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Today’s post will be a quick one, I’ve come down with a sinus/upper respiratory infection, so I’m a little tired. Saturday we lost the first man to walk on the moon.  First man on moon Neil Armstrong dead at 82

U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong, who took a giant leap for mankind when he became the first person to walk on the moon, has died at the age of 82, his family said on Saturday.

Armstrong died following complications from heart-bypass surgery he underwent earlier this month, the family said in a statement, just two days after his birthday on August 5.

As commander of the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. As he stepped on the dusty surface, Armstrong said: ““That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Those words endure as one of the best known quotes in the English language.

There is a cool picture of Neil Armstrong on this obit from the New York Times. Neil Armstrong, First Man on Moon, Dies at 82


Neil Armstrong, photographed inside the lander after the moonwalk on July 20, 1969

Click on the link to see more pictures…I really think that smile says it all.

A quiet, private man, at heart an engineer and crack test pilot, Mr. Armstrong made history on July 20, 1969, as the commander of the Apollo 11 spacecraft on the mission that culminated the Soviet-American space race in the 1960s. President John F. Kennedy had committed the nation to sending men to the moon in that decade, and the goal was met with more than five months to spare.

On that day, Mr. Armstrong and his co-pilot, Col. Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., known as Buzz, steered their lunar landing craft, Eagle, to a level, rock-strewn plain near the southwestern shore of the Sea of Tranquillity. It was touch and go the last minute or two, with computer alarms sounding and fuel running low. But they made it.

With the state of NASA funding these days, it makes a sad point to think where our space program is heading. On the other hand, the  moon might be the safest place for women, if the GOP wins in November…

Iowa View: Much at stake in this election affecting the rights of women

Sunday, we celebrate Women’s Equality Day and the 92nd anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. We’ve come a long way and owe thanks to the many remarkable women whose sacrifices ensure that all women are afforded full citizenship. Civil rights leaders dreamed of equality and self-determination, and we should reflect on the progress we’ve made and the challenges we still face.

Much has changed in the last century. Women won the right to vote and to run for public office. We won the right to equal pay and equal opportunity for work. We won the right to make decisions about our health care.

Today’s political battles, while just as heated and just as contentious, are slightly different. Women aren’t fighting for their basic human rights; they are fighting to preserve them. And never have the lines been more clearly drawn than in the 2012 presidential election.

March for women’s rights this Sunday

As the war on women rages on, Defend Women’s Rights marches will fight back Sunday.

This week started off with Missouri Rep. Todd Akin’s comments that seemed to suggest a belief that women who are raped are less likely to get pregnant. This was just one more drop in the bucket, if the bucket is reasons why men who don’t understand how reproduction works shouldn’t get to legislate policy that affects it. Remember when Michigan Rep. Lisa Brown was barred from participating in a House debate after daring to say the word vagina during an abortion debate? As Brown said at the time, “If I can’t say the word vagina, why are we legislating vaginas?”

People at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week who find vaginas “lewd,” and yet work tirelessly to strip away reproductive rights, will surely be offended by some of what protesters are bringing to the convention. People with CODE PINK, for example, will be dressed in giant fluffy vagina costumes.

Women’s rights, of course, is broader than just reproductive rights. And a range of issues, including immigrants right, the pay gap, housing and welfare will be addressed at nationwide protests Sunday.

Why Women Rights Will Be Taken Away Forever if Mitt Romney Wins the Presidency

Several Supreme Court justices from the liberal side may retire during the next presidential term.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is about to turn 80, and there are four justices in their 70’s.

The New York Times summed it up by saying, “The winner of the race for president will inherit a group of justices who frequently split 5 to 4 along ideological lines. That suggests that the next president could have a powerful impact if he gets to replace a justice of the opposing side.”

What would that impact be on women’s rights? Considering what Republicans have attempted to pass in Congress, which destroys women’s rights and gives them to lawyers in DC, the impacts could not be more severe.

The party who worries about government involvement in health care wants to make women’s life choices for you. By looking at the Republican platform and the statements of Todd Akin, you will see that there is a razor thin line that prevented women from losing their rights already. You are about to lose that razor thin line. Obama must be re-elected, or women will face government intrusion in their lives unlike anything they have ever experienced. Justice Ginsburg was born in 1933, think about that. Sandra Day O’Conner, who retired in 2006, was born in 1930.

It is a frightening thought…

Why should the statements of Todd Akin concern you so much? It’s not that one guy is so important. You should be concerned because Paul Ryan and dozens of Republicans co-sponsored legislation that worked to redefine rape. Also, they co-sponsored legislation to redefine constitutionally defendable life, with the full rights of a citizen, as occurring from the moment of fertilization.

What does this mean for women? No abortion and no morning after pill. Maybe, not even birth control. You and I might both be pro-life, but does that mean a bunch of lawyers should make your decisions for you?

The question of being pro-choice asks, “whose choice?” The “personhood,” bill was unconstitutional. This goes against previous rulings by the Supreme Court. What happens if the razor thin line that protects women’s rights is sliced?

We are relatively certain that at least one Justice will retire, but there are possibly three retiring in the next term. Imagine how the constitutional questions would be answered regarding women.

Please read the rest at the link…we have talked about the prospects of women’s rights with Romney/Ryan…there is nothing more to say.

There is a ridiculous interactive here at this link…A New Guide to the Republican Herd – Interactive Feature –

No, it is not a herd of dick heads or assholes…it is a bunch of pink elephants.

I wonder where this PLUB would find himself in that herd? Lawmaker who thinks gays a threat to children crashes boat into children

A homophobic Maryland lawmaker has admitted to being drunk when he accidentally crashed his boat into a boat full of children.

Maryland delegate Don H. Dwyer Jr was drinking with another man on his boat on the Magothy River in Pasadena around 7pm when his boat struck a smaller vessel with five children on board.

Four of the children were injured with one, a five year old girl, taken by helicopter to Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Two adults on the boat were unharmed.

The smash was so severe that Dwyer’s boat sunk in the river.

Dwyer later admitted to having a blood alcohol level of 0.2 – twice the legal limit.

‘It is true that I was drinking while operating my boat,’ Dwyer told a press conference outside the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore where he is being treated.

‘No one, no one, should be drinking and operating a motor vehicle or powerboat.’

‘I deeply regret my actions, and I ask for forgiveness from the public. My heart and prayers go out to the family that was involved in the accident, and I pray for them to have a speedy recovery.’

What an asshole!

And just one more link for you this morning, proof that Akin’s beliefs are going to send us back to the Middle Ages: Jennifer Tucker: The Medieval Roots of Todd Akin’s Theories | History News Network

THE now infamous beliefs about pregnancy that are held by Representative Todd Akin — the Republican nominee in a hotly contested Senate race in Missouri, who remarked earlier this week that the female body will try to “shut that whole thing down” in the case of “legitimate rape” — are obviously at odds with modern science. They are, however, in step with medieval science, even if Mr. Akin doesn’t seem quite aware of the similarities.

In the Middle Ages, as the historian Thomas Laqueur has written, there were two different views of reproduction. According to the Hippocratic model, both parents made seeds from materials throughout their bodies, a process called pangenesis. Both male and female seeds were needed to make a new person.

Oh, seeds…yeah, and for fertilizer we can use all the bullshit spewing from the mouths of those pink elephants up top.

Have a wonderful Sunday, post your thoughts or links in the comments below.

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  1. Feeling like I am swimming upstream this morning. Here is the latest on Isaac: Tropical Storm ISAAC

    South Carolina’s only the “right” people can vote laws are heading to court.
    U.S. court to test South Carolina voter ID law | Reuters

    This is just upsetting, not much more you can say about it. Syrian regime accused of massacre of 200 civilians in Daraya | World news |

    And Finally, hey BostonBoomer, tonight is the Romney interview…get your popcorn ready. Me? I will be arming myself with a bucket.

    Romney Family In A Tearful Interview During CNN Documentary | Mediaite

    I guess this interview in parade was a teaser: Romney: I Don’t Show It As Clearly As Boehner, But I’m An Emotional Person | Mediaite

  2. joanelle says:

    My daughter-in-law’s dad was one of the crew who fished Neil Carpenter’s capsule from the sea when it returned to earth and they were recently at the Intrepid ceremonies in NYC.
    A plain spoken man John was one of the speakers too, telling how that act has been with him all these years, and how he felt a part of an important and historic initiative.
    Our grand kids got to speak with Neil that day and although quite young, were saddened to see in the papers today that he had died.

  3. ecocatwoman says:

    Sorry you are under the weather JJ. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    I love elephants & not so much Republicans. I would prefer they change their mascot to a spider since I’m not fond of them either.

    Isn’t it about time women had a constitutional amendment declaring their “personhood?” And doesn’t personhood require the ability to live independently – breath, eat on one’s own?

    Orlando seems to be getting its first rain band from Isaac. No where near as bad as most of our regular rain storms. Fingers crossed Isaac remains a disorganized tropical storm.

  4. RalphB says:

    From the remarkable Charles Pierce:

    What Neil Armstrong Knew Is What We Never Will

    My god, we almost lost him twice even before he made Cronkite’s palms sweat on TV in 1969. In 1966, as commander of Gemini VI, with his spacecraft docked with a booster rocket, a thruster froze in the ON position, and the whole jerryrigged assemblage started to spin so wildly that Armstrong and his crewmate, Dave Scott, nearly passed out from the torque. Finally, the two men managed to gain control. Then, during his training for his Apollo XI mission, Armstrong’s lunar-landing trainer quit on him a couple of hundred feet above the ground. Armstrong ejected just before the vehicle crashed. That was the great gift that he had — that great icy core of knowing that there was always something else to try, that a man can outthink his fate, on the spot, if he knows what he knows and when to apply it. There was in this guy a terribly fierce opponent for mischance.

    After his big moment, he largely withdrew, and that was all right, too. For at least a time, there literally was only one other person in the history of man who knew what Armstrong knew — how that sandy soil feels when you walk on it, the exact places where the shadows fall, the precise geometry of the mountains of the moon. Today, there are only eight of them left, all of them in their 70’s. What will happen when the last of them dies? It’s very likely that there will not be a living human being who knows what Neil Armstrong knew. It will all be for videotape and digital libraries, for historians and, if we’re very lucky, for poets, as well. But there will be nobody alive who actually knows. Not a single one of our fellow humans, anywhere on the Earth. That knowledge will be as dead in the world as Columbus is. One fewer person on the Earth was able to look up at the moon on Sunday night. What he thought when he looked at, night after night, is a perspective lost to all but eight old men. Sooner or later, there will be none of them left. On that day, like today, we should mourn for what we once thought we were. From that day forward, I fear, it is all going to sound like myth and magic, and the tales that the old men told around the ancient fires.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    I loved the NYT article on medieval attitudes toward rape and pregnancy. That just shows how antiquated the Republican Party really is. They haven’t come out and said that if you had an orgasm it isn’t rape, but I’m sure they believe that. Yet orgasm is a bodily process and can happen even to rape and incest victims. People like Ryan and Akin are so sick and disturbed that they should be labeled as having a psychological disorder and it should be listed in the new DSM V.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    This one is for Northwestrain – a new book about how Reagan collaborated with the FBI to undermine the CA student movement – “Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power, by Seth Rosenfeld.

  7. ecocatwoman says:

    George Lakoff’s latest post is spot on:

    Let’s take “a while” to be until 2050. Derek Thompson, in on March 21, 2012, surveyed The Congressional Budget Office’s projection of the Ryan budget estimates to 2050. Defense spending would be kept relatively constant, while what the government has left would be “0.75 percent of GDP – about 100 billion for everything besides defense that the government does.” That’s what is devoted to education and vocational training now. Suppose that was kept.

    “It would leave nothing for infrastructure. Nothing for unemployment insurance. Nothing for food stamps. Nothing for border patrol. Nothing for the FDA, FAA, or FBI. Nothing for research and development. Nothing, even, to pay people to work in government! Do you think it’s important to support our veterans with health care, education, and retirement security? Sorry. Veterans programs currently cost more than 1% of our GDP. There would be no room.”

    The Congressional Budget office estimates that Ryan’s “long-term budget, if you project forward defense spending, would cut 91 percent from these and all other non-defense programs. Ninety-one percent.” That’s 91 percent of The Public gone: Medical and scientific research. Pell grants. The EPA. The NIH. NPR. The small business administration. Unemployment insurance. Regulation of corporations. Money to help state and local governments. Highway repair. Air traffic controllers. And all government employees doing everything The Public does.

  8. Pat Johnson says:

    The press is “hinting” that Mitt’s speech at the GOP convention may help to unveil “the real Mitt”.

    I think he has always been “unveiled”, right from the outset. This is a man whose greatest goal is to be president. That’s it. He will do and say whatever it takes to arrive at the finish line. That’s who he is.

    You can’t make him into someone other than who he is. Devoid of a real personality, the truth is exactly what stands before you. What kids would describe as “lame”.

    Stiff, awkward, robotic in appearance, this is Mitt Romney. A man of privilege who would just as likely prefer to “campaign” from that perch of 30,000 feet where questions go unanswered and the public be damned. His interest is less in “serving” than in acquiring a title he has long sought.

    It must have come as a surprise to him in discovering that outside the bounds of his rareified life, their are people who require attention. Slap a “smirk” on his face and pretend you care, or that you are even listening, that’s our Mitt!

    What I am sure that he never counted on was in having to drag the craziest and most extreme members of his party along for the ride. Assuming that his “fabulous business acumen” would be enough to bring the voters charging to his side, he got stuck with the radical lunatics focused on searchin the wombs of women trying to discover lifeforms to control.

    I can’t look at Mitt and not be reminded of the teen who was tackled and had his hair shorn off because it “offended” Mittens. Or Mitt’s response of “I don’t recall”. Typical.

    That’s the “real Mitt”. A lying weasel, no different now then he was then. Anymore than “you can’t put lipstick on a pig”, there is no reason to believe that you can turn a windup doll into the real deal.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I agree. If anything, the fake Mitt was the one who ran for Senator and Governor in MA. The real Mitt is the despicable lying race-baiter and bully we’ve been watching for the past year.

    • Nothing to unveil. Mitt is hollow as a reed. There’s no there, there.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Ann Romney’s role is to “humanize Mitt”. Good luck with that one!

        Futile as Michele Obama suggesting that Barack is “white”.

        MA was Romney’s presidential launching pad. How else to appeal to the voters of this Commonwealth than to assert you are more liberal than Teddy.

        A hoax then. A hoax now.

      • RalphB says:

        Wait. Barack isn’t white? Whaaaa.

      • HT says:

        But, but, but – he has an etch a sketch, doesn’t that count for something?

    • Fannie says:

      I have this feeling that they will stage Ann Romney, and she will come across as one and the same with Mitt, and that they really are much loved as the Clintons are……don’t you think Pat?

      • HT says:

        Fannie, no fair. I included the snark designator. Took me a few seconds to realize that you were putting Pat on. Mind you, once i got the gist, I was dying to see Pat’s response.

      • Fannie says:

        HT………….I came to that conclusion after listening to Meet the Press…………….and seeing Jeb Bush offering comfort to David and to the voters.

      • HT says:

        Oh no, you mean you were serious, that people will actually believe that Mitt and Ann are in the same league as Bill and Hillary? Shoot me now. They are too stupid to function and we are all doomed.

      • Fannie says:

        HT they are trying anything to change his lack of appeal, and counting on Ann. Yes, I am a believer too, doomed, doomed.

  9. RalphB says:

    Lawyers Guns & Money: All Hail President Christie!

    New Jersey now has a higher unemployment rate than Michigan.

    Maybe there are some more useful infrastructure money he can turn down so he can turn around and give taxpayer money to rich people so they can build more instantly-bankrupt casinos in a city with a shrinking gambling market. That will solve everything!

    • HT says:

      I thought that was wrong – after all when people get desparate, they often resort to gambling. So I googled “Are Atlantic City casinos losing money” and to my astonishment, they are. Most if not all of them. Things are even worse that I thought.

  10. ecocatwoman says:

    I forgot to watch Moyers & Company this AM. Here’s the link: Nuns on The Bus Edition!

    • Fannie says:

      I was thinking about the Nuns……………read where Red Beanie Cap, Timothy Dolan of NY wanted to say prayers at DNC, (he got to do so at RNC), and was snubbed by Obama.

      If I were Obama, I would get those nuns to show up and give the prayers……………that would be something new for the catholic church and the DNC.

  11. RalphB says:

    SteveM gets right to the heart of Republican campaigns since Dukakis. Their story is really always the same.