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Tonight I’ll be watching the Frontline special on PBS. If you go to the FRONTLINE | PBS website it is filled with articles and links and photos of Adam Lanza. Take a look at these:

Slideshow: Adam Lanza’s Path to the Sandy Hook Tragedy | Raising Adam Lanza | FRONTLINE | PBS

I have never seen some of these pictures before…it gives me chills to look into Adam’s eyes.

Before becoming the name behind the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Adam Lanza was known as a shy boy who was quiet, withdrawn and seemed to recoil from being touched. He played violent video games and went to shooting ranges with his mother, but hardly showed signs of dangerous behavior.

Yet somewhere along the way, Lanza made the fateful decision that ended in the second deadliest school shooting in American history. The following collection of photos traces his path to the mass killings in Newtown, Conn. While his motive remains a mystery, they help explain some of the key forces that shaped his life.

I have always thought the pictures that have been release, especially the one from his Driver’s ID was somehow distorted…his chin and face seemed extraordinarily long….like the picture had been altered when it was enlarged.  But now I see this is not the case.

Slide 12

Following Adam’s sophomore year in high school, Nancy again made the decision to withdraw him. He enrolled at Western Connecticut State University at 16 and performed well, posting a 3.26 grade-point average. Nancy told friends he had embraced a more adult-like environment, but his high school support network was gone. Within a year, Adam left. He then enrolled at Norwalk Community College, but dropped out after the first semester.

Another link from Frontline, a video trailer for tonight’s show: “There Was A Weirdness” About Young Adam Lanza | Raising Adam Lanza | FRONTLINE | PBS

I have already linked to the second part of the Hartford Courant’s investigative article, but here it is again:

A Deeper Divide: The Gun Control Debate After Newtown – Courant.com

Just a few more links on Adam Lanza:

Will You Watch ‘Raising Adam Lanza’ on ‘Frontline’? – NYTimes.com

Police: ‘Mere speculation’ that Adam Lanza was motivated by obsession with other mass killers – U.S. News

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5 Comments on “Evening Reads Open Thread: Frontline’s view of Adam Lanza”

  1. I can’t get my family to shut up long enough to hear what is being said on these damn show!

  2. I thought this After Newtown program would be more focused on the gun lobbies and the current situation in the debate on gun control. Nope, it is all looking back at the past history of the USA and the important culture of guns.

  3. Fannie says:

    I’ll turn it on…………….channel 4……….

  4. bostonboomer says:

    I started watching, but I think I’m going to wait and watch it on-line so I can take breaks. This subject is still so overwhelming to me.

    • Well, it looks like Peter Lanza left the home around 2001, and the divorce did not become final until 2009. That was the only new information that I saw. Also the point is made repeatedly that if Adam could not handle change, why did Nancy Lanza consistently bring about change in his life.