Friday Nite Lite: Oscars and “Owlcatraz”

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It is a big weekend for Hollywood, the Academy Awards are Sunday night, so we will start tonight’s cartoons with a few funnies about that golden bald man.

Nate Silver has some predictions up at his blog, Oscar Predictions, Election-Style .He is putting his statistics and calculations to work using:

the other awards that were given out in the run-up to the Oscars: the closest equivalent to pre-election polls. These have always been the best predictors of Oscar success. In fact, I have grown wary that methods that seek to account for a more complex array of factors are picking up on a lot of spurious correlations and identifying more noise than signal. If a film is the cinematic equivalent of Tim Pawlenty — something that looks like a contender in the abstract, but which isn’t picking up much support from actual voters — we should be skeptical that it would suddenly turn things around.

Just as our election forecasts assign more weight to certain polls, we do not treat all awards equally. Instead, some awards have a strong track record of picking the Oscar winners in their categories, whereas others almost never get the answer right (here’s looking at you, Los Angeles Film Critics Association).

These patterns aren’t random: instead, the main reason that some awards perform better is because some of them are voted on by people who will also vote for the Oscars. For instance, many members of the Screen Actors Guild will vote both for the SAG Awards and for the Oscars. In contrast to these “insider” awards are those like the Golden Globes, which are voted upon by “outsiders” like journalists or critics; these tend to be less reliable.

Go check out his predictions, and I will make sure to update you all on Nate’s results.

Now for the cartoons.

Cagle Post » Oscar Picks

127652 600 Oscar Picks cartoons

2/24 Luckovich cartoon: The winner is… | Mike Luckovich


Cagle Post » The Sequester

127544 600 The Sequester cartoons

This is a good segue to cartoons about Sequester…

Cagle Post » Sequester countdown

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Cagle Post » Knowing Where to Cut

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Cagle Post » Sequestration Immolation

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Cagle Post » Three Blind Mice

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Now, this next cartoon is very clever…even if we may disagree with it:  Cagle Post » Obama’s monster

127548 600 Obamas monster cartoons

I can’t help it, I am a sucker for Frankenstein.

Personally, I think they all are to blame!  One more for you on the Sequester.

2/20 Luckovich cartoon: Space invader | Mike Luckovich


Okay, have you heard about the Olympics cutting wrestling from the games…

Cagle Post » Wrestling Cut

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Cagle Post » Olympic Wresting

127660 600 Olympic Wresting cartoons

Now for the gun issue:

Cagle Post » Nut or Shooter

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Cagle Post » Guns And Jobs

127647 600 Guns And Jobs cartoons

This one above is thought provoking…

Let’s end this with a few odds and ends:

Cagle Post » China cyber hacking

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Cagle Post » The New Normal

127603 600 The New Normal cartoons

Cagle Post » Alabama lawmaker says babies are organs

127474 600 Alabama lawmaker says babies are organs cartoons

This is an open thread…

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  1. Dang it, I forgot to put the Owlcatraz link in the post!

    “Owlcatraz” and 9 Other Terrible Corporate-Named Sports Venues | Mother Jones

    GEO Group, a billion-dollar private-prison firm that owns or operates 101 “correctional, detention, and residential treatment facilities” worldwide, jumped into the sports world Tuesday when it was announced that the company will pay $6 million over 12 years for naming rights to Florida Atlantic University’s new football stadium. The backlash came quickly: The school’s football play-by-play man suggested calling GEO Group Stadium “Owlcatraz”; a company flack was caught scrubbing the GEO Group Wikipedia page of negative press; and there’s already an online petition requesting the name be changed.

    This ill-conceived branding exercise got us to wondering: What are the other worst-named corporate-shilling sports venues?

    Check out that list…

    And if you can’t read any of the cartoons up top, just click the link to see the larger cartoon.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Hi JJ! So glad I saw this before I hit the sack. Of course, I like the newborn spleen one!!

  3. List of X says:

    Thanks for the laughs. Too busy to write some myself, but I know I can find them here.