Friday Night: Enterprise, Beam me outta here!

Since it is Friday Night, I have some newsy items for you in a quick link dump, and then let’s have a little fun.

House Passes Student Loan Bill That Would Cut Preventive Health Programs – We mentioned this hostage situation yesterday…Nothing new to see here.

With G.O.P.’s Ear, Marco Rubio Pushes Dream Act Proposal – Well perhaps this is Rubio’s way to get himself kicked of the short list of VP possible picks. All he has to do if he really wants to keep from being asked by Romney, is to say he is pro-women and pro-choice. Bam…case closed. He can always flip-flop later, I mean they all do right?

Wonder what the right mouth pieces will say about this: Obama PDA: Michelle & Barack Share A Moment At Fort Stewart (PHOTOS) (BTW, that is a beautiful dress Michelle is wearing…)

Well it is official, nothing says f’d up batshit crazy like this: Concealed Weapons Laws Permit Guns In Republican, Democratic Conventions’ Protest Zones You can bring your 45…but leave you water gun at home.

Hillary discusses the evening of the bin Laden raid, I guess this means she really was watching something going down in that famous picture…where she is holding her hand to her mouth in such an emotional fashion. Hillary Clinton Recalls Raid That Killed Osama bin Laden

Today, the Space Shuttle Enterprise gave New Yorkers one last glimpse of the end of the US Space program by riding the back of a jumbo jet in its last buzz over before being laid to rest at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. – Come In, Enterprise.

Okay, now…I realize my cartoon postings may be getting old, but these are good, to good actually to ignore.

Casablanca is one of my favorite scripts/movies…so naturally this appealed to me.

One more:

You know, I think Newt is the kind of man who would do it?

And just one more,

It may be hospital specific, but you can bet your ass this is going to become the norm at all hospitals, for profit or not.

Okay, now for a little laughter. I may have not just quit smoking, but I sure do feel like Mr. McFadden…

All the news about Walmart giving bribes in Mexico has made me think of this scene in Back to School:

That may have not been one of the funnier clips from the movie, but this one is:

Hmmm….It is silly I know, but those eyes are what makes that so funny, what about this one:

Just one more, this bit is one of my favorites:

Do you all have anything you would like to share, please post it below…


32 Comments on “Friday Night: Enterprise, Beam me outta here!”

  1. It all seems like some ridiculous episode of twilight zone…not like the good ones from the mind of Rod Serling. But those from the 80’s. Baby security breach closes NJ airport terminal

    A terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport was shut down for over an hour Friday after officials discovered that a baby hadn’t been properly screened, Transportation Security Administration officials said.

    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport, described the incident as a security breach that occurred at around 1:15 p.m. at a security checkpoint. Terminal C was evacuated and passengers had to go through security screening again.

    TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said a mother and baby went through a metal detector when the machine sounded an alarm. The mother handed the child to the father, who had already been screened. The mother was cleared, but the baby hadn’t been properly screened. The parents and baby left the checkpoint and headed to their gate, Farbstein said.

    Read more:

    That goes for this too, because it is the end of the US Space Program, Watch Leonard Nimoy Welcome Space Shuttle Enterprise to New York

    • Fredster says:

      Baby security breach

      had it gone on to say it was because of a diaper change I could understand shutting down the terminal. That can be deadly when you open up one of things to clean and change. Whoa!

  2. Fredster says:

    From the Mediaite article:

    Other banned items citywide include: pieces of wood, hard tubes or anything else that could be used as a club; switchblades, brass knuckles, slingshots

    Sigh. All the things that make a great political convention. 😦

    • RalphB says:

      Good things pistols aren’t dangerous 🙂

    • Seriously says:

      You’ve gotta wonder if the bill to prohibit pieces of wood came before or after the passage of concealed carry.

      • Fredster says:

        I think it was after and was just about all the city could do since the lege “does not permit local governments regulating gun laws”. So I guess if you’re right outside the convention hall beyond where they screen, it’s okay to blast away, but don’t bonk anyone on the head with a branch or something. 🙄

      • Seriously says:

        But if we were allowed to tape tiny pieces of hard tube and wood all over our bodies, that would probably help protect us at least somewhat from our concealed carry friends. I feel like we’re less safe now. The concealed wood and tube lobby needs to get on the stick.

      • Fredster says:

        Seriously said: The concealed wood and tube lobby needs to get on the stick.

        I think they’re revving up the late night infomercials now. 😉

  3. RalphB says:

    Hell yeah, Charlie!

    Karl Rove Is a Slithering, Leprous Amphibian from Hell

    • Fredster says:

      (sigh) I could not have cared less whether he was on Jimmy Fallon or any other show…I wouldn’t have watched him. But the other side has nothing to offer either so what the hell do ya do?

      • RalphB says:

        YMMV but what I’ve decided to do is vote Democrat. The GOP has just went too far into the absolutely insane zone for me. Everyone should follow their own muse though.

      • dakinikat says:

        I still remember Nixon on Laugh In and his “sock it to me?” Pols have done this ever since they’ve discovered the media can be the message. Bill Clinton on MTV and Letterman any one?

      • Fredster says:

        Oh Ralph I agree with you, but do I expect the Dems to act like, well Dems? Sadly no.

  4. RalphB says:

    A parting thought about George Zimmermann. Shoot a black kid, set up a blog, and collect over $200K. Our society is sick and wingnut welfare is the shit.

  5. RalphB says:

    The senseless stupidity behind these austerity movements is revolting!

    Spain to persist in ‘suicidal’ austerity policies despite 25% unemployment rate

    Figures released by the Spanish government on Friday show that country with an unemployment rate of 24.4%, the highest in Europe, and a rate of over 50% among 16-24 year olds.

    But despite the bad economic news, that country’s leadership appears determined to stick with the austerity program it has pursued for the last two years and has even recently announcing an increase in consumer taxes for next year.
    Even The Wall Street Journal notes that “austerity only works if government finances are not taken under by a collapse in tax receipts due to high unemployment.” And it quotes Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz as saying, “There has never been any successful austerity program in any large country. The European approach definitely is the least promising. I think Europe is headed to a suicide,”

    • dakinikat says:

      Spain is interesting because they were following a really strict regimen per the EU prior to the housing cash. They had a very decent GDP growth rate and were some what austere compared to what they had been. German banks came in and blew a huge housing bubble. Now they’re suffering but the German banks were essentially bailed out by our Fed. It’s really a very sad thing.