Wednesday Reads: P.A.D.

Morning All…

Just a warning before you read any further, this post is going to start of with a smidgen of whine and a half-hearted rant about…stuff.

It has been such a struggle lately….have you been feeling it? Maybe it is just something I am going through alone these days.

It has become a struggle to run my eyes over the headlines on or read the items in my RSS feed reader. Maybe it is feeling so much frustration…seeing Romney’s name plastered all over the place? Maybe it is the touch of coolness in the air…the leaves turning from green to gold, signaling a new season. My favorite season. Fall.

Last night before I started to write this morning’s post, I found myself finding little superficies to waste time. Yeah, just doing stupid things that would give me a reason to procrastinate a bit longer.  Just the thought of clicking the laptop on, and scouring the news sites made me want to forget about the blog…and avoid writing this post.

I was thrilled to see Boston Boomer posting a thread late yesterday, it meant I could even avoid doing a quick evening reads. And believe me, I have saved up some good cartoons to share with you all…but my enthusiasm was lacking for even that kind of post.

We all experience that feeling of being fed up, yes?  Different things affect us, and make us scream inside ourselves…and bring about a desire to run into the hills pulling our hair out. Cleaning the bathroom sink becomes more appealing than listening to one more politician drone on about shit we know is ridiculous and flat-out wrong.

Anyway, that is it…there was my whine and feeble complaint about the Political Affective Disorder that has hit me…big time.

So, it should come to no surprise that the news links for this morning reads will be in Link Dump fashion.

The top news story, I guess the one getting most of the trending traffic this morning on Google News, was this: Top Republicans demand answers from over Benghazi attack

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Libya

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton watch as Chris Stevens’ remains are returned to the US at a military base in Maryland. Photograph: Molly Riley/Getty Images

Senior Republicans in Congress have written to Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, claiming to have evidence of a previously undisclosed attack on the US consulate in Benghazi and threats to American ambassador in Libya in the months before he was killed.

Darrell Issa, chairman of the House oversight and government reform committee, and Jason Chaffetz, chairman of a subcommittee on national security, are demanding Clinton hand over information about previous attacks and threats as Republicans step up pressure on the White House with accusations of incompetence and a cover-up over the assault that killed the US ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three other American officials last month.

The letter says that US diplomats in Libya made repeated requests for increased security at the Benghazi consulate but were rejected by officials in Washington. The congressmen have called a hearing for October 10 and want Clinton to reveal what the state department knew about earlier incidents and how it responded to the growing security threat.

I do like that photo from this Guardian story. It shows compassion and genuine feeling of sympathy. Geez, what are we going to do without Hillary? I mean, it doesn’t matter who wins…Romney or Obama, she is gone next year. Sigh..

Another story making the popularity list is this bit of news from Penn State. Mike McQueary files defamation suit against Penn State

he former Penn State graduate assistant who complained he saw former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky showering with a young boy on campus and testified at his sex abuse trial sued the university on Tuesday for what he calls defamation and misrepresentation.

Mike McQueary’s whistle-blower lawsuit claims his treatment by the university since Sandusky was arrested in November has caused him distress, anxiety, humiliation and embarrassment. The complaint, filed in county court near State College, where the university is based, seeks millions of dollars in damages.

Hey, McQueary got that promotion to assistant coach when he neglected to go to the “real” police after it was obvious that telling Paterno about the sexual assault he witnessed in the shower…did absolutely nothing…as far as Sandusky is concerned.

Yesterday there was a shooting on the border. Here is the latest: Border Patrol shooting: No suspects yet  I don’t know, the timing of this thing is a bit too convenient for me. With the election a month away, I guess perhaps my spider senses are somewhat over sensitive.

And over in Georgia..the results are in. Georgia election: US and Russia hail parliamentary vote  President Mikheil Saakashvili is out and the Dream Party is slated to take over. Let’s see what comes of this change…I guess it would give Romney a reason to start talking about how the Soviet Union will respond to new President, Bidzina Ivanishvili.

On to a few Human Rights stories. Rights group: Mentally ill patients in Ghana chained up for months at a time at prayer camps

Mentally ill patients suffer from severe abuse at psychiatric hospitals and so-called healing centers in Ghana, with many chained to trees and even denied water, a human rights group said Tuesday.

Some 1,000 residents live in squalid, overcrowded quarters in Ghana’s three psychiatric hospitals, according to Human Rights Watch. Patients face physical and verbal abuse, and some are given electroshock therapy without their consent, said the group’s report.

The abuse is even worse in healing centers known as “prayer camps,” which lack government oversight, it said.

Thousands of mentally disabled people in the West African nation are sent to the camps, usually by their family members to be “cured” by self-proclaimed prophets through miracles, prayer and fasting. In most prayer camps, residents are only allowed to leave when the prophet deems them healed.

Fucking “organized” religion…used as an outlet for cruelty. Like we haven’t seen this shit before.

This next link is just too upsetting for words. Rights group: Police rape woman in Tunisia, then charge her with indecency

Tunisian women protest Tuesday, October 2, in front of a courthouse in Tunis where a young woman faces charges of indecency by two police officers accused of raping her.

Tunisian women protest Tuesday, October 2, in front of a courthouse in Tunis where a young woman faces charges of indecency by two police officers accused of raping her.

While on the subject of rape.

Todd Akin In 2008: Doctors Give Abortions To Women Who Aren’t Pregnant

Todd Akin videos: CSPAN clips reveal the Missouri candiate’s paranoia about abortion and stem cell research.

Gawd, I really hate that man.

I posted a cartoon the other day about the State Supreme Court mess down in Florida:  Republican Party Aims to Remake Florida Supreme Court

You may remember it? The one with the Justices up in a tree, and an elephant revving up a chain saw?

The campaign against the justices by Republican state party officials, a conservative group founded by the Koch brothers and a grass-roots group is similar to the successful push by conservative activists in Iowa during the 2010 election. Voters there defeated three Iowa Supreme Court justices over a ruling that allowed same-sex marriage in the state. A fourth Iowa justice who also ruled in the case is being targeted for ouster this year.

In Florida, the issue is not same-sex marriage but another politically divisive matter: President Obama’s health care law. In a 2010 ruling, the Florida Supreme Court removed from the ballot a nonbinding amendment allowing Floridians to refuse to buy mandatory health insurance. The justices ruled that the required ballot summary contained “misleading and ambiguous language” and asked the Legislature to fix it. Lawmakers did, and it is back on the ballot this year.

For an update on Spain: Spanish Regions Agree to Central Government Deficit Plan

Spain’s 17 regional governments agreed on Tuesday to stick to budget deficit targets set by the central government, giving Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy some breathing space as he faces pressure from investors and his European partners to clean up Spain’s banks and public finances.

After a meeting in Madrid with leaders of the regional governments, Mr. Rajoy said, “Spain was giving a good message.” He added that he was “very grateful to everybody” for backing his government’s budget plans and avoiding a full-blown confrontation between the central and regional governments.

And these last two links are for all of us who are dealing with a cold from hell…it seems to be traveling through many of the front pagers on Sky Dancing, as well as some of our readers. (Beata, PD and HT…hope y’all are feeling better.)

Extra vitamin D may not help ward off colds

Vitamin C may shorten cold, not stop it

Have a good day, and we will see you later on tonight, as Romney and Obama meet for their first debate. I can hardly wait./Snark or should I say, /Sarcasm.

51 Comments on “Wednesday Reads: P.A.D.”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Good Morning, JJ! I wish I could do something to help you with your PAD. To be honest, I have selfish reasons for that too. I don’t know if I could live without your posts–I think they keep me from getting PAD. Maybe you should stay away from Memeorandum. It’s just a right wing site like really.

    Anyway, if I can do anything to help, just let me know. We need you girl!!

    • Allie says:

      Amen! That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw “Memeorandum”. Ditch that site and you will feel immediate relief – trust me!

    • HT says:

      What BB said – we all need you JJ. I can understand the PAD – since the cold from hell took over my body, I’ve been watching silly shows just to take my mind away from the stressful situations displayed in the papers and blogs every day. Last night I watched Zorro – the one with Antonio Banderas (hmmmmm antonio) and had a solid 6 hours sleep after. You should try it. Just don’t go away – what would I and others do without Friday cartoon night?

    • Thank you so much for your support. I just wanted to explain the reasons for my “half-ass” job of writing post lately…I’m not going anywhere! 😉

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Here’s a feel-good story. At least I liked it: TV Anchor Responds to E-Mailer Who Tells Her She’s Fat.

    • Beata says:

      That is a feel-good story. Thanks for posting it, BB.

    • RalphB says:

      That was a great reply. The guy who wrote her that email is a fool.

    • HT says:

      Wow, what a brilliant riposte from a beautiful woman. Definitely a feel good moment. My sister suffered from those kind of cruel comments for many, many years, so it hits home in a very positive way.

    • janicen says:

      I can’t help but wonder if the person who wrote the email out of concern that this anchor person is not setting a good example and being a good roll model of health and fitness, is limiting his concerns to females or has he also written an email to Chris Christie expressing the same concerns? Actually, I don’t wonder, I already know that this ass feels he is perfectly within his rights to assess and comment on women’s bodies.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Hillary’s awesome response to Issa and Chaffetz on Benghazi. What a president she would make!

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote to House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrel Issa (R-CA) Tuesday afternoon to pledge the State Department’s full cooperation with Congress in getting to the bottom of the Sept. 11 attack on the Benghazi consulate that killed Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

    “I appreciate that you and your committee are deeply interested in finding out what happened leading up to and during the attacks in Benghazi, and are looking for ways to prevent it from happening again. I share that commitment,” Clinton wrote in the letter, obtained by The Cable. “Nobody will hold this department more accountable than we hold ourselves — we served with Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.”

    More at the link.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Michael Tomasky: If Benghazi is a scandal, what was 9/11?

      As I wrote previously, we have four dead Americans, and a full investigation, followed by steps to address the very serious problems of diplomatic security, is absolutely imperative. But sorry, wingers, this doesn’t have legs as a campaign issue.

      Let me put it this way. If Benghazi, an attack that killed four people, is Obama’s Watergate, what was 9-11? In the former, we have no evidence that any warnings ever came to Obama’s desk, and it seems high unlikely that we ever will. It’s not as if holes in diplomatic security, a chronically underfunded enterprise, are going to raise deep-red flags. It’s a well-known and hard to address problem. I guess this may have made it to the secretary’s desk, but the president’s?

      Meanwhile, we know for a fact that Bush had explicit advance warning that 9-11, an attack that killed 2,800 people, was coming. Now. If Benghazi is Watergate, what was 9-11?

      • RalphB says:

        I’ve thought for years that if 9/11 had happened on Clinton’s watch, the republicans would have hung him. Hell, they tried to blame him anyway,

  4. Whenever I get credentialed, I’m going to lobby to have Political Affective Disorder to the current DSM at that time 😉 half-joking, and only barely by half!

    Gonna read your wednesday opus after class, babe. Love you, hang tough Wonder Woman 🙂

    Debate tonight… I will try to be more participative on the live blog 🙂

  5. Pat Johnson says:

    Only 30 more days until we find out if Jim Demint and Jim Inhofe will hold chairmanships in the Senate.

    Only 30 more days until the possibility of the Senate Judiciary Committee falling into the hands of the GOP whose major role will be in the selection of the next SC Justice.

    Only 30 more days until the House elects another Speaker who will vow to impede any thought of putting the nation back to work.

    Only 30 more days until the Catfood Commission is resurrected by one side or the other in the interest of “fairness”.

    Only 30 more days until we are treated to another “filibuster” to block any proposed bill that would signify progress.

    Only 30 more days to discover how low we have sunk if some of the stupidest people on the planet find themselves in charge.

    Can’t wait.

  6. Beata says:

    I confess I have become a total airhead the past several days. It’s PAD’s fault.

    JJ, here’s a fun quiz you might like. It’s about how to find your classic movie star style type. Mine is “Kate Hepburn – Smartly Tailored”. ( I hope this link works. I seem to be link-impaired lately. )

    • bostonboomer says:

      LOL! I Got Audrey Hepburn — Sophisticated Ingenue.

    • HT says:

      That was fun, thanks Beata. I’m an Ingrid Bergman type.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Ooooooh! Now that’s glamourous!

      • HT says:

        The description was “Charmingly Natural”. The qualification was based on my hair being wash and wear, my legs being bare of stockings, my lipstick being chapstick and my last cosmetic purchase being sunscreen. Back in the day, they used to call people like me “bluestockings”. Today, I’m Ingrid Bergman – go figure.

      • ecocatwoman says:

        Me too! Some of those questions didn’t have any answers that fit me. I liked the fact that animals were included in the description. I checked all of the results & that category fits me better than any of the others. That was fun!

      • HT says:

        Connie, we’re twins separated at birth? Sounds good to me.

    • janicen says:

      I’m Ingrid Bergman! Yay! One of my all-time fav’s!

      • HT says:

        Which sunscreen do you use? (joke, yet not a joke)

        • janicen says:

          LOL! Yes, that was my “cosmetic” and I chose the one with the fewest and most comfortable shoes! 😀

      • Beata says:

        I retook the test, giving the questions a little more thought. I wanted to be Ingrid Bergman, my favorite actress! But I ended up “Grace Kelly – Classically Ladylike”. I better watch my language during the debate. 😆

        • janicen says:

          I adore her too, Beata but I’m NOTHING like her. I wish I were because I think she’s awesome but I answered the questions honestly and I don’t think I’m anything like her. But what the heck, I’ll take it! 😉

  7. bostonboomer says:

    I admit, I’m totally psyched for the debate tonight. I hope I’m not the only one!

    • Pat Johnson says:

      You’re not. But I have turned my fears over to congressional races that may bring more “freaks” to the legislative body than ever before.

      To think that Todd Akin is still in contention in MO is beyond my comprehension. Or that Murdouch in AZ could win is troubling. McMahon is running neck to neck in CT and Scott Brown could still manage to pull out a win in MA which could easily turn the Senate into another GOP stronghold.

      Romney/Ryan may “be over” at this point but those other races could cause the debacle many of us here have been railing against all along.

      The race for POTUS that ushers in a GOP majority is more disastrous than who pulls out a victory for the WH in my judgment.

      Just wish I could shake this feeling of doom.

    • Well there’s that too =)

      Hiya Bb

  8. Fannie says:

    Notice the letter Issa sent was signed only by himself. He’s having a conniption fit, because he wants it done within the week, oh yeah, he’s set up a deadline of Oct 10 for Hillary.

    Too bad for McCready – we know it all comes down to money, and not those abused kids.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Well, if it weren’t for McCready, Sundusky would probably still be abusing kids, so I have to give him credit for that.

      • Fannie says:

        I don’t know so much about he time frame, and if it stopped……because it was reported that Sandusky, though ordered not to bring kids to the fooball building, continued to bring them to a summer camp at Penn State’s Behrend Satelite campus.

        I kinda feel like what the hell, McQueary saw the crime take place on 9 Feb 2001, and reported it the next day. Then he was told that appropriate police action had taken place, but was instead covered up. My thoughts, is why didn’t he go through a police investigation since he was the one who witnessed the crime……………come on, his elvator didn’t go all the way to the top, to think he didn’t have to be questioned by the law.

  9. RalphB says:

    Hope this is good for votes.

    Poll: Republican, Democratic Party Favorability Ratings Diverge

    Favorability of the Democratic and Republican parties are diverging, according to a poll released Wednesday from ABC News and the Washington Post. The survey of 1,024 adults showed that 49 percent perceived the Democratic party as favorable, with 42 seeing it as unfavorable. Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed viewed the Republican party favorably, with 53 percent viewing it unfavorably.

  10. bostonboomer says:

    Poll shows that Romney’s “you didn’t build that” campaign was an epic fail, while his “47 percent” are having a huge effect.

    Romney built much of his convention around Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comments, but only 32 percent were impacted negatively by them. Meanwhile, more viewed the remarks as a positive, and 62 percent either saw them as a positive or weren’t impacted by them at all.

    The poll also asked people how Romney’s remarks about the freeloading 47 percent affected their views of the GOP candidate. The result: 23 percent said “more positive”; 24 percent said “not much difference”; and 45 percent said “more negative.”

    • janicen says:

      Oh yeah. I don’t know if everyone’s seeing it but here in VA the Dems are running an awesome 30 second spot with the audio of Romney saying the 47 percent stuff while they show pictures of veterans and working class Americans who would fall into the 47 percent he’s describing. It’s powerful.

  11. bostonboomer says:

    Don’t miss this! The internet is strangely obsessed with greasy-faced Romney gifs.

  12. pdgrey says:

    Took a turn for the worse today but here is something I wish we could do something about. Destroy Pete Peterson, H/T Suzie,0,376906.column

  13. ecocatwoman says:

    Keystone XL – well, we know Romney will approve the full pipeline on Day 1. This is what’s happening to people in Texas where the southern leg is going ahead:

  14. ecocatwoman says:

    JJ, this one’s for you. Hope it will cure what ails you: Octopi are quickly becoming my 2nd favorite critter (cats will always be Number 1).