Evening Round-Up: BS and WTF?

Good falloutEvening…

My father is going off the deep end. I don’t know, he has become obsessed with the end of the world, the CDC’s stash of plastic coffins and Agenda 21. So tonight’s links will be a quick dose of reality…meaning, shit we should be concerned with.

Privacy…The Volokh Conspiracy » District Court Grants Motion to Suppress After Government Uses “The Shadow” to Locate Laptop Using Unsecured Wireless Network  (Fourth Amendment? Drawing the line or crossing it?)

Austerity…What Austerity Brings  (It sure doesn’t bring about anything good.)

Indefinite detention, and “unlawful pretrial punishment”…The Prosecution’s Argument for Why It Didn’t ‘Unlawfully Punish’ Bradley Manning  (And why is it that FDL’s coverage of the Manning trial uses images from Beavis and Butthead?)

Minorities…Black, Hispanic Teens Most Disconnected, New Report Says  (Nothing new here, carry on…)

Boehners…Obama Rejects Boehner Fiscal Cliff Plan  (Boehner = The tangerine ass clown.)

Boneheads…Rush Limbaugh: Planned Parenthood “Is All About The Elimination Of Black Families”  (My girlfriend who lives among the corn was going on about this a couple weeks ago.)

Protection of our precious bodily fluids…Tracy Bloom: GOP’s Doomsday Fiscal Cliff Plan, Cory Booker’s Food Stamp Challenge, and More  (Okay, that last one is an attempt to joke about Dr. Strangelove…we certainly don’t want a mineshaft gap!)

This is an open thread…

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  1. Y’all have a great night. I’ve got one sick kid, one deranged dad…and a pile of laundry to deal with tonight…ciao!

  2. I know that I’ve mentioned over and over how much I enjoy the AJC cartoonist Mike Luckovich, well this one is fabulous:

    12/4 Luckovich cartoon: Santa pause | Mike Luckovich

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Guess who got out of jail?

    George Zimmerman posts $1 million bail.

  4. Fredster says:

    Oh I love this from the C&L piece:

    ruled out Lib Dem proposals for a mansion tax.

    Imagine what we could rake in with that!!