Friday Night: Late Nite Lite…

Ugh…huh, huh…enjoy!

All funny tonight, and boy do we need to laugh.

First, the great chicken caper…in a series of cartoons.

Cagle Post » Chick Fil A Muppets

Chick Fil A Muppets © Daryl Cagle,,Jim Henson,Muppets,Gonzo,Bert,Ernie,Sesame Street,Chick-Fil-A,Camilla,Gonzo,cannibalism,chicken,Chick-fil-A Cartoons, Fight Over Gay People

Cagle Post » Church and Fast Food

Church and Fast Food © Steve kelley,The New Orleans Times, Picayune,food,separation,church,state,chicken,gay,marriage,,Chick-fil-A Cartoons

8/5 Mike Luckovich cartoon: Protests | Mike Luckovich


Cagle Post » Marry Mor Chikin

Marry Mor Chikin © Cal Grondahl,Utah Standard Examiner,chick-fil-a,gay marriage,gay rights,business,chicken,Chick-fil-A Cartoons

Which makes me think of this scene from Seinfeld:

Now for the Romney stuff:

8/3 Mike Luckovich cartoon: Tax plan | Mike Luckovich


Cagle Post » Romney Badminton

Romney Badminton © Rick McKee,The Augusta Chronicle,Mitt, Romney, 2012 London, Olympics, badminton

Cagle Post » Romneys Insult

Romneys Insult © Kirk Walters,Toledo Blade,romney,olympics,london,british,security,gaffe,insult,,romney olympics

Cagle Post » London Torch Relay

London Torch Relay © Marshall Ramsey,The Clarion Ledger, Jackson Mississippi,romney,olympics,london,gaffe,torch,relay,british,comments,,romney olympics

Cheney…to the rescue:

Cagle Post » VP List

VP List © Kirk Walters,Toledo Blade,vp,list,cheney,romney,campaign,election,

Cagle Post » Hunting With Cheney

Hunting With Cheney © Pat Bagley,Salt Lake Tribune,Dick Cheney, Cheney, Scalia, Antonin, Supreme Court, Second Amendment, Hunting, Beer, Rocket Launcher, Guns, Hunters

The Congress Vacation:

Cagle Post » Jawsmageddon

Jawsmageddon © Christopher Weyant,The Hill,Congress,taxmageddon,Senate,House of Representatives,tax increase,spending cuts,sequestration,2012,economy,recession,slowdown,crash,taxes,Bush tax cuts,shark

And…Jim Greer in the manner of Major Kong:

Cagle Post » Jim Greer Takes RPOF Down With Him

Jim Greer Takes RPOF Down With Him © Jeff Parker,Florida Today and the Fort Myers News-Press,Jim Greer, Republican Party Of Florida, RPOF, GOP, chairman, head, corruption, charges, criminal, trial, embarrassing, deposition, documents, politics, cronies, fraud, officials, politicos, politicians, career, Tallahassee, revelations, voter supression

I will leave you with the original!

Have a wonderful night…

9 Comments on “Friday Night: Late Nite Lite…”

  1. They are all chickens, the rooster has sex with all of them.

  2. List of X says:

    Thanks for the cartoons! In the spirit of Friday Lite, I’ve just covered Mitt’s trip on my blog.
    As for Chick-Fil-A controversy, this pretty much passed by me, but I have to wonder: what’s the Chick-Fil-A policy on serving gay chicken? Do they only cook hens and roosters that had been in traditional heterosexual relationships?

    • ecocatwoman says:

      He’s a Republican so it’s not surprising.

      BTW, Rachel Maddow had some good stuff on tonight. Lots on Romney & tax returns. I didn’t realize that Fehrnstrom has been Mitt’s mouthpiece from the beginning of his political career. I’m sure bb & Pat know that Mitt has never released his tax returns during any of his campaigns, although he offered to if Ted Kennedy would release his – both when he ran against Kennedy for Senate & then again when Mittens ran for governor – even though Kennedy wasn’t in the race against him. His opponent released hers & MItt called for her husband to release his, just like he wanted Theresa Heinz to release hers when Kerry ran for president. Mitt really is a Twit.

      And thanks for including Florida in the funny pages above. I think the torch relay is my personal favorite.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Love those cartoons! Thank you JJ.

  4. NW Luna says:

    Glad to have the cartoon round-up. Laughter is an antidote to all the dismal news.

    Heh. I’d like to see Cheney actually carry a rocket launcher; he’d have another heart attack if he had to do physical work.