The Amazing Stupidity of Ron Johnson, Part 2

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Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has really raised his media profile in the past couple of day. Yesterday he was humiliated by Hillary Clinton during the Senate Benghazi hearings and today it was John Kerry’s turn to make a fool out of Johnson during Kerry’s confirmation hearings for Secretary of State. Sadly, Johnson doesn’t understand that he’s getting all this attention because he’s a complete loon.

Why is this man so obsessed with whether or not there was a spontaneous protest in Benghazi on the day of the attacks on the American consulate there? He can’t even explain why it matters except to say that the American people deserve “the truth.” For Pete’s sake, we didn’t get any kind of investigation of 9/11/2001 for a couple of years after the attacks!

Hasn’t Johnson noticed that even John McCain and Lindsey Graham stopped harping on the protest vs. terrorist attack “issue” after it came out that Susan Rice’s talking points were prepared by the intelligence community and that former CIA Director David Petraeus signed off on them? Unfortunately, Johnson is just too stupid and too full of himself to realize everyone else has moved on.

Wisconsin blogger Ed Garvey got a kick out of the way Hillary handled Johnson yesterday:

Had the Hillary Clinton-Ron Johnson episode been a prize fight they would have called it after a couple of exchanges between the bright, articulate and gutsy secretary of state and Ron Johnson, the inarticulate, not-so-gutsy Wisconsin senator. I almost felt sorry for the guy. He reminded me of a kid who can’t swim being pushed into into the deep end of the pool.

You have to see it to believe it. Advice to Senator Johnson: Spend some prep time before taking on someone much smarter than you. And, dear Ron, your effort to win the debate after it was over placed you in the rube category.

This morning CNN’s Soledad O’Brien tried to get Johnson to explain why after being smacked down by Clinton in the Senate, he ran to right wing media outlets and accused the outgoing Secretary of State of faking emotion over the deaths of four State Department employees in order to evade his (Johnson’s) questions.

Johnson used his amazing stupidity to evade O’Brien’s questions.

During Kerry’s confirmation hearing, Johnson tried to get Kerry to agree to work with him to get “the truth” about the Benghazi attacks.

From Politicus:

Sen. Ron Johnson started his tea party what really happened at Benghazi shitick today, but like Hillary Clinton yesterday, John Kerry was having none of it. Kerry responded to Johnson’s repeat performance of what really happened at Benghazi by asking, “Were you at the briefing at the tapes?” Johnson answered, “No.” Kerry continued, “Well, there was a briefing with tapes, which we all saw, those of us who went to it, which made it crystal clear. We sat for several hours with our intel folks, who described to us precisely what we were seeing. We saw the events unfold. We had a very complete and detailed description.”

Senator Stupid still doesn’t get it, but surely some of his constituents in Wisconsin must be kicking themselves for electing this moron. Back to Politicus:

Johnson and the other tea partiers in Congress are obsessed with Benghazi because they are trying to create a political opportunity to exploit. For them, these hearings aren’t about finding out what really happened in order to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Sen. Johnson and others of his ilk are trying to use the murder of four Americans for political gain.

Sen. Johnson is embarrassing himself and his state, and the only fact that has been uncovered by his line of questioning is that Ron Johnson doesn’t belong in the United States Senate.

I can’t wait to see if Johnson goes running to Politico to brag about how he handled John Kerry.

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13 Comments on “The Amazing Stupidity of Ron Johnson, Part 2”

  1. RalphB says:

    Kerry was really good today! He’s like the guy I used to like so much in his youth. Hope this Kerry stays in charge cause he’ll make a really good SoS.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I wish I had seen him testify. I think he’ll be great as SOS, but he won’t be as entertaining as Hillary.

  2. RalphB says:

    On Hardball, I just hard a question asked of Hillary by Rand Paul that I didn’t see yesterday. He asked her if the US was using Libya to smuggle weapons into Turkey? Her quizzical response was “Turkey?”.

    Hillary’s confusion is understandable since Turkey has been our NATO ally since 1952. The tea party wingnuts really are living in their own world I suppose 🙂

    • janicen says:

      I did see that yesterday. It was hilarious!

      • RalphB says:

        These people are just idiots! It’s amazing they got elected.

        I was just reading at a moderate Republican site about her testimony and a well liked comment was: “Chris Christie might have a tantrum but we should just declare the lady president now and save all the hassle in 2016”. 🙂

      • bostonboomer says:

        I went to get my hair done today, and my hairdresser and I were talking about Hillary. I said I wished she would go back to the cute short cut she had in 2008. He said he thinks Hillary will beat anyone else who runs in 2016. They were talking about Michelle’s hair too,

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Sorry I disappeared. I’ve been playing video games and card games with my nephews. They’re so much fun.

  4. BB, you will appreciate this: