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The last day of the year! Oh hell yeah…I thought this day would never come…

Again, computer issues cause me to make this is link dump of a post, but bear with me, because I hope to get this laptop situation resolved in a few days.

Baby pictures for this morning’s thread will be found here:

Pinterest-Vintage Children

The links are in no particular order or sequence so take them as they are.

Remains May Be Irish Children Who Died in Wreck of Coffin Ship – Archaeology Magazine

Human bones eroded and recovered from a beach on Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula have been described as three European children suffering from malnutrition. Parks Canada archaeologists think the children may have died in the 1847 wreck of the Carricks, a ship carrying immigrants fleeing the famine in Ireland. An estimated 100 bodies washed ashore after the ship sank in a violent storm and were buried in a mass grave thought to be located in the area where the bones were found.

Belize’s Blue Hole Yields Evidence of Drought in Maya World – Archaeology Magazine

New evidence from Belize’s Great Blue Hole strengthens the case that drought contributed to the collapse of Maya civilization. f3cb2e1597d9d4ebedebbe5ce8663ff9Earth scientist André Droxler of Rice University and his team drilled cores from the sediments of the Great Blue Hole, located near the center of Lighthouse Reef. “It’s like a big bucket. It’s a sediment trap,” Droxler told Live Science. The team also collected samples from Romboid Reef and analyzed their chemical composition, especially the ratio of titanium to aluminum. When rain is plentiful, titanium from volcanic rocks in the region is swept into streams and carried to the ocean. Low levels of titanium to aluminum suggest a period with less rainfall. Droxler’s team found that between A.D. 800 and 1000, when Maya ebd758f8379a064a9216329805dc43f1civilization collapsed, there were only one or two tropical cyclones every two decades, rather than the usual five or six big storms. According to the new results, another major drought struck between 1000 and 1100, about the time of the fall of Chichen Itza.

Treasure hunters say they found ‘Holy Grail’ of Great Lakes shipwrecks in Michigan

Two treasure hunters are going public with their claim that they found the ruins of a legendary 335-year-old shipwreck in Lake Michigan, WZZM-TV reported.

33a332a5a950d87cd7d105ab8e1e4a86“We were literally in the water for a couple of hours when we got a hit on the sonar,” Kevin Dykstra said of his discovery of Le Griffon, a French vessel built by explorer René-Robert Cavelier, also known as Robert de La Salle.

Dykstra said that he and his partner, Frederick Monroe, came upon the wreckage during a 2011 expedition, but waited three years to consult with experts before identifying the ship as Le Griffon.

Cavelier built the ship as part of his efforts to discover the Northwest Passage. Le Griffon, named after the mythical half-lion, half-eagle, vanished in 1679 while traveling to Niagara, New York from Wisconsin. Dykstra said he and Monroe photographed cannons found in the wreckage in Lake Michigan, as well as a carved structure of a griffin.

Woodcut of La Salle's 'Le Griffon,' 1697 [Wikipedia Commons]

“If you take the picture of the carving of the griffon and overlay it on what these gentlemen have, it’s very compelling,” 57341f3526bbfb5ddaca9933d0d6760bWreck Diving Magazine publisher Joe Porter told WXMI-TV. “It’s the Holy Grail of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.”

Dykstra said they stumbled upon the wreckage while searching the lake for $2 million in gold bullion dating back to the late 19th century. That project is still ongoing.

“We found the mystery ship, the Griffin,” Monroe said. “Now we’re going to find the gold.”

ee7b633e38a344a89e30f79c86373297Harvard Law School found in violation of Title IX by Department of Education – CBS News

Harvard Law School repeatedly violated Title IX in its response to sexual harassment, including sexual assault, federal officials said Tuesday.

As a result the school has “entered into a resolution agreement” with the Department of Education, officials announced in a press release Monday, following an investigation by their Office for Civil Rights.

The DOE said there were two cases in particular that were evidence of a necessary change, including one involving a sexual assault complaint 5d5e0b09cc1ae6449a6b1b3465e86013where “the Law School took over a year to make its final determination and the complainant was not allowed to participate in this extended appeal process, which ultimately resulted in the reversal of the initial decision to dismiss the accused student and dismissal of the complainant’s complaint.”

Tuesday’s announcement and agreement are separate from the investigation into Harvard College, which is facing similar complaints about its sexual harassment and assault policies.

Where Does Ebola Come From? – Scientific American

06e5fef5a7fd390d98c329c173d37d80The hollow Cola tree growing in a remote area of southeastern Guinea was once home to thousands of bats routinely hunted and killed by the neighborhood children. It was also a popular spot to play. A year ago, one child in particular lived within fifty meters of the tree: a two-year-old boy who died in December 2013 and later was identified as the first person in west Africa known to have developed Ebola. The tree was one of the few that loomed over his home village of Meliandou, a hamlet of 31 houses. The question that now haunts researchers: were the tree’s occupants behind how that small boy contracted the virus in the first place?

Perhaps you will find the answer at the link?

Groups of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men keep delaying flights by refusing to sit next to women – World – News – The Independent

46b29df5672e935f98e8558c226fa262A flight from New York to Tel Aviv was delayed by half an hour last week after a group of male ultra-Orthodox Jewish passengers refused to sit next to women, the third such incident in recent months.

The cabin crew on the Delta flight out of John F. Kennedy Airport tried to find seats for the men, but were met with refusal by other passengers, some of whom who took a dim view of the reasoning behind the request.

The incident took place on Delta flight 468 on 20 December, the Israeli publication The Times of Israel reports. An American passenger ultimately switched seats with the men.

fc14b70b466ee948f0c5568f970d1ba8This is the third widely reported incident in the last few months in which ultra-Orthodox Jewish men have delayed a flight by asking to be segregated from women.

How a weirdo city became just like everywhere else | Grist

I lived in Asheville, N.C., in the early 2000s, about the same time Rolling Stone named it the “New Freak Capital of the U.S.” There were a lot of freaks back then, with train-hoppers and burnouts sleeping in Pritchard Park and the highest population of dreadlocked didgeridoo players east of San Francisco. There were also tourists, especially in fall when hoards of leaf peepers arrived, but most of the year you were more likely to see panhandling gutter punks than pomeranians in handbags. Not anymore. 99089ea5c1a9de94bea1a4136ead11a8Even though Asheville’s reputation as weird persists, it’s not really where Dead Heads go to die these days; it’s where yuppies go to eat.

Asheville’s reputation as a foodie destination has grown immensely over the past decade, and with it, the cost of living, with average rent rising 22 percent from 2004 to 2012 while wages stagnated. Artists and hippies might have ushered in the next wave of gentrification, but the golden age ended when the condos went up.

074808ad5319824771fa8a7e2d4eabf71 in 3 People With Type 1 Diabetes Still Produce Insulin, Study Says – US News

Although it’s widely accepted that people with type 1 diabetes produce no insulin, a new study suggests otherwise: Roughly one-third produce the hormone long after they are diagnosed.

75aab0c316549c00735041e844bcff69Residual insulin production can last for more than four decades, researchers reported recently in the journal Diabetes Care. Their findings could help avoid the misdiagnosis of type 1 diabetes as the more common type 2 diabetes and improve treatments for blood sugar control, they suggested.

“Other studies have shown that some type 1 diabetes patients who have lived with the disease for many years continue to secrete insulin, and the assumption has been that these patients are exceptional,”23292debedabf3a324a3cce3236ddbb1 said study senior author Dr. Carla Greenbaum, director of T1D Exchange Biobank Operations Center, a repository of type 1 diabetes biological samples, in Seattle.

“For the first time, we can definitively say that these patients are a true subset of the type 1 diabetes population, which has major clinical and health policy implications,” she said in a journal news release.

Worldwide, about 35 million people have type 1 diabetes, the researchers said. The autoimmune disease causes the destruction of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, which means patients must take insulin injections or use an insulin pump.

How economic insecurity impacts diabetes control among patients — ScienceDaily

b844839cd2bc11a1ce89fbe26866bfadDifficulty paying for food and medications appears to be associated with poor diabetes control among patients in a study that examined the impact of economic insecurity on managing the disease and the use of health care resources, according to a report published online by JAMA Internal Medicine.

Increased access to health insurance offered by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may not improve diabetes control among low-income patients because of social determinants of health, which are outside the scope of medical practice, such as difficulty paying for food, medications, housing or utilities (material need insecurities), according to the study background.

275e6acc5b6626450e64ab0ed90e2b53Seth A. Berkowitz, M.D., M.P.H., of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, and coauthors sought to determine the association between material need insecurities and diabetes control and the use of health care resources. Their study of 411 patients included data from June 2012 through October 2013 collected at a primary care clinic, two community health centers and a specialty treatment center for diabetes in Massachusetts.

The study found that, overall, 19.1 percent of patients reported food insecurity; 27.6 percent cited cost-related medication underuse; 10.7 percent had housing instability; 1cec4993062ecff05f5374e1a212f4d614.1 percent had trouble paying for utilities (energy insecurity); and 39.1 percent of patients reported at least one material need insecurity. Poor diabetes control (as measured by factors including hemoglobin A1c, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol level or blood pressure) was seen in 46 percent of patients.

According to the study results, food insecurity was associated with greater odds of poor diabetes control and increased outpatient visits but not increased emergency department(ED)/inpatient visits. Cost-related medication underuse was associated with poor diabetes control and increased ED/inpatient visits but not outpatient visits. Housing instability and energy (utilities) insecurity were associated with increased outpatient visits but not with diabetes control or with ED/outpatient visits. Having an increasing number of economic insecurities was associated with poor diabetes control and increased health care use.

Bill Cosby hired private investigators to investigate women who claimed comedian raped them – News – People – The Independent

d7511dcaab1f3cb6732ed77b0cd0ff3aBill Cosby hired private investigators to “dig up dirt” on several women who claimed the comedian had raped them, according to a report by the New York Post. More than two dozen women have come forward in recent weeks to allege that Mr Cosby, 77, drugged and sexually assaulted them between the 1960s and 2000s.

But Mr Cosby has reportedly been fighting back behind the scenes, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to scour the women’s pasts in a bid to discredit his accusers. At a recent meeting of his legal and public relations representatives, an insider told the Post, Mr Cosby said: “If you’re going to say to the world that I did this to you, then the world needs to know, ‘What kind of person are you? Who is this person that’s saying it?’”

The Financial Consequences of Saying ‘Black,’ vs. ‘African American’ – The Atlantic

30780873ba8c5a7b7b349e7e38cb40bdOne hundred years ago, “Colored” was the typical way of referring to Americans of African descent. Twenty years later, in the time of W.E.B. Du Bois, it was purposefully dropped to make way for “Negro.” By the late 1960s, that term was overtaken by “Black.” And then, at a press conference in a Hyatt hotel in Chicago in 1988, Jesse Jackson declared that “African American” was the term to embrace; that one was chosen because it echoed the labels of groups, such as “Italian Americans” and “Irish Americans,” that had already been freed of widespread discrimination.

A century’s worth of calculated name changes are a testament to the fact that naming any group is a politically freighted exercise.0c93a3333b4b0e47237a0f577e18b6d6A 2001 study catalogued all the ways in which the term “Black” carried connotations that were more negative than those of “African American.” This is troubling on the level of an individual’s decision making, and these labels are also institutionalized: Only last month, the U.S. Army finally stopped permitting use of the term “Negro” in its official documents, and the American Psychological Association currently says “African American” and “Black” can be used interchangeably in academic writing.

But if it was known that “Black” people were viewed differently from “African Americans,” researchers, until now, hadn’t identified what that gap in perception was derived from. A study, to be published next month in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, found that “Black” people are viewed more negatively than “African Americans” because of a perceived difference in socioeconomic status. As a result, “Black” people are thought of as less competent and as having colder personalities.

 If the NYPD treats the mayor this bad in public, imagine what they do to black men when no one is looking | theGrio

f8057d382e5ef6e62ec61a5f73b4a713Let’s talk about the police, specifically the NYPD.  New York’s finest have not been acting so fine in recent days, disrespecting Mayor Bill de Blasio and residents of the Big Apple in the process.

Now, if the police will openly defy and disrespect their boss and commander in public, can you imagine what they do to black men when the cameras are nowhere in sight?

Drunk Birds Sing Drunkenly, Science Says

A new study has found that when you get zebra finches totally wasted, they become noticeably worse at singing. They probably think they sound awesome, though. 47ae99afb6787624dca355a14d5860ccThen they probably want to fly somewhere to get little bird-sized burritos before crying into a bird-sized phone to some ex-birdfriend, before spending the rest of the night with their heads in a bird-sized toilet.

This foray into Important Science Breakthroughs comes to us from the Oregon Health and Science University, where researchers put some alcohol-laden juice into the water tanks of their zebra finch subjects as part of a study on how alcohol affects speech.

“At first we were thinking that they wouldn’t drink on their own because, you know, a lot of animals just won’t touch the stuff,” lead researcher Christopher Olson told NPR. “But they seem to tolerate it pretty well and be somewhat willing to consume it.”98325330e80b9c7d8ea256d9329acb62

The resulting study—which you can read here—found that drunk zebra finches sing with an “altered acoustic structure”, most noticeably “decreased amplitude and increased entropy, the latter likely reflecting a disruption in the birds’ ability to maintain the spectral structure of song under alcohol.” (Translation: Drunk birds don’t sing good.)

Argentina President Adopts Boy No Werewolf – Business Insider

So here’s the latest in wild internet rumors.

Everyone thinks that the President of Argentina Christina Fernández de 89b22f659eb4c352b232ddac94c0c6a7Kirchner adopted a young Jewish man in order to stop him from turning into a werewolf. The story was reported by The Independent and others.

Well, the story’s kind of true — Fernández de Kirchner did adopt the young man as her godson — but not to keep him from turning into a werewolf.

There’s an old Argentinian legend that a seventh child will turn into “el lobizon” — aka a werewolf — after his 13th birthday, and then terrorize the Argentinian countryside at night whenever there’s a full moon, as reported by the Independent. In the 19th century, parents were reportedly so spooked by “el lobizon” that they started abandoning and murdering their 7th children.6afe0163aaa69af50857cd04ceb96c16

Around the same time, in the early 20th century, another tradition involving a seventh child came to be. Argentinian presidents started adopting the seventh child born in a family as godchildren.

Seriously…werewolf children?

Over the last few days, sources have been reporting that this Argentinian custom was adopted as a response to the murder and abandonment of these “el lobizon” children.

5a8673aca2f3444ec3df0f8435f048beHowever, others like the Guardian are debunking this. Reportedly, the godchild custom goes back all the way to 1907 when Russian emigrés asked the then-president José Figueroa Alcorta to become the godfather to their seventh son, reports the Guardian.

“The local myth of the lobizón is not in any way connected to the custom that began over 100 years ago by which every seventh son (or seventh daughter) born in Argentina becomes godchild to the president,” Argentine historian Daniel Balmaceda told The Guardian.

Brazilian woman and her baby 1855

Brazilian woman and her baby 1855

So what exactly what special about Iair Tawil’s case? Traditionally, the seventh son or daughter could only become a godchild of the Argentinian president if he or she was Christian. But Tawil was the first Jewish young man to do so — making it a tweet-worthy affair.

Fernández has become the president godmother to roughly 700 children since she took office in 2007, reports The Guardian.

From Diana To Danvers: What Can We Expect From The New Female-Led Comic Movies? | The Mary Sue

It’s the dawning of the age of the superheroine. With comics like the new Ms. Marvel, starring the kick-ass Kamala Khan, making bold and potent statements, it’s not surprising that the movie moguls are taking notice. 6d4f4989b1ec4d9ce34b279ab18de547Shortly after the Wonder Woman movie was chalked up on DC’s slate for a 2017 release, Captain Marvel was announced for the following year. Both, it seemed, had been waiting for the other to step out onto the dance floor. Whispers of a potential Captain Marvel movie had been floating around since late 2013, so there’s a whiff of DC exploiting the sudden surge of demand for a female-led superhero movie; but, politics aside, bright days are ahead for comic book heroines and their fans.

fde90f79750be9e11fa1188c42c187c4Despite being a little later than DC in announcing their first female lead since the bland Elektra, Marvel have given themselves a 1-up by taking another of their infamous risks. Right now, it’s hard to imagine even a margin of risk existed, with many converting to Captain Marvel comics in the wake of the movie announcement, her new series penned by Kelly Sue DeConnick  proving popular with fans and critics, and action figures of Carol Danvers’ alter-ego already on the shelves. There’s a feeling that, if played by the right person (ahem, Katee Sackhoff [Editor’s Note: Correct.]), the character will do just fine on her own merit. Especially since, if Danvers’ movie is given the same TLC as Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s already set to be a rollicking spectacle.

One of the last living classic movie greats passed from the earth a couple of days ago: Luise Rainer Dead At 104 – First Back-To Back Oscar Winner | Deadline

luise rainerThe German-born star of The Great Ziegfeld and The Good Earth, Luise Rainer, died Tuesday at her home in London. She was 104. The Associated Press reports that Rainer’s daughter Francesca Knittel-Bowyer said the Oscar winner succumbed to pneumonia. Rainer won consecutive Oscars for both 1936’s The Great Ziegfeld and 1937’s The Good Earth, becoming the first actor ever to do so.0a7efda04b1a04931847d38d13644146

Rainer was born in 1910 and was discovered by MGM in the mid-30s after appearing in some German and Austrian films. Her first Hollywood role was in 1935’s Escapade with William Powell. The next year, she appeared again opposite Powell, and Myrna Loy, in Robert Z. Leonard’s The Great Ziegfeld. A relatively small role, it nevertheless earned her the Best Actress Oscar, notably for a scene in which she tearfully congratulates her ex-husband on his new marriage. Dubbed “the Viennese Teardrop,” she went on to play O-Lan in the adaptation of Pearl S Buck’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Good Earth. She again won the Best Actress Academy Award for her performance.

61a281b76b484bcc056e7af02c32703aTCM is showing the – Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival (2011) –  with Rainer on January 12th at 7:30pm, it is a great interview…she gives up some dirt on various actors and directors and Hollywood folks…I loved what she says about Paul Muni. Be sure to give it a look see.

Hope everyone enjoys their From Hoppin’ John to ‘Auld Lang Syne,’ how the world will welcome 2015 | Al Jazeera America

south africa, Native Young Boy or Girl. 1940'sAnd since this post has been illustrated with vintage baby pictures, take a look at these: Destined for Greatness: Baby Pictures of Famous Authors – Flavorwire

Attention book nerds: if you want to see Ernest Hemingway in a dress, look no further. Sure, he’s probably less than a year old and outfitted in his christening garb, but still: Ernest Hemingway in a dress. As you probably know, here at Flavorwire we’re huge literary geeks, and therefore obsessed with all things relating to our favorite authors, be them large or small — and in this case, they’re pretty small. The authors, that is.

Flannery O’Connor

Flannery O’Connor

We’ve collected a series of pictures from the early childhoods of some of our favorite writers, so that we might see the cute and cuddly origins of the literary canon we’ve all come to know and love. Some are instantly recognizable (Patti Smith’s impish grin) and some charmingly apropos (Flannery O’Connor scowling at her picture book) but all of them give us a little peek into the young lives of some of our favorite figures. Click through to see literary luminaries like Plath, Hemingway, Nabokov, Salinger, Joyce and many more when they were still innocent babes, and let us know if you have any other famous authors’ baby pictures to share!

Have a safe night tonight…Happy New Year.

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  1. Morning, just a couple of links that I didn’t have time to put in the post above.

    Jahmani Swanson Is ‘Michael Jordan Of Dwarf Basketball’

    Jahmani Swanson is only 4 feet, 5 inches, but he stands tall among basketball players — even those who are a couple feet taller than him.

    Swanson, 29, is a star player on the New York Towers, a team where all the players are short in stature, but long on proving a point that little people can play with the big boys.

    “People think if they’re bigger than me they can post me up, but just because I’m small it doesn’t mean I’m weak,” Swanson told Barcroft TV/ “I face it when I’m on the street and I face it when I’m on the court but it’s a stage and I love showing what I can do.”

    Swanson, who Barcroft dubbed “The Michael Jordan of dwarf basketball,” was born with a form of dwarfism, but has been a hoops fan since childhood.

    “I was sleeping with a basketball instead of a teddy bear when I was a kid. All I wanted to do was play. I was a huge fan of Michael Jordan and if he was playing then I was playing,” he said, according to the Mirror. “My mother had to tell me many a time to stop playing ball at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night because they got tired of hearing the ball bounce and things breaking.”

    Swanson prides himself on his defense and ability to take drive the ball down the court.

    “I can guard anybody who’s putting the ball down on the floor,” he told “That’s the thing. You don’t want to put the ball down on the floor. And if you are going to put the ball down on the floor, you should protect that ball. Otherwise it’s my cookie.

    There are two videos there at the link.

    On Being ‘An Englishman in New York’ – WSJ

  2. gregoryp says:

    Great post this morning. Very interesting. Here is a novel idea. How about we just call them: Friends, Neighbors, Americans, fellow citizens, people, etc.? Just drop the whole labeling crap and call them what they really are. The SAME FRIGGIN’ SPECIES as those who have a different color of skin. Really, the whole racism thing is just beyond stupid. People are people are people are people.

    Oh, and I was watching ABC News last night and they were interviewing some lovely woman in line and evilly sprung the news on her that they had found some wreckage and bodies. She started crying and put on a brave face and said she had hope for a miracle but she was just crushed. I cried. I couldn’t help it. Such an evil thing to do to get some “good video”. When are the people of this country ever going to get it through their thick heads that we are ALL the same and ALL deserve the respect and dignity that is proper for our species. Just because someone had brown skin or speaks a different language doesn’t make them any less of a person. Honestly, I just weep for our nation because we apparently are a nation of sociopaths and narcissists. Just makes me physically ill to see that so many have misplaced ideas and actions. At some point we need to stop pursuing profit and greed and discover that our true calling in life is to help others and to lift up our entire species. Just so sick of hatred, war, greed, and apathy.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Great post, JJ. I just love the baby pictures.

  4. Fannie says:

    Happy New Years, love the post today.

    I didn’t know that Rep. Peter King belonged to klandom. He’s on MSNBC, telling everybody that Steve Scalise is an honorable man, a catholic, and that catholics don’t belong to the Klan. Where in the fuck did he get his information, from David Duke? He needs to step down too. I want to know just how many are in office. We don’t need supporters of the Klandom in office.

  5. Sweet Sue says:

    Grumpy Baby up top is perfection.
    I say this every year (paging Albert Einstein), but 2015 has got to be better.
    Happy New Year, everybody.

  6. RalphB says:

    Happy New Year, Skydancers! Sydney rings in 2015.

  7. dakinikat says:

    Happy New Year Every one from New Orleans! About ready to go down the street and get my Hoppin’ John on!!! Health and Wealth to y’all!!

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    Happy New Year, Sky Dancers!!!