Wednesday: Olive Drab and Paisley Blues

2e6c47f5870a721c41ecfe629d3602f8Good Morning

The other day I put some new sheets on my bed, they were these nice old-fashioned olive and blue paisley print cotton sateen ones that I’d bought years ago.  The design was pretty, but for some odd reason, there was something about these damn sheets that attracted me…and it wasn’t until I put them up on the bed that I realized just what that was… These sheets must have reached somewhere in the back of my memories to a set of sheets belonging to my grandparents.

I can remember a paisley print, it wasn’t the same style…hell, the sheets my Nana and Nano had were from the seventies and had that exaggerated bubbleness about them. But they were the same color scheme and that, vivid color combinations like the chords of a song…or the flavors of a dish and smells in a kitchen, is something that can trigger a thought or flashback quicker than any other form of nostalgia out there.

It must be the personal connection, the emotional attachment and physical awareness that reaches our senses. Those sheets. Those olive drab and blue paisley sheets reminded me of being small and young.  Sleeping between my Nana and Nano in their big king sized bed…secure and safe hidden under 1970’s polyester chic bedding, while my beloved grandparents snored loudly on either side.

Things are so disturbing in our world today that we all are either knowingly or unconsciously seeking out some form of comfort and security.  For me it was wrapping myself in a 100% cotton cocoon, a paisley blue shield.  It is a childish approach perhaps, but it is a welcomed one. I am very lucky. I have both of my parents still living…I can be as childish as I like…and hiding in bed avoiding the outside world for a little while, feels as natural as can be.

But all this made me think of our Dakinikat, who is losing her Dad…I cannot imagine what she is going through. I guess when you are faced with the reality of losing a parent, you are also snapped back from the security of that nostalgic cocoon that acts as a refuge. The paisley blues. My thoughts are with you Kat, and I know that there is nothing I can say or do to make things easier for you now…but please know that I am here for you.

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Okay, I had to take that little detour this morning. Now for the news links. Wow, some big news goings on about Ferguson: Federal judge: Police in Ferguson violated Constitution –

A federal judge has ruled that police in Ferguson, Missouri, violated the Constitution when they told protesters that they had to keep walking and that they couldn’t stand still.

U.S. District Judge Catherine Perry issued a preliminary injunction Monday forbidding law enforcement from carrying out the practice because “it is likely that these agencies will again apply this unconstitutional policy.”

Law enforcement agencies adopted the policy on August 18, a few days after protests began following the shooting death of unarmed African-American teen Michael Brown at the hands of a white police officer.

The case was brought by the ACLU after it saw the strategy being practiced as recently as Se[p]tember 27. In some cases, officers told protesters they couldn’t stand still for more than five seconds. In others, the protesters were told they were walking too slowly.

This is specifically for Ferguson protest alone:d60dc92bc3c680c73416a28b06fc4ea5

The judge said officers have the right to disperse protesters, restrict certain areas from protests, and use other lawful crowd control measures.

“This injunction prevents only the enforcement of an ad hoc rule developed for the Ferguson protests,” she said.

Which is something we will be sure to see more of in the future. Take a look at this shit:

Cringe at the Ugly Way These Cardinals Fans Taunt Ferguson Protestors | Mediaite

Ferguson protestors emerged at Busch Stadium last night after game three of the NLDS playoff game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers; and wow, did things get ugly real fast.

Argus Streaming News, which did an excellent job of posting real-time information during the August clashes with Ferguson police, posted a 25-minute video showing a small group of demonstrators chanting outside the ballpark Monday evening, with another group of white Cards fans chanting right back at them.

At the top of the video, an older gentleman looks directly at the camera and shouts about how if these (all-black) protestors had been working (at night?) “we wouldn’t have this problem!” The crowd soon begins chanting “Let’s go Cardinals!” to drown out the protestors’ chant about “shutting the shit down” if they aren’t given justice for slain 18-year-old Michael Brown. That Cards chant quickly changed into “Let’s go Darren!” referring to Officer Darren Wilson, the Ferguson cop who killed the young man.

b03fada3e154f17f6fc16b1dad480818It gets worse, read more about it and see video at the link.

Then there is news that Huge Increase In Voter Registrations In Ferguson Apparently Never Happened

Last week, numerous news outlets, national and local, reported on a huge increase in registered voters in Ferguson, Mo., following the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown. But it apparently didn’t actually happen.

The St. Louis County elections board reported that 3,287 Ferguson residents had registered to vote. That is a huge surge for a city of 21,000, particularly as controversy swelled about the racial make-up of the city government after the shooting. Ferguson is two-thirds African-American, but its mayor and all but one member of the six-person city council are white. B

ut apparently that first report was in error. There was no voter registration spike. The county elections board reversed course on Tuesday and said that, actually, only 128 people had registered to vote since the shooting.

In the world of marriage rights and equality, I have a few links this morning: 000e5bbae730470b27a187399d84c2deNinth Circuit Rules For Marriage Equality In Nevada And Idaho | ThinkProgress

The Ninth Circuit has ruled that the bans on same-sex marriage in Nevada and Idaho are unconstitutional. The Nevada case was remanded back to a district court, which means the final outcome might not come as quickly, but the decision’s mandate will issue in one week for Idaho, which will bring the number of marriage equality states up to 26 — presuming nothing happens in any of the other states impacted by other circuits’ decisions and the Supreme Court’s actions Monday.

Two more bans fall (UPDATED) : SCOTUSblog

UPDATED 10:58 p.m.   The Ninth Circuit Court put its ruling into full effect on Tuesday evening, in this order and this formal mandate.  That should clear the way promptly for same-sex couples to file for marriage licenses in the two states involved directly and, soon, in the other three states in the circuit, depending upon how state officials react.


Striking down bans on same-sex marriage in two states, and setting the stage for the same outcome in three others, a federal appeals court in San Francisco on Tuesday nullified laws in Idaho and Nevada. The ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is expected to control pending challenges to bans in Alaska, Arizona, and Montana.

a239c978991e05f8e433997a6ef321bfWith developments since Monday’s refusal by the Supreme Court to get involved in the constitutional controversy at this point, it now seems clear that the same-sex marriage campaign has succeeded — or very soon will — in thirty-five of the fifty states, plus Washington, D.C.  That is the combined result of federal and state court rulings, actions of voters in passing ballot measures, passage of new laws by state legislatures, and the Supreme Court’s refusal to second-guess the near-unanimity of federal court rulings in favor of gay and lesbian marriage.

Full coverage at that SCOTUSblog link.

WASHINGTON: Supreme Court clears the way for gay marriage in 11 more states | MCT National News | McClatchy DC

Just 12 years ago it was illegal for gays and lesbians to marry anywhere in the U.S. But Monday, the drive to legalize same-sex marriage – which began some two decades ago as a seemingly far-fetched quest – neared final victory as the Supreme Court cleared the way for gays and lesbians to marry in 11 additional states – bringing the total to 30, plus the District of Columbia.

Now, more than half of Americans live in a state that offers, or will soon offer, what supporters call “marriage equality.” Social conservatives had seen the high court as their last hope to halt the rapid advance of gay marriage. But in a surprise move,cd72b9c622f56c427c44702eef56d259 the justices rejected without comment appeals from five states whose bans against same-sex marriage had been struck down by lower courts.

The decision means gay marriage will soon be legal even in the South. Virginia, one of the states whose laws were invalidated when the high court refused to intervene, began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples within hours.

By not issuing a formal ruling, the justices put off the question of whether the Constitution guarantees gays and lesbians a right to marry. Although the outcome does not set a legal precedent that binds lower courts, it did send a strong message that same-sex marriage could soon be legal across the country. The court’s decision made gay marriage immediately legal in Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana and Wisconsin.

003fb4ef18d66d5f927c6a36cef804bcIf your state is not on this list…it may well be soon.

Six additional states will be affected, because they are in the same federal appellate circuit court districts that have declared gay marriage bans unconstitutional: North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming.

Separately, 19 states had legalized same-sex marriage. The high court’s action capped a legal and political reversal of nearly unprecedented proportions on what was once one of the nation’s most divisive social issues. James Esseks of the American Civil Liberties Union called the action “a watershed movement for the entire country. We are one big step closer to the day when all same-sex couples will have the freedom to marry.”

On to another court case making news: BREAKING: Federal Court Strikes Down One Of The Most Aggressive Gerrymanders In The Country | ThinkProgress

7a18379f4c30489069abbf6140d987adOne of the most aggressive gerrymanders in the country is unconstitutional, according to a divided three-judge panel in Virginia.

In 2012, President Barack Obama defeated Republican Mitt Romney by three points in the state of Virginia. Nevertheless, Republicans control eight of the state’s eleven congressional districts.

Yet, according to an opinion by Judge Allyson Duncan, a George W. Bush appointee, the maps that produced this result are unconstitutional and the legislature must “act within the next legislative session to draw a new congressional district plan.”Although this will permit the 2014 elections to be run under the old maps, new maps must be in place by 2016 (assuming, of course, that this decision is not reversed on appeal).

As Virginia currently has a Democratic governor, Gov. Terry McAuliffe will be able to veto any plan which is unfair to his fellow Democrats, while the GOP-controlled legislature will no doubt push for a map that serves Republican interests. Because the current maps favor Republicans so strongly, however, the likely result will be maps that are much more favorable to Democrats.

The flaw in the current maps arises from the state’s Third Congressional District, currently represented by Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA). In a professed effort to comply with the Voting Rights Act’s requirement that new congressional maps do not cause a ‘‘retrogression in the position of racial minorities with respect to their effective exercise of the electoral franchise,” (a requirement that has since been neutered by the Supreme Court,) the new maps packed an additional 44,711 African American voters into Rep. Scott’s district — thus preventing these black voters from influencing elections in other districts. This decision, according to the court, was not allowed.


The Voting Rights Act, Judge Duncan explained, “does not ‘give covered jurisdictions carte blanche to engage in racial gerrymandering in the name of nonretrogression.’”

Scott’s new district has “an odd shape” made up of “a composition of a disparate chain of communities, predominantly African-American, loosely connected by the James River.” Moreover, while the new black voters increased the black voter population within the district from 53.1 percent to 56.3 percent, such packing was completely unnecessary to maintain black voter strength in Virginia.

“In 2010,” Duncan explained, “Congressman Scott won 70% of the vote, while in 2012–under the redistricting plan at issue here–he won by an even larger margin, receiving 81.3% of the vote.” The district, in other words, looked a whole lot like a racial gerrymander.

As a practical matter, the map drawers were also quite successful in diminishing the power of Democratic voters because, in a district where the Democrat wins with 81.3 percent of the vote, 31.3 percent of the vote is essentially wasted since it was unnecessary to push the winning candidate over the top. Should the new maps produce a congressional delegation that more closely resembles the state’s partisan preferences, it is likely that Democrats will gain 2-3 seats in the House.

Moving on to world news, AP via ABC News: UN: Syria Declares Another 4 Chemical Facilities – ABC News Another typhoon is heading for Japan: Super Typhoon Vongfong Headed Toward Japan – Business Insider

  Super Typhoon Vongfong is now the strongest Pacific typhoon this year, packing estimated maximum winds of 180 mph, the equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane, The Weather Channel reports. The storm is projected to move across the western Pacific Ocean and track north toward Japan before making landfall later this week. “It’s safe to say Vongfong is the strongest storm on earth since Haiyan last year,” The Weather Channel storm specialist Michael Lowry told the website.

be26a85b0c8d3eb7076492a0be61f191And…Radioactive ship drifting off Scottish coast forces oil platform evacuation – Home News – UK – The Independent

Dozens of people had to be evacuated from an oil platform overnight as a radioactive ship drifted off the Scottish coast. […] The 300ft Parida, which sails under a Danish flag, was being towed by a tug towards Inverness for inspection and repairs on Wednesday morning. The coastguard had sent their own emergency vessel from Orkney to the scene but the ship’s operators arranged for a commercial tow by the Pacific Champion.

Richard Lochhead, the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Food and Environment, said ministers were “closely monitoring the incident”. “A Scottish Government Resilience meeting has taken place with key partners including Police Scotland and the Maritime Coastguard Agency, which is coordinating an operation to stabilise the vessel and ensure it is safely recovered to harbour,” he added. 29de400323a2299cec36fe0bed14a270“Ministers have been briefed and Scottish Government officials are engaging closely with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the UK Government and key partners to ensure appropriate response arrangements are in place.”

More on the ship here: BBC News – Radioactive waste ship Parida loses power in Moray Firth

Seems the ship is carrying radioactive waste.

The rest of today’s links in dump fashion, well…in even more dump fashion:

This is a good one, at least I thought it was: Bill Maher and Sam Harris Were Right About One Thing: Many Liberals are Hypocrites on Religion | The Daily Banter   00c90d273d5d39b97a4f4694a70f007c

Jonathan Chait. I would read this if you have absolutely nothing better to do. :  What Liberals Get Wrong About Football — NYMag

On the Georgia scene: Outsourcing, Obama top topics in heated U.S. Senate debate |

More Bad News for the GOP: Hillary Clinton Could Turn Georgia Into a Swing State in 2016 (thanks for that link BB)

Hullabaloo–  No wrongdoing, no accountability by digby

Sadly predictable:A Habersham County grand jury has decided not to charge any of the law enforcement officers involved in the botched drug raid that disfigured a toddler.

fc253524d4ead7d7ce3b3e0e4452bea0More details at the link…but,

The Feds are looking into the case now. But it doesn’t change the fact that the de facto police immunity from prosecution for negligence in this country is now killing a lot of people.

Some things are beyond the pale and to fail to check to see if children are on the premises before throwing incendiary devices into it is one of them.

Obviously, there was no need to use these battlefield tactics for such a low level crime in the first place but if they insist on using their robo-cop gear they have a special responsibility to ensure that innocent people are not in the line of fire.

No one is more innocent than a baby. They should have to pay a price for that failure.  Any of the rest of us would for doing something this derelict and irresponsible.

You, according to your Facebook Atlas ID | Al Jazeera America

‘Sexting’ is becoming the new norm for teenagers growing up, study finds – Science – News – The Independent aa00360ce603dd8b128c6171dd4e4321For Global Waming: These 10 Countries Have Pledged $2.3 Billion to Fight Climate Change. The US Isn’t One of Them. | Mother Jones

The oceans got hotter than we thought, but the heat stayed shallow | Ars Technica

Finally…did ya see it? Let’s Watch the Moon Drip Red With Blood! | Mother Jones

Don’t look now but the blood moon is back. The full lunar eclipse should begin to be visible around 2:15am PT.

No, it does not mean the world is ending. Watch it here or, you know, just go outside and look up…or don’t! You don’t have to go outside. Maybe you’re a shut in. Maybe it’s cloudy. Maybe you’re blind. Maybe you’ve never been outside because your father was killed by a bear when you were very young and now you have a debilitating fear of bears and there are a lot of bears outside so you don’t go outside. Whatever. It’s not important. What I’m saying is, your inability to go outside is not a deal breaker for me. I’m not going to let our relationship die on this hill. We can make this marriage work whether you want to go outside and watch it or not.

Video at the link. Have a good day and leave some comments below…

36 Comments on “Wednesday: Olive Drab and Paisley Blues”

  1. I don’t know why but the formatting on this post is really fucked up!

  2. Beata says:

    Sending thoughts of comfort and peace to you and your family during this difficult time, Dak.

  3. Fannie says:

    I woke up this morning, had a little fire going, made my coffee, and sat down to read good news, that Boise, Idaho was preparing for marriages, then ten minutes later, the devil himself, Governor Otter, had the supreme court stop the marriages.

    Just yesterday the supreme court refused to hear cases, today the supreme court justice Kennedy decided to block the appeals court ruling for Idaho same sex marriages. In other words, Gov. Otter believes that he should be allowed to break the law, when nobody else in this country does. He refuses to follow the law, and something is going on with the Supreme court, it needs to be flushed out. I can only hope that Otter is flushed down the toilet.

    So much for equal rights in this country, so much for the words coming from the highest court in the land. I’ve lost total respect for them.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Oh for heaven’s sake! Kennedy has to be almost as dumb as Clarence Thomas.

    • dakinikat says:

      Their bigot supporters are raising a hussy fit and saying they’re going to splinter from the Republican party if they don’t do something. Huckabee was saying it yesterday on TV.

    • janicen says:

      I wish I understood how he can do that. How does one Supreme Court Justice act on his own to rule on something the Court as a whole decided they would not hear?

      • Fannie says:

        I don’t know Janicen, something is going on in the back room and through the halls of justice, and it stinks.

      • babama says:

        ID/NV is (yet another) separate case from the ones SCOTUS chose not to hear. ID is asking for en banc (all the 9th judges) review of the 9th’s 3 judge panel ruling, failing that they could ask SCOTUS for review. It’s the process. Sucks when it’s your family security & well being on the line. I know all about the ups and downs from going through this in CA since 2004, it was a loong 9 years. My heart goes out to the couples, their families and friends who got their hopes up last night only to have them dashed today. I KNOW the pain. I think there will be some unintended consequences though, straight allies and family members who may not have understood the costs and impact before are realizing it now and it just creates more dislike toward organized religion, social conservatives, and the Republican party. Who with a brain and a heart rejoices to see a picture of couples crying on what should be one of the happiest days of their lives? The good news is ID’s filing is due at the 9th by 5 pm tomorrow, so it looks like the 9th will respond quickly. If it goes back to SCOTUS, who knows? At what point does it simply become sore loser whining? Apparently, we’re not at enough is enough yet.

        As to the cost, I found this in the Spokesman yesterday:
        Note that this mid September number does not include the cost of state resources or salaries, which I think would raise the figure substantially. I do remember that Butch Otter asked for up to 1 million.

        ID is beautiful! I’d love to be able to take a fall drive up through Sandpoint when I visit Spokane next month, it’s been many years. Until my civil rights are recognized, I’ll not set wheel nor foot there.

        Dak, lo siento. May you have the support you need. I wish you well.

  4. Fannie says:

    I hope somebody is keeping track of how much money Idaho is spending to fight equality in this state. I can’t bare it today, the photos of all those who woke up and dressed to get married, brought flowers to carry down the aisle, and turned away at the door. They are crying, and so am I, their hearts are broken, and so is mine.

    I am so sick of all these politicians who refuse to follow the laws against discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation. It’s everywhere, not just Idaho.

  5. NW Luna says:

    The first person to be diagnosed with Ebola within the US has died, Texas hospital officials have said.

    Thomas Eric Duncan, who caught the virus in his native Liberia, was being kept in isolation in a Dallas hospital and receiving experimental drugs.

    Earlier [today] the US announced new security procedures at entry points to check travellers for symptoms of the virus.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I knew that was coming . . .

      • NW Luna says:

        I’m not sure how effective that’s going to be. Who’s going to complain of feeling ill when that means you’ll be held in confinement for up to 3 weeks?

        • bostonboomer says:

          Oh, I know. I meant I knew the death was coming. They weren’t even giving him any treatment.

          • NW Luna says:

            It’s not clear there is any treatment that’s curative. Supportive care is crucial. Unfortunately this man was very ill before he was finally admitted. It’s horrifying to think that a couple of days earlier might have made the difference.

    • janicen says:

      I finally went to the doc today because I have not felt any better at all with this cold since it started a week ago. She gave me a scrip for antibiotics because she said I was likely trying to fight off a bacterial infection. I think she may have been right because I took my first antibiotic 5 hours ago and I’m actually feeling better. But that’s not the point of my comment.

      When I was first in the office giving my symptoms to the nurse, the nurse asked, “…and have you been outside of the U.S. in the past 21 days?” and then she said, “That’s a new question we have to ask now.” So it looks like everyone is changing their procedures these days.

  6. NW Luna says:

    In an remarkably rare act, a female langur monkey becomes a midwife, helping another give birth.

  7. dakinikat says:

    My sheets are also that color and pattern


    Temple and Smoo