Friday Nite Lite: Bachmann Gone, Cartoonist Lament

Oh yeah,

you know what day it is…

it’s Friday!

I am not in the mood to say much tonight, my thoughts are with my friend JD and her family in OKC…there was a time when I was sending text messages to her letting her know where the storm was located because her power was out…

5/31 Luckovich cartoon: Lots of luck | Mike Luckovich


Engineering – Truthdig

Fresh Water Invasive Species by Political Cartoonist Adam Zyglis

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AAEC – Political Cartoon by Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun – 05/31/2013

Cartoon by Mike Smith -

Bachmann Out – Truthdig

Bye Bye Bachmann by Political Cartoonist Nate Beeler

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5/30 Luckovich cartoon: Goodbye, Michele | Mike Luckovich


Clay Bennett editorial cartoon – Political Cartoon by Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press – 05/30/2013

Cartoon by Clay Bennett - Clay Bennett editorial cartoon

Clown Exit – Political Cartoon by Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 05/31/2013

Cartoon by Rob Rogers - Clown Exit

Crazy Takes A Holiday by Political Cartoonist John Darkow

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Fact Checkers – Political Cartoon by Bruce Plante, Tulsa World – 05/31/2013

Cartoon by Bruce Plante - Fact Checkers

Paul Szep on – A Syndicate Of Talent

Michele Bachmann Quits by Political Cartoonist Joe Heller

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Michele Bachmann Leaves Congress by Political Cartoonist Steve Sack

132499 600 Michele Bachmann Leaves Congress cartoons

I will end with this cartoon, the eyes on the little porcupine are very cute.

Bed of Nails by Political Cartoonist Marian Kamensky

132488 600 Bed of Nails cartoons

This is an open thread.

23 Comments on “Friday Nite Lite: Bachmann Gone, Cartoonist Lament”

  1. I have a few other cartoons that I will put up in another post later on, still waiting to hear from JD she is going to let me know how her daughter is doing.

    • Everyone is fine, trees down and damage but so far alls well.

      • Beata says:

        Glad your friends are okay, JJ.

        I’m watching an ABC News special report. It looks like the biggest supercell tornadoes I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable.

        Indiana’s under a severe thunderstorm watch now. No tornado watch yet but we usually get our spring / summer severe weather moving from the St. Louis area.

      • bostonboomer says:

        That’s good news, JJ. Glad they’re OK.

  2. dakinikat says:

    Patrick Stewart often talks about his childhood and the torment his father put him and his mother through. However, how he answered this vulnerable and brave fan’s question is one of the most eloquent, passionate responses about domestic violence I’ve ever seen. WARNING: At 2:40, he’s going to break your heart a little.

    • Did you see Patrick Stewart ate some pizza for the first time?

    • jawbone says:

      Brilliant speaking. I know he may have thought long and often about what to say, but he said it so utterly brilliantly.

      And — now he supports Refuge for his mother and Combat Stress for his father.

      Oh, how learning that his father suffered from what’s now known as PTSD, then shell shock, might have made him feel so torn, so guilty about his honest emotions when his mother was being beaten by his father….

      I’ve always loved his acting and I always felt there was a truly decent human being in his actual character.

    • jawbone says:

      The brother of a friend of mine suffers from bi-polar disease, and, now, he has aliented most of his friends, family, and even a roommate paying rent, which he dearly needed.

      When he’s in a manic phase, he tends to spend money like there’s no tomorrow and as if he has unlimited funds.

      During one phase he drove from FL to NJ to stay with his sister; but he was up almost all night and she couldn’t sleep. He decided he was better off away from his sister, went to his girlfriend in south Jersey, then got into a big fight with his her and she left him drunk and wildly manic near a Shore town (years before Sandy), He told her he was going to drive back to my friend’s — really drunk. The girlfriend called his sister, saying the sister had to do something.

      She was torn between callling the police to watch for his vehicle and pick him up — and she feared they might possibly shoot him shot to death if he was belligerent — and, well, hoping he’d make it safely. (He didn’t drive and instead slept off his alcohal in a parking lot, fortunately. His sister was frantic for all those hours, however.)

      Alas, in this nation, right now, calling the police to help with a mentally ill family member or friend can mean the death of your family member or friend. And not making such a call may subject innocent victims to harm or even death….


  3. bostonboomer says:

    Love the cartoons. I had no idea how much cartoonists loved Michele.

  4. List of X says:

    So much on Michelle Bachmann (not that she’s not worthy of all these cartoons and more) and nothing on John McCain’s daring covert incursion into Syria? Let me try to rectify that:

    By the way, did you see that McCain seems to have done a photo op with local terrorists and kidnappers, while there?

    • Only one I found X was this: AAEC – Political Cartoon by Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun – 06/01/2013

      I will have to go and check your list out…;)

    • jawbone says:

      And not just any terrists, but terrists who have been involved in kidnapping Shia pilgrims.

      Way to go, Sen. John “Bomb, Bomb, Iran” McCain.

      What do our warloving pols have against Shia? And they’re right now giving all their love to those Sunnis, even those connected with and promising loyalty to Al Qaeda!

      And that’s bipartisan right now. Even one of my senators, Menendez is going full bore on getting more involved in the Syrian conflict. (As if we aren’t already, but that was sending fighters and weapons from Libya to Incerlik (yes, our US air base) to give them easy access to Syria. Yikes.)

  5. jawbone says:

    Re: the Fitzsimmons cartoon — Couldn’t help thinking a panel about our financially bought judges might also have been in that trenchant cartoon.

  6. NW Luna says:

    Great ‘toons once again, JJ!