Late Night Round Up…Frozen Buildings and Spitting Camels

image565441g_5546Good Evening

Sitting here watching Road to Morocco with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour…and enjoying it thoroughly.  Edith Head did the dresses and they are beautiful.

Anyway, just a few things for you tonight, and since I am still suffering from serious political affected disorder…the links will be sparse.

Actually, I should call it political aversion disorder. After seeing some of the crap the right-wing talking heads have said about Hillary Clinton, this evening of laughs is a welcomed treat.

John McCain was on Fox News this morning, opening his mouth and spewing ridiculous comments…according to the Maddow Blog:  The pot accuses the kettle of having an ‘adoring media’

…this was the key quote:

“[Clinton] obviously has an adoring media. She really didn’t answer any questions. Her response to Senator Johnson about whether it was a spontaneous demonstration or not, saying it ‘didn’t matter.’ It ‘didn’t matter’ how these people died? That was stunning. That was really stunning. Of course it matters. It matters for a whole lot of reasons, including to the families and Americans, because the American people deserve to be told the truth and they were not told the truth.”

Clinton never said it “didn’t matter” how the four Americans were killed. She said the opposite.

As was obvious to anyone paying attention, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was preoccupied with preliminary intelligence reports about a possible protest in Benghazi and Clinton said that was irrelevant as compared to the death of four Americans — and she was correct.

If McCain found this too confusing to understand, perhaps the Senate Foreign Relations Committee isn’t the best place for him to serve.

What’s more, Clinton has “an adoring media”? This from a man who spends so much time on the Sunday shows that he has his mail forwarded to green rooms? This from a senator who’s so adored by the D.C. political establishment that he’s considered reporters his base?

You want another WTF reaction to Clinton…of course it is a Fox and Friend giving it up…Brian Kilmeade: Hillary Clinton used ‘Lance Armstrong principle’ by yelling in Senate hearing

“This is the Lance Armstrong principle of when you’re in trouble, yell at the person asking you a question,” Kilmeade declared. “That’s the way that he kept everybody off of him for 15 years. And believe me, that’s what I thought of right away because when she gets angry, you do not want to be in her crosshairs.”

“But the fact is that everyone is looking at the fact that she got angry and thinking, wow, she looks good,” the Fox News host continued to rant. “But her words absolutely defy the logic behind the whole reason for the hearing.”

Video at the link.
Juan Cole has a handy list at Alternet: Top Ten Republican Myths on Benghazi that Justify Hillary Clinton’s Anger   Go and check those out…
Just a couple of more links for you…Spain’s unemployment is frightening. Spain’s unemployment rate reaches record high

Spain’s unemployment rate jumped to the highest in 36 years with the rate expected to continue escalating [AFP]

Spain’s unemployment rate has surged to a modern-day record of 26.02 percent in the final quarter of 2012 as nearly six
million people searched in vain for work in a biting recession, official data shows.

The jobless rate data released on Thursday climbed from 25.02 percent the previous quarter, reaching the highest level since Spain returned to democracy after the death of General Francisco Franco in 1975.

The story for young people was even grimmer: the unemployment rate for those aged 16 to 24 soared to 55.13 percent, up from 52.34 percent the previous quarter.

The result shattered even the modest expectations of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s government, which had been forecasting an unemployment rate of 24.6 percent by the end of 2012.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for those young people in Spain…I see what it is like here in the US and unemployment is nowhere near 55.13 percent.
Lately, we have seen a lot of assholes and dicks parading across the cable news screens, and they are not funny…but this bit of dickness from Australia is a laugh: Australia bans ad with Barbara Bush look-alike: ‘There’s only one Dick I’ll be eating with my green coffee

According to ad creator Dan Ilic, Dick Smith foods had planned to run over $100,000 in advertising on Saturday’s Australia Day, but it was given a PG rating because of a scene showing refugees escaping from a burning boat to enjoy Dick Smith’s OzEmite, an alternative to the Vegemite product marketed by American-owned Kraft Foods.

But for many, it will be the barrage of penis innuendos like “I love Dick” that raise eyebrows.

“This is as wrong as a dead dingo’s donger,” Smith says in the advertisement, referring to “false patriotism” in competing food commercials.

“There’s a quick and easy solution to this,” the blog dlisted explained on Thursday. “They should just edit the commercial all the way down and only show the true star, the Barbara Bush-looking memaw who says, ‘There’s only one Dick I’ll be eating on Australia Day.’ She’s at the 0:20 mark and she delivers her line like a memaw who knows her Dicks.”

Got another cool link for you, take a look at these pictures of a frozen building:  In pictures: Ice covers Chicago warehouse after fire

Crane in front of ice covered building

I will end this post with a clip from the movie, Road to Morocco.

The scene where the camel spits in Turkey’s (Bob Hope‘s) face wasn’t planned. The camel did it of its own accord while the cameras were rolling, and Hope’s recoil and Bing Crosby‘s reaction were so funny that it was left in the final cut of the film.

This is an open thread!


18 Comments on “Late Night Round Up…Frozen Buildings and Spitting Camels”

  1. BB, you mentioned how cold it was up there this morning, in Banjoville things are cold too…in fact the schools are closed tomorrow.

    • RalphB says:

      Jeez, I hope that doesn’t come west. It was in the 70s today and is currently 66. Looks like 70s for the next 10 days, if we’re lucky.

    • bostonboomer says:

      How cold is it, JJ?

      • HT says:

        BB – we were warmer than you in the afternoon however night brings another level of cold – and while we are at 3 celsius now, with the wind chill which is quite prevalent, we’re at -11. So I wonder what everyone thinks is cold. Heard from an acquaintance from the prairie province of Manitoba that it’s -23. I’ve been cocooning for the last week – only walking the dog (got a hint of frostbite every day) going out when I need cream for my coffee and to my shame (hangs head) when I need smokes.
        Mind you, tomorrow we’re supposed to get “milder” temperatures because we have a snow storm blowing in, so I suppose it will be milder – it doesn’t snow when it is this cold. Mild by the way is

        WRT to the current political situation in your country – honestly I don’t have anything to say other than parts of the government have either become a mental health institution, or a high school gym change room. Not that my government is any better, but because of our culture they are more subdued and underhanded.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Cold is relative, of course. We rarely get below zero temps here. In fact, it usually stays in the 20s and 30s for most of the winter. We benefit from being near the ocean. To me, anything above 20 isn’t that cold. When it’s in the single numbers, I’m not so crazy about it. Below zero–ugh!

        My parents grew up in North Dakota where it used to get down to 40 below and even colder. You really notice climate change up there. It has gotten milder over the past 30-40 years. It was a lot colder in Boston when I first came here too.

      • Cold enough for ice to form, it can be treacherous around the county because we only have one plow/salt truck. It is fortunate that where we live now is just up the road from the county commissioner. And it is good to live so close to such a powerful man….whether it is the power, or the water or plowing the roads, things don’t take long to get taken care of around here.

    • HT says:

      Good grief, aren’t there more important issues in the continent? There are homeless people (the majority of whom are mentally ill) freezing on the street and this is all that Katie can come up with? Oh wait – she is the one that interviewed Quiterella (ht Pat) and asked her what magazines she read. So much formain stream journalism – it appears to be dead.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Thanks for the Juan Cole link, JJ. Very interesting piece.

  3. Beata says:

    I envy you, JJ. I no longer get TCM and really miss it. Glad you are enjoying Der Bingle, Ski Nose, and the lovely Lamour.

    I do get Fox News but avoid it like the plague for sanity’s sake. So sick of McNasty and all the GOP crazies, I could scream. Memo to McCain: Retire tomorrow. Take Rand Paul with you. You can take turns playing President. It’ll be big fun.

    Local weather report: It was 5 degrees and very windy here a couple of days ago. Now it is a balmy 20 with a snow alert. Pretty typical January stuff.

  4. RalphB says:

    addictingInfo: Obama Puts Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare In Charge Of SEC

    She is someone who knows how to root out corruption, to find the information needed, and to get results. Wall Street had hoped for a business insider, but has instead gotten a vicious attack dog. This appointment comes on the heels of a newly empowered Securities and Exchange Commission, meaning that the administration has decided to get tough on big businesses who would seek to exploit people for profit.

    That she is now being put back into a position of authority should have the bankers concerned. There is a new sheriff in town, and she will have a clean corporate culture in the US, one way or another.

    She prosecuted John Gotti, took down the Gambino crime family, and the ’93 World Trade Center bombing case. Ms White may be fun to watch after all.

  5. RalphB says:

    Rick Perry can cut ribbons and collect some graft but Lt Gov David Dewhurst is the most powerful politician in Texas when it comes to what goes through the legislature. Here is an entertaining 4 min of the snake talking about education funding.

    Texas needs to go blue. Note: he can’t compete with Bobby Jindal for the crazy.

    • HT says:

      I cannot believe how many truly deluded people go into politics. They are sociopaths and quie frankly do as much damage as the worst serial killers. And people vote for these sociopaths? Of course they do thanks to Rupert Murdoch. A man who is not longer welccome in the country where he was born, the country where he tried to formulate a coup and got caught. Now he’s in the U.S.

      • RalphB says:

        Right! And Dewhurst lost the Senate primary to Ted Cruz because he was at least semi-sane. while Cruz is full tea party crazy. Go figure.

  6. RalphB says:

    I love this NYT Opinionator piece by Timothy Egan.

    The Tomorrow Majority

    Liberal, liberal, liberal! The wedge label is the last weapon of people who are out of step with their era. Rove and company are betting that “liberal” still has the power to scare. But did you notice that these opponents of President Obama’s Inauguration Day aria didn’t take issue with the substance of what he said? Are they for a legal system that excludes gays from rights that other citizens share? Do they favor global warming? Do they intend to deport the millions of immigrants without papers, and further alienate the fastest-growing block of voters?

    A larger question for those who want to stand athwart history yelling “Stop!” is whether a majority of Americans now favor all the things that Obama alluded to on the first full day of his second term. In fact, they do. The electoral realignment is happening so quickly it looks like an Alaskan river thawing before our eyes. In opposition, Republicans speak for a fast-fading past, or a permanent winter.

    And that sneaky, Machiavellian Obama: he made them do it. He’s trying to “just shove us into the dustbin of history,” said House Speaker John Boehner this week. No shoving was required — the Republicans climbed right into the dustbin and put the lid on to keep out the light.