Monday Evening Reads: Little Red Beanies

Good Evening…

I am helping my son with his history homework tonight, so this is going to be more of a “link dump” as Wonk the Vote calls it.

Here is the latest on the shooting at an Ohio high school earlier today:

1 dead, 4 wounded in shooting at Ohio school; student described as an outcast is arrested – The Washington Post

Ohio High School Shooting Leaves 1 Student Dead and 4 Wounded –

Breaking News: School Canceled Following Chardon Shooting, One Dead, Four Injured | WOUB

And check it out…on the state sanctioned rape front…more states are joining the bandwagon.

Alabama Bill Could Require Women To Undergo Invasive Ultrasound To Convince Them ‘To Keep The Child’ | ThinkProgress

Pre-Abortion Ultrasound Bill Introduced in Idaho Breaking News | Womens eNews

The Maddow Blog – Alabama GOP wants Virginia’s vaginal ultrasound bill

Mitt Romney exhibited his usually bad taste and obvious lack of understanding when it comes to the 99%.

Romney Makes Billy Crystal Oscar Joke Real: Has ‘Great Friends That Are NASCAR Team Owners’ | Mediaite

Romney: I have friends who own NASCAR teams – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

Wikileaks published another batch of emails from Stratfor. Cannonfire has a great post about it…so check that out, the other links are interesting as well.

Wikileaks emails indicate Stratfor discovered Israel already destroyed Iran’s nuclear facilities | The Raw Story

Stratfor, Wikileaks, Goldman Sachs and the Nameless Country Cannonfire

The Global Intelligence Files – List of Releases

Get the latest from the Vatican, this is the dude who Santorum is planning on taking orders from if he is elected president.

Pope Says Couples Who Conceive Through In-Vitro Fertilization Are Guilty Of Arrogance | RH Reality Check

In other Catholic news, Dakinikat linked to this article in the comments earlier today.

Joe. My. God.: Cardinal George: We’ll Close Every Catholic Hospital Rather Than Provide Birth Control

Here is the actual link to the article Joe wrote about:

Catholic New World – What are you going to give up this Lent? – Cardinal’s Column

Personally I think if the churches want to play this game, then cut the tax exemptions and other government funding they receive.

Sorry for the quick links…have a good evening.

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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    This is horrible news:
    A second student has died.
    Two Students Dead, Three Injured in Shooting at Chardon High School | Cleveland Leader

    T.J. Lane, a student described as an “outcast” by his peers, allegedly opened fire on his Chardon High School classmates early Monday morning. Two of the five students shot have died, and Lane was apprehended by authorities shortly after the shooting.

    Authorities haven’t released the name of the gunman because he is a juvenile and has yet to be charged, but the student was identified by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Witnesses have identified the shooter as Lane.

    The shooter allegedly opened fire around 7:30am in the school’s cafeteria. Students and teachers barricaded themselves in classrooms, and the school was immediately placed on lockdown. Two teachers were said to have chased the gunman out of the high school, which is located about 30 miles from Cleveland. He was arrested one mile from the school.

    Victims were found in three different locations inside the school. This suggests that the shooter may have targeted and pursued specific students.

    There is a photo at that link of the gunman posing with guns…

  2. Minkoff Minx says:

    Okay, you all think I am joking about the Banjoville thing? Well look at the news our chief judge made…

    N. Georgia judge investigated for brandishing gun in court  |

    A North Georgia judge is being investigated for pulling out a handgun during a hearing this week as a woman testified about being an assault victim.

    Lumpkin County Superior Court Judge David E. Barrett pulled out his pistol Wednesday not in anger, but out of frustration and to make “a poor rhetorical point,” District Attorney Jeff Langley said Saturday. Langley, who was in the courtroom when it happened, said the Judicial Qualifications Commission has launched an investigation of the judge.


    The bizarre conduct occurred Wednesday during a bond hearing and a request for a temporary protective order against Scott Sugarman, a former Hall County sheriff’s deputy who was recently arrested on a number of charges, including rape and aggravated assault with a handgun. Sugarman has pleaded not guilty.

    The woman who filed the charges against Sugarman was on the witness stand and had testified Sugarman had abused her and, on one occasion, had put a gun to her head. During the latter part of her testimony, the woman was not being cooperative, Langley said.

    ‘You might as well shoot your lawyer’: Judge pulls out gun as alleged sex attack victim testifies in court | Mail Online

    Yes, it made the London papers…

    The dramatic moment came as Superior Court Judge Barrett presided over a bond hearing for a Sheriff’s deputy accused of rape and assault.

    A female victim who had accused the police officer of the assault was giving evidence as she sought a restraining order against her alleged attacker.

    But during her testimony to the court, the woman, who has not been named because she is a victim of an alleged sex attack, became evasive.

    The judge told the woman she was ‘killing her case’ and pulled out his gun, feigning to offer it to her, saying, ‘You might as well shoot your lawyer.’

    The woman’s lawyer, Andrea Conarro, said the incident was ‘one of those slow motion kind of events.’

    ‘Later, as it sunk in, I was upset, and I felt like a tragedy had been created,’ she said.
    Lumpkin County Superior Court

    Mr Langley approached the judge and asked him to put away the weapon.

    The prosecutor said the judge had showed inappropriate conduct. ‘When it happened, I objected and sought to take control of the situation and terminate that conduct immediately,’ he said.

    Judges are allowed to carry concealed weapons in a courtroom for their own protection but the law does not allow them to point the gun at another person unless they fear their life is in danger.

    Legal officials have launched an investigation into the incident by Judge Barrett has not faced any criminal charges.

    Now, I know these people. When I was a paralegal, I dealt with them personally.

    Langley has refused to convict cases that involve “friendly” connections. He only went after a person who embezzled over 100,000 dollars from the tax commissioners office after the community got wind of the situation…not from the local paper, but from a local forum.
    (I forgot to mention, it was an election year…)

    Barrett has a history of sexist remarks and decisions on matters dealing with women. We would cringe when the case assignments were given out and Barrett was on the docket.

    Rumor has it that Barrett is resigning from his office this week.


    • northwestrain says:

      This is what happens when the weak Y gene goes crazy — he can’t tell the difference between his penis and his gun.

      Where do these judges come from — oh their elected by other red necks???

      • northwestrain says:

        My English teacher wouldn’t be please — they’re not their.

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        The rednecks around here don’t care for Barrett at all.

        If he does resign, that leaves two other judges in our district to become chief…one of them is Zell Miller’s son, at least he is good and decent. We will see.

  3. Another defect found in women:

    Now we just need to wait for legislation mandating gene testing for all women.

  4. BBC this morning did a story of Muslim women athletes as Saudi Arabia refuses to send women athletes to the Olympics:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find the BBC link.