Racism, Bigotry, Sexism…yeah we got that…open thread

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So much going on in the spy game that I thought I would just bring you up to date on some of the shit going on in the “hate” side of life, well… at least the ones that are getting a little play in the news lately.

There is a new report from Human Rights Watch about Greece and the increasing racism seen there. Greece: Abusive Crackdown on Migrants | Human Rights Watch

Police Sweeps, Invasive Searches, Arbitrary Detention

Athens police are conducting abusive stops and searches and have detained tens of thousands of people in a crackdown on irregular migration, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

The 52-page report, “Unwelcome Guests: Greek Police Abuses of Migrants in Athens,” documents frequent stops of people who appear to be foreigners, unjustified searches of their belongings, insults, and, in some cases, physical abuse. Many are detained for hours in police stations pending verification of their legal status.

“It’s cruelly ironic that the authorities named the sweeps Xenios Zeus, after the ancient Greek god of hospitality,” said Eva Cossé, a Greece specialist at Human Rights Watch and author of the report. “In fact, Operation Xenios Zeus is anything but hospitable to migrants and asylum seekers, who are regularly stopped, searched, and detained just because of the way they look.”

Between August 2012, when Operation Xenios Zeus began, and February 2013, the police forcibly took almost 85,000 foreigners to police stations to verify their immigration status. No more than 6 percent were found to be in Greece unlawfully, suggesting the police are casting an extraordinarily wide net.

The report draws on dozens of interviews with people who have been subjected to at least one stop since Operation Xenios Zeus began. Many of those interviewed had a legal right to be in Greece at the time of the stops because they are asylum seekers, legal foreign residents, or Greeks of foreign origin.

Many said they felt they were stopped because of their physical characteristics and gave disturbing accounts of clear targeting on the basis of race or ethnicity.

For a review of the report and some other talking points you can take a look at two articles, one from RT.com and one from Voice of America:

‘All blacks out!’: Human Rights Watch condemns ‘racist’ Greek police — RT News

Rights Group Accuses Greece of ‘Abusive’ Crackdown on Migrants – Voice of America

Care2.com has a round-up of sorts: Bigotry Roundup: The 5 Worst Things Said or Done Yesterday | Care2 Causes

Yesterday (Tuesday) was an extremely productive day for bigots around the world. Who knows what gems of ignorance we’ll see today, let alone throughout the week. For now, we can enjoy the following:

1. Jury selection in the murder trial against George Zimmerman started this week. Zimmerman is on trial for killing Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African American teenager.

While on Fox News, Former NYPD detective Harry Houck had the following to say about the case: “Listen, Trayvon Martin would be alive today, okay, if he didn’t, alright, have a street attitude.” It’s pretty clear that “a street attitude” is code for “being black” and wearing a hoodie. As if either of those things justifies getting out of your car, ignoring a 9/11 dispatcher who tells you to remain in your car and shooting someone to death.

Go to the link to see the five things…I have one to ad to that list: “We Got Your Back”: Fox Host Kilmeade Endorses Tommy Robinson, Leader Of Violent Anti-Muslim Hate Group | Blog | Media Matters for America

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade told the leader of a violent nationalist hate group that targets British Muslims, “We got your back” and “it’s great what you’re doing.”

Kilmeade offered his endorsement to the English Defence League (EDL) and co-founder Tommy Robinson, who appeared as a guest on the June 10 edition of Kilmeade’s Fox News Radio program. Kilmeade’s support followed an interview in which Robinson railed against the immigration of Muslims into the United Kingdom, and warned of Muslims “forcefully putting us under Sharia” Law and planning a “silent takeover” to “implement Sharia” in his country and across the world.

Robinson (whose real name is Stephen Lennon) also said he didn’t regret his recent conviction for using a false identity document to enter the United States to attend an anti-Islam event with anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller. Robinson pleaded guilty and was jailed in January and released in February. Robinson’s offense was not his first brush with the law.

Fox News has previously reported on the violent and fringe nature of the EDL. On August 28, 2010, America’s News HQ anchor Gregg Jarrett noted there were “hundreds of extreme right-wing protesters rioting in northern England. Members of the so-called English Defence League tossing bottles and rocks at police in the city of Bradford. There’s the map. Police penned the group in, keeping them away from a separate rally headed by a leftist group. The English Defence League opposes what it calls the spread of Sharia Law and Islamic extremism in England. Police arrested five people, but there are no reports of any injuries.”

Did you all see this? Meet The Horrible Florida Woman Who Filmed Herself Berating Dunkin’ Donuts Workers | The Smoking Gun

For some unexplained reason, Taylor Chapman walked into a Dunkin’ Donuts Saturday morning–iPhone in hand–to record a complaint about not being provided a receipt for a prior purchase. “This is all being under video surveillance,” she warned one employee (who was unfailingly polite).

Since she had not purportedly been given a receipt, the Broward County resident cited a store policy that supposedly guaranteed her free food as a result of the oversight. Over eight minutes, the boorish, arrogant, and cursing Chapman (seen at right) records herself berating workers and even accosting fellow customers.

As she waited for her food, Chapman remarked, “Even if they hock a loogie and shit in it I don’t even care.” She added, “‘Cause one time they pissed in my fries…literally I could smell the piss in it.”

At one point, Chapman notes that she has a “business degree” and had previously received exemplary service at the Dunkin’ Donuts. Until, of course, a “dumb bitch” female employee “completely pissed me off” and “decided to cross my fucking line.”

You can read the horrible things this woman said at the Smoking Gun link. Anyway, here is an update in the story:

Dunkin’ Donuts workers who calmly handled ranting racist woman in viral video to get reward | The Raw Story

Dunkin’ Donuts plans to reward two employees in Florida for facing down a racist-flavored tirade from a bullying customer who recorded her own outburst in a video gone viral.

Dunkin’ Brands media chief Michelle King said Wednesday that the “difficult situation” had been handled “with grace and patience.”

“Dunkin’ Brands’ leadership has reached out to the two crew members featured in the video. Both have been invited to an internal company event in Boca Raton later this month for further recognition,” she added in a statement.

And in another update, Frank Luntz hired by Washington football team to convince people name isn’t horribly racist – Salon.com

The Washington, D.C.-area NFL franchise has commissioned veteran Republican pollster Frank Luntz to conduct some focus groups to see how American football fans feel about the franchise’s name, which is a vile racial slur.


Luntz isn’t just going to get a feel for what people think of the name. Luntz’s specialty is crafting language to sell conservative policies or discredit liberal ones. You hire Luntz not to merely poll, but to figure out how best to sell people on something. It seems reasonable to assume that team owner Daniel Snyder, who has vowed to never change the name, is working now on how best to convince people that his team’s name is not a repellent racial epithet. Luntz’s specialty is renaming things to sound more appealing, but in this case he’ll be crafting the best possible language to use when explaining why something shouldn’t be renamed. (Luntz was reprimanded by American pollsters’ official professional association for his work on the 1994 GOP “Contract With America,” because he was suspiciously vague about how many people he actually polled after claiming that polls showed that Americans loved the contract.)

Luntz is actually fantastically good at his job — so good that he’s convinced quite a few seemingly intelligent liberals that Luntzian language-massaging is the secret behind all conservative electoral success — which is why he is basically Fox News and the House Republicans’ message-crafter-in-residence. He renamed the estate tax “the death tax.” He told the GOP to refer to Democratic healthcare reform as “a Washington takeover” and financial reform as a “big bank bailout bill.”

ThinkProgress reports that Luntz sent out an email survey designed to find eligible focus group participants. The survey asked about the team’s name directly, asking respondents to select either “I find the name offensive and they should change it” or “I don’t find the name offensive and they should keep it as is.”

This last link for you tonight is just about something Ralph Nadar said today, and check out where he said it: Ralph Nader says Barack Obama an insensitive con-man

Speaking at the 92nd Street Y cultural center in New York City last week, consumer advocate Ralph Nader made it clear that he was no supporter of President Barack Obama.

I wonder if Myrna Minkoff was at the Y too, giving her lecture about “Sex in Politics: Erotic Liberty.” Anyway…

Nader mocked Democrats for saying they wanted to increase the minimum wage but doing nothing about it. He was particularly scornful about Obama’s position and lack of assertion regarding the issue.

“He proposed $9.50 by 2011 in 2008,” Nader explained. “Never said anything about it in four years. Then he goes to the State of the Union, and he has a great minute and a half on a $9 minimum wage by 2015 or something. And he has never said anything since.”

He added that there had never “been a bigger con-man in the White House.”

“This is the easiest way to alleviate suffering,” Nader continued. “He should have been sensitized as a community organizer. You know what the score is? The one ingredient you want when you vote for somebody — it doesn’t matter what they have [in their head] in terms of cognitive knowledge — it’s their moral courage and the fire in their belly.”

Well, that is all for tonight..except for this cartoon, which I thought was so funny.  It regards this “abusive” use of the DNA collection law: AL Gov. orders investigation after DNA, blood samples collected – WSFA.com: News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s office reacted Tuesday to news that roadblocks were setup in two counties at which point commuters were offered compensation for saliva and blood samples.

Drivers in St. Clair and Bibb counties were stopped at roadblocks in the area and were asked to give DNA and blood samples as part of a study. Officials say giving samples was voluntary and participants were paid $10 for mouth swabs and $50 for blood samples.

Alabama Roadblocks: Blood, spit and fears – Political Cartoon by J.D. Crowe, Mobile Register – 06/12/2013

Cartoon by J.D. Crowe - Alabama Roadblocks: Blood, spit and fears

This is an open thread…


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  1. Hope everyone has a good evening. Damn, I forgot to check the post for typos…

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    OMG, that Dunkin’ Donuts story is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard of. I couldn’t watch the video. People are just plain nuts these days.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Why were they collecting the DNA and blood–was it to fake drug tests or something?

  4. RalphB says:

    Daily Howler: Walter Pincus describes the way our world works!

    There was no discussion, he says: Walter Pincus is one of the country’s most respected reporters.

    Check that! Walter Pincus is one of the country’s only respected reporters. As a veteran of the intelligence beat, Pincus offered his thoughts about the Edward Snowden/NSA revelations in yesterday’s Washington Post.

    Pincus’ piece was stuck on page A13, as his reports often were in the run-up to war in Iraq. In his reaction to Snowden’s disclosures, Pincus offers an intriguing portrait of our discussion-free world.