Everyone needs to laugh, or we’ll all go crazy…

I swear, with all the shit that hit the fan today there has to be some humor. Something to laugh at…I guess I will post my rant tomorrow. For now though, here are some cartoons to lighten the evening.

In no particular order, because dammit who cares at this point…am I right?

Syrian Rebels – Political Cartoon by Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 06/23/2013

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Syrian Rebels

Death of a Language by Political Cartoonist Randall Enos

133581 600 Death of a Language cartoons

Is this BRAZIL by Political Cartoonist Patrick Chappatte

133587 600 Is this BRAZIL cartoons

Edward Snowden Travels by Political Cartoonist Daryl Cagle

133597 600 Edward Snowden Travels cartoons

GOP Freak Show by Political Cartoonist Randall Enos

133599 600 GOP Freak Show cartoons

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Randy Bish, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – 06/24/2013

Cartoon by Randy Bish -

Clay Bennett: Paula Deen – Clay Bennett – Truthdig

Clay Bennett: Path to Citizenship – Clay Bennett – Truthdig

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Chan Lowe, Sun-Sentinel – 06/25/2013

Cartoon by Chan Lowe -

AAEC – Political Cartoon by John Branch, BranchToon.com/San Antonio Express-News/North America Syndicate – 06/25/2013

Cartoon by John Branch -

White Treats by Political Cartoonist Gary Markstein

133697 600 White Treats cartoons

Counting Sheep by Political Cartoonist Marian Kamensky

133695 600 Counting Sheep cartoons

AAEC – Political Cartoon by MStreeter, Savannah Morning News – 06/25/2013

Cartoon by MStreeter -

Retirement Denial by Political Cartoonist Steve Kelley

133677 600 Retirement Denial cartoons

Farm Bill by Political Cartoonist Marshall Ramsey

133675 600 Farm Bill cartoons

Stop Spinning by Political Cartoonist Chip Bok

133668 600 Stop Spinning cartoons

Two Patriots by Political Cartoonist Larry Wright

133704 600 Two Patriots cartoons

Paula Deen by Political Cartoonist Chris Britt

133670 600 Paula Deen cartoons

It’s an open thread!

130 Comments on “Everyone needs to laugh, or we’ll all go crazy…”

  1. And everyone have a good night…

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Randall Enos is an old fogey. Would he rather people say “you know” instead of “like?”

  3. cygnus says:

    The shit is hitting the fan right now in texas re: SB5

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Check this out:

    FORMER US OFFICIAL: The NSA Thinks Edward Snowden Copied ‘Almost Everything That Place Does’

    Maybe he will shut the NSA down.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    Wikileaks says Edward Snowden may be “permanently stuck in Russia.”

    “Cancelling Snowden’s passport and bullying intermediary countries may keep Snowden permanently in Russia,” WikiLeaks said on its Twitter feed, but did not specify the names of intermediary countries.

    I wonder if they have showers in the part of the airport Snowden is being confined by FSB guards?

    • janicen says:

      I’m sure he’ll be much happier there, away from the watchful eye of the U.S. government.

    • RalphB says:

      I’ve been wondering ever since he landed in Moscow if the FSB would allow him to leave or keep him to drain him dry. Bullying intermediate countries like Cuba wouldn’t be easy. :-).

      He may soon miss that home in Hawaii, if he has a functioning brain.

      • janicen says:

        They will never let him go. I read earlier that some national security sources are saying that Islamist militant groups have suddenly changed their communications. The speculation is that it’s based on info from Snowden.

        • RalphB says:

          Wonder if, after they’ve drained everything he knows out of him, Russia might try to trade him to us for someone or something they want??\

    • RalphB says:

      WikiLeaks earlier said that its representative Sarah Harrison accompanied Snowden on a plane from Hong Kong to Moscow on Sunday.

      I wonder about this woman?

    • newdealdem1 says:

      I was thinking the same thing, BB, about the showers.

      Let him be permanently stuck in Russia. I say we bargain with the Russians in an exchange: they can keep Snowden and we get the Pussy Riot Women jailed for absolutely nothing that can be classified as a crime in a democracy. Seems like a fair enough exchange to me.

    • newdealdem1 says:

      Why don’t we do this: exchange of people: Putin can keep Snowden and we get the jailed Pussy Riot women in exchange.

  6. its past midnight

  7. Boo Radly says:

    Congratulations to US Sen. Ed Markey!

  8. cygnus says:

    SO I guess they got away with it? It was all so unclear. WHat happens now?

    • RalphB says:

      They’re fighting \about what time thw vote happened. The TX Constitution ends everything at 12:00 on the dot. Bill may have passed at 12:02.

  9. RalphB says:

    DMN: Unclear whether SB 5 passed before midnight deadline

    Update at 12:20 am by Claire Cardona:

    It’s after 12:20 a.m., the Senate has not adjourned, despite Dewhurst’s motion to ask Whitmire to do so, and it’s unclear whether the bill passed before midnight. Several senators said a vote was taken before midnight and the vote was either 19-10 (according to Patrick) or 17-12 (according to Deuell). Democrats say it did not pass before the deadline.

    Sen. Garcia said vote was taken at 12:03 a.m. Whitmire said journal will show that it was 12:02 a.m. Still no word.

    Will update when we know more.


    • bostonboomer says:
    • RalphB says:

      Update at 12:55 a.m.:

      Davis said she couldn’t speak too loud but wanted to thank a crowd of hundreds that gathered outside the Senate chamber well past midnight.

      “Today was democracy in action and as my colleague Sen. West said a minute ago, today was the example of government for the people, by the people and of the people,” Davis said. “And you all are the reason that happened, you all were the voices we were speaking from today from the floor, and we are so proud as a group of Democrat senators to have represented your interests on this issue today.”

      Dallas Morning News says bill passage is still disputed.

  10. newdealdem1 says:

    I was crying tonight watching what went on in the Texas legislature. This was American democracy at it’s very best and Dem Texans showed us the way tonight inasmuch as we should never give up, NEVER! I don’t usually say this, but I was so proud to be an American and Dem tonight. Wendy Davis did us all proud as women, Americans and Dems. And, this is not the first time that Ms. Davis has filibustered. I know it’s something I don’t have the physical stamina to do and so I so admire Ms. Davis for her mental and physical courage today (and the last time she stood up for democracy via a filibuster, her offices were bombed by a molotov cocktail) are unsurpassed by any other woman or man (except for the fictional US Senator portrayed by Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”).
    I wasn’t familiar with her history before this week. So, here is a bit of her bio http://tinyurl.com/ouao4t7

    I don’t know what happens after what happened in Texas tonight. All I do know is that my faith in our democracy has been revitalized and my cynicism has suffered a blow.

    To JJ: thank you for your continued sense of humor. Humor is what keeps me going when going is not always easy.

    I love your cartoons, JJ. They have always brought me peace in these chaotic times.

    Looking forward to being a regular poster on this brilliant and humane blog.

    • RalphB says:

      Welcome!!!!! I am prouder to be a Texan tonight than I have been in a very long time. They did us right.

      • newdealdem1 says:

        Thank you, Ralph. I’ve admired your posts on this blog for a long time now. Texas showed all of us tonight what living in a democracy means (which we often lose sight of) and what it truly means to an American when that label truly meant something weighty and real. I’ve visited your great state for over 20 years now on business and have always loved going there given the great hospitality I’ve found there: in Austin, Lubbock, San Antonio (love the Riverwalk) and Dallas. To encompass what the Texas Dems did tonight for which I will forever be enthralled, like the Danish King said during WW2, to paraphrase: “We are all Texans, now!”

        • RalphB says:

          My former mayor and now Sen Kirk Watson is a really great guy and Wendy Davis is just an amazing woman, I really want her to run for Governor if we can blue this place up a little. I live in Austin and we’re about as blue as you could get now.

          • cygnus says:

            They are both completely awesome people. I hope you get your blueing of TX, RalphB.

            I want to thank everyone here for being here together tonight during this incredible historic moment. I really appreciate the company and support.

      • Fannie says:

        We luv you Ralph………..luv you man.

  11. cygnus says:

    Dunno why I;d be surprised but AP and CBS reporting that the bill passed?! We all watched as they voted *after* midnight, and that the session never actually ended. WHat is up with the MSM?!! SHeesh!

    • newdealdem1 says:

      the MSM sucks and that is why they don’t rank much higher than the US Congress these days. And why most Americans don’t give a rats ass about the AP “scandal” as the 4th Estate has mostly been missing in action starting with their loud silence during the Bush years.

    • RalphB says:

      Occupy may be camping outside the Capitol.

  12. cygnus says:

    The chamber feed is back on now.

  13. cygnus says:

    Wendy texted that the bill is dead!!

  14. cygnus says:

    legislature changed timetstamps on their website! aresholes!

  15. cygnus says:

    Sorry, I’m kinda wound up!

  16. cygnus says:

    the lt governor has agreed that sb5 is dead!!!!! w00t!!!

  17. bostonboomer says:

    What an exciting night! You guys are the greatest.