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I just could not help myself, that cartoon was too dang funny.

I have some photo galleries to share with you in a bit, first let’s take a look at one of the news items from earlier today.

Rising star of Hungarian anti-Semitic party forced to resign after he discovers his Jewish heritage

He was a rising star in Hungary’s far-right Jobbik Party, and was notorious for his incendiary anti-semitic comments – including attacks on the ‘Jewishness’ of the political elite; but Csanad Szegedi’s career as an ultra-nationalist standard bearer now looks to be over after the revelation that he is in fact Jewish.

Szegedi, who had in the past accused Jews of ‘buying up the country’, faced weeks of Internet rumours about his ancestry before acknowledging in June that his grandparents on his mother’s side were Jews.

It emerged that his grandfather was a forced labour camp veteran and that his grandmother was a survivor of the Auschwitz death camp.

Following the revelation the 30-year-old has been politically exiled from Jobbik, and his career has been left in ruins. He resigned from the party last month after concerted pressure.

Anyone who tells you that the Holocaust can never happen again is wrong.

After resigning from the Jobbik party last month Szegedi now faces pressure to give up his seat in the European Parliament as well.

Jobbik claims its issue with Szegedi is the alleged bribery, rather than his Jewish roots.

Szegedi came to prominence as a founder member of the Hungarian Guard. The group formed in 2007 wore black uniforms and striped flags recalling the Arrow Cross, a pro-Nazi party which governed Hungary at the end of World War II and killed thousands of Jews.

In all, 550,000 Hungarian Jews were killed during the Holocaust, most of them after being sent in trains to death camps like Auschwitz.

The Hungarian Guard was banned by the courts in 2009 but Szegedi had allegedly already joined Jobbik party, which was launched in 2003. Jobbik quickly rose to become the biggest far-right political force in Hungary.

And to think this kind of stuff is going on here in the US as well. It isn’t just Jews, but any ethnic or cultural group, LGBTs or Women, or non-christian religion, that the far right wing can manipulate to their kind of anti platform.

Case in point:

Arizona Won’t Grant Licenses to Immigrants in Obama Program – SFGate

Challengers of Pa. Voter Photo ID Law File Appeal – ABC News

Dispatches From The War On Women: Meet Paul Ryan | Care2 Causes

Paul Ryan Sponsored a Bill that Would Allow Rapists to Stop their Victims from Aborting

Bachmann, Gaffney, and the GOP’s Anti-Muslim Culture of Conspiracy – The Daily Beast

Romney Holds Meeting With Supporters Of Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt | ThinkProgress

Westboro Baptist Church Plans Protest At GaymerCon, 2013’s LGBT Geek And Gaming Convention

Well, you get where I’m coming from….

There is a quote from the book Origins of Totalitarianism, written by Hannah Arendt that I want to bring into the discussion. I would like your view on it…*

Friedrich Engels once remarked that the protagonist of the antisemitic movement of his him were noblemen, and its chorus the howling mob of the petty bourgeoisie. This is true not only for Germany, but also for Austria’s Christian Socialism and France’s Anti-Dreyfusards. In all these cases, the aristocracy, in a desperate last struggle, tried to ally itself with the conservative forces of the churches-the Catholic Church in Austria and France, the Protestant Church in Germany-under the pretext of fighting liberalism with the weapons of Christianity. The mob was only a means to strengthen their position, to give their voices a greater resonance. Obviously they neither could nor wanted to organize the mob, and would dismiss it once their aim was achieved. But they discovered that antisemitic slogans were highly effective in mobilizing large strata of the population.

Now, think about that for a minute, and then take a look at these pictures:

BBC News – Gorilla brothers Kesho and Alf ‘joy’ at Longleat reunion

They sure look happy to see each other don’t they?

Well, at least we ended this post on a loving note.  Love Your Brother? Yes….I think we should.

*Arendt, Hannah, Origins of Totalitarianism The Nation-State; The birth of Antisemitism, Harcourt Books, 1994. Original Published 1951. (37–38)

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  1. And those few examples I posted, were from the last couple weeks…so I know I have missed a lot of links…however I just wanted to post a few to get my point across.

  2. I find that racist bigot white guy — who turns out to be Jewish on his maternal side — just perfect. Basically we have no control over our DNA — on the surface we may look like a typical stereotyped “race” But most likely most of us have bits & pieces from all races lurking in our human DNA.

    Romney’s religious beliefs make him a bigot — and his class 1% of the 1% gives him permission to be one of the biggest bullies EVER. Since I know a bit about how the Mormons do their genealogy — Mittens can trace his pedigree right back to Adam. Somehow the Mormon love of genealogy has morphed into. mythology.

  3. ANonOMouse says:

    JJ….That’s the best cartoon yet. 🙂

  4. Well, the Jews aren’t the only group of people the Jobbik hate..

    Hungary must protect Roma communities from attack | Amnesty International

    The Hungarian authorities must do more to protect the country’s Roma communities, Amnesty International said in a letter to the government today, after reports that far-right groups attacked Roma residents in the western village of Devecser.

    Violence broke out on 5 August, when more than 1,000 people gathered in Devecser’s main square at a demonstration organized by far-right party Jobbik and joined by far-right vigilante groups.

    According to eyewitnesses some members of the crowd chanted anti-Roma slogans and threw pieces of concrete and other missiles at Roma houses. The police did not act to stop the violence and it is unclear whether any arrests were made.

    “The Hungarian authorities are obliged to protect all citizens and must therefore ensure that a thorough, independent and prompt investigation is carried out into the allegations that police did not intervene to prevent the violence in Devecser,” said Jezerca Tigani, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Europe and Central Asia Programme.

    “Discriminatory violence, and incitement to discriminatory violence, against any section of Hungarian society should be publicly condemned and all acts of racially motivated harassment and violence thoroughly investigated.”

    According to media reports, Jobbik called the march following a ‘brawl’ in late July between members of two households, one Roma and the other non-Roma.

    • NW Luna says:

      So much hate … so many targets: everything but themselves. I’d hate to see how they raise up their kids (shudder).

  5. Okay, I am reading my google reader feeds: GOP Congressional Candidate Accuses Black Dem Opponent Of Pretending To Be Black | Mediaite

    Last week, Tarkanian told the Las Vegas Review Journal that he identifies with the black voters within his district because of his work with a local sports clinic: “My basketball academy, which is very close to the district, has a lot of players and families in that district that are in our academy now for 10 years.”

    Nevada Democrats took issue with Tarkanian’s quote for using what they believed to be “patronizing stereotypes” about the black community.

    In response, Tarkanian defended himself before a GOP fundraiser: “They didn’t say what the racist comment was — I’m still trying to figure out what it was.”

    He later took shots at his Democratic opponent, who is Nevada’s first black Senate majority leader, saying, “Should we not work within the black community? … We could be like Steven Horsford, who’s not doing anything with that community — and you know, pretend we’re black and maybe try to get some votes if that’s where it is. It’s that extent that they’re going to.”

  6. Seriously says:

    Mitt is a big a slippery weasel as they come, but one of teh debate moderators has got to ask him about Ryan’s Sanctity of Human Life Act and the little matter of trying to turn Mitt’s sons and daughters-in-law into criminals for using IVF. Ther fact that he won’t even attempt to answer and will out-Cheney Cheney for fauxrage is irrelevant, the question must be asked.

  7. bostonboomer says:

    New release from Devo: Don’t Roof Rack Me Bro (Seamus Unleashed)

  8. RalphB says:

    Lawyers, Guns & Money: What is wrong with you black people?

    Can someone find me a single black person who isn’t a paid Republican token who was offended by Joe Biden’s comments? Didn’t think so.

    Altogether funny 🙂

  9. RalphB says:

    Balloon-Juice: The New Ugly Tone

    I’ve been too busy to write my own posts here the last few days as I am in a very busy cycle workwise, so I have instead been hanging out at Outside the Beltway (which I should state is one of my favorite websites), and I’ve been flaming the proprietors in the comments for their nonsense. Apparently the concern du jour is the ugly tone of politics. James Joyner and Mataconis have been on a never-ending bender of “OMG POLITICS IS UGLY,’ with multiple posts decrying the new tone. Not at all surprisingly, the problem with the new tone is that when Republicans utter horrible awful lies about Democrats, the Democrats are actually, inconceivably, defying history and my own expectations, fighting back. Apparently we have forgotten all about Dan Burton shooting a watermelon to prove Clintonites killed Vince Foster, “you lie,” the “let’s act as insurgents,” the entire 2008 election with the birtherism, the palling around with terrorists, and what not. The southern strategy of the GOP has, of course, received no mention:

    One damn good post by John Cole!