Friday Nite Lites: Saturday Morning Cartoons

Cartoons for tonight…enjoy them.

Starting off with the absolute best one of the lot!

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Chan Lowe, Sun-Sentinel – 08/23/2013

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

And now the rest of the bunch.

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Chan Lowe, Sun-Sentinel – 08/17/2013

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

Airline Merger – Political Cartoon by Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 08/20/2013

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Airline Merger

Nick Anderson: Birthers – Nick Anderson – Truthdig

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Joel Pett, Lexington Herald-Leader – 08/23/2013

Cartoon by Joel Pett -

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Joel Pett, Lexington Herald-Leader – 08/21/2013

Cartoon by Joel Pett -

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Milt Priggee

Cartoon by Milt Priggee -

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Chan Lowe, Sun-Sentinel – 08/21/2013

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun – 08/23/2013

Cartoon by Mike Smith -

FILNER – Political Cartoon by Deb Milbrath, Cartoon Movement – 08/23/2013

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - FILNER

SYRIA WMD – Political Cartoon by Deb Milbrath, Cartoon Movement – 08/22/2013

Cartoon by Deb Milbrath - SYRIA WMD

AAEC – Political Cartoon by David Horsey, Los Angeles Times – 08/22/2013

Cartoon by David Horsey -

AAEC – Political Cartoon by David Horsey, Los Angeles Times – 08/21/2013

Cartoon by David Horsey -

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune – 08/22/2013

Cartoon by Pat Bagley -

Assad killings by Political Cartoonist Arend van Dam

136344 600 Assad killings cartoons

Assads red line by Political Cartoonist Arend van Dam

136343 600 Assads red line cartoons

I will end this post with a few animal pictures…

From the Atlanta Zoo:

Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam

999850_10151616158973553_434825292_n Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam 2013-08-18 12-17-13

Friday, August 23
The cubs are becoming more active. When they are alone – whether in the incubator or if Lun Lun is away eating – they are very busy doing their “exercises” as I call them. They stretch and roll, kick their legs, and do crunches when on their backs. They cannot scoot yet, but they can wiggle and roll themselves along for short distances. These movements are an important part of their development. They are learning to use their muscles and building up strength. Before we know it, they will be scooting around on their bellies trying to follow Lun Lun!
Heather R
Carnivore Keeper III

Thursday, August 22
I have learned a lot about panda cub rearing from Deng Tao. We’re so lucky to have his expertise! And he is learning a lot about our mom’s personality. Lun Lun seems quite content to lie down and cuddle with her cub after it has nursed for a bit, whereas Deng would like her to encourage the cub to nurse for longer periods. Since the cubs can only squirm and roll over right now, it is easiest for them to nurse while Lun is sitting up, supporting their weight. It is also easier for the cub to venture to all four teats to nurse in this position. When she lies down, it’s harder for the cubs to get to a teat to nurse. They’ll vocalize of course, and Lun is attentive in repositioning her body and theirs, but an upright position is ideal. When the cubs are older and can crawl a bit, it won’t matter if Lun is lying down because they’ll be able to find a teat on their own. The cubs are still gaining weight, so we’re not super concerned. Their weights are actually right on target with their big brothers Xi Lan and Po at the same age! So far, Mei Lan has been the heaviest cub, but not by much. We know this from compiling all the data we have from all five offspring and graphing it together to see if the twins are too heavy or too light compared to their brothers. We weren’t really worried, but having the graphs reassures us that the cubs are gaining weight steadily and proportionally to that of Lun’s other offspring. The analytical nerd in me loves doing data analysis, so this is yet another perk of being a nursery keeper! On a side note, panda cub grunts and “annoyed” vocalizations are ridiculously cute. They get so moody sometimes and you can’t help but laugh!
Jen W.
Keeper I, Carnivores

Wednesday, August 21
I’m gone for four days and I come back to discover that the cubs look like they got twice as big! We’re even using the second incubator more often now because trying to manage both cubs in one incubator is already proving to be a challenge! It’s much easier to tell Cub A from his brother because he’s got such a big round belly, whereas his brother is more streamlined around the middle. This is ironic when you think about the fact that Cub B is usually the heavier of the two! And in just four days’ absence, it’s amazing to see how much more comfortable both cubs and Lun are when she leaves to eat. Current weights: A: 1.3850 kg  and B: 1.3521 kg.
Jen W.
Keeper I, Carnivores

Aren’t these babies adorable?

And one more baby for you, my little poodle puppy will be ready to come home soon, we are calling him Bruce after Bruce Campbell:

Bruce Campbell Walts

Have a good evening…early morning, this is an open thread.

13 Comments on “Friday Nite Lites: Saturday Morning Cartoons”

  1. ecocatwoman says:

    Yes, jj, those babies are adorable & beyond. I wish there were audio tapes of their vocalizations.

    I don’t know much about poodles. Is Bruce a miniature, a tea cup or something else? How old is he now? BTW, I have a cat named Campbell. He was named after the kind man that headed a building project that allowed us (CARE volunteers) to trap & fix the many feral cats & kittens on property. Some were returned, but many were removed and either adopted or relocated.

  2. Oooh! Can’t wait to go through these, JJ.
    Working on the S(C)aturday reads… just an Fyi 🙂

  3. RalphB says:

    Love the cartoons, especially the first! I think his goes along with cartoons. 🙂

    Paul Krugman: Don’t Let The Government Get Its Hands On Obamacare!

    Lots of people having fun with this great report from Jason Cherkis at the Kentucky State Fair:

    A middle-aged man in a red golf shirt shuffles up to a small folding table with gold trim, in a booth adorned with a flotilla of helium balloons, where government workers at the Kentucky State Fair are hawking the virtues of Kynect, the state’s health benefit exchange established by Obamacare.

    The man is impressed. “This beats Obamacare I hope,” he mutters to one of the workers.

    This goes along with all the polling evidence, which says that people like the actual provisions of the Affordable Care Act, but have no idea that those provisions are in fact the substance of that terrible, tyrannical “Obamacare” program they keep hearing about. And because the insurance exchanges that are at the heart of the program will be run at the state level, with many different names, we’ll have quite a few people happily signing up for Obamacare while denouncing the program and believing it has nothing to offer them.

    • RalphB says:

      Or maybe this bj commenter is right…

      It is too optimistic. The right-wingers have that special genius for multi-level delusion. If you were to explain to the Kentucky Obamacare hater that the program he likes is Obamacare, he will stop listening after the first three or four syllables. He will walk away convinced that you just explained to him how this Kentucky program was a better, less-socialist, perhaps even whiter, program than Obamacare, that it’s what the good people, the Republicans, tried to enact, but Obama & the liberals wouldn’t let them. He will repeat this to others who will also believe it.

  4. Beata says:

    Great cartoons, JJ. ( Joel Pett – I know him! )

    Love the panda pics. They are adorable. My cat loves to sleep on her back, too.

    Your poodle is such a cutie! Glad he will be home with you soon.

  5. peej says:

    Excellent cartoons, JJ! Bruce is adorable, but named after Bruce Cambell??? I think Bruce Campbell is haunting me. I just narrowly escaped an Army-of-Darkness-Athon this weekend!!! Weird synergy with Cambell happenin’!

    Gotta ask you about that school graphic, though. It generated a quizzical response. Being I’m not a parent… I think the punchline must be lost on me. I have only my school days memories to go on here… so my own narrow perspective… but I recall my peers and I being ecstatic about returning to school after the summer. Bear in mind, I’m a crusty old sea hag so that was many moons ago. I mean, thinking about it now, I can still feel the excitement. Have times changed? Is it like pulling teeth getting kids to school in the fall?

    • Beata says:

      Well, I am in my fifties. My friends and I hated going back to school in the fall. It meant no more lazy days swimming at the city pool and evenings playing kickball in the street until it got dark outside. Getting us back to school was torture! We were for year-around summer vacation.

      • peej says:

        Hi Beata,

        I couldn’t wait for summer vacation by the end of the school year that’s for sure. 🙂

        I absolutely loved my summer fun, and I had a lot of fun, but I always wanted to get back to school by the end of the summer. It must just be me.

  6. Oooo…look, Bruce Campbell answered my tweet: