Moments of Lucidity, Working the SEO and a Weekend Filled with “Fear and Darkness” …Oh Yeah, this is an open thread too.

c1407bb0d326d9cc7b36793cbec25dabGood Evening!

Hey, how is everyone doing?

Hope you will bear with me a few paragraphs while I ramble on a little, with a quick observation and story before I get to the few links I have for you tonight.

Y’all know that I was recently put on Topamax for my epilepsy…and as a bonus, it would help my debilitating migraines. I’ve mentioned the dopamax effect it has had on me, and you have probably noticed the other side effect, shall we say dopamax induced blogging Tourette syndrome.

My mom was the one who pointed it out to me last week. While reading one of my posts she said out loud, “JJ, what a foul mouth you have.” Of course, her bit of criticism surprised me, considering that the woman knows every other word out of my mouth is damn, shit, asshole….well, you get the picture. But, what my mom was commenting on was that my posts of late have become more “colorful,” in that I was dropping shit bombs left and right. (Not only shit bombs, but several ass holes and even a few fuck wads.)

I think this is a side effect of the topamax. What I usually could control in my writing is now finding it’s way in uncontrollable outbursts…dopamax induced blog…shit…swear word…damn…Tourette syndrome….ass…ass…asshole fuck fest.

Wow, don’t know where that came from. (My apologies to anyone who may be offended by my comments…this is meant as a joke, to be taken in a humorous way and not intended to degrade or demean anyone who suffers from dopamax induced uncontrollable curse word blogging or Tourette Syndrome.)

Which leads me to this little story…here in the land of Banjoville, we have a bit of an ongoing scandal, what I call Cheergate.  It seems that a lot of the parents are pissed off that their girls did not make the competition cheerleading team. So, it was decided that a new open tryout will be held.  Obviously, this is not fair, and reeks of sour grapes and bullshit…so being the woman I am, I took it upon myself to call the powers that be and voice my opinion.

Now, since the dopamax makes me completely loopy, imagine my surprise when I had a few moments of lucidity and spoke in a coherent manner….even talking in words more than three syllables long. According to my mom, who was listening to most of my side of the conversation, I was impressive…sounding like a real professional, mentioning Georgia High School Sports Associations, Rules and Regulations and I have to say, whatever was said, it sure did shut the principal up…they had no response.  Of course, moments after I hung up the phone I couldn’t even remember what the hell I said. It was so bad that when I tried to explain to my daughter what happened, all I could get out was…”It had to do with lying and making something up, it begins with an f or an s and it has more than 2 syllables.”  Who the hell knows what word I was trying to tell her.

Well, now and then we all have our moments of clarity…even if they are just fleeting at that.

One more thing, a mention about the blog. Wow, we have had so many hits the past couple of weeks. It is quite something to see the numbers of people visiting our little blog that come from all over the world…Google is a strange and wondrous thing.  Kind of like the catch 22 you have with the SAG card in acting. You can’t get an acting gig without a SAG card and you can’t get a SAG card without the acting gig. We got big notice with the Google gods a couple of weeks ago with Boston Boomer’s Too Good Looking post, and with that surge in hits and outside links…it makes getting those higher ranking search results a lot more frequent.

So, the reason I mention this is just to say hello to any new readers out there who do come back and give Sky Dancing another look, we are glad you are here! (And to our regular readers, y’all know that obviously goes without saying…)

Now…for the links.

Y’all may have missed this, it is magnificent!

Jon Stewart Tears Apart NRA’s False Choice Between Freedom And ‘Obama-Sponsored Government Mom Rape’ | Mediaite

Jon Stewart opened Monday night’s edition of The Daily Show by looking back at the weekend’s NRA convention and its not-so-singular focus on guns. With Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and others in attendance, Stewart realized, “this is the same lineup, with the same laundry list of conservative grievances, that we saw at CPAC a month and a half ago.”

Eventually the speakers did get to the primary issue of guns, with Glenn Beck going after President Obama for his “tactics of fear and darkness.” Stewart congratulated Beck for acknowledging that “fear mongering is wrong” before playing another clip of him saying, “the only difference between your mom and sister getting raped and then walking home unmolested is a gun.”

“At the heart of the NRA’s message,” Stewart said, is “don’t let liberals say it’s a dangerous world and scare you into gun control. Let us say it’s a dangerous world and scare you into gun-a-pa-looza!” But, of course, the NRA’s real mantra comes from executive Wayne LaPierre: “Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.”

Based on Beck’s warnings against tyranny, the “government is the bad guy.” But based on LaPierre’s praise of the Boston police, “government is the good guy.” By the end of the segment, Stewart said he believes we all want the same thing: for “bad guys not to have guns.” While he and other Democrats want background checks, it appears some on the right want to “wait for a bad guy to draw and then draw faster.”

But if that’s the case, he said, “stop pretending that background checks are the last barrier standing between a free America and Obama-sponsored government mom rape.”

You have to go and see the clip…I know that I quoted most of the Mediate post, but seriously, Stewart just nails it…and that summary is just right.

There was also this from Ian Reifowitz: Gun Owners of America Is ‘Primarying’ the NRA From the Right

The NRA is even more extreme than it was just a few years ago. And that’s saying something. We’ve seen the shift in their rhetoric and in their policy positions. They just elected a new president, James Porter, who called the Civil War “The War of Northern Aggression,” who referred to Barack Obama as a “fake president,” and who believes that one of our highest priorities should be to train and arm all our citizens so that, when the time comes, they can “fight tyranny.”

Wow. Take a deep breath. Yes, the new NRA president is a far right-wing extremist whose rhetoric makes his predecessor, David Keene, look like a Rockefeller Republican.

That is no news to us of course,

There’s no one simple reason why the NRA has moved even further to the right in recent years. Certainly, the right wing overall has become more extreme and paranoid since the election (and reelection) of President Obama. The Southern Poverty Law Center has plenty of material on the most extreme among them.

But within the gun movement, we are seeing something very specific, something that has a parallel within Republican electoral politics as a whole. In the last few years, conservative — not moderate but conservative — Republican senators like Richard Lugar of Indiana and Robert Bennett of Utah were defeated in reelection bids by insurgents who have come at them from the right. This is exactly what is happening to the NRA.

I didn’t see much room to the right of the NRA. At least I figured that any group to their right would have to be so extreme as to be unable to achieve any kind of influence. Wow, was I wrong. Gun Owners of America, led by its executive director, Larry Pratt, has done exactly that. The New York Times gave them a large degree of “credit” for mobilizing conservative opposition to the recent gun control package on Capitol Hill.

And I don’t think the word “extremist” truly captures where Pratt stands. Pratt’s been fomenting hatred and paranoia about President Obama’s desire to create a private army, and claimed that the president was “definitely capable” of using that army to start a race war.

The things Pratt has said should have made him 100 percent persona non grata to any senator or congressman. That he and his organization were able to spearhead a lobbying campaign in the halls of Congress tells you everything you need to know about the Republican Party’s tolerance of hateful, bigoted extremism.

Again nothing new there….

But this kind of extremism represents a real challenge to the NRA. If they don’t step up, they could lose credibility and eventually even leadership of the gun movement to a group like Gun Owners of America. GOA’s website prominently features a statement from former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), the gold standard for extremism among national politicians, praising it as “the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.”

Notice who that praise is aimed at. The implication is that the NRA is a bunch of weak-kneed compromisers, squishy moderates. You want a real gun rights organization, then come over to the GOA.

There’s no formal primary, no election day where the NRA and the GOA are on competing ballot lines. But make no mistake that there is a competition. The NRA has a huge head start, and should have no trouble winning. But they aren’t taking any chances. The NRA won’t be out-crazied by anyone.

Uh…Okay then.


Personally, I think they are all batshit crazy fuck-faced asshole bastards with tiny dicks and even smaller brains! (Same goes for the women gun-nuts too…sans penises.)

Anyway, I will end this post with this cartoon…

NRA Takes a Turn to the Right – Political Cartoon by Monte Wolverton, Cagle Cartoons, Inc. – 05/07/2013

Cartoon by Monte Wolverton - NRA Takes a Turn to the Right

Y’all have a great evening, my daughter has a chorus concert tonight so I won’t be around until late.

This is an open thread.

47 Comments on “Moments of Lucidity, Working the SEO and a Weekend Filled with “Fear and Darkness” …Oh Yeah, this is an open thread too.”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Great post, JJ. To be honest, I haven’t noticed a change in levels of profanity or coherence in your posts. Maybe I’m the one who’s losing it, but I don’t think so.

    Here’s some breaking news. The Mississippi Supreme Court has granted death row inmate Willie Manning an indefinite stay of execution based on recent admissions from the feds about problems with evidence against him.

    From The Atlantic: Hours Before Execution, a State Court Grants Willie Manning a Stay

    By a vote of 8-1, the Supreme Court of Mississippi this afternoon halted the scheduled execution of Willie Manning just hours before the convicted murderer was to be put to death by lethal injection at the Parchman prison in Sunflower. In their brief order, which you can read for yourself here, the justices did not give any reason for blocking the execution, and it is unclear at this time exactly how the case will proceed from here. (For The Atlantic’s coverage of the case, please see the “More On” box below)

    Manning, who is black, was convicted in 1994 for the murder of two white university students in 1992. He has maintained his innocence ever since, amid troublesome (and growing) questions about the accuracy and reliability of the evidence on which his conviction and death sentence are based. Manning’s long-ago trial was marked by racial bias in jury selection, for example, and a jailhouse informant, who incriminated Manning in 1994, has since sought to recant his trial testimony.

    But the Mississippi court’s order Tuesday is likely based upon the scientific evidence that was and was not introduced at trial. Manning’s attorneys have long argued that state officials should test DNA and fingerprint evidence from the crime scene — evidence that has never been tested and that would either incriminate Manning definitively or perhaps identify someone else who may have committed the crimes. The state has consistently refused to undertake this testing even though the FBI has offered to do it, and Mississippi has a remarkable recent record of exonerating criminal defendants in such a fashion.

  2. Beata says:

    I haven’t noticed anything profane or incoherent in your posts lately, JJ. Quite the opposite. You have been giving us some really terrific cartoons, links, and stories in the past several weeks. I always enjoy your posts. They are both entertaining and informative, That link to a story about dance and flappers the other day was just marvelous! I would never have seen it if not for you. So thank you, JJ, and the other SkyDancing front-pagers for the wonderful work you do.

    Now I, on the other hand, have been totally goofy recently, and for that I am truly fucking sorry. I’m going to try to get my shit together so I can be a more serious, thoughtful commenter in the future. Promise.

  3. Fannie says:

    Well, I’ve gained three fuckin’ pounds traveling on the road, and my husband ate just as much, and he should have gained four pounds…………..I mean where is the justice? There was plenty of sunshine, and when I got home the dryer was broke, and then I turned on the news, & my brain is on high minded fireshit.

    They just keep pushing us back, we keep going back, and back, and back…………here you go.

  4. ecocatwoman says:

    I second those above comments, jj. I honestly haven’t noticed a rise on the profanity scale. Of course, if I did, it wouldn’t bother me. I’ve always said that if the worse thing happening in the world is people saying FUCK, then that world would be a much better place than the one we are living in. C’mon folks, complain about important stuff: people killed in unnecessary wars, homeless children, violence against women, rape, murder, climate change …..ya’ll get the point.

    I certainly wish that cartoon was a depiction of reality. Off the cliff with all of the gun nuts, I say. I really don’t want the US to return to the wild west, but it’s looker closer every day.

    One link to offer: Terry Gross had a fascinating interview with Patricia Volk. She has a new memoir, Shocked: My Mother, Schiaparelli and Me. Did you know that Elsa Schiaparelli changed the design of women’s underwear forever? She was the first person to add elastic waistbands, replacing buttons. She did it during the war because there were famines and as women lost weight, their panties would still stay up. Who knew?

    • Beata says:

      Thanks for the link, Connie. Fascinating, indeed.

      Did you know the bright pink color of the Volk book was once known as “Schiaparelli Pink”? I used to collect and wear a lot of vintage clothes, mostly from the 30’s and 40’s. I also had several Schiaparelli hat boxes ( but no hats! ), all in her signature pink. They were pretty boxes for keeping scarves and such things in. Wish I still had them.

    • No I didn’t know about Schiaparelli…you can find some wonderful images of her work here:

      • Beata says:

        Oh, they even have a picture of the hat boxes!

      • bostonboomer says:

        Amazing. Did you see the pink evening gloves?

      • Beata says:

        My best vintage clothing find of all time was a green coat by Adrian, MGM’s fashion designer. He did the costumes for “The Wizard of Oz” ( all those little people! ) and many other classic MGM films of the 30’s and ’40’s. Adrian was married to Janet Gaynor. I bought the coat when I was in college for $5 at a garage sale. Those were the days when you could find treasures for next-to-nothing!

  5. Personally, I think they are all batshit crazy fuck-faced asshole bastards with tiny dicks and even smaller brains!

    Oh, I am so sorry about that…I don’t know where that came from..

    I meant to say slightly unstable, fatherless, small-endowed, hunting enthusiast, with less than average intelligence.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    Air Force sexual assault brochure puts onus on victims to prevent rape, and recommends “It may be advisable to submit [rather] than resist”

    Scan of brochure (PDF)

    Why not a brochure for everyone explaining what constitutes rape, why they shouldn’t do it, penalties, and that women are actually living, breathing, feeling human beings?

    • ecocatwoman says:

      Chris Hayes had Gillibrand & Slaughter on tonight. He showed a military video that is shown to everyone about sexual harassment. Guess what? According to this video, it’s the woman’s fault. Don’t take that last drink. As a friend tell her not to do something stupid.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Did you read the brochure? It’s amazing. It basically suggests that we should spend every single moment thinking about how to prevent being assaulted. And then if we are, submit.

  7. bostonboomer says:

    Unfortunately, Mark Sanford won the SC special election.

  8. bostonboomer says:

    Must read!

    My Racist Encounter at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, by Seema Jilani

    • Fannie says:

      Jasus, what a nightmare for Seema Jilani, her neice, and the cab driver who served in Iraq war. Just a few hours ago, Charles Ramsey, Cleveland’s Hero, who helped the girls escape said ” I don’t want media attention – I’m just an American and a Human Being.” He said he knew something was really wrong when a pretty white girl runs into the arms of a black man.

      It certainly seems to me that we are going BACK, being pushed BACK, and all the changes I thought we made just isn’t change, it’s a deeply rooted racism, and it’s devoid of human factors. It pains me to know that we are more seperated than ever before. We lack positive attitudinal changes, and have little in the way of positive improvements. The tumor apparently can’t just be cut and patched over, it’s got to come completely out and replaced for human change. Thank you Seema Jilani for sharing your experiences, we can identify, we too live the nightmare.

    • RalphB says:

      That was an indictment of our culture with which I completely agree.

  9. bostonboomer says:

    The Cleveland story is incredibly horrible, but I can’t help being grateful that CNN has moved on from Boston.

    Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield Hold Split-Screen Interview in Same Parking Lot

  10. Okay, I am going to check out for a little bit…maybe the rest of the night. See, I may have taken a double dose of my dopamax. Which means that tomorrow I will have to go and get one of those monthly pill boxes…ugh.


    If you find tomorrow comes and it is noon and still no post…you know why. I am probably passed out cold, with dibbles of drool coming down my face and pooling up in the crook of my arm. My left leg twitching now and again.

    I will share another story with you, since I am in a funky mood.

    I’ve been sick lately, and on antibiotics. Needless to say, it has turned my digestive tract inside out. So while at my daughters chorus concert I am sending emails to BB about my little problem, and how I had hoped the concert would be a quick one.

    Well, she asked me if it all went okay and this was my response…

    Fortunately all is well! The pink nectar from those most holy gods Proctor and Gamble…aka pepto bismol…worked its magic, and I made it through the performance okay. But man did I have to keep myself from laughing. Imagine a duet of two kids who look like the banjo boy from deliverance, and sound like a one legged, country twang singing, ragged teenaged, crackly changing voiced, cat in heat…missing its tongue…and is tone deaf to boot.

    It was quite a show…

    Oh and I forgot to say the song those cats were singing….ABC by the Jackson Five.

    Y’all have a good night, ciao!

  11. bostonboomer says:

    Is it just me or does this seem like an odd reaction to the news that rapes in the military have increased?

    When asked about the report Tuesday, President Obama said the U.S. needs to be “exponentially stepping up our game to go at this hard.”

  12. Beata says:

    JJ, your mother saying you have a “foul mouth” made me laugh.

    My mother was a boho artist ( in the pre-hippie days ) and loved to shock her very proper mother. The first word my mother taught me to say was “shit”. When my grandmother ( her mother ) came to visit when I was a toddler, I would run through our house – naked – saying, “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit”. I had no idea it was a “bad word”. My grandmother was appalled and my mother thought it was hilarious.