Friday Nite Lite: Glass Ceilings and Women in Combat


Evening Y’all!

This image you see is from a postcard back in 1916…almost a century ago. Do you think a century from now women would see this postcard and think, yeah…some day.

Many of the cartoons I am about to share with you are about the recent acknowledgement from the Dept. of Defense, you know the one where they officially said women can serve in combat. (Not like they haven’t been doing that for years now, am I right?)

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Women in combat

Women in combat © Jimmy Margulies,The Record of Hackensack, NJ,Women in combat,Pentagon,US armed forces,Army,Marines,Special forces,Sex harassment in the military,women in combat

Break through the glass ceiling? Sorry, it has been cracked, and won’t be broken until a woman is Commander in Chief of those armed forces.

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Women Already in Combat

Women Already in Combat © Steve Sack,The Minneapolis Star Tribune,women in combat,women,military,Pentagon,war,combat zone,equality,soldier,military

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Women at War

Women at War © Pat Bagley,Salt Lake Tribune,War,DOD,Combat,Women,Army,Navy,Air Force,Marines,Panetta,Obama,Teachers,School,Warriors,women in combat,GOP

Women in Combat

Women in Combat © Daryl Cagle,,Army,air force,navy,marine corps,military,Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta,women,medals.children,equal rights,women in combat

And is it just me, or is that little girl reminiscent of Peppermint Patty.

I love this next one:  Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Women in Combat

Women in Combat © Joe Heller,Green Bay Press-Gazette,senate benghazi,hillary clinton,ron johnson,pentagon,benghazi coverup, benghazi inquiry, best of hillary clinton, women in combat

Speaking of Hillary…

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Hillary ClintonBenghazi hearing

Hillary ClintonBenghazi hearing © Jimmy Margulies,The Record of Hackensack, NJ,Hillary Clinton,Benghazi,Benghazi hearing,Secretary of State Clinton,US Embassy in Libya,Libya,Ambassador Christopher Stevens,Terrorism,North African terrorism,Arab Spring,Al Qaeda,benghazi inquiry, best of hillary clinton

1/25 Mike Luckovich cartoon: Clinton at the Senate hearing | Mike Luckovich


Biden and his hopes for 2016. Ain’t that the truth?

There were not that many cartoons about the 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade: Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » The Coat Hanger

The Coat Hanger © Steve Greenberg,VCReporter, Ventura. CA,coat hanger,wire,abortion,abortions,abortionists,Roe v Wade,Roe vs Wade

Yeah, but if the GOP has their way, hangers and knitting needles will be back in style for reasons they were not intended for…

Just a few more for you, these are various cartoons on different topics.

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Observing Congress

Observing Congress © Kirk Walters,Toledo Blade,obama,proposal,congress,neanderthal,scientists,obama-and-republicans

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Obamas Inauguration

Obamas Inauguration © Mike Luckovich,The Atlanta Journal Constitution,inauguration,gop,obama,obama-and-republicans,obama-inauguration

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Political

Political © Pavel Constantin,Romania,Political,strategy, maffia,leaders,economy,banks,money,affairs,people

This one above makes me think of the scene from Ed Wood…pull the string!

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » NRA Stands Its Ground

NRA Stands Its Ground © John Darkow,Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri,Stand,Ground,NRA,Rifle,Guns,Control,Police,Government,Threat,Political,Criminal,Citizen, nra 2012,assault weapons, life with guns,nra

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » NORTH KOREAN JOKE


Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » The mastermind behind

The mastermind behind © Luojie,China Daily, China,The mastermind behind,Hollande,Mali,terrorism,poverty

I will end with Luckovich, I had three from him alone in this post…this one is a riot, at least I thought so:

1/27 Luckovich cartoon: Greetings | Mike Luckovich


I thought the puppets and the whack a mole cartoons were very clever…anyway, some of these cartoons have lots of writing, so if you can’t read them be sure to click the link to see a larger image.

Have a wonderful evening, this is an open thread.


14 Comments on “Friday Nite Lite: Glass Ceilings and Women in Combat”

  1. Wow, it may be cold here in some parts of the US, but take a look at what is churning in the Atlantic…Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Superstorm in the Atlantic

  2. dakinikat says:

    Hi JJ! How’d the meatballs turn out?

    I hear Faux News dumped Princess Dumbass of the North. She’s one of the takers!! Drug test her ass before she gets any unemployment insurance QUICK!!!!,0,4618265.story

    And so ends most of what’s left of Palin’s fling with fame since 2008, when she was named the GOP vice presidential candidate in a craven act John McCain should never be able to fully live down.

    Fox News signed her in January of 2010 to be an analyst, complete with a $1 million studio built in her home in Wasilla.

    Her contract ended Dec. 31, 2012, and was not renewed.

    I wonder what happens to the studio now. It’s a far more interesting question than what happens to Palin, who now ranks somewhere around Kate Gosselin in relevance and public opinion.

    • I saw that too, they kept turd blossom though…

      Meatballs were good, my brother ate too much and puked all over the dinning room. Good thing he turned his head, otherwise my laptop would have sustained a direct hit. LOL

      • dakinikat says:

        How’s Denny doing with his cast?

        • Came off yesterday. He went to Wendy’s the other day…before the cast came off, and while he was in line his pants fell down. He said he had to hurry up and lift them, before anyone saw. LOL this is the same Wendy’s where he has also thrown up inside the eating area. Denny is one that will eat until he can’t eat no more. It sounds sad but it is funny when Denny tells the stories…you always know something happens when he starts with, “Guess what happen…” And we can always tell when my dad has done something crazy like buy another ultra-light when Denny says, “I’m not saying anything…” These little cues he gives us.

    • RalphB says:

      Buh bye Princess 🙂

  3. RalphB says:

    Pierce on Chambliss exit…

    One Way Of Reforming The Senate

    I never turly understood what my mother meant by, “Good riddance to bad rubbish,” until Saxby Chambliss hung ’em up today. Of all the rancid meatsacks hanging around our politics, he deserves special attention from the abandoned dogs in the alley because of what he did to Max Cleland to get elected, and I don’t care what he said about Grover Norquist a decade after it would have made a difference.

    The list of possible Republicans contenders is wonderful. The woman who blew up the Komen Foundation and Dr. Broun, who thinks evolution is a lie straight from the pit of hell. But, alas, because baby Jeebus is mad at me, not Herman Cain. I may not get through the weekend.

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Great cartoons tonight, JJ!! Of course I love the Hillary ones, but there are so many other good ones. Love the Luckovich one of GOP complaining about Obama not extending his hand to get chopped off.

  5. Pat Johnson says:

    All the “heavy lifting” will be left to the Kardashians now that Sarah Palin will no longer be offering “analysis” on Fox.

    I just couldn’t resist this one.

  6. List of X says:

    Finally, Sarah Palin can see the unemployment line from her house.

  7. ANonOMouse says:

    great cartoons JJ