New Accuser Claims Jerry Sandusky Raped Him in Penn State Office in 2004

Jerry Sandusky under arrest, Nov. 5, 2011

According to a just published Fox News story, a 19-year-old boy and his family have filed a civil suit against Jerry Sandusky, accused child sexual abuser and former Penn State football coach.

A teenager says he was raped by Jerry Sandusky inside his office in Penn State University’s football building in 2004 — two years after the ex-football coach was said to have had his campus keys taken away and was banned from bringing children into the building, the boy’s lawyer told

The now-19-year-old says Sandusky sodomized him when he was 12 years old and attending a summer camp program on the Penn State campus run by Second Mile, Sandusky’s charity organization. The accuser has initiated a civil suit against Sandusky, Second Mile and Penn State University.

The DA’s office is investigating according to the story, because the statute of limitations for this crime doesn’t run out until 12 years after the victims’ 18th birthday. Here’s the boy’s description of what happened to him at the age of 12, shortly after his mother died.

Sandusky targeted the boy during a question-and-answer session—part of the summer camp program and held inside the Penn State football building—that involved the coach quizzing the children on various topics. The camper with the correct answer received a prize, Schmidt said.

Near the end of the session, Schmidt said, Sandusky asked a trivia question relating to a quote from a U.S. president, and the boy was the only one who knew the answer.

“Sandusky said he was out of prizes but told him to follow him,” Schmidt said. “He gets him in a room. He’s on one side of the desk, the boy is on other. [Sandusky] proceeded to engage him in conversation — he had lost his mother, his mother died the year before, he had a very hard time, they were very close — they talked for a while about that. Then [Sandusky] pulled out a glass with alcohol in it and told him to drink it. Then he sodomized him.”

After the alleged assault, Schmidt said, Sandusky helped clean up the boy, gave him the two mementos and took him back outside to join the rest of the campers, passing him off to a counselor.

This was two years after Mike McQueary reported seeing Sandusky raping a young boy in the football building showers. Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley (now on leave) claimed he had banned Sandusky from bringing children into the football building. But Sandusky’s attorney said that Curley and Sandusky never discussed such and ban, and Sandusky apparently still had keys and an office to use during Second Mile camps.

Currently Sandusky is out on $250,000 bail and is confined to his home and required to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Sandusky secured his release using $200,000 in real estate holdings and a $50,000 certified check provided by his wife, Dorothy, according to online court records. He will be subject to electronic monitoring under the terms of his release.

Is anyone checking to make sure Sandusky’s wife doesn’t invite some kids over to visit him? It is impossible for me to believe that this woman didn’t know her husband was going into his basement in the middle of the night to sexually abuse the boys who frequently stayed with them. And if she didn’t know then, she does now.

Jerry Sandusky needs to be held without bail until his trial. He is an constant and ongoing danger to children.

6 Comments on “New Accuser Claims Jerry Sandusky Raped Him in Penn State Office in 2004”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Sandusky is considering an appearance with Oprah. I’ll bet she could get him to confess on live TV.

  2. peggysue22 says:

    This whole story makes me feel physically ill. I’d like to think that most criminals could turn their lives around, given the chance of genuine rehabilitation. But when it comes to pedophilia that doesn’t seem likely. Even when pedophiles have been caught, threatened, humiliated, punished, they tend return to the same behavior. And more children are irrevocably damaged.

    I agree on the wife. It’s inconceivable to think she never had an inkling with all these young boys passing through their lives. There always seem to be enablers in these cases, people who turn away, make excuses and/or refuse to admit the awful truth. We’ve seen it in the Church cases, the Boy Scouts, etc.

    I’ve raised boys. Thinking of my own kids in this situation at the tender age of twelve is absolutely sickening. No twelve year old can defend themselves.

    The sooner they get this trial up and going the better.

    • dakinikat says:

      I got a teaching certificate and taught middle school during the process. Twelve year old boys are so young and vulnerable. They are so far behind the girls at that age and most of them are pretty squirrely and unaware of all kinds of things. Right at a time when they should be learning how to be good men and when they are at their most vulnerable is when pervs like Sandusky go after them. It’s totally sickening.

  3. ralphb says:

    Can’t we just draw and quarter this asshat and be done with him? Maybe on pay-per-view.

    • dakinikat says:

      I’d like to see the French open Devil’s Island and have all adult sexual predators dropped on the island to fend for themselves. We could all take turns making sure no one ever comes off the island.