16 Comments on “Friday Nite Lite, on a Saturday Morning: Will the dancing Hitlers please wait in the wings! We are only seeing singing Hitlers.”

  1. Morning, I am going back to bed…

  2. Fannie says:

    Dreaming of frozen yogart…………vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate: mango, raspberries, cherries, pineapple, and kiwi on top, with a dallop of magic shell.

    Stay cool everybody.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Wayne Slater: Will Lt Gov David Dewhurst have Texas media arrested?

    Lt. Gov David Dewhurst says his office is reviewing video of the Senate filibuster and protest that doomed an abortion bill to see if the media should be arrested. Dewhurst told a conservative web site that he suspects reporters were complicit in inciting a riot. He offered no evidence, but said his staff is looking over the tapes of the final, chaotic night last Tuesday. “If I find, as I’ve been told, examples of the media waving and trying to inflame the crowd, incite them in the direction of a riot, I’m going to take action against them,” Dewhurst told Hot Air. “We have reports that members of the media on the floor, on the floor of the Senate, were looking up at the people in the gallery, waving their hands, trying to motivate them to yell more. If I find examples of that, proof certain on our video,” Dewhurst warned, “I’m going to address this firmly.”

    Dewhurst lost control of the chamber when abortion-rights supporters in the Senate gallery began shouting and jeering Tuesday night after he cut off Sen. Wendy Davis’ 11-hour filibuster against a bill that would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks. The noise left Dewhurst flummoxed and the clock ran out on the special session, killing the bill.

    • Mr. Mike says:

      If any members of the media behaved like this is it journalistic malfeasance or does it rise to criminal activity?

      • RalphB says:

        It’s called free speech, ace. Reporters don’t give up that right.

        • Mr. Mike says:

          Injecting yourself into the story you are tasked with covering by inciting the gallery to become louder makes for a good film clip for airing but isn’t good journalism.

    • RalphB says:

    • Yeah BB, Dewhurst is pulling some old fashioned techniques here and I find it appalling.

      Aren’t Dewhurst and Co. the ones who broke the law by changing the minutes on the legislative clock?

  4. Mr. Mike says:

    That Varvel cartoon,it’s not just teens and twenty somethings what think like that. (But then for the forty and up somethings I’d replace coffee with stiffy pills.) Most of the people I work with can give you the roster of their favorite sport team but are lost if asked the name of their Senators or Representative. Like Bluto they think the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. But then that’s why Fox News and the republican party exist.

    • bostonboomer says:

      That cartoon is too right wing for me. What are “stiffy pills?”

    • I think it is more like…”Who is Pearl Harbor?”

      To me the cartoon is about right, remember when people in the street at Times Square could not tell you who a picture of Biden or Boehner was but they knew who The Situation was?

      I got an email yesterday from my Rep Tom Graves, he wrote an op/ed in Wired…well it was written on 6/17 with comments going from 12 to 11 to 4 days ago.
      It’s Beyond Ridiculous That Email (But Not Mail) Has Been Left Out of Privacy Laws | Wired Opinion | Wired.com
      Take a look at those comments…I was surprised that these folks were thinking switching to thunderbird, or using norton would stop the NSA from getting your info…

      This is obviously people who are reading a magazine that is geared to tech issues…and they think using different programs or different email configurations is going to keep the gov from getting their data.

      I bet there are a lot of people out there who think the same way still…so they update their anti-virus and smile and look for that next article that gives a glimpse of Blue Ivy…or North West.

      There are some who may not give a damn, like in the cartoon…

      A lot may be pissed off and sick about it, but feel there is nothing that can be done about it either…(I admit, I am more or less in that group myself.)

      Then there are some who are actively doing something about it…