium—intentionally.



According to a tweet from MLB’s Official Historian John Thorn, this is the first time such a solution has been used to accommodate extenuating circumstances. But thanks to the wacky promotional tactics employed in the Minor Leagues, it’s not the first zero attendance game.

Overwhelmed by protesters in Baltimore, Maryland governor says it will not happen again – video | US news | The Guardian

edca685e5c2a237538dee580c9d148aeBaltimore vs. Ferguson: This Is What Happens When Police Show Restraint – The Daily Banter

Jon Stewart slams Wolf Blitzer’s ‘shock’ over Baltimore: ‘Ferguson was just a few months ago’

Hours after being called out by a Ferguson activist, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was the butt of the joke on the Daily Show on Tuesday night, as Jon Stewart hammered him for acting shocked about the unrest in Baltimore.

“Elvis leading a herd of orthodox Jewish unicorns through a city street — that would be hard to believe,” Stewart said. “This sh*t happens all the time. Ferguson was just a few months ago, and you were talking about it.”

212475ef8cb32c7e36728811baab84a6To prove his point, Stewart showed footage of Blitzer acting just as apoplectic over the protests in Ferguson last November.

“I am worried about you,” Stewart said. “Do I need to get [Adam] Sandler to go over to your house and just run sh*t by you every morning?”

Overall, Stewart said, reporters have failed to pick up on the recurring nature of urban protests in the US, with Baltimore and Ferguson taking their place among manifestations of turmoil like Watts, Los Angeles, and Miami, among others.

“These cyclical eruptions appear like tragedy cicadas,” he said. “Depressing in their similarity, predictability, and intractability.”

Which brings me to this image someone posted on Facebook:


Tacky yes, but it sure as hell makes a point.

a710050a29d2b36e8de09d162fa4a510Updates on the earthquake:

Kathmandu daily exodus may reach 300,000 as residents flee chaos | World news | The Guardian

Nepal earthquake: Relief starts reaching remote villages – BBC News

The post-earthquake tragedy in Nepal keeps getting worse – Business Insider

Death Toll From Nepal Earthquake Crosses 5,000 as Rescue Teams Begin to Arrive at Remote Villages | TIME

Nepal earthquake: death toll could reach 10,000, says PM | World news | The Guardian


All the talk of earthquakes, this article from a couple of weeks ago seemed to be foretelling, even if it was discussing our country. Half the US Faces Earthquake Risk

This hazard map by the U.S. Geological Survey reveals earthquake ground motions for various probability levels across the United States.
This hazard map by the U.S. Geological Survey reveals earthquake ground motions for various probability levels across the United States.
Credit: USGS

PASADENA, Calif. — Earthquakes threaten roughly half the U.S. population, a new study finds.

103dfd95571fc56531829c96d8e68875More than 143 million Americans live in earthquake-prone regions in the Lower 48 states, according to research presented here Wednesday (April 22) at the annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America. If you include Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, that number rises to about 150 million U.S. citizens, said lead researcher Kishor Jaiswal, a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) contractor.

In a previous estimate prepared in 1991, officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said 75 million people in 35 states were at risk of earthquakes.

Now, more people are living in quake-prone areas than a quarter-century ago, Jaiswal said. The USGS has also learned more about earthquake hazards. The nation’s most recent national seismic hazard maps are much more detailed than the 1996 version, Jaiswal said. [Image Gallery: This Millennium’s Destructive Earthquakes]

a0a021930ff1ee47ee5ce47d049fde99You can read more about the risk and see a larger map at the link.

Some information on the horrible situation in the Mediterranean:

No military solution to boat migrant crisis: U.N. chief to paper | Reuters

Captain used gun, stick to keep African migrants in line, authorities say – LA Times

A look at same sex marriage vs. women’s reproductive rights: Why the U.S. Is Going Forward on SSM and Backwards On Reproductive Rights – Lawyers, Guns & Money

Many great points from Pollitt here. Two points are particularly worthy of emphasis. First, the extent to which SSM meshes better with traditionalist conceptions of the family:

8c647155383cafb9c48e1bbc9be82958Marriage equality is about love, romance, commitment, settling down, starting a family. People love love! But marriage equality is also about tying love to family values, expanding a conservative institution that has already lost most of its coercive social power and become optional for millions. (Marriage equality thus follows Pollitt’s law: Outsiders get access when something becomes less valued, which is why women can be art historians and African-Americans win poetry prizes.) Far from posing a threat to marriage, as religious opponents claim, permitting gays to marry gives the institution a much-needed update, even as it presents LGBT people as no threat to the status quo: Instead of promiscuous child molesters and lonely gym teachers, gays and lesbians are your neighbors who buy Pottery Barn furniture and like to barbecue.

c9c5293a2fe2a0024c1a75d9ecdbf0d7Reproductive rights, by contrast, is about sex—sexual freedom, the opposite of marriage—in all its messy, feckless glory. It replaces the image of women as chaste, self-sacrificing mothers dependent on men with that of women as independent, sexual, and maybe not so self-sacrificing. It doesn’t matter that contraception is indispensable to modern life, that abortion antedates the sexual revolution by thousands of years, that plenty of women who have abortions are married, or that most (60 percent) who have abortions are already mothers. Birth control and abortion allow women—and, to a lesser extent, men—to have sex without punishment, a.k.a. responsibility. And our puritanical culture replies: You should pay for that pleasure, you slut.

29bbd4a08f8c3684e1fd28dfef30caaaLemieux quotes other points at the link, so go and take a look.

More on Women’s abortion rights: I am pro-abortion, not just pro-choice: 10 reasons why we must support the procedure and the choice –

On the 2016 Election front:

Carlson: Leave The Modern Tribalism Of The Left And You’re Stoned To Death | Crooks and Liars

When a black female decides to “support the candidate who supports the Constitution,” it’s pretty obvious where she’s getting her ideas, especially when that candidate supports the right to discriminate against her. The camaradarie of other young Rand Paul supporters who like the idea of the Libertarian “hero,” must be pretty awesome.

ce28708ce834738babcc270906580e8aI don’t understand it….

Somehow, 19 year old Zuri Davis, has been brainwashed to believe that her constitutional rights are being “taken away.” Fox and Friends has to show their diversity, and Zuri, as an African-American Rand Paul supporter, fills that niche. This girl, who doesn’t want to be put in a box, said,

“It’s sad that we’re still getting caught up on subjectivity.”

The subjective nature of a candidate with a well-known history of White Supremacy is of no concern to Davis. She wants to defend the Constitution, while ignoring those trivial matters of equality for both women and minorities.

Encouraging her to agree with his insane rhetoric, Carlson throws out this zinger:

6fde3e51c3a4e4c13a51d226594110ba“Well, the modern tribalism of the Left demands that each person choose a group and then agree with everything that group agrees with. Then, anyone who leaves that group, is STONED to death. (Do) You reject that?”

Gee, Tucker, does she reject the notion of punishing someone to death by biblical savagery? Since when has the Democratic Party employed such tactics? Zuri says that she just wants diversity of thought. You know, that G.O.P. diversity? It’s the collective idea of denying that there’s ever been an issue of White Supremacy. Apparently, she also wants someone who’s not afraid to deny science and who has no problem shushing a woman who is getting out of line. Should a woman be raped, probably because she was asking for it, she should be have no rights if she wants an abortion. Mr. Small Government wants to control all the uteri, Zuri Davis’ body included.

18a5d66df542b3e41a27ddd962f4b13aMore at the link.


Did you see Hillary’s speech this past week? Addicting Info – Hillary’s Fiery Speech: Religious Beliefs Must Change For Social Justice (VIDEO)

And I guess there was some squawk about The most troubling thing about Russian hackers reading Obama’s unclassified emails – Business Insider

And while at BI: What it’s like to live on food stamps – Business Insider  I will give you a hint, Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t know how to do it….big surprise there.

This next link is interesting, an essay on putting an innocent man in jail. Alabama man convicted of wife kill with bogus evidence – NY Daily News

8c3cfbaa0b995d6a3b58af1e1c01e5d7The film Goodfellas is not the only thing celebrating its 25th anniversary this year: NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope celebrates 25th anniversary | Uncover California

Someone asked me what my thoughts were on the Atlanta teaching scandal. I have to say I think it was a shitty thing, and wrong on so many levels, but I also feel that Jon Stewart hit it just right. You can see his segment here:

Jon Stewart takes on Atlanta’s teaching scandal | Political Insider blog

Video clip direct link here:

Let’s end this with pictures of rainbows, but no Elvis or Jewish unicorns: Manhattan rainbow | Today’s Image | EarthSky

…and how about a video of a Monkey dropkicks young man after the guy flashes the finger – NY Daily News

8ccfe33ba4a96df641fac979f8ac7065Looks like he picked the wrong monkey to mess with.

Newly posted security camera footage, purportedly from the monkey-laden city of Shimla in Northern India, shows a primate teaching a young man a lesson: Animals don’t like being flicked off, either.

A couple of guys walk past the monkey in a market area of the capital city of the Himachal Pradesh state and the former British Raj summer capital in the video.

1bb68f3bd19c63041804ca1eac92d0d1But, rather than passing by the animal like other pedestrians in the video, one of them motions at the monkey, causing it to jump up on a crate for a better view.

The simian bears its teeth at the young man, who, undeterred, appears to raise his middle finger at the animal. That’s when the monkey leaps toward the human and lays him out with a swift push and two-legged primate kick to the torso — an attack the video shows once in real time and again in slow motion for good measure.

Now that is one smart ass monkey!

What are you all reading about today?


Here are more images of relief posters…

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  1. Oh btw Georgia has as a state holiday Robert e. Lee birthday on MLK Day. But the notation says it is observed on November 27th. They are sly mutthafukkerz.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Move up to Massachusetts- we just had Patriots Day April 20th- town and state governments closed- but I kinda like it….maybe it’s a response to Confederate Memorial Day, I dunno.
      I liked the artistic posters for relief efforts, must be cuz I’m a nurse.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Patriot’s Day marks the anniversary of the shot heard ’round the world–the beginning of the American Revolution. I long predates any Memorial Day celebrations.

    • Kaaren, I lived up in New England, what I miss is the tolerance I felt when I lived in lower Manhattan, in Hanover Square or when I lived in West Tampa. But Banjoville is really getting to me. The racist shit is thick here…like the biscuit gravy that smothers the fucking greasy chicken served in every “fine” eating joint around this redneck town.

  2. ANonOMouse says:

    “I mean, how many generations have to pass before the regular memorial day will do? You know the one that covers all the wars?”

    Maybe 100 generations because the Confederate war was the war that mattered and will always matter, to them!!!!! TN State Government doesn’t observe that particular holiday , but the Confederacy is still revered and the battlefields and monuments to Confederate Officers are everywhere. We even have a monument to the Confederacy as you enter Nashville from South I-65 with a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest, on horseback, staring down at you. It’s privately owned but it’s presence and prominence is an embarrassment.

    Thanks JJ for the great post I look forward to delving into the links.

  3. Fannie says:

    Hillary Clinton just gave a speech in NY about our criminal justice system, and Baltimore. Tears in my eyes, it was so damn simple “respect for and by the law”…………Respect, mercy, that word goes far and wide. She is going to revamp the Criminal Justice System from bottom to top. She is a born problem solver. It was a wonderful speech, and I’ve got to also say that she always takes the higher ground with respect. She mentioned several people who have been reaching out to the black community, and one name was Rand Paul, respectfully. Have you ever heard Rand Paul be respectful of Hillary? Every chance he gets he smears her womanhood, marriage, politics, education, family, opinions, and experiences.

    JJ, this is another great post, so much so, that it intertwines with Hillary’s speech.

  4. Fannie says:

    Here’s Rand Paul’s response to Baltimore: Baltimore violence is about a lack of fathers and morals in that city:

    • NW Luna says:

      The ones with “lack of morals” are the police.

      • Fannie says:

        Sure. He doesn’t get it.

      • RalphB says:

        Maybe his son can use that as an excuse for all his arrests?

      • ANonOMouse says:

        That was the biggest non-answer yet from Paul. Did he say he was “on a train in Baltimore” and that he was “glad the train didn’t stop”? He’ll never hear the Song “Hail to the Chief” when he enters a room, that big coward.

        And the “lack of morals” as I see it comes from the people with the power, influence and the means to make the world better for those at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder, but
        refuse to do it. There are millions of decent hard working people in this country who live everyday of their lives on the edge of a cliff with no hope, no support systems and no way out. That’s why many large cities are sitting on a powder keg knowing full well that all it will take to bring that hopelessness to a violent boil is misconduct by the people sworn to protect and serve them. These pockets of poverty, that constitute entire neighborhoods in most major cities, are really just a way that society has of putting the poor and disenfranchised out of sight, out of mind. It needs to end. These folks need hope, decent paying jobs, access to good and services, childcare, good schools, healthcare, reliable transportation and all the other things that constitute a decent quality of life. Until our Government, Local, State and Federal decide to stop giving tax breaks to Corporations and the Wealthy and replace it with a tax system that redistributes the accumulated wealth held by the top 1-5%, nothing will change.

      • Fannie says:

        He needs to look in the mirror, and see his broken down family, with a son who drives while drunk, and without insurance. A son who assaulted a flight attendant, and got away with it. God, I can’t believe the shit this man says.

  5. Fannie says:

    Here is Hillary’s speech on ending the era of mass incarceration:

  6. NW Luna says:

    Hillary Clinton called for a radical overhaul of the US criminal justice system in a speech Wednesday morning, declaring a culture of racial injustice and admitting: “We have to come to terms with some hard truths about race and justice in America.”

    In a stirring speech at a policy forum in New York, Clinton called on police to ensure that “every department … has body cameras to record interactions between police officers and suspects.” She added a call for the de-militarization of police forces, and the elimination of “weapons of war on our streets.”

    “From Ferguson to Staten Island to Baltimore, the patterns have become unmistakable and undeniable,” Clinton said. “Walter Scott shot in the back in Charleston, South Carolina … Tamir Rice, shot in a park in Cleveland, Ohio … Eric Garner, choked to death after being stopped for selling cigarettes.”

    In what represented the first major policy address of her 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton said the death of Freddie Gray earlier this month after he suffered a nearly-severed spine in police custody, and the ensuing street clashes in Baltimore, “does tear at our soul.”

    • bostonboomer says:


      Like it’s Hillary’s fault or something?

      • RalphB says:

        They are the only paper to report that “Bill Clinton’s crime bill”: was authored by then Sen Joe Biden. Everyone else seems to be blaming “the Clintons” for the whole mess. Apparently the dudebro contingent, like Jonathan Allen, don’t believe that a woman could be an individual, etc.

  7. bostonboomer says:

    David Dinkins introduces Hillary at around 57:00

  8. NW Luna says:

    From the Pollitt article:

    Improvements in birth control mean that prosperous, educated women with private doctors can control their fertility pretty well—certainly better than women who rely on public clinics—and if they need an abortion, they can get one. It’s low-income women who suffer the most from abortion restrictions—and since when have their issues been at the top of the middle and upper classes’ to-do list?

    That is no longer true, at least in my state and many others.

    One, there has been a huge increase in the number of Catholic hospital systems taking over smaller hospitals — even community hospitals. The means that abortions (and tubal ligations, vasectomies, and in some cases reversible contraceptives) are no longer being offered by these formerly independent medical providers. Or these services are available only in some other, usually less convenient, location. I can think of 3 such mergers in the last approx 5 years in the greater Seattle area alone, and this is an urban area. It’s much worse in rural areas.

    Two, I think abortion rights have always been prominent on the platform for liberal middle and upper-class women, along with the awareness that poor women are most at risk from lack of access.

    Three, regardless of your access to contraception, there is no 100% perfect method.

    Otherwise I think Pollitt has summed up well why GLBT rights are moving ahead faster than reproductive-health rights for women.

  9. bostonboomer says:

    A well known activist, Joseph Kent was grabbed by National Guard troops in Baltimore on live TV. Now no one knows what happened to him. He hasn’t been released and his name wasn’t on court dockets this morning.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Raw Story:

      Hundreds languish behind bars without charges or a shower as Baltimore struggles with mass arrests

      Maryland state law requires that people who have been arrested receive a court appearance within 24 hours. But though police arrested hundreds of protestors in Baltimore on Monday, 235 of them had not been formally charged by early Wednesday, leaving them in legal limbo and still behind bars.

      Katie D’Adamo, a lawyer with the Office of the Public Defender in Baltimore, tells BuzzFeed that — as of Wednesday morning — adults arrested in this week’s demonstrations “are being held in tiny cells” in Baltimore’s Central Booking and Intake Facility and “have not been able to shower.” The 34 juveniles swept up by police, meanwhile, “are being held in a separate facility across the street.”

  10. bostonboomer says:

    Wow! Baltimore city councilman tells CNN’s Erin Burnett she might as well call the kids in Baltimore the “n” word. CNN didn’t bleep it out either.

    Black Baltimore Councilman Blasts White CNN Host: ‘Just Call Them Ni**ers’ (VIDEO)

    • Fannie says:

      Last night I told my husband, Bill, time to sit down and watch what happens with this curfew. At first the helicopter told everybody to leave, and that included news people. There were about 150 people facing off the police. Then they announced that the news people could stay. People were throwing bottles, etc. at police, but they (police) slowly gained ground, after some smoke throwing, and pepper balls. It went smooth enough.

      You know, and I know that there is something wrong with the powers to be: Governor’s office, Mayor’s office, and Chief Police. I damn well heard the Mayor herself use the term thugs, and the news media was doing the same thing. I do believe the term is a replacement for the n word. Carl Stokes said it best, and what’s her name, Carol Costello used the term too. I’m damn sure Wolf did.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        The thing that I try to keep in mind is that teenager are likely to follow the crowd, especially in dramatic circumstances. My guess is that most of the teenagers that took part in these acts of vandalism, bottle and rock throwing have likely never been in trouble. When I raised my children (4) I always told my friends that I would never be one of those parents who said “my child wouldn’t do that” because everyone of us are capable of things we know are wrong, especially in our teens and early 20’s. There were probably some genuine “thugs” there, and professional agitators, but the majority of those kids were just crowd following.

  11. RalphB says:

    This may kick Martin O’Malleys presidential ambitions in the crotch. This is a good long read on how Baltimore came to be what it is today.

    Marshall Project: David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish

    The drug war began it, certainly, but the stake through the heart of police procedure in Baltimore was Martin O’Malley. He destroyed police work in some real respects. Whatever was left of it when he took over the police department, if there were two bricks together that were the suggestion of an edifice that you could have called meaningful police work, he found a way to pull them apart.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Interesting. And O’Malley is attacking Hillary? Fortunately, he’s not going to get the nomination.

      • RalphB says:

        Falsifying all the criminal reporting statistics etc should come back to haunt him like the plague. Him attacking anyone would seem to be a bad joke.