Sunday Reads: Housewife Bakery, Homeless Mother and More Wealthy People

c39676d524606b13ffa2d8ec05b4edb4Good Morning All…

It was so distressing for to see one of our Sky Dancing family have such a traumatic reaction to one of our post a few days ago, I could somewhat understand, as my rape experience comes back in nightmares…and even in flashes of memory during times when I least expect it. But I could not think of anything to say, of any words to offer that would be consoling…it was like I froze up. I was afraid to even look at the comments yesterday. I did not want to face up to it.

Why couldn’t I do that? What was making me recoil from the blog like that?

I feel so bad, and still do not know what to say to my dear one, who know who she is…

I’ll try to keep from lingering on the issue, but there are a few disturbing stories I am bringing y’all today that will probably rub salt in old wounds.

97860f7a2e8862c9a245cd2a33dad7c5First some good and happy news, on Friday Bill Elliott’s son Chase Elliott won his first Nationwide Series NASCAR race: Dawsonville’s Chase Elliott wins first Nationwide race at Texas

Hometown hero Chase Elliott used a strong move on the outside to pass Kevin Harvick for the lead at Texas Motor Speedway and then sailed away his first career Nationwide Series victory.

The 18-year-old won in his sixth career start and is the second youngest winner in series history. He’s roughly four months older than Joey Logano, who was 18 years and 21 days when he won his first career Nationwide race in 2008.

Elliott won in a Chevrolet for JR Motorsports, driving the No. 9 as a tribute to his father, 1988 Cup champion Bill Elliott.

“I can’t believe it, just to have the opportunity to race with these guys at JR Motorsports, just to have this opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for any racer who wants to make it to the top,” Elliott said. “It just means the word for me to be here.”

Elliott became the fourth driver in Nationwide history to earn his first series victory at Texas, joining Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kurt Busch and Trevor Bayne.

Chase is finishing his senior year of high school…my dad worked for Bill here in Banjoville when Chase was born…and it is a funny thing. See, Daddy put up the wallpaper in Chase’s nursery, and now look at what the kid has done!

On another personal note, hurray:  UConn beats Florida 63-53 to make NCAA final. (I went to UConn for my Paralegal degree…)

And…one more, the title of this post is referring to the Housewife Bakery in Tampa, Florida.


When I was a little girl we would drive by this bakery every day except Sundays. It was on the way to my ballet studio…and the name of the place always pissed me off!

I would always complain, “Why would they call that Housewife bakery, how sexist!”

Ugh, it still rubs me the wrong way.

cc2e17e9952a4bed0024c1e4dcfc52fbOkay on with the rest of the links.

News on  MH370: Second pulse detected in hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines plane

A Chinese ship searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has detected a pulse signal for a second time, Australian co-ordinators say.

Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston called the discovery in the southern Indian Ocean an “important and encouraging lead” but warned that there was no confirmation of a link to flight MH370.

He told reporters that the second signal was monitored for about 90 seconds and was detected less than 2 km (1.2 miles) from the original.

Update on a case in China where the school children were poisoned to death: Chinese kindergarten head sentenced to death for child poisoning | The Raw Story

A Chinese court has sentenced the head of a kindergarten and an accomplice to death for killing two children with poisoned yoghurt in northern China, state-run media reported Sunday.

Kindergarten head Shi Haixia poisoned the children last year in a revenge attack aimed at a rival school in Hebei province which had higher enrollment, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

A court in Hebei sentenced Shi and an accomplice to death, while another person was given a five-year jail sentence, the report 795c693b5dd20367351574ed25c3432dsaid.

Two village girls died after their grandmother found the yoghurt, which was laced with rat poison and placed on a roadside along with several notebooks, state media reported earlier.

The children, whose ages were not given, were found “foaming at the mouth,” the report said. One died before reaching hospital while the other died after receiving treatment.

China has a shortage of state-run kindergartens, and competition between private profit-driven institutions can be intense.

And in another horrifying news story dealing with a young girl: Senegalese law bans raped 10-year-old from aborting twins | Global development |

A 10-year-old girl who is pregnant with twins after she was raped by a neighbour has been forced to continue with her pregnancy after human rights campaigners lost their fight to secure a legal route to abortion.

The plight of the girl, who is five months pregnant and lives in Ziguinchor in the south, highlights the heavy cost women and children are paying for a Napoleonic law on abortion that is still in force in the former French colony.

“She is going to have to go through with the pregnancy,” said Fatou Kiné Camara, president of the Senegalese women lawyers’ association. “The best we can do is keep up pressure on the authorities to ensure the girl gets regular scans and free medical care.

Senegal‘s abortion law is one of the harshest and deadliest in Africa. A doctor or pharmacist found guilty of having a role in a termination faces being struck off. A woman found guilty of abortion can be jailed for up to 10 years.”

It is sickening.

e9e4fd84aaddf005ab79b0d710f22bf0But there is more disgusting shit…this time back here in the US: 6 suspended amid Missouri school rape allegations – Yahoo News

Months after vowing to boost security at a Kansas City school where a student says she was dragged to a room and raped, district officials have suspended six employees amid new allegations from a 14-year-old girl who alleges a boy repeatedly raped her at school.

The girl in the latest case, who the police report describes as autistic, told authorities the 14-year-old boy raped her “on numerous occasions” over the last month at Southwest Early College Campus while a 13-year-old girl stood in the hall as a lookout. The boy and the alleged lookout were charged Wednesday in juvenile court with one count each of rape and sodomy and ordered to remain detained Friday.

The school district began its own investigation after learning of the new allegations Wednesday. Kansas City Public Schools Superintendent R. Stephen Green said in a statement released Thursday the district has placed “a number” of school employees on administrative leave and that other personnel could be put on leave depending on the outcome of the district’s probe.

“Once the investigation is complete, a final decision will be made about whether they will continue as employees of KCPS or will be dismissed,” Green said in his statement.

Please read more of the details of all these stories at the links.

I am going to move on to more newsy reads for you after the jump.

8b4fcfdb8dd19aec68ecc1613c1aff14Okay, it looks the people in California are fed up with the anti-vaccine nutjobs: O.C. measles outbreak spurs officials to call for immunizations –

A measles outbreak in Orange County — by far the largest in the state — has prompted health officials to step up their campaign to have parents immunize their children, an effort that has run up against a “vigorous anti-vaccine movement” that has taken root across the country.

Orange County now has 22 reported measles cases, a number that has nearly doubled in the last two weeks. There had been only three reported cases of measles in the previous five years. Statewide, the number of cases has grown to 51.

Though Orange County has only a slightly higher rate of parents who opt out of immunization requirements than the state average, there are pockets — particularly in the county’s more affluent southern communities — where larger numbers of parents are choosing not to immunize their children, said Dr. Matt Zahn, medical director for epidemiology at the county Health Care Agency.

“We know that there is a vigorous anti-vaccine movement in this country,” Zahn said. “So events like this are difficult, but they’re important to highlight because we want to make sure people realize that there’s reason that you need to get your child vaccinated.”

In order to protect the larger community, health officials said it’s possible that unimmunized children could be ordered to stay home for a couple of weeks if their school or day care reports a case of measles.

They should be ordered to have their shots…period.

Hey, all these images of housewives getting groceries the old-fashioned way brings up this latest Amazon news: Amazon adds delivery of groceries, household goods with Amazon Dash | The Raw Story


An Amazon Fresh delivery van moves down Pico Bloulevard in Los Inc launched a new product named Amazon Dash on Friday that allows the user to add groceries and household goods to their shopping lists using the company’s AmazonFresh service.

A black-and-white hand-held wand-shaped remote-control features a microphone, speaker as well as a bar-code reader and links directly to the user’s AmazonFresh account.

However, the device is available only for users of the AmazonFresh which currently operates exclusively in Southern California, San Francisco and Seattle. The device is free during the trial period, according to the product’s website.

However, signing up for Amazon Dash is by invitation only while the AmazonFresh service is currently available only Southern California, San Francisco and Seattle.


I don’t think it is such a big deal. In places like NYC they have delivery service for drugstores and grocery too. I remember they used to have Borders/Barnes and Noble delivery too when I lived there. (Before the Kindle of course.)

This next story is from St. Pete Florida, and really is unbelievable: Man who mistook body for prank fired

A front desk clerk who mistook the body of a 96-year-old woman for a mannequin before arranging to have the corpse dumped into a trash bin Thursday has been fired.

“He is no longer with us,” said Sheryl Case, the office manager at Peterborough apartments, a 16-story subsidized building in downtown St. Petersburg that is reserved for people ages 62 and above.

How the hell the guy did not realize it was a real corpse is beyond me.

A resident of the building, the woman hoisted herself over a balcony wall with the help of a stool before plummeting from her 16th floor apartment to the parking lot, police said. A suicide note was left behind.

b0308fd6f859e8a974c9bd99a4e96e87The front desk clerk, Ronald Benjamin, 61, who has worked at the building for nine years, went out for a smoke at 4:30 a.m. and saw the body in the parking lot, but thought it was a mannequin placed there as part of an April Fool’s Day prank, police said.

When his relief came at 6 a.m., she told him she thought it was a body, but he maintained it was a mannequin, police have said. It was decided that if it were a mannequin, it had to be taken out of the parking lot and put in a trash bin.

Benjamin enlisted the help of a woman and her teenage son who were delivering newspapers to help him dispose of the body.

It was only after a maintenance worker showed up at 8 a.m. and looked into the dumpster — and recognized it as a body — that authorities were called.


In other WTF news, only this WTF being sarcastic not actually a serious WTF question like above. Zandar Versus The Stupid: Last Call For The Roaring 20’s

New wealth numbers show that for the first time since the Gilded Age of the late 1920’s, the concentration of America’s total wealth in the hands of the wealthiest one percent is now above one-fifth.

Take a look at the graph at the link.

Now, on to a new Vogue Italia campaign that is causing a stir. It made me think of the film “The Eyes of Laura Mars” but you decide.

Vogue Italia Trivializes Domestic Violence With Glam Fashion Shoot


rhkgtdjsyzpxnzayhxa9Italian Vogue, the fashion glossy known for courting controversy (sometimes with shockinginsensitivity) is at it again — this time, the magazine is raising awareness for violence against women by having models pose as high-fashion horror movie victims, screaming helplessly as they’re threatened with various weapons. Great!

As with the other articles in today’s post, go read the rest at the link.

4f59f6f88b3e74b171665da921e9656cAnother overseas connection for you, this time an op/ed from the Guardian. It is about the shitass Judge who let that DuPont heir remain at home after raping his baby girl. The heir, the judge and the homeless mom: America’s prison bias for the 1% | Sadhbh Walshe | Comment is free |

She makes some good points, nothing we have not said ourselves, but take a look at some of the comments. Interesting.


We can get to the fun stuff.

You know the links that are not all that depressing, the special interest goodies.

How forgotten Spanish masons’ tiles transformed American cities | Al Jazeera America

Have you ever noticed the vaulted tile ceilings of the Oyster Bar inside the Grand Central Terminal? Have you ever walked under the polychrome tile arches and vaults of the Elephant House of the Bronx Zoo?

How forgotten Spanish masons' tiles transformed American cities - Al Jazeera America 2014-04-06 03-04-53

The Museum of the City of New York is revealing a secret kept for decades behind many iconic American public buildings.

At least 200 of New York’s most prominent Beaux-Arts landmarks were built more than a century ago by a father-son team of masons from Spain.

Not only did Rafael Guastavino Sr. and his son (also named Rafael) help build some of the nation’s most iconic structures between 1881 and 1962, they also revolutionized American architectural design and construction with their tile-vaulting system.

Isn’t that subway station beautiful?

I guess Michael Jackson had an album planned when he died 5 years ago. They are finally releasing it, There’s a new Michael Jackson record coming this May · Newswire · The A.V. Club

The only thing is this cover art…take a look.


I don’t know, but that made me laugh like hell. The album is call…Xscape. You can take it from there.


This post is getting loooong!

eaf5468dcbe1fe59cbc0a2e7ceb5e552So on the quick like:

Tomb With Pyramid Entrance Excavated in Egypt – Archaeology Magazine

A 3,300-year-old tomb that had a 23-foot-tall pyramid at its entrance has been excavated at an ancient cemetery in Abydos. The underground burial chambers of the elaborate tomb, which was looted as least twice in antiquity, still held a red-painted sandstone sarcophagus for a scribe named Horemheb in one chamber, and Shabti figurines for a man named Ramesu in another. The disarticulated skeletal remains of three to four men, 10 to 12 women, and at least two children were also recovered.

If 3,300 year old remains don’t float your boat, how about some nice Black Death victims?

BBC News – Black Death skeletons unearthed by Crossrail project

Skeletons unearthed in London Crossrail excavations are Black Death victims from the great pandemic of the 14th Century, forensic tests indicate.

Their teeth contain DNA from the plague bacterium Yersinia pestis and their graves have been dated to 1348-50.

Records say thousands of Londoners perished and their corpses were dumped in a mass grave outside the City, but its exact location was a mystery.

Archaeologists now believe it is under Charterhouse Square near the Barbican.

They plan to expand their search for victims across the square – guided by underground radar scans, which have picked up signs of many more graves.

Crossrail’s lead archaeologist Jay Carver says the find “solves a 660-year-old mystery”.

401d65677472f732cb57179814568797Was the Black Death Airborne? – Archaeology Magazine

The Black Death of the mid-fourteenth century was not spread by fleas on rats, according to a new study of plague DNA extracted from 25 skeletons unearthed in London last year. Tim Brooks of Public Health England thinks that the Yersinia pestis bacterium must have been transmitted through coughs and sneezes in order for it to have spread through the population so quickly. Archaeologist Don Walker and Jelena Bekvalacs of the Museum of London add that the skeletons show that the people were in poor health when the plague struck—they suffered from rickets, anemia, malnutrition, and bad teeth. A study of the wills registered at the Court of Hustings by archaeologist Barney Sloane estimates that as many as 60 percent of Londoners succumbed to the Black Death. “As an explanation [rat fleas] for the Black Death in its own right, it simply isn’t good enough. It cannot spread fast enough from one household to the next to cause the huge number of cases that we saw during the Black Death epidemics,” Brooks told The Guardian.

Holy shit…am I right?

345a9e4a1883600d33880a83342a955dIsn’t it bubonic… don’t you think

The medieval blogosphere has been abuzz with news of the English skeletons from the days of the Black Plague of 1348. The Washington Post, for instance, announces that “Everything you know about the Black Death is wrong“. The find really is interesting for what it shows about the life of 14th-century Londoners — according to a Guardian article:

The skeletons at Charterhouse Square reveal that the population of London was also in generally poor health when the disease struck. Crossrail’s archaeology contractor, Don Walker, and Jelena Bekvalacs of the Museum of London found evidence of rickets, anaemia, bad teeth and 91c201ed5c49bd17a4f85d28008aae88childhood malnutrition.


How, then, to explain the virulence of the medieval plague? At this point, the news of the find merges with reporting of a theory held by unrelated researchers that this was pneumonic plague, not bubonic plague:

According to scientists working at Public Health England in Porton Down, for any plague to spread at such a pace it must have got into the lungs of victims who were malnourished and then been spread by coughs and sneezes. It was therefore a pneumonic plague rather than a bubonic plague. Infection was spread human to human, rather than by rat fleas that bit a sick person and then bit another victim. ”As an explanation [rat fleas] for the Black Death in its own right, it simply isn’t good enough. It cannot spread fast enough from one household to the next to cause the huge number of cases that we saw during the Black Death epidemics,” said Dr Tim Brooks, a scientist from Porton Down, who was not part of the Crossrail team, will put forward his theory in a Channel 4 documentary, Secret History: The Return of the Black Death, on Sunday.

Which is of course contrary to what most people think. Note, though, that Tim Brooks is unrelated to this current find and hasn’t examined the skeletons. Nor is the pneumonic theory brand-new.

5169e5cdd7998dcbb9db8ec12f9772c4Well, if that still does not pop your cork…perhaps this:  700-Year-Old Poop Barrels Still Stink, Researchers Say

Ah, the sweet smell of raw history.

Archeologists excavating the Medieval town of Odense in Denmark recently uncovered some barrels of old poop. Estimated to be about 700 years old, the buried latrines are said to have kept their contents in “excellent condition.”

Apparently, they smell just awful.


The area is just ripe with archeological gold: brick houses, half-timbered houses and stables have all been found there. But it’s the old town’s communal toilet that seems to be getting everyone’s attention — for one reason or another.

Why study old poop? To find out what people ate in the Middle Ages.

“Preliminary results of analysis show that raspberries were popular in Odense in the 1300s. The contents also contain small pieces of moss, leather and fabric which were used as toilet paper,” archeologist Maria Elisabeth Lauridsen told Discovery.

d88b409baf6a26c918b72cefc6549142Oh, medieval shit that still stinks like shit?

Innit lovely?

On to a little travel piece, with meat: In Spain, a Family Reunion, Centuries Later –

At twilight, I roamed a honey-colored labyrinth of brick houses in Segovia’s medieval Jewish quarter, walking a cobblestone path in the footsteps of my distant ancestor from 16 generations ago.

In the shadows, I reminded myself that every element in his story is true: a Vatican power struggle; an Inquisition trial that confused our family’s religious identity for generations; and a neighborhood infested with spies, from the queen’s minions to the leather maker and butcher.

Yeah, go check it out.

16f3e82ab1ecc735e2e4d20fcb0d453dNext up, so real amazing pictures. These will get you thinking hard and long about the problems we all face every day. These Are Photos Of Childrens Bedrooms. But They Represent Something Much, Much More.

Millions of people from around the world are currently experiencing very different childhoods. Some are living in abject poverty, lacking basic food and sanitation, while others are more fortunate by being born in a country where those things are guaranteed and usually taken for granted.

When photographer James Mollison was asked to come up with an idea for engaging with children’s rights, he found himself thinking of his bedroom: how significant it was during his childhood, and how it reflected what he had and who he was.

And with that, he made it his mission to create Where Children Sleep – a collection of stories about children from around the world, told through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms.

8170c9f12d74250c8fd3441156592f5eAnd finally, last week I posted an article about how smart goats are…well, wonder what happens when a smart goat mates with a sheep? Ya get a little Geep: If you’ve ever wondered what a goat/sheep lovechild would look like, today is your lucky day | Odd News – Yahoo News

Today we take you to the fair nation of Ireland, where a farmer has a curious new addition to his farm – a geep. Geeps are the offspring of goats and sheep, and though the term is usually attributed to goat-sheep hybrids that have been artificially created, the term is also often applied to the naturally born ones as well. Paddy Murphy of Kildare told the Irish Farmers Journal all about the little fella.

A few months ago, Mr. Murphy had noticed from afar what he thought appeared to be a goat…being amorous…with his sheep. He told Irish Farmers Journal, “I came home then and I was asking a few lads, and they said nothing had happened. Here we are now, five months later this is the progeny of a goat out of a Cheviot (a breed of small sheep) ewe.”


(Irish Farmers Journal)

The geep, who doesn’t have a name yet, was born about a week ago and seems to be perfectly healthy. Murphy told RTÉ News, that his farm’s new addition is “absolutely thriving,” and that, “He’s running around a lot quicker than the other lambs which were born.” He also noted that his mother’s love is unwavering despite his odd appearance, “The ewe has taken to him like he’s just another lamb. There’s no difference in how he’s been reared.”


There is video and more pictures at the link…such a cute little thing.  You think the fella has his father’s intellectual capabilities? Or will he be just another sheep in the crowd.

Have a great day and share your Sunday reads with us in the comments below.


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  1. It is morning already? Ugh.

    A few updates:

    Two Aegis ships bound for Japan | The Japan Times

    The United States plans to deploy two additional Aegis destroyers to Japan by 2017 to reinforce missile defenses against increasingly provocative North Korea, visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Sunday.

    During a joint news conference following an hourlong-meeting in Tokyo with Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera, Hagel said the two advanced destroyers, which are equipped with ballistic missile defense systems, will improve the ability of both Japan and the U.S. to protect themselves.

    Afghan Candidates Promise to Respect Results |

    Top 7 Surprising pieces of Good news in Afghanistan Presidential Election | Informed Comment

  2. dakinikat says:

    Wonderful reads and post as usual! A veritable feast of words! Thx JJ and hugz! Doctor Daughter and I have been on the phone this morning talking Game of Thrones! Can’t wait until tonight! Stick ’em with the pointy end!

  3. Beata says:

    Dear sweet Fannie, I wish you peace.

    • RalphB says:

      Yes, indeed. Peace and love from the Sky Dancing community!

      • Fannie says:

        I heart you too. You know Ralph, back in the 50’s and 60’s parents were stupid, they taught you to trust everyone, your priest, your teacher, the police officer, and even your uncle. Now you pretty much teach the girls don’t trust anyone. Part of my crying has to do with that, know what I mean? I’ve talked to lots of women, who tell me they to were raped, or abused, and they don’t want to come out and talk about the abuse, because they fear their families reactions, they’re married, and rape fucks with a husband’s mind. I cry because part of it is because nobody want to believe them, not family, not lawyers, and not judges. Stopping the culture of rapes has to stop at the top, with the courts. I think we need more women who have been abused as judges. Hey, here is 11 year old girl, saying her Uncle raped her and the courts send her home and tell the parents to work it out. Oh God!

        • RalphB says:

          Fannie, I agree that our culture needs reworking from the top to the bottom. I really fear for my grandchildren if we can’t make some fundamental changes.

    • Yes Beata, my thoughts exactly. xoxoxo

      • bostonboomer says:

        Yes, thank you Beata and hugs to Fannie.

      • Fannie says:

        I understand JJ, sometimes we go inside ourselves, and freeze. That’s why it’s always with us. Your reaction is okay, you are brave, and I am proud of you. I see these young girls, they are everywhere, in orphanages, foster home, schools for girls, and they are the throwaways.

        They are so young when raped, don’t even know it’s called raped. This monster Ford probably raped his own daughter, if he had one, and his wife Thelma, she didn’t have the guts to stop it. Nobody was going to believe his wife, or the girls he raped, he was a God fearing man of the Bible. You know what got to me? In the video, as the women have returned to the school after 30 years, they see him on a tractor, and what does he say? Which of you girls are going to heaven and which to hell? I swear, every since this war against women from the religious republicans, they too are yelling about who is and who isn’t going to heaven. It makes me sick. I also think of the Priest, how the catholic church just shifted them from one parish to the other, and just covered it up. I think about those who turn their heads, and do nothing to stop it. That is why I said, YOU AND ME, we need to stop it. It might take women who have been raped, like these women did, go back and be brave. We need to get into the belly of the machine, the factory that promotes the culture and tear it into pieces.

        I know lots of families who don’t have the money or means to bring it to court, and I cry because these girls didn’t say anything when it was happening, because they knew they weren’t believed. They probably got beatings after the assault, and they knew that a lot of people would say it was their fault, and ask them what did they do cause this. You know, JJ
        they clam up, because nobody believes them. And that is why I cry. I see that little girl behind a wired fenced, or see her in lock up for three months or more, because she need discipline after she assaulted.

        Last week was too much…..dirty girls, and peppermint paddies. Nuns telling kids that masturbation will make you gay. Gregg Abbott saying women were inferior. Gov. Perry saying that Texas will not comply with measures to reduce rape in prison. Women serving in the military and being raped this very minute. Not to mention Huckabee, and Todd Akien, the whole republican party and the tea party don’t care about girls/women being raped, they want control of your body. They don’t care that you don’t get fair and equal pay. Add to all that crap republican women want you get married and stay home and do house work, then get on your knees and praise the leader of the household.

        Sometimes we go inside ourselves JJ.

    • Fannie says:

      Oh God, I am sorry, in the back of a woman’s mind that has been raped, it never leaves, I’ll never have peace. It just goes to another part of my mind. That’s ok. But as sure as I am sitting here I know you care. That comforts me, as does Van Morrison’s music. There is more to life, there is, and glad you are part of it.

  4. bostonboomer says:


    Great news about your young friend winning a NASCAR race!

  5. bostonboomer says:

    Michael Hayden just stepped on feminism’s third rail.

    Hayden suggests Feinstein too ‘emotional’ about CIA interrogation techniques

    • NW Luna says:

      Meaning he has no rationale defense except to try a hackneyed attack on Feinstein.

      Hayden needs to undergo a session of advanced interrogation himself.

  6. NW Luna says:

    Lots of informative links, JJ!

    Ah, those illustrations — back when an entire family could live in a nice house on just one income!

  7. NW Luna says:


    When a developer demolishes the century-old Williamsburg Court Apartments in downtown Seattle this year, 49 households will have to find new homes. They include a high-school math teacher, hotel concierge, classical trumpeter, restaurant manager, theater coordinator, a writer and two executive chefs.

    Across the street at the high-rise apartment tower Aspira, a one-bedroom unit starts at just under $2,000 — more than twice what many residents pay at the three-story Williamsburg Court.

    “I work two jobs so that I can live in the city, but I don’t know what we’re going to do,” said Mali Lustica, 36, a hotel concierge and retail sales clerk who lives at Williamsburg Court. “I’m trying to find something else in the city, but everything is so expensive.” ….

    Lower-income renters are “pretty much being pushed out of the city,” said Edlira Kuka, a tenant counselor at Seattle nonprofit Solid Ground and aide to state Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle. The Seattle metro area now ranks sixth among the nation’s metros in annual rent growth, behind three Bay Area cities, Portland and Denver, MPF Research reports.

    “Seattle’s just grown up to be a big city,” said Barbara Stephanus, 84, who with her husband bought the Williamsburg Court property in 1979. It costs $250,000 to $300,000 a unit to build new apartments downtown, she said, because the land costs so much. “That can’t be low income. You’d just go into the hole.” The Stephanus family — which owns numerous older apartment buildings in the Seattle area — has tentatively sold the property and two adjoining parcels to Dallas-based developer Trammell Crow , which will close the deal after the city approves a $50 million plan to construct a 21-story office tower. “We all buy these things as investments,” Stephanus said. “When they no longer serve that purpose … ” She paused. “I don’t know what the answer is for low-income people. I’m really glad I don’t have to decide it.” ……

    “Maybe if you work at Amazon and make $100,000 a year you can afford that,” Etheridge said. “I’m a schoolteacher, I have a good job, I’m making $50,000 a year. Am I going to afford that?” ….

    Stephanus, the building’s co-owner, said her business is owning places for people to live. While what’s happening to Williamsburg Court is sad, she said, if people can’t afford downtown living, that’s for them to figure out. “If they find themselves in that position, there are a lot of jobs out there but they have to train themselves a little bit,” she said. “I’ve heard on TV they’re dying for people who can weld. I don’t see any of them going out to be welders.”

    A quick internet search on welding careers indicates around $9,000 or higher in tuition and training, for a job with an average annual salary around $32,400. Welders won’t be renting any of Stephanus’ new apartments either.

  8. NW Luna says:

    “Never” is a very long time:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Southeast Asia’s top budget carrier AirAsia on Saturday withdrew its latest in-flight magazine and apologized for an offending article boasting that its well-trained pilots would never lose a plane.

    AirAsia Executive Chairman Kamarudin Meranun expressed “deep regret and remorse,” saying the latest issue of “travel 3Sixty” magazine was printed before the Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people disappeared March 8 while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

    Kamarudin said the article was a monthly aviation column prepared well in advance by a retired pilot, who had worked for both AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines. ….

    The last paragraph read: “Pilot training in AirAsia is continuous and very thorough. Rest assured that your captain is well prepared to ensure your plane will never get lost.”

  9. NW Luna says:

    JJ, agree with you on the “Housewife Bakery” name sexism!

  10. NW Luna says:

    Leonard Pitts Jr. writes about the context for World Vision’s recent backstep on married employees.

    Christianity the last to get it right

    Richard Stearns [president of World Vision, the billion-dollar Christian relief organization] …acknowledged he and his fellow evangelicals were late to the fight against this pandemic [AIDS] and explained their tardiness with remarkable candor.

    At first, he said, Christians perceived AIDS as a disease of gay people and drug users and so, “had less compassion for the victims.” This, from followers of the itinerant, first-century rabbi who said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened …”

    So Stearns’ words offered stark illustration of one of the more vexing failings of modern Christianity: its inability to get there on time. ….

    On issues where it should take the lead, where it should make noise and news, challenging the status quo, marching in the streets, actively advocating for human dignity, the great body of Christendom always seems to bring up the rear, arriving decades late to the place the rest of the nation has already reached.

    It’s not just that delegation joining the AIDS fight nearly 25 years after it began. It’s also churches apologizing 30 years after the Civil Rights Act for supporting segregation. And Christian tardiness in standing up for the right of women to be freed from kitchens. ….

    Why is Christianity so often so slow?

    Maybe it’s because there has grown up among us an unfortunate tendency to equate Christianity with conservatism. The effect has been to shrink the gospel of Christ — a radical compassion that touched prostitutes, lepers, tax collectors, adulterers, women and other third-class citizens of his time — to a narrow and exclusionary faith of narrow and exclusionary concerns: criminalize abortions, demonize gays and that’s pretty much it. ….

    [F]aith is not an excuse for getting “there” last. It’s an obligation to get there first.

    Don’t you love the itinerant, first-century rabbi & the you who are weary and burdened part? We could sure use more of those kind of people!

  11. RalphB says:

    Well, I have HBO but don’t know why. Are they having a free weekend or something?