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Good evening!

Since the big Facebook IPO was a disaster, Between Facebook and JPMorgan, Wall St. woes mount  | ajc.com

Almost four years after the financial crisis, Wall Street still can’t get it right.

Mark Lennihan, AP The pre-market price for Facebook stock is shown, Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York. Facebook stock rose in early trading Wednesday, although still far below the $38 it was priced at before its initial public offering Friday. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Investor anger mounted Wednesday over the initial public offering of Facebook stock last week, which was fumbled by the banks that managed the deal and complicated by technical problems at the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Shareholders filed at least two lawsuits against Facebook and Morgan Stanley, the bank that shepherded the IPO, over reports that it withheld negative analyst reports about Facebook from some clients before the company went public

I thought tonight we would have a bit of fun with it….

From my Occupy Friend, who writes on her Facebook like it is a blog:

Do something, anything, but don’t be complacent. And for those who will jump my s*%t for writing in my vote in November, a write in still a vote and means I am participating.

She also had this to say when the Romney bully stuff came out:

I have resisted slamming Romney’s bullying experience because I wanted to process it it thoughtfully. Because it was many years ago, I thought perhaps we could chalk it up to youthful stupidity… but as I have thought about it, he was not in elementary school when this incident of bullying occurred and that makes me think it really does say something about the person he is now. If you consider all his adult life activities, it is further evidence that this man is not leader material. Anyone who thinks so highly of himself that he believes he has the right, or apparently, in his mind, the duty, to dictate how another human being should wear his hair, then, when you think of his corporate raiding activities — it’s just more of the same attitude – I know best and fuck you!

I really love checking her posts out.

Another thing I found was this picture of dinner from my friend who is in OKC. Her husband is in Afghanistan:

Picture from JD Star…

Looks good doesn’t it? She just put the stuff together on her own, which is the best way to cook sometimes.

From another post on FB, this time from   A is For Wall Photos

That site is always posting interesting links and images.


And then there is   George Takei who is the best at posting funny stuff! But… he also posts some activism items too:

Last year I teamed with Patty Duke to urge seniors to sign up for Social Security online. Now I am urging Congress to make Social Security EQUAL for ALL working Americans who paid into the system, including LGBT couples who face daily discrimination in benefits. And this senior citizen is ready to open some whoopass.

Join me at Rock for Equality‘s Social Security Equality Act Rally in DC on Thursday, April 26th. Read about the rally and RSVP / spread the word. Thanks, friends.



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  1. I hope next week is not as dramatic as this one has been. Ooof, I am tired.

    • dakinikat says:

      I wish I could relax. I’m trying to do laundry and get the kitchen cleaned for my pet sitter. I leave way too early in the morning. Dr. Daughter is trying to kill me. I’m certain of it.

      • Wow Kat, have a safe trip. And try to relax while you are on the plane, I guess you can sleep on the way there right?

      • dakinikat says:

        Maybe a few hours, it doesn’t take that long to get to Denver from New Orleans. I have to go to some luncheon and my ex’s family is all going to be there. She pulled a fast one on me and didn’t tell me about it until I noticed the airplane reservation was for a day earlier than I had planned on leaving.

    • A is For
      A is for Advocating for Women’s Rights. Including Affordable and Accessible birth control. Women will not be shamed into silence. Take back the A! What does it mean to you?

    • ecocatwoman says:

      I guess I was lucky I only lost half my breast to this. Certainly much better than what this man & Aimee are dealing with.

      • Oh, Connie you have had this? I did not know! There was also another woman who gave birth in Atlanta and she got it too. Then there was another man in Cartersville that got it while working outside. It is scary stuff.