Wednesday Reads: Video Tears, 40 years, 20 Years and LA

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I am feeling a little under the weather, so this post is going to be a link dump of sorts.

First, these series of links about two men in Angola Prison who have been held in solitary for forty years, yup you read that right!

I first saw this story in The Guardian, figures it would be on a foreign press site…

Forty years in solitary: two men mark sombre anniversary in Louisiana prison | World news |

They’ve spent 23 hours of each day in the last 40 years in a 9ft-by-6ft cell. Now, as human rights groups intensify calls for their release, a documentary provides insight into an isolated life.
Herman Wallace Angola prison

Herman Wallace, left, and Albert Woodfox in Angola prison in Louisiana. Robert King, the third member of the Angola 2, had his conviction overturned and was released in 2001.
Herman Wallace describes the cell in which he has spent 40 years Link to this audio

“I can make about four steps forward before I touch the door,” Herman Wallace says as he describes the cell in which he has lived for the past 40 years. “If I turn an about-face, I’m going to bump into something. I’m used to it, and that’s one of the bad things about it.”

On Tuesday, Wallace and his friend Albert Woodfox will mark one of the more unusual, and shameful, anniversaries in American penal history. Forty years ago to the day, they were put into solitary confinement in Louisiana‘s notorious Angola jail. They have been there ever since

Please read about these men and the life, or should I say non-life, they have been living. These men have been stuck in a small cell for almost as long as I have been alive!

Here are some more links on this story:

Marking 40 Years of “Inhuman” Solitary Confinement for Angola 2 Prisoners, Amnesty International Set to Deliver Tens of Thousands of Petition Signatures to Louisiana Governor | Amnesty International USA

Torturous Milestone: 40 Years in Solitary | Mother Jones

Amnesty International calls on Gov. Jindal to remove prisoners from isolation after 40 years | The Republic

40 Years in Solitary Confinement: Two Members of Angola 3 Remain in Isolation in Louisiana Prison

Solitary Watch

Okay, let’s go from forty years…to twenty.

Its been twenty years since the LA Riots:  Bill Boyarsky 20 Years After the L.A. Riots and Nothing Has Changed – Bill Boyarsky’s Columns – Truthdig

AP/Nick Ut

A Korean shopping mall burns in 1992 on the second day of rioting in Los Angeles.

The killing of Trayvon Martin is a reminder of the racial divide poisoning American life, which has resisted all attempts to bridge it, even after the country elected its first African-American president.

I write this on the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots, a multiracial affair. It’s been 17 years since the O.J. Simpson murder trial, which further showed the antipathy between whites and blacks.

I covered those events for the Los Angeles Times. The riots, in particular, stick in my mind. I remember being at the First AME Church, a center of Los Angeles’ black community, and walking toward a nearby boulevard where young black men were battling Los Angeles Police Department officers. Church members, who knew me, grabbed my arms and led me back to AME, one of them saying, “This is no time for journalistic heroics.” I sneaked back and watched the battle. I also saw men from the church and Latino residents of nearby apartments fight the rioters’ fires, with no help from the city fire department, black and brown hands together around garden hoses. I drove through a city aflame to the paper downtown and then home, returning to the fires and rubble early the next morning.

Nor will I forget the challenge of reporting on the O.J. trial and a criminal justice system that was stacked against defendants, except for one as rich as Simpson. Each day, I watched from the courthouse as lawyers, witnesses, reporters and the famous defendant took part in a drama that plumbed the depths of how Americans feel about race.

Now, take a moment to remember the massacre in Norway almost a year ago. Anders Brevik has shown no remorse for the killings. And yesterday, while watching a film he made, tears rolled down his face. Anders Behring Breivik cries at own propaganda film – video | World news |

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian man who killed 77 people in a bomb-and-shooting spree on 22 July 2011, is seen wiping his tears in court when his propaganda film is shown by the prosecutors. The video was put together from stills and texts depicting his vision of the evils of multiculturalism and the Islamisation of Europe

Video at the link.

Georgia has gone the way of the dark lord, by that I mean Voldemort aka Rick Scott, Governor of Florida:  Georgia welfare law requires drug test to receive aid | Reuters

Low-income adults seeking public assistance in Georgia will have to pass a drug test before receiving benefits under a measure signed by Governor Nathan Deal on Monday, making it the latest state to push through the controversial testing requirement.

Supporters of the Social Responsibility and Accountability Act said it is designed to ensure that welfare payments, called Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, are not “diverted to illicit drug use.”

Under the law set to take effect on July 1, applicants who fail a drug test will become ineligible to receive benefits for a certain time period, based on the number of past test failures.

The law is not supposed to affect children:

If a parent fails a drug test, children can still receive payments through another person designated by the state.

Well, Georgia is also closing a bunch of their Labor Dept Offices, most of them in the Northeastern part of the state. That is bad news for the folks in Banjoville, yes, ours is one of the offices to be closed. It is a sad situation.

Over on the The Maddow Blog – Outside our windows: Tax Day these are some great pictures from the protest on Tax Day. However, I think this image from The Daily Dish is the best:

Face Of The Day – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast


A protestor wears stickers on his face during a tax day demonstration in front of the James A. Farley Post Office on April 17, 2012 in New York City. Dozens of protesters participated in a demonstration against loopholes that allow banks and corporations to pay lower income taxes than most individual tax filers. Similar rallies were held across the city throuhgout the day. By Justin Sullivan/Getty Image.

And lastly, did you all see the prom picture featuring Michelle Obama, wow…what legs!

Michelle Obama’s Prom Picture Is Pretty Damn Sexy

Michelle Obama is so cool that not even her prom picture is embarrassing. Yes, it’s a little risque (avert your eyes, Sasha and Malia), and it’s definitely of a certain fashion era—as is that ahhh-mazing wicker chair—but all things considered she looks damn good for a high schooler. The picture was unearthed by Ellen DeGeneres, who brought it out in an effort to stick it to Michelle after Michelle beat her at a push-up contest in February. Of course, in the end Ellen’s prom pic (as you can see in the below clip) was the more humiliating of the two. It just goes to show you, when it comes to fashion and fitness, Michelle is called the First Lady for a reason.

Photo at the link…

So, what sort of things are you reading about today? Please share them with us…

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  1. Here is a link for you this morning: Daily Show Mocks Media’s Political Punditry By Finally Getting Women’s Perspective…From A Man | Mediaite

    “There’s a new and powerful voting block,” the dramatic voiceover declared. Women. And to get inside their heads, the report turned to political strategist Tad Devine, who said candidates who ignore women voters do so at their own “peril.” Jones observed, “Women are the new soccer moms.” He then said, “I think it’s a little embarrassing that it’s two guys here talking about women with no women present.” I mean, remember the all-male panels who discussed the contraception issue?

    It’s time for change — so Jones assembled a group of women. First topic of business: “How important is it that women are heard?” For the answer, Jones, of course, turned not to the five women sitting in front of him: “Tad, I’m gonna start with you.” If “we hypothetically had a group of women in a room,” he added, “what do you think they’d be thinking right now?” All you have to do, Devine said, is talk to them and listen.

  2. ecocatwoman says:

    Ah, the logic of the Right Wing: we know those lazy slackers living off government checks are ALL drug users. And even when that is proved wrong, they still defend the drug testing law. Here’s the latest on Florida’s law:

    Is it me or does Michelle’s date look older than a high school kid, or is that her father? And, crap, she doesn’t look like she’s aged much at all.

    I finally got my taxes submitted yesterday & I ended up paying only 13% in income taxes, and that’s without iteminzing. That’s less than Mittens paid on his capital gains. I’m confused.

    NPR reported yesterday that Brevik claimed self defense. How screwed up is that? Simply sick, sick, sick.

    Hope you are feeling better this morning. Take it easy.

  3. ecocatwoman says:

    Thought ya’ll would find this pending court battle over eminent domain in Texas interesting:

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    Bad enough I had to watch my Red Sox lose another one last night. Big time.

    But to get up this morning to read a headline showing Obama and Mittens in “a dead heat” is almost enough to drive me over the edge.

    Setting Obama aside for the moment, who the hell is actually considering the possibility of Mitt Romney as POTUS?

    If the debates were able to show a two faced, lying hypocrite embracing with both arms the Ryan Plan that promises to make most of us worse off than we already are, then I am unable to wrap my head around the fact that enough people find this jerk a suitable replacement. My head is spinning.

    Mitt is not only unprincipled, he is a bald faced liar! Mitt “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Romney is not about to get pinned down on his taxes, his views on women, or any issue that may demand an answer. And for this we have those who readily accept that premise that Mitt is “the one” this time around?

    The world must be spinning off its axis if there are people out there willing to overlook the facts that this man is about as qualified to lead as Sarah Palin.

    Mind boggling.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I don’t know why the media focuses on these head-to-head polls. They’re completely meaningless, since the presidency is decided by electoral votes.

      Anyway Pew and Gallup always skew to the right and the CNN poll had Obama ahead by 9 points. The most interesting thing in the polls is the fact that people just plain don’t like Romney, and women and Hispanics especially don’t like him.

      As for the Red Sox, I thought hiring Bobby Valentine was a terrible idea, and he’s already showing why. I think this will a lost year for the Sox, unfortunately.

      • ecocatwoman says:

        We have become so dependent upon polls, much like the weather forecasts on TV. Both are wrong more often than not. A poll is a only about the people asked the questions, not about who is actually going to show up to vote, nor how many will feel on election day. Obviously, there are some people knew who they were voting for on the day after Obama’s win was announced. Most of those won’t change their minds. Then you have all those folks in the middle of the bell curve, with those in the true middle still making up their minds. Personally, instead of prognosticators on TV, why don’t these “news” shows just hire their own psychics to predict what’s going to happen in November? Pass out the crystal balls.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        O/T: But I was wearing my “Ellsbury” shirt the day he was injured and placed on the DL list. My heart was broken, my spirit crushed, and my hopes dimmed all in that one moment.

        The pitching so far has been almost disastrous but as fellow members of “Red Sox Nation” we can at least commisserate with one another and it is only April for god’s sake!

        Oh well, another season, another heartbreak.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Pat…….I try not to pay attention to polls at this point and remind myself thate most people, especially Independents, don’t really know the positions of Mitt Romney. Most people didn’t watch the GOP debates, most people have no idea what the Paul Ryan Budget Plan proposes or it’s assault on the Social Compacts and the programs that serve the middle class and poor; Most don’t know his position on immigration, or his positions of taxation. Most people are not aware of the nationwide attack on reproductive freedom or even the complexity of the debate concerning contraception as an essential component of healthcare insurance.

      Let’s face it, most of us here are News and/or Poltical Junkies (I know I’m hooked) and we forget that most people are simply not engaged in the process, YET!!! I”ll be more concerned with the polls when the reality of Mitt Romney as the GOP Candidate really sinks in and the general public begins to pay attention to his words, his flip-flops, his expressed support for the undoing of Medicare/SS/Medicaid, the Dept of Housing & Urban Development, The Dept of Education,and his genuflect to the most extreme elements in the GOP/TP right wing, After the conventions and the first debate I think American’s will have a much clearer picture of who Mitt Romney is and who he serves and then the polls will begin to matter.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Mouse: As usual I thoroughly agree with your comments.

        We are probably obsessed news junkies who actually “pay attention” which just spikes up our blood pressure to new heights.

        It is just amazing to me to find any intelligent human being capable of discovering something “worthwhile” in Mitt Romney. Obama may be the ultimate in “mediocrity” but Mitt passes that test as the ultimate in “mendacity”.

        Is it really acceptable to support a candidate who does not want to anwer directly about their positions on ANYTHING? Who just stands there and lies repeatedly when evidence offers the proof that what he said today does not match what he said yesterday? Come on!

        I get that a lot of people actually hate Obama. But enough to bring this substandard liar a bucket of praise?

        Shoot me now!

        • dakinikat says:

          I am having issues with these folks that say they support Hillary Clinton but could turn around and vote for Romney–who will do everything she finds anathema–because of 2008 politics. I didn’t like what went down either but I am not foolish enough to vote against everything I believe in because of a grudge. He wants to defund planned parenthood, repeal roe v wade, remove equal pay protection, and he supports granny starver Ryan and his budget that takes all our treasure and gives it to the wealthy. Obama may be imperfect but he won’t sign any laws that do that.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        I can’t think of a group more disappointed in the outcome than those of us who formed together in 2008 along with our support for Hillary. But it is what it is, like it or not.

        And few of us were surprised that Obama never did actually measure up. But having said that, the “grudge” has been carried to dangerous levels. If nothing more, the 2010 advance of Tea Party candidates should have taught us that much.

        But watching some find reasons and excuses to bend over backward to find something palatable about Romney and the GOP is beyond my comprehension. Pointing out that all Hillary has stood for, endured, and fought for over the decades is the exact opposite in every way about the GOP and where they would lead us if given the chance is remarkable.

        Most of us have left our feelings about bad relationships behind, but some of these people are wiggling with glee for an opportunity to “shove it at Obama” and seem comfortable with following a party that wishes women the worst news possible.

        Absurdity on full display.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        “am having issues with these folks that say they support Hillary Clinton but could turn around and vote for Romney–who will do everything she finds anathema–because of 2008 politics.”

        Dak…..That blows my mind too. How can people claim to have supported Hillary and advocate for politicians like Sharron Angle or Michele Bachmann and claim that the support is because they’re women? Yeah, they’re women, women who clearly and proudly hold political positions that are a slap in the face to everything Hillary Clinton and liberal women have worked and fought for. That excuse for voting TP/GOP is beyond my comprehension. Now they’re trotting down the Vote-for-Romney trail, what’s their excuse now? Ann Romney’s a woman? Mitt’s supports women? Mitt is an honest broker? Mitt cares about poor women? Mitt is a man of the people? Ann Romney chipped away at her stocks to survive? Ann Romney loved Seamus?

        I didn’t see it at the time, but I’m convinced now that what we witnessed in 2008, was a blogging ratfuck of monumental proportions and a lot of us were snookered in the process. Barack gave them a lot of ammo, the DNC gave them a lot of ammo and they used it.

        In 2008 I had the luxury of voting McCain/Palin as a protest since my bloodredstate went for McCain by over 20% points, but there’s never a day I don’t regret that vote and wish I had not cast it or voted Green. But, as Beata noted a couple of weeks ago ,that was 2008, this is 2012, I’m not satisfied with much of what the Democratic Party has done or failed to do over the past 4 years, but any desire I had to lodge a protest against the Democratic Party died during the ascension of the TeaParty and the election of the anti-EVERYTHING TP/GOP’ers in the 2010 mid-terms. These people are scary beyond belief. Their POTUS candidates were disgusting beyond belief. Their political ideology is disgusting beyond belief.

        PS……Loved your post from yesterday re: Excommunicated Mormons.

        • dakinikat says:

          You’ve just voiced my sentiments exactly. I think the election two years ago should give us all the willies. Just look at what crazies like Jan Brewer have brought with them.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        “But watching some find reasons and excuses to bend over backward to find something palatable about Romney and the GOP is beyond my comprehension”

        Totally agree, it’s just unbelievable. I can only dislike Barack Obama so much. I don’t hate him, and I don’t blame him for everything that’s wrong in the world, especially not everything that’s wrong in this country. He’s a crafty pol, but not a liberal pol. he’s had some successes, but imho, many more failures, failures through omission. But Mitt Romney isn’t a viable alternative for a person who’s ideologically a liberal/progressive. And I find myself disillusioned by some of those who are doing the bending over backwards, or possibly duped would be a better word. I’m much more gullible than I thought.

    • bostonboomer says:


      At least they did pretty well against Tampa Bay. Maybe they’ll turn it around. I hope so!

  5. Fannie says:

    I think we can see why the republicans want to slash food stamps, and drug test those who are needy………..they are out to make sure “Obamacare” as they call it, FAILS………….You get a bunch of sick kids, with poor diets, we know they will end up in ER, and if not there in the Angola’s of this country. After all, it is important for them to privatize the prison system, so they can rake in the dough, and we can become a third world Country with them in charge.

    They are really motivated to put little kindergarteners in handcuff’s and in solitary confinement too, check out this little girl. I’m pissing mad over this case.

  6. Pat Johnson says:

    What I find remarkable are those who spend time “trolling the internet” seeking to find more ways to point fingers at Obama. No matter how trivial and unsupported, they take delight in finding a morsel of evidence to state their case.

    At the same time, unnoticed and unreported by them are acts against women, children, the sick and the elderly, along with proposed legislation that would end safety nets for all concerned by a party focused on ending them. To be in agreement with that stance is out of my realm of reasoning.

    I concede that Obama is not a liberal or a progressive and bends too easily in the face of opposition, we all accept that, but this party has become a radical movement stretching from coast to coast in their “war against women” and these groups take comfort in their support.

    They refuse to believe that theirs is a “grudge match” with an underlying whiff of racism because the “ratfuckers” have them convinced of their need for vindication for a loss of a candidate they favored.

    The need to see “conspiracy” in everything that Obama does – or doesn’t do – relieves them of the effort to seriously examine what the GOP is offering. A theocratical rule assisted by a form of facism by way of imposed laws that spells out their agenda.

    How anyone can take comfort in standing by a party that wants to eliminate whole agencies, regulations, and favors the rich above all is something that is truly troubling to behold.

    You have to wonder if they live on the same planet or have any sense of history that portends that measures like these spell doom in a society that scoffs at science, ridicules education, and practices a form or cultural genocide against women.

    Ignoring the obvious for the sake of “getting even” is one of the most preposterous reasons for heralding the current GOP.

    • RalphB says:

      We used to say that kool-aid was a hell of a drug. Well so is unfettered and unreasoning hatred.

    • dakinikat says:

      I have to avoid going to a lot of the “old” Hillary sites because the anti-koolaid is as bad as the koolaid. Both are alternative universes. Frankly, I think most of the Obots have come off the koolaid and are acting more resigned than adoring. The grudge groups are just getting worse. They seem to follow all the extreme right wing sites now and little else.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        “I have to avoid going to a lot of the “old” Hillary sites because the anti-koolaid is as bad as the koolaid”

        I’ve come to that conclusion as well.

        “The grudge groups are just getting worse. They seem to follow all the extreme right wing sites now and little else.”

        I absolutely agree, in fact some of them are actually sounding a whole lot more like the Glenn Beck or Ted Nugent nutcase faction then “disenfranchised dems” or “disenfranchised hillary supporters”. And the intensity of their rhetoric has ramped up noticably since the nomination has been basically decided. It appears to be coordinated. BTW: If y’all haven’t heard Ted Nugent’s batshit crazy speech to the 2012 NRA Convention, you should because it’s even more whackadoodle than past Ted Nugent crazy ramblings.

      • Beata says:

        It’s difficult because friendly online relationships have developed over the years on some of the old Hillary sites. We’ve been together for almost 4 years now. I like the people, but I no longer share their political point of view. I really don’t want to argue over the Internet with people I like. That is just my nature, I guess. So I don’t discuss politics on some sites anymore. I just chit-chat. It’s like family gatherings where one has to avoid talking about politics and religion just to keep the peace .

      • ANonOMouse says:

        “I really don’t want to argue over the Internet with people I like. That is just my nature, I guess”

        I wish I had that nature. 🙂 You’re a gentle spirit and I’m a relentless heathen.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        I mostly argue with people I don’t like, so maybe I’m not as big of a heathen as i think.

  7. RalphB says:

    With regard to the conversation above about “Clinton supporters” who are now pushing the GOP, I think what we’re looking at is classic personality driven politics. That is a group of people who fall in love with a candidate and their support is not driven by policy but the person. This is a perennial problem for Democrats.

    Personally, it’s always best to support political candidates based on their stated, and hopefully proven, policy positions and leave the personalities out of it. They are after all politicians and not your friends.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I guess so. I can understand why someone would want to vote third party or even leave the top of the ticket blank. But why anyone would ever vote for Mitt Romney I’ll never understand. IMO, he would be far worse than McCain would have been.

      • The Rock says:

        You know BB, I thought the same thing about Bush II, Bumbles, Bachman, Perry, Inhofe, Jindahl, Walker, Jackson Lee, etc, but the American idol driven electorate continues to surprise and mistify me by the choices made on election day. So Willard will capture a sizable portion of the voting public just because.

        We are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo f(*d.

        Hillary 2012

      • dakinikat says:

        Yup. I thought you were being a little over the top when you told me how bad he was last year. Boy, was I wrong.

      • northwestrain says:

        I still like Roseann Barr.

        Right now most people don’t really know who Romney is. He’s the new guy. and different. But Romney also has history and he is a serial liar. He lies all the time. I’m predicting that both sides will produce ads of the other candidate lying. Both guys are skilled liars.

        Will the news media make an attempt to show what the LDS religion is and how it differs from — Methodists — which is an old mainline religion that most people know about. Or compare LDS with Baptist — both of these religions have a dogmatic streak.

        If the press looks at the two candidates on only issues — what the say & what the do isn’t the same thing.

    • The Rock says:

      If there were just a few million more of you Ralph, the world would be a better place…..

      Hillary 2012

    • dakinikat says:

      In many ways, the Obama worshipers and the Obama loathers are like two sides of the same coin. It’s completely irrational. It’s like OBots and ONots live on the same planet as those monkeys that cover their ears and eyes. Unfortunately, the other monkey has its mouth wide open. No one could possibly be ALL wonderful and ALL evil simultaneously.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        The problem is that many people have short attention spans. What is said today may very well be forgotten by November. People love nothing more than “judging”. I swear it is the influence of “American Idol” that propels these races.

        I tuned into” Idol” probably twice since it has been on the air. Some of the singers are essentially “screeching” the lyrics rather than expressing them. Whoever shouts the loudest manages to make it to the finals with the “fans” busily texting their votes to assure the winner, not once but repeatedly. It’s referred to as “interaction”.

        The only way Romney managed to eek out the nomination was based on the “screeching monkeys” he had by way of challenge.

        Obama was described as a “rock star”. Romney just a little less nuts then his competition.

        Says a lot about us as voters when it all depends on the personality rather than the issues at stake.

        Since most of what they say never resembles what they do, the public seems to believe they have little choice other than to “tune out” until the last minute. Leaving the likes of people like us who agonize over the indifference when we probably should do something more rewarding like cleaning out the drains in the bathroom rather than invite migraines as a daily fare simply because we can’t seem to turn away.

  8. Beata says:

    I think I first wrote here a couple months ago that I plan to vote for Obama in November because the 2012 Republican alternative is too vile to contemplate. I knew there was a chance my comment would come across like a bad case of cooties, but quite frankly, I didn’t care. If anyone wants to call me a traitor who doesn’t remember the abuse we Hillary supporters suffered in 2008, then go for it. I’m sure I have endured worse.

    I’m not an Obama apologist. I think he has been a major disappointment on many issues ranging from healthcare to the war in Afghanistan. He has never been liberal enough to suit me. And I well remember his 2008 campaign against Hillary. I know the sabotage and sexism that went on in the Democratic Party. But I also remember the Republican debates that took place earlier this election year and I am aware of Romney’s positions on the issues. They are in opposition to everything I believe.

    I’m not going to list the top ten reasons to vote for Obama. To me, there is only one reason that matters: Romney would be a worse president than Obama. If others here disagree, that’s fine. Vote for whomever you please or decide to stay home. Make up your own mind.

    Hillary in 2016.

    • bostonboomer says:

      You have plenty of company here, Beata, including me. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some growth in Obama. I think he can be forced to do some good things. I’ve been encouraged by the way social media has been able to exert real influence on issues. I’m sorry we didn’t get a woman president, and I like Hillary, but that’s all in the past now. I live in reality, not fantasyland.

      If Hillary ever runs again, I’ll certainly support her, but she has said she wants to do something else. I wish her well, whatever she does. She fought hard and she has maintained her dignity throughout. I’m proud to have supported her, but life goes on.

      • Beata says:

        BB, I don’t believe Hillary will run in 2016 either. A pity.

        Sherrod Brown would be a good choice in 2016. There are several others I could support, too. I really wish Bernie Sanders would run as a Democrat. I would be thrilled to vote for him as POTUS.

        Dream on, right?

      • ANonOMouse says:

        I take Hillary at her word when she says she isn’t interested. I don’t blame her, she’s been at this for a long time, she’s nearly 65, which will make her nearly 70 in 2016, and as we all know, nothing gets easier with age.

        I’ve been hoping that maybe Biden will move over to State and Hillary will move into the VP spot, but that’s more of a daydream than a possibility. The only way that even becomes a possiblity is if Biden is unable to serve and even then it would be unlikely. I just don’t see it happening. I also don’t think Hillary will stay on as SOS if Obama is re-elected, she’s obviously tired and few SOS serve more than 4 years.

      • bostonboomer says:


        Sherrod Brown would be an excellent choice!

    • northwestrain says:

      We own our vote. You have every right to vote for the lesser evil.

      Many of us are lucky to be able to make an alternative choice.

      I can’t stand either of the first lady candidates — both are selfish self centered anti feminists. Both have unlimited fund to make themselves look good. Mrs zero has the largest staff in the history of first ladies — and we taxpayers are footing the bill for her greed. That’s how rick folk act — as if the world owes them for being rich.

      I realize that first ladies aren’t elected — however a great first lady can make a difference for the better. Betty Ford!

  9. Pat Johnson says:

    Absolutely, Beata. No apology necessary.

    Just contemplating the Ryan Plan going into effect should be enough reason alone to vote “nay”.

  10. Beata says:

    We need to concentrate on electing liberals to replace Tea Party House members in in November. The TP is vulnerable, imo. We have a chance to really change the direction in Washington if liberal Democrats ( along with liberal third-party candidates ) can retake the House.

    The Scott Walker situation in Wisconsin has also shown how important governors and state representatives and senators are in protecting the interests of the middle-class, the poor, and women of all economic backgrounds. So really get to know where your state candidates stand on issues that matter to you. Support the good state candidates out there! So much more is at stake in 2012 than simply the race for POTUS.

    • dakinikat says:

      I’m glad we’re getting rid of Ben Nelson (NE) too. But we definitely need to get rid of those Tea Party whackos.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      I agree Beata, but the problem is that the likely replacement for a TP or any GOP candidate is another GOP’er or a blue dog, which is almost as ugly.

      I think the Dems will win back some seats in the House, but not sure a majority is possible. And we’re likely to lose Senate seats because there are 33 seats up and 21 belong to Dems and 2 belong to Independents, Lieberman who is retiring and Bernie Sanders.

      The current Senate Configuration is 51 Dems and 2 independents who caucus with Dems and 47 Repugs. The numbers are not in the Dems favor which, IMHO, makes Romney an even more dangerous POTUS.

  11. foxyladi14 says:

    Dick Clark has passed.Condolences to the family.