Saturday Night Open Thread and cuteness break

Time for a break before the Sunday Talk Show Madness.  You’re going to need to relax tonight because Paul Ryan will be on Dancin Dave’s tomorrow.  Of course, Paul Ryan can’t do math or economics  but he’ll discuss the budget anyway. It will undoubtedly raise your blood pressure so best to treat it now with a nice hot bath, a glass of malbec, or a good meditation session on a nice comfy mat.   Guess who is facing the nation?   ICKster Newt Gingrich and Marsha Blackburn will follow Diane Feinstein in a debate on gun control. Whatever made Newt relevant again?  His moon base suggestion??   Thankfully, Marsha Raditz is filling in for George Stephanopoulos tomorrow which might make ABC with a view if it wasn’t an interview with omigawd … NOT AGAIN!!! … hold, hold, guess … yup … McBitternutz himself  John “GRUMPY” McCain. Hopefully, Bob Menendez can hold off the yawns.

Okay … so, deep breath, relax, and here’s some music you may or may not know.

and now here’s your reward … the cute … these guys know how to relax!!!

kitty relaxpolar bear



11 Comments on “Saturday Night Open Thread and cuteness break”

    • RalphB says:

      That worries the hell out of me for my granddaughters. They have great parents but it seems like we are immersed in crud 24/7 these days.

      • dakinikat says:

        I’m not sure if I eventually get grandsons or granddaughters but either way, I’m gonna hang in there with them and fight the powers that cause that sort’ve thing … any one with grandsons and sons need to off set a lot of society crap so they don’t treat girls and women so badly and so they grow up emotionally healthy

      • RalphB says:

        My son seems to be doing a really good job with his boys. They are thoroughly corralled.

      • Fannie says:

        My son is alot like you Ralph, so very supportive of human rights, and abortion, and every chance he gets, he debates the issues with such a passion. He has a daughter, and two sons. I myself try to stay on top of issues, but Friday I purchased stickers and card stock and valentine candies, so that their projects would be to make their valentine cards for classmates……………….the stickers came with balls for boys, and cupcakes and flowers in pink for girls. I looked over at his stack of cards and he put all balls on and no girls (flowers) on his cards………after a discussion he put both types of stickers on the cards. I don’t understand why do this with Valentines for 7 years old – they want to strike a difference because of gender. I had to remind grandson that his older sister was a champ at soccer, and the state university female team selected her this winter to practice with them indoors…………and she deserves the soccer ball too.

  1. Beata says:

    I have worked myself into a bad headache over the school vouchers from the last thread. I think I will avoid the Sunday “news” shows tomorrow and do some sacred laundry instead.

    • RalphB says:

      Heh. Personally I can’t watch that junk. I get my Sunday show fix from the gobshite post every week at Charles Pierce’s place.

  2. RalphB says:

    Slate: How Democrats Will Win the Budget Debate

    In her introductory statement as chair Friday morning, Murray said she plans “to bring the voices of the American people into a budget process and conversation that is too often limited to bureaucrats and politicians.”
    If Democrats can shift the argument off the number-crunching and onto the real consequences of spending cuts, they should have a winning hand. Voters are very concerned about the deficit in the abstract but oppose cuts in virtually all specific programs. Republicans, in other words, are about to get the budget argument they’ve been demanding for years. But faced with an opponent who’s more in line with her party’s base and more focused on winning the debate than cutting a deal, they may find they don’t like the outcome.

    I agree with Matt Y’s take on the prospects of the Dems with Patty Murray in charge.

  3. RalphB says:

    Funniest blog comment I’ve seen in a while.

    “Sarah Palin is out at Fox News Channel”

    Her and Jodie Foster in the same month. What will we tell the children?