Friday Nite Lite: Party of the First Part

Good Evening!

I have so many editorial cartoons to share with you tonight that I need to break them up into two posts. This first one is full of Romney cartoons…

AAEC – Political Cartoon by Tom Stiglich, Journal Register Newspapers – 09/21/2012

Cartoon by Tom Stiglich -

Cagle Post » Romney Speech Entrance

Romney Speech Entrance © Gary Markstein,The Milwakee Journal Sentinel,romney,speech,freeloader,campaign,election,1-percent,47-percent,romney-video-leak

Cagle Post » Never Mind the 47

Never Mind the 47 © Mark Streeter,The Savannah Morning News,romney,ryan,redistribute,

Cagle Post » 47 percent

47 percent © Ken Catalino,National/Syndicated,taxpayers,romney,shelter,food,47-percent

Cagle Post » Romneys Image

Romneys Image © Moir,The Morning Herald, Sydney Australia,romney,public,image,video,taxpayers,romney-video-leak

Cagle Post » Romney Campaign Reboot

Romney Campaign Reboot © Adam Zyglis,The Buffalo News,romney, mitt, reboot, 47 percent, taxes, gaffe, video, dinner, bus, fundraiser, campaign, reboot, election, president, race, gop, republican, candidate

Cagle Post » Romney Guide to Non Taxpayers

Romney Guide to Non Taxpayers © Steve Greenberg,VCReporter, Ventura. CA,Mitt Romney,taxes,taxpayers,deadbeats,entitlements,tax shelters,tax cuts,government,47 percent

Cagle Post » Romney Distraction

Romney Distraction © Daryl Cagle,,Mitt Romney,Barack Obama,redistribute income,youtube,campaign 2012,presidential,president

Cagle Post » The Unimportant People

The Unimportant People © Bill Day,Cagle Cartoons,Romney,47,poor,unemployed,disability

Cagle Post » Mitt Unzipped

Mitt Unzipped © Pat Bagley,Salt Lake Tribune,Mitt Romney, Mitt, Romney, Plutocrat, 47 percent, 47, Deadbeats, Moochers, Social Security, Government, Dependency, Welfare, Food Stamps, Poor, Middle Class, Entitlements, Rand

Cagle Post » 47 Percenter Will Work To Pay Income Tax

47 Percenter Will Work To Pay Income Tax © RJ Matson,Roll Call,47 Percenter Will Work To Pay Income Tax, Mitt Romney, Income Tax, Taxes, 2012 Presidential Election, 47 Percent, 47, Unemployment, Jobs, The Economy

Cagle Post » Replacement Candidate

Replacement Candidate © Christopher Weyant,The Hill,Mitt Romney, replacement ref, referee, NFL, football, strike, gaffe, campaign, loss, polls, GOP, 2012, election, Obama, 47, comments, victims, middle class

Cagle Post » Romney’s America

Romney's America © Cardow,The Ottawa Citizen,Mitt, Romney, campaign, election, entitlement, 47, percent, per, cent

Cagle Post » New Cloud Type

New Cloud Type © Joe Heller,Green Bay Press-Gazette,New Cloud Type, cirrus, cumulus, stratus, meteorologist, Mitt Romney, 47

Cagle Post » Romney and the 53 percent

Romney and the 53 percent © Rob Tornoe,Media Matters,mitt romney,barack obama,fox news,mother jones,video,47%,taxes,federal income taxes,gaffe,Romney gaffe,romney-video-leak

Cagle Post » Romney And 47 Pie Chart

Romney And 47 Pie Chart © Jeff Parker,Florida Today and the Fort Myers News-Press,Mitt Romney,gaffe,video,fundraiser,conservative,47,percent,pay,Obama,dependent,government,entitlements,moocher,deadbeat,taker,class,warfare,middle,support,care,concern,Americans,47 percent

Cagle Post » Prez Network

Prez Network © Sorensen,Slowpoke,candidates,children,justice,ambassador,romney,network,social

Cagle Post » Akin Romney

Akin Romney © John Darkow,Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri,campaign, embarrassing, Akin, Romney, Todd, Mitt, Believe, America, half, drop out

Cagle Post » Betsy Mitt Ross

Betsy Mitt Ross © Steve Sack,The Minneapolis Star Tribune,romney,video,country,leak,taxpayers,romney-video-leak

Cagle Post » The best way

The best way © Olle Johansson,Sweden,Mitt Romney, Speech, 47 percent, American, Voters, Share,  USA, Election, 2012, GOP, entitlement,Benefit, taxes, Rich, poor, President, Campaign

9/21 Mike Luckovich cartoon: The 47 percent | Mike Luckovich


Cagle Post » Romney’s message to the 47 percent

Romney's message to the 47 percent © Nik Kowsar,,Romney,Mitt,Election 2012,47,secret fundraiser event

Clay Bennett editorial cartoon – Political Cartoon by Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press – 09/20/2012

Cartoon by Clay Bennett - Clay Bennett editorial cartoon

Party of the Second Part coming up later on tonight.

25 Comments on “Friday Nite Lite: Party of the First Part”

  1. Will post the other part of this twofer later tonight.

  2. ANonOMouse says:

    Those are superb JJ. TY

  3. pdgrey says:

    JJ, very funny! If you guys watched Rachel, “Aren’t these clouds lovely”?

  4. Beata says:

    “I’m voting for whichever candidate likes pudding pops!” LOL

    I know people who put less rational thought than that into who they vote for.

    Thanks for the cartoons, JJ. I hope you have a good weekend.

  5. RalphB says:

    Republican moderate Tommy Thompson wants to do away with Medica

  6. dakinikat says:

    Libyans are going after militias and radicals to avenge the US Ambassador’s killing …

  7. RalphB says:

    Fuckity, fuck, fuck! From Brad DeLong:

    “End ‘Too-Big-to-Fail’ by Reforming the GSEs”: Are Romney and His Campaign That Pig-Ignorant?

    The Romney-Ryan plan will completely end “too-big-to-fail” by reforming the GSEs. The four years since taxpayers took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, spending $140 billion in the process, is too long to wait for reform. Rather than just talk about reform, a Romney-Ryan Administration will protect taxpayers from additional risk in the future by reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and provide a long-term, sustainable solution for the future of housing finance reform in our country.

    That is the Romney housing white paper’s section on the GSEs and “Too-Big-to-Fail”.

    That is not the introduction to the section.

    That is the section.

    That is the entire section.

    I don’t know which is scarier:

    That Romney and everybody else in his campaign think that a “white paper” on housing can cover both the GSEs and “Too-Big-to-Fail” in 85 words.

    That Romney and everybody else in his campaign think that if the GSEs are somehow “reformed” that that can somehow magically resolve “Too-Big-to-Fail” as well–make it so that there are no longer any problems of systemic risk associated with the potential bankruptcy of Citi, JPMC, Wells-Fargo, BoA, GS, Morgan Stanley, or any of the other systemically-important financial institutions.

  8. Thanks y’all…I thought the horses ass was the best…but you are right BB hard to pick a favorite. I got caught up in Breaking Bad. (Watching it on netflix what a show!)

    Maybe I will do part two tomorrow, yes…

  9. dakinikat says:

    The Republicans’ plan is that if they can’t buy the 2012 election they will steal it.


    • RalphB says:

      Rachel Maddow has been pounding on every point made there for months! If the rest of the MSM was only half as good, this would be stopped in it’s tracks.

  10. RalphB says:

    The Republicans must be really desperate, the NY Post and Fox are bringing back “piss christ” once again. 😉

  11. RalphB says:

    In the final minutes of the Univision forum, Obama was invited to deliver whatever pitch he wanted. Here’s what he chose to say:

    One thing that I saw in 2008 is that when the American people come together and decide that they are going to fight for the values and ideals that made this country great, we can’t be stopped. … The work that we’ve done on education, on immigration, on housing, on putting people back to work, on making sure that small businesses have access to financing—those are all issues that are representative of what you care about, your values. But you’ve got to get out there, and you’ve got to make sure that you express that with your ballot. So I would urge you to vote, and I would ask you to vote for me and Democrats up and down the ticket.

    “Democrats up and down the ticket” not the usual “stand with me”. He’s calling for a partisan mandate and it appears to me the matured Obama is declaring war. If we can believe Sam Wang at Princeton, the polls may just be on our side!