Wednesday Reads: I’m Fukuppy! Nice to meet you.

e821cd587ddb9da9bbe88ae9c293f546Good Morning…

Eeek….What an absolute mess we have going here in the U.S.A…Damn.

I can’t even bring myself to link to any stories on the crap in DC just yet, so I will start with a company called Fukushima Industries and a bit of “Fukushima-ed up” P.R.: Lost in translation: Japan’s ‘Fukuppy’ firm rethinks its egg-shaped mascot after online ridicule

Japan’s Fukushima Industries said Tuesday it was rethinking its “Fukuppy” mascot, after the Internet erupted in sniggers over a name that recalls the catalogue of mishandling at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

The Osaka-based refrigerator maker, whose name derives from its founder and has nothing to do with the area hit by an atomic catastrophe, has been ridiculed on social networking sites for the name it gave its egg-like mascot, which has blue wings and red feet.

Fukuppy AFP

“I’m Fukuppy. Nice to meet you,” the smiling character with a human face tells visitors to the company’s website. “I think I’m kind with a strong sense of justice but people say I’m a little bit scatterbrained.”

Fukushima Industries unveiled “Fukuppy” in April, blending the first part of the company name — Fuku — and the end of the English word “happy,” saying it represented the corporate philosophy of being a happiness-creating company.

But the striking moniker was mistaken for “an inappropriate word among people in English-speaking places or its meaning was misunderstood on the Internet,” the company said in a statement.

“We sincerely apologize for worrying many people and creating misunderstanding among them,” the company said, adding: “We will look into the name, including a rethink of it.”

Wow, let me tell you something….that “Fukuppy” is Fucked-uppy!

Seriously, I can understand a company that is named “Fukushima Industries” and has nothing to do with the “Fukushima Nuclear Powerplant” would want to have some kind of mascot/slogan/gimmick that would separated it from the disaster…not seemingly mock it. I mean…think of just how many “troubles” Fukushima has had, especially with their not so forward way of being “truthful” about these situations, a “scatterbrained” Fukuppy egg with wings ain’t gonna fucking cut it! (Yeah, that firm laid a big egg with that one if you ask me.)

Anyway, here is something Fukuppy (i.e. fucked up) for y’all this morning: Once-in-a-decade typhoon reaches Japan, tracking towards Fukushima nuclear plant. Yup, you read that headline correctly…why don’t you go and read it again…

Satellite image of Typhoon WiphaAt least three people in Japan have been killed as Typhoon Wipha, described by forecasters as “the strongest in 10 years”, passed close to Tokyo.

Around 30 people were unaccounted for on Izu Oshima Island, which lies in the Pacific 120 kilometres south of central Tokyo, after five houses were destroyed or swept away by a series of landslides and floods according to the national broadcaster NHK.

The storm, which has not made landfall, is tracking along Japan’s east coast on a path which will take it towards the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

The operator of the plant says it has released some rain water that was trapped inside its barrages, but the radiation reading was within safety limits.

Photo: A NASA satellite image shows Typhoon Wipha over Japan. (AFP/NASA )

That can’t be good, can someone tell me how the hell can this be considered within safety limits?

I was out of town in Atlanta all day yesterday, so I do not know if this story was even mentioned in the comments, via the Kansas City Star: Nightmare in Maryville: Teens’ sexual encounter ignites a firestorm against family

Few dispute the basic facts of what happened in the early morning hours of Jan. 8, 2012: A high school senior had sex with Coleman’s 14-year-old daughter, another boy did the same with her daughter’s 13-year-old friend, and a third student video-recorded one of the bedding scenes. Interviews and evidence initially supported the felony and misdemeanor charges that followed.

Yet, two months later, the Nodaway County prosecutor dropped the felony cases against the youths, one the grandson of a longtime area political figure.

The incident sparked outrage in the community, though the worst of it was directed not at the accused perpetrators but at a victim and her family. In the months that followed, Coleman lost her job, and her children were routinely harassed. When it became too much, they left, retreating east to Albany.

Coleman had hoped the move would allow them to heal in peace, that the 40 miles separating the towns would be enough to put an end to their bitter saga.

Now, though, as she stared at the charred remains of her house, the distance didn’t seem nearly enough.

Oh…it is disgusting….and it is a long read. You may want to bookmark it and come back to it when you have a mindset to read it.

There are other developments in this story too:

Online group Anonymous takes aim at Missouri town over sex assault case | Reuters

The online activist group Anonymous said on Tuesday it would launch a “Twitter storm” and stage a rally in a Missouri town to protest the dropping of sex charges against two ex-high school football players in an incident involving a 14-year-old girl.

Missouri lawmakers respond to Maryville sexual assault case

The Maryville, Mo., sexual assault case has taken the internet by storm, including two hasthtags on Twitter, including #JusticeForDaisy.

On Tuesday afternoon, Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder tweeted out a statement regarding the investigation.

In the statement, Kinder calls on the state’s attorney general and Nodaway County prosecutor to revisit the case.

“I hope that responsible officials will join me in this call for a grand jury to make the final call on whether criminal charges should or should not be filed,” Kinder said in the statement.

He worries the case could taint the reputation of the State of Missouri.

You can read the full statements at the link but this is something:

“Since Sunday I have read with growing dismay the media accounts of the Daisy Coleman case in Nodaway County. I make no claim to knowledge of all the facts. Still, facts revealed in exhaustive media reports, including the 4,000-word piece in the Kansas City Star, raise all kinds of questions that it is now clear won’t be put to rest.

These questions will fester and taint the reputation of our state for delivering impartial justice to all.

“I am disappointed that the Attorney General would wash his hands of the matter through a brief statement by a spokesman. The appalling facts in the public record shock the conscience and cry out that responsible authorities must take another look. I call on Attorney General Koster and Prosecutor Rice to join me in asking that the Circuit Court convene a grand jury to review all the evidence, hear all witnesses, and issue a decision as to whether charges should ensue.

“I hope that responsible officials will join me in this call for a grand jury to make the final call on whether criminal charges should or should not be filed.”

Then you have this asshole: Missouri sheriff: My department performed ‘flawlessly’ in rape case that attracted Anonymous’ attention | The Raw Story

The Missouri sheriff accused of not following up on a rape case that has drawn the ire of the hacker group Anonymous defended his department’s actions while also criticizing Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (R) for joining in the call for revisit the case.

Let’s see what happens.

Meanwhile, Felony Counts for 2 in Suicide of Bullied 12-Year-Old

For the Polk County sheriff’s office, which has been investigating the cyberbullying suicide of a 12-year-old Florida girl, the Facebook comment was impossible to disregard.

In Internet shorthand it began “Yes, ik” — I know — “I bullied Rebecca nd she killed herself.” The writer concluded that she didn’t care, using an obscenity to make the point and a heart as a perverse flourish. Five weeks ago, Rebecca Ann Sedwick, a seventh grader in Lakeland in central Florida, jumped to her death from an abandoned cement factory silo after enduring a year, on and off, of face-to-face and online bullying.

The Facebook post, Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County said, was so offensive that he decided to move forward with the arrest immediately rather than continue to gather evidence. With a probable cause affidavit in hand, he sent his deputies Monday night to arrest two girls, calling them the “primary harassers.” The first, a 14-year-old, is the one who posted the comment Saturday, he said. The second is her friend, and Rebecca’s former best friend, a 12-year-old.

Both were charged with aggravated stalking, a third-degree felony and will be processed through the juvenile court system. Neither had an arrest record. The older girl was taken into custody in the juvenile wing of the Polk County Jail. The younger girl, who the police said expressed remorse, was released to her parents under house arrest.

This social media stuff…geez, these things have gone on all the time, I mean bullies and rapes go on as they did before….but with such easy ways of posting or bragging about the rapes or bullying. I just don’t know, it makes me so sick and frightened for my daughter (more so than my son) to go out anywhere with anyone…even a group of her girlfriends.

I am rambling…it is because I am tired as I write this post. The rest of the links in dump fashion:

Georgia becomes first state to charge $5 for Lifeline phone…

Georgia has become the first state to charge low-income residents $5 a month for what is now free cellphone service aimed at assuring the poor have access to basic communications.

The Georgia Public Service Commission voted 3-2 to approve the measure amid a pending federal lawsuit from a national wireless telephone group. If left unchallenged, however, the fee will be implemented Jan. 31, 2014.

The controversial decision comes after reports of fraud and abuse in the federal cellphone program, called Lifeline. The program was created during the Reagan Administration and expanded in 2005 to cover mobile phones.

A U.S. Government Accountability Office reported that as many as one in six people receiving free cell phones did not meet income or other need-based requirements to receive the free or discounted phone service. The reports of fraud prompted PSC member Doug Everett to call for tighter oversight on the Lifeline program in Georgia.

“Who’s going to really take care of this program … who’s going to audit the telephone companies to make sure they are trying to do what is right,” Everett said.

Commissioners Everett, Tim Echols and Bubba McDonald voted for the measure. Commissioners Chuck Eaton and Stan Wise voted against it.

Of course a “Bubba” would vote for it. Ugh…

I guess I have to put this link in here now: Influential Heritage group urges U.S. House to kill fiscal bill

Heritage Action For America, an influential conservative group, on Tuesday urged House of Representatives Republicans to vote against their leaders’ latest bill to fund the government and raise U.S. borrowing authority.

The private group said that the legislation, which was scheduled to be voted on late on Tuesday, fails to “stop Obamacare’s massive new entitlements from taking root.”

In calling the upcoming vote a “key vote,” the group is warning lawmakers that it will look at their positions on this legislation in considering whether to encourage candidates to run against them in Republican primary campaigns next year.

Can’t Heritage be charged with Treason for fuck’s sake?

Wow, take a look at  this monster fish:

18-Foot Oarfish Found Off Catalina Island, Considered A ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime Discovery’ [PHOTO]


Jasmine Santana, a snorkeler swimming off Catalina Island in Southern California on Sunday, came across an 18-foot oarfish that she helped drag to shore.  Facebook

Lots of links on that article, be sure to check it out.

More pictures (including close up of head) and video here: Monster Oarfish, 18 Feet Long, Called ‘Discovery of a Lifetime’

Hey, turns out it wasn’t “cave man” but “cave women” who painted on walls:

Prehistoric cave prints show most early artists were women – This is a link to an NBC article…has some color pictures.

Women leave their handprints on the cave wall- This one is a more in-depth piece from a science mag…you will probably find this one more interesting.

Did y’all see this fan letter Anthony Hopkins wrote to Bryan Cranston: Anthony Hopkins’ ‘Breaking Bad’ Fan Letter To Bryan Cranston Is Awesome

And lastly, anyone looking for that perfect costume this Halloween? Are you a “ginger” aka red-haired with freckles? Then this may be the costume for you:

Ginger Bread Man

Mental Floss

Gingers may or may not have souls, but they do have clever costumes.

Now that is “Fukuppying” Awesome!

Have a great day, and please share what you are thinking and reading about today.

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  1. Hey, I wonder what the bookies odds are in Vegas? There was a few who did it back in the day: Betting $4.8 billion in CDS on U.S. debt default – Jul. 26, 2011

    • Beata says:

      Robertson is a very wealthy man. He’s worried about his investments.

      • It’s just hilarious to me, but then I’ve always felt this shutdown was kabuki for the benefit of the oligarchs.

        • Beata says:

          Glad you’re having fun with the whole situation, Mona.

          • Beata, I don’t feel bad finding humor in Pat frigg’n Robertson chiming in with his two (are they ever wanted) cents to ‘rein in the GOP’–it’s one of those things where you laugh so you don’t have to cry.

          • Hey, I don’t know about y’all but I have to find some kind of humor in these situations, otherwise I will go insane. I think anyone who has worked in the social services field knows, humor is the only thing that gets you through…it is when I can’t summon up the dark twisted giggles from within that I know things are way beyond my ability to handle them. And that has happened a lot these past few years. (When Obama fucked us all by doing the compromise shit from the very beginning, Penn State, certain things dealing with September 11th, etc…I think you all know me well enough when I go to that dark place…) We all have particular issues that really hit home and knock us flat.

            This shit going on now, is unbelievable the GOP assholes have let it get this far…and it should be viewed as a “terrorist” tactical threat, which goes beyond a political parties agenda. And if I was someone important, I would start recall proceedings in all the districts where these GOP assholes got elected…starting with Cruz, Lee and Boehner. (But that is impossible I know.)

        • bostonboomer says:

          Just curious . . . How does the shutdown benefit the oligarchs?

          • By setting the page for a “grand bargain” on the social safety net… Obamacare was never the real fight, just a red herring

            BAR’s Glen Ford on The Shutdown Game:

            Therefore, for the sake of the almighty dollar (blessed be its name) – and because the shutdown has already achieved its purposes – the GOP will call a halt to its action before any money-changers get hurt. The Republicans will have shown their willingness to fight The Obama. Obama will appear to be defending the people from The Republicans. And then they will both slash away at social spending, as was the intention, all along.

          • RalphB says:

            It doesn’t benefit the oligarchs. If anything people, in general, will be more resistant to any grand bargains and will pay more attention for a while.

          • I hope we all pay attention for longer than awhile–that would be great. The passing nature of these political ‘events’ is part of the problem.

          • ANonOMouse says:

            There is always a bit of theater in politics (see CSPAN), REMEMBER: “Politics is show business for ugly people.”

            Still, I don’t think that marching the U.S. economy out to the ledge will bring the oligarchs anymore than they’d get by just “ordering their hand-chosen” U.S. reps to do the deed. The oligarchs will make out like bandits no matter what happens, but they’ll keep a lot more of their precious treasure if they don’t play 11th hour mind fuck games by holding the most powerful economy on the planet over the toilet. Ok, so maybe it’s just a matter of they make only 6 billion dollars instead of 10 billion, but every billion counts to them.

            In these times, when the home-grown crazies dangle the fate of all American’s over the bullshit cliff, I remind myself of this quote from Winston Churchill “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

          • bostonboomer says:

            I wonder why even the Koch brothers and the Chamber of Commerce have been trying to get the Republicans to stop the nonsense then? The money changers have already been hurt and are going to be hurt more, because this current “agreement” if it happens just kicks the can down the road a couple of months.

          • bostonboomer says:

            “I hope we all pay attention for longer than awhile–that would be great. The passing nature of these political ‘events’ is part of the problem.”


            I’m not sure what that means. We have followed the ongoing situation very closely here, and I haven’t noticed any “passing nature.” This has been an ongoing battle for years now–at least since 2010. For me, anyway, that’s the source of frustration and stress. It goes on without pause and never ends.

          • Bb, I was talking about the American public. Not Sky Dancing.

          • ANonOMouse says:

            ” I wonder why even the Koch brothers and the Chamber of Commerce have been trying to get the Republicans to stop the nonsense then? ”

            No doubt they feel as if they’ve lost control of their puppets, which tells me this isn’t a high stakes gamble by the oligarchy to take down the safety nets. Every billion counts to them. And when the pond-scum, otherwise known as, Pat Robertson, goes “AWOL” on the GOP, it isn’t because he’s concerned for the poor, the sick, the elderly or the 800k furloughed Federal workers, it’s because his tithe income goes into the shitter.

          • ANonOMouse says:

            And we’ve seen the answer to the over-arching question we’ve all asked “will Obama cave?”. I think it’s clear, he didn’t!!!

            We will have some adjustments made to SS and Medicare in the near future. Those adjustments will likely include means testing, which I have mixed emotions about it, but I think it will happen. Social Security has been fine tuned a number of times and both Medicare & Medicaid were fine tuned during the administration of Reagan, when Tip O’Neill was the Speaker and during the administration of Clinton, when Gingrich was the Speaker.

          • dakinikat says:

            I’m not sure what’s come out of the Senate agreement but I don’t think it’s a clear CR. I think there’s a few things in there and I think one of them is the tax on mechanical body parts which is part of the funding for the ACA.

      • Robertson is a very wealthy man. He’s worried about his investments.

        You got that right!

  2. RalphB says:

  3. RalphB says:

    This is not entertaining…

  4. Socialist feminist Indian American girl squee!

    But if you are still laughing at the electoral prospects of Socialist Alternative Party city council candidate Kshama Sawant, the joke is on you. Sawant is the real deal. She kicks ass. And she could actually win in November.

    An immigrant woman of color, an Occupy Seattle organizer, and an economics instructor at Seattle Central Community College, Sawant offers voters a detailed policy agenda, backed up by a coherent economic critique and a sound strategy for moving the political debate in a leftward direction. She is passionate but thoughtful. She speaks comfo
    rtably on noneconomic issues. She is likable. And most important, she’s winning over voters.

    Also Ty Moore in Minneapolis:

    A Socialist Win in Minneapolis?

    Even the corporate media admit that Socialist Alternative candidate Ty Moore has a chance of winning a seat on the city council, this November. “If we win this race, it’s not because a majority of working class residents of Ward 9, South Minneapolis, are socialists, but because they are angry at the system and they see that the people who are running this city are clearly sided with the rich and big business,” said Moore. “Our organization has built roots in this community, by fighting back.” Another Socialist Alternative city council candidate is running well in Seattle.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Yeah…..The Medicare rollout was VERY messy too. I clearly remember the pissing & moaning from the left about the confusion and the bureaucracy associated with enrolling and Doctors and payments and the terrifying screams from the right of “socialism”. I’ve lived long enough to see almost everything political at least twice.

      • Medicare was an actual social/public service….the ACA is a government subsidized expansion of private insurance. If we ever get a public option/mechanism, that would begin to make it more analogous to Medicare.

        • ANonOMouse says:

          Mona…..I’m not comparing the programs, I’m comparing the rollout. The rollout glitches, the complaints, the bureaucracy, the fears of “path to socialized med” are all basically the same.

          • ANonOMouse says:

            And the commercial component, as well as the mandate, is in Medicare too. We are required, by law, to pay for Medicare through payroll deduction throughout our life and through premium deductions from our SS check after retirement. The majority of our medical service providers are for profit businesses. I know, you want CMS to pay the bills, otherwise known as the public option, but in the end, for profit businesses will make money off of Obamacare, just as they do Medicare & Medicaid because our system of healthcare delivery is, for the most part, comprised of for profit, Hospitals, Docs, Clinics,etc….That’s just how it is!!!

    • About damn time he saw the light.

    • RalphB says:

      Has someone informed Baby Ezra yet the ACA is more than a damned website? Or is he, like the fdl derp crew, still laboring in the dark?

  5. See, it’s lolsob funny:

    After weeks of a needless shutdown the Republican party has folded. It sounds like the bill that will go before the House soon is a complete and total surrender from their original position on defunding Obamacare. There is no other way to frame it. The only “concession” they got from the actual shutdown was beefed up income verification on the exchanges. Basically, they shut down the government to ask President Obama to enforce and implement Obamacare more quickly.

    PS I know that the FDL position on Obamacare (that it’s a bad bill etc) isn’t the position shared here… I quoted just that one paragraph and not the rest of the post, because it’s accurate on the outcome, i.e. “Basically they shut down the government to ask President Obama to enforce and implement Obamacare more quickly.”

    • bostonboomer says:


      I doubt if FDL is monolithic in its belief system, and I know that Sky Dancing is not. I think it would really help a lot if you would just express your own opinions and not try to characterize other people’s. You are not the only person here who thinks the ACA is a bad bill. I can’t think of anyone who here who wouldn’t much prefer single payer. I’m confused about why you keep insisting otherwise.

      Just a gentle suggestion, and I’ll butt out from now on.

      • BB, every day FDL is referred to here with some pejorative monolithic label. Today right here in this thread we have “FDL derp crew”

        • bostonboomer says:

          Whatever Mona. If you want to try to read people’s minds, go ahead. It was just a polite suggestion. So then if someone wants to criticize FDL, that should be OK too. So is linking to FDL.

          IMO, telling other people what they think isn’t that cool. Just my derpy opinion.

      • And, frankly the only reason I had to add that PS disclaimer was so that it was understood I was quoting that paragraph and not trying to argue about the substance of ACA criticized in the rest of the post at the link.

        In the past I quoted/highlighted something and it’s become a passive aggressive series of taunts toward me channeled at “spoiled lazy millennials” (ie young people who won’t run out and campaign for ACA begrudgingly or otherwise basically)…

        when that wasn’t the part of the article I was trying to bring attention to. I repeatedly tried to point that out, after the fact. I tried putting a disclaimer this time… damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

        I posted a video to Elizabeth Edwards arguing FOR Obamacare like a pro and something I would like to see more of.. Elizabeth Edwards got thrown under the bus as creating bad blood and a lecture about people just being hurt over 2008 etc.

        I commented on Leticia Van de Putte, a really outstanding female legislator from Texas, doing a really good job explaining the ACA, showing how our Texas women tend to be FDR Democratic…I got told off that I wouldn’t know an FDR Democratic if it bit me in the butt or titty or some other angry rhetoric.

        I guess I will just take my opinions to my derpy blog. Thanks.

  6. Fannie says:

    Get your puke bag out………Ted Cruz is talking, and will not block the bill……….and everything coming out of his mouth is a lie……….saying our President is hurting Americans all across this land, and on and on with his tap dancing, and the republicans still love him, he’s a no good politician.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      We should coin a new phrase to describe the subversion of the U.S. Government initiated by a single power mad politician. “America just got SCruzed”

      • Delphyne49 says:

        Mouse, I’ve thought for a long time that Cruz bears an uncanny resemblance to Bill Murray. Perhaps Stephen Colbert or Murray can recreate Scrooged as a political comedy and name it SCruzed. The Ghosts can be played by Ann Richards, Geraldine Ferraro with the Ghost of Christmas Future to be played by Hillary.

        • I welcome the GOP to keep Ted Cruz as its ‘populist’ (cough, cough) spokesperson. All the sooner we turn Texas blue.

          • dakinikat says:

            There has historically been a right wing populist and a left wing populist movement in this country. Think William Jennings Bryant as an example. Both fear and dislike the “elite” but they come from essentially different places in terms of social agendas. You can even look at the whig break up as an example. Just as there is a christian social justice movement with a leftist frame and a christian social justice movement with a rightist frame.

        • ANonOMouse says:

          Delph, That would be hilarious. I vote Bill Murray, nobody could do it better.

      • “America just got SCruzed”

        I love ya mouse!

  7. Fannie says:

    I like that Mouse and Delph…………….

  8. RalphB says:

    Don’t be shy, tell them what you think …

    tbotp: Carl Bernstein: GOP leadership ‘cancerous’

    Journalist and author Carl Bernstein said Wednesday that Republican Party leadership is “cancerous” and has put the United States at risk by letting the tea party lead the GOP.

    “The Republican Party today has become a rabid organization from the top down. The leadership is cancerous,” the former Washington Post reporter said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday.

    Bernstein called the current situation a “terrible moment in our history” and said only segregation politics offers a comparison.

    • Prolix says:

      Bernstein should be reminded there’s a tanning bed tax for those who glow orange of skin.

    • Segregation politics? That’s a disturbing and hyperbolic comparison, frankly.
      Then again what else to expect from the white male blowhard who inserted cankles into our political vernacular.

      • Seriously says:

        Saw that earlier and could not actually believe it. The only thing in Bernstein and his orange glow’s favor is that overwrought segregation analogies may be a scant half-step less horrifying than overwrought slavery analogies, but it’s one instance where he’d actually be better of using his time on his continuing project to catalogue the flaws of every body part of America’s female pols.

        • bostonboomer says:

          Personally, I think there’s been an incredible amount of racism coming from the tea party and the right wingers in the House. What am I missing?

          Bernstein doesn’t seem to be using segregation per se as an analogy. He’s comparing that time in our history with this one.

          “You have to go back to the party, the Democratic Party of segregation to find this kind of scorched-earth politics putting the national interests nowhere and putting ideology and ideology above all else,” Bernstein said. “The full faith and credit of the United States, our reputation abroad, our stability, our national security has been endangered by [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell, by [House Majority Leader Eric] Cantor, who have embraced and cowardly appeased these forces who are know-nothings.”

  9. ANonOMouse says:

    The real Orange Man cries