Damn You Windstream…Friday Nite Lite: Bad Internet Service Edition

No, it isn’t a Good Evening!

Again our Windstream internet service was out, and we were again without connection to the web…so this post is late, and all that shit that goes with suckass DSL service from a provider that has a monopoly on the area here in Banjoville. They know we have no other choice in the matter and are screwed, we gotta stick with them.

I am so fucking sick of Banjoville, I don’t want to make this a full on rant but safe to say…these small town religious hypocritical asshole bastards and bitches are pissing me off big time!

So here are some cartoons. Whatever…



Dak shared that on her Facebook page, and it is marvelous!

Wheel Well by Rick McKee

147659 600 Wheel Well cartoons


Pyramid Scheme – Political Cartoon by Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News – 04/25/2014

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis - Pyramid Scheme


Cliven Bundy by Political Cartoonist Randall Enos

147654 600 Cliven Bundy cartoons


Blind Justice Roberts by Political Cartoonist John Cole

147640 600 Blind Justice Roberts cartoons


AAEC – Political Cartoon by Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune – 04/25/2014

Cartoon by Pat Bagley -


Government Handouts – Political Cartoon by Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 04/25/2014

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Government Handouts


Guns R Us by Political Cartoonist Mark Streeter

147606 600 Guns R Us cartoons


Pineda pine tar cheat by Political Cartoonist Dave Granlund

147595 600 Pineda pine tar cheat cartoons



4/27 Mike Luckovich cartoon: Aliens | Mike Luckovich



4/25 Mike Luckovich cartoon: Rest in peace, child | Mike Luckovich



4/24 Luckovich cartoon: Don’t fear the reaper | Mike Luckovich



And for another laugh at Georgia’s expense…or should I say this state I live in…Georgia Unveils New Slogan: ‘We Make Florida Look Safe’ : The New Yorker


ATLANTA (The Borowitz Report)—Flanked by members of his state’s legislature on Wednesday afternoon, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal proudly unveiled Georgia’s new official state slogan, “We Make Florida Look Safe.”

Gov. Deal told reporters that the slogan was “more than just words,” reflecting Georgia’s determination to best its rival Florida for the nation’s most reckless gun law.

“When Florida passed Stand Your Ground, we knew we were playing catch-up,” Gov. Deal said. “Thanks to the fine men and women in the Georgia state legislature, we’re No. 1.”

The last cartoon of the night. And it is from New Zealand: Report on the US by Political Cartoonist Malcolm Evans

147600 600 Report on the US cartoons


This is an open thread…



10 Comments on “Damn You Windstream…Friday Nite Lite: Bad Internet Service Edition”

  1. Sorry it took a bit longer to get this post up…

  2. RalphB says:

    roflmao 😉

  3. List of X says:

    I saw this morning post on Cliven Bundy – and it also took me a while to start following the story. It was very telling how quickly this guy went from “the guy bullied by feds because of some turtles”, to “states rights champion”, to a “toxic racist to be shunned at all costs” – and that’s just in conservative media. Give him a few more weeks, and Fox News will beg Obama to put Bundy away quietly so that he stops hurting the Tea Party brand.
    Anyway, I’d like to contribute my take on Mr. Bundy and his cows: http://listofx.com/2014/04/26/cliven-bundy/