Celebrate Women: Late Night Open Thread

It’s time for one of those late night open threads…and I’ve got something good tonight!

Only, there is this quick sidetracked moment first…

How was your day? It just seems surreal to me…I can’t seem to get my thoughts together. You ever have one of those days? Trying to comment on BB’s post today was so difficult, like having a mental block.  I could not write down more than two or three words. Eek! I tell you hormones can really affect ones brain.

Alright, getting back to the matter at hand.

Let us rejoice in one woman’s courage in the face of danger, and revel in the beauty of another woman’s  true female form.

For tonight’s open thread, I have embedded a couple of videos that celebrate two very super cool women.

First we have Patty Wagstaff, she has to be the best aerobatics pilot in the world. Here is video from this year’s Sun N Fun in Lakeland Florida.

Damn, what a show.  It is amazing to see that plane spin so many times…what guts this woman has!

If you are curious about who Patty Wagstaff is, you can see a 2008 interview with her here: Patty Wagstaff Interview and Flight – YouTube

And now, let us celebrate the true female form…This next video is for all my sisters out there….

Can she move or what?!!!! She is one hell of a great dancer, and she gives real women with curves something to cheer about.

Have a wonderful night!

This is an open thread….


3 Comments on “Celebrate Women: Late Night Open Thread”

  1. Hope you all enjoy that. Night all!

  2. NW Luna says:

    Didn’t belly dancing start out as something women did with other women? Connected with easing early labor pains, or is this just my desire to rewrite (patriarchal-focused) history?

    • northwestrain says:

      Yes you are correct. One of my profs was in the middle east and learned both the dance and the history.