Friday Nite Lite: Scary Republicans

Good Evening!

You know, I’ve always thought that certain members of congress were scary looking, their policies make them frightening as hell.

I mean, look at them!

Which brings me to our first cartoon…

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Scare the Girls

Scare the Girls © Bruce Plante,Tulsa World,political halloween,halloween 2012,murdoch,akin,rape,comments

For a few more on Halloween:

10/26 Mike Luckovich: Boo! | Mike Luckovich


10/28 Mike Luckovitch: Trick or Treat | Mike Luckovich


Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » East coast monster storm

East coast monster storm © Dave Granlund,,Hurricane,Sandy,October storm,Halloween storm,perfect storm,damage,2012,wind,flooding,coastal flooding,surge,east coast, frankenstorm

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » IMPENDING SNOWSTORM


Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Trick or Treat Mitt

Trick or Treat Mitt © Pat Bagley,Salt Lake Tribune,Mitt,Romney,Trick or Treat,Campaign,Etch-a-Sketch,Moderate,Conservative,Severely Conservative,Election,2012,Halloween

I’ve got a few on the election:

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Ohio Vote

Ohio Vote © Kirk Walters,Toledo Blade,ohio,key,swing,voters,state,ohio-voters

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Vote Obama

Vote Obama © Zapiro,obama reelection,change,hope,vote

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Animal Nuz 114

Animal Nuz 114 © Eric Lewis,Animal Nuz,stimulus,bernanke,america,global,romney,meeting

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy © Steve Benson,Arizona Republic,foreign policy,debate,romney,message,obama,foreign-policy-debate

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Polls

Polls © Cardow,The Ottawa Citizen,Gallup,poll,election,2012,romney,obama,election polls,big bird

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Political snake handling in the pulpit

Political snake handling in the pulpit © J.D. Crowe,Mobile Register,politics, religion, snake handling

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Zingers

Zingers © Sorensen,Slowpoke,obama,romney,zingers,final-election-countdown,romney-zingers

And a one that is not on the election:

Cagle Post – Political Cartoons & Commentary – » Beluga Whales Can Talk

Beluga Whales Can Talk © Steve Breen,The San Diego Union Tribune,beluga whales,talk,rush limbaugh,global warming

Well, that is all I’ve got…today I did something I thought I never would do…and that was vote for Obama.  What have you all been up to today? Getting ready for Sandy?

This is an open thread!


36 Comments on “Friday Nite Lite: Scary Republicans”

  1. Add Ann Coulter to the SCARY GOP list…she is on Piers Morgan and it is a Republican train wreck…screeching sounds as if nails on a chalk board. Painful, and I can’t understand WHY anyone wants to know what she thinks, especially Piers Morgan. 😯

  2. NW Luna says:

    Awwcckkkkk! Here I was clicking on the link to the next SkyDancing thread and get THOSE guys looking at me!

    I nearly slammed my laptop shut.

  3. pdgrey says:

    JJ, great cartoons! I know from reading your post that vote was hard for you. I just keep thinking about my nieces.

  4. Fannie says:

    You know me when I start my rant……………and random thoughts and broken messages and lines.

    I keep thinking “TRAP”…………..and in that trap is the word FORCED. Yeah, forced degradation, forced slavery, forced property rights, forced trauma/torture, forced emotional crippling, forced disability, forced PTSD. It’s like they went hunting, and had to use the biggest trap ever to force women into death. Girls and women are forced physcially and forced coercively to have sex against their will, and these terrorist want to make the rule of law and force preganancy.

    This is a Holy War against women. The war on terror continues, and these men use rape as a weapon to torture girls and women. Isn’t that what they are doing………..isn’t rape torture, so says Amnesty International. Can’t we appeal to the world court, and call these men out as terrorist? Why aren’t the democratic men and women banning these bills, banning this kind of law in congress, what do we do to stop it? What about the seperation of church and state.

    Somebody was talking about republicans indulging in rape fantasties and porno, and that this is the result of that excitement, to further torture the victms of rape. Treating them as less than human, and leave them with the deepest scar of their lives, traumatizing them forever, never to recover.

    I think back to the Bosnian women who were raped, and had children. Not only the victims, but the child was stigmatized, and lived in isolation, and eventually mothers abandoned their children. Think of Rwanda and how the children were shunned, and called out as devil children.

    These men are wicked, and they want American women to have rapist babies so they can have more babies grow up to be Christians first. These women will not be able to go to the government (as they have put forth bills in Penn. ) for foodstamps, for housing, for child care, for health care, for mental counseling, they will FORCE them to go to the Church Changers to have needs met. If they don’t, then we know what happens, milions of these women, their children, and their secondary families will die from starvation. That is the price they want women to pay, to starve them, and let them rot. Because they could care less. That is their Force of Change.

    The war on women is escalating, and the terror is beyond belief…………’s death ten times over.

  5. RalphB says:

    Great cartoons JJ. Especially like the Mittens approved Obama’s FP cartoon. Those pictures started me looking for houses on Ikaria again 🙂

    • NW Luna says:

      Newly built? No, no, we want the old stone houses!

      We had lentil stew with greens tonight, and red wine. I’m drying most of the apples picked today from my espaliered apple trees. Homemade sourdough bread is baking now.

      • RalphB says:

        I’d much prefer that to, the whole newly built thing kind of hoses up the whole lifestyle angle.

      • NW Luna says:

        I’m sure we could find something that pleases all of us. Maybe this one; it’s even got its own spring:

        2,500 m2 of beautiful land with sea/mountain views, large verandas,stone walls, gardens featuring almond, orange, avocado, peach, apricot, lemon trees and grape vines.

        Cool and traditional “Cave” stone built studio below the house with bedroom/WC.

      • Damn woman, you have been busy!

      • NW Luna says:

        Well, I had the day off today, and I wanted something to take my mind off Repugs. Good food and home-garden fruit preservation fit the bill. Plus it’s raining again here, as it will until about June. 😉

        I used to keep bees, and likely will take it up again in spring. I’d be really useful in that SkyDancing commune!

        • Yes, you sure would be useful. I don’t know nothing about bees or preserves, but I can spin any kind of fiber and weave. Of course, I know how to cook Mediterranean dishes. Oh how wonderful to think about it.

    • RalphB says:

      I saw that one. It’s really pretty cool. With the climate there, it should be a great place for a SD commune.

    • Beata says:

      I’m in Greece! Wish you were all here with me! See video below of me with a cute guy I picked up at the hotel! 😉

      BTW, who is this “Romney” person? And what is a “Mourdock”?

  6. RalphB says:

    John Cole lays waste to one of the latest wingnut fantasies about Benghazi. Not to mention we would have most likely killed all of our own people in the damn barrage. Seriously wonder if any of the fucking goopers have any military experience at all, beyond adolescent daydreams.

    balloon-juice: I’d Have Gone For the Tactical Nuke

    The Confederate Yankee, aka Bob Owens, aka Gun Counter Gomer, the von Clausewitz of Chigger Creek, is very upset that we did not use AC130 gunships on the Benghazi consulate:

    An AC-130U flies in a counter-clockwise “pivot turn” around the target, with the weapons all aimed out the left side of the aircraft.

    There are two state-of-the-art fire-control systems (FCSs) in a AC-130U, using television sensors,infrared sensors, and synthetic aperture strike radar. These fire control systems can see through the dark of night, clouds, and smoke.

    The two FCSs on the AC-130U control a 25mm Gatling gun for area suppression, a precision 40mm cannon, and a 105mm cannon which can engage hard targets.

    What this means is that we have the forces in the air and on the ground to have stopped the attack at any point, eliminating the terrorists and saving American lives.

    Yeah. That would have been great. Deploy a gatling gun, 40 mm depleted uranium rounds, and 105 mm cannon rounds on a crowd mixed with friendlies.

    At some point, you might just wonder if maybe the military had a reason for not turning Benghazi into fucking My Lai village.

  7. Just saw this on a friends Facebook page:

  8. NW Luna says:

    Hope all E Coast SkyDancers stay safe.

    This site has excellent forecasting and analysis, with lots of graphics:

    There is now a high probability that an historic storm will strike the mid-Atlantic states next week.
    A storm far more intense than the Perfect Storm, of book and movie fame.
    One of the most intense landfalling cyclones in several years and perhaps the equal of the great Columbus Day Storm of 1962 that brought 100 mph plus winds to large swaths of the Pacific Northwest. ….
    We are talking about huge events, if either of these forecasts are correct–or if the truth is somewhere in between. Heavy rain, powerful winds over a long period, storm surges north of the low center. This will make the Perfect Storm look like a zephyr. Take a look at the cumulative rainfall through October 31st at 11 PM PDT. 5-10 inches over New Jersey and adjacent areas. And this is a relatively coarse model….could well be more at some locations. Cascade Mountains do almost as well!

  9. HT says:

    Had to come back and read all the comments from after I retired last night. Have I mentioned lately that Sky Dancing (and Widdershins of course) have the best hosts (authors) and the very best commenters on the net? If so, read previous sentence without the question mark as an iteration of a heartfelt thought.