SDB Evening News Reads: In Remembrance…2011

Good Evening… 

We have lost some wonderful people this year, and we also have seen some real sh!theads kick the bucket as well…

So, for today’s evening reads, I want to focus on those who we lost this year.

First, this years TCM Remembers reminds me that we will soon lose all connections to those fabulous classic movies of Hollywood’s golden years.  Just last night, they had “The man who came to dinner” with Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan and Monty Woolley…imagine this film is 70 years old!

Anyway, I’ve embedded the video…please give it a few minutes of your time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is the direct link to this TCM video: TCM Remembers, 2011 — (TCM Original)

TCM Remembers, 2011 — (TCM Original)

Before You Go by OK Sweetheart provides the background for the 2011 version of TCM Remembers, our salute to movie professionals who passed away during the year.

This next link from ABC has a series of 124 Photos of celebrities and famous people who died in 2011

8 of 124: This undated photo provided by Icarus Films shows Josef Stalin with his daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva. Her defection to the West in 1967 set off an international furor and made her a best-selling author. She changed her name to Lana Peters after her defection. Peters died on Nov. 22 of colon cancer. She was 85.

One more, from the San Francisco Chronicle, Final goodbye: Roll call of some who died in 2011

They lived by the sword, both inspiring fear and acts of bloodshed around the world. And in the end, they both suffered violent deaths befitting their fearsome reputations. Perhaps no two deaths in 2011 transfixed the world more than those of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden and Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi.

Bin Laden became the most wanted man in the world after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that killed almost 3,000 people. Nearly a decade later, he was shot dead by U.S. commandos in May after being tracked to his hideout in Pakistan. His body was buried at sea. For Gadhafi, the end came after he was captured by rebels, his final moments shown in gruesome, shaky handheld video that was seen across the globe.

If relief and even celebration by many greeted their demise, the deaths of other notables in 2011 brought reflection on lives of achievement.

The world of science and innovation lost Steve Jobs, the Apple founder who invented and marketed sleek gadgets that transformed everyday technology from the personal computer to the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

This link also has a list of those who passed by month…that way you can see just who and when they died.

One more link for you tonight, you may remember that this year was the last year Pearl Harbor will hold a reunion celebration…those World War II veterans are becoming more like whispers of the past, eventually the time will come when there is no way to connect with this part of our history…except through books and photos.

Vivid new Battle of the Bulge photos offer never-before-seen look at the war-weary soldiers braving the frigid weather as they fight off Nazi Germany’s last major offensive of World War II

Breathtaking new photographs, including several vivid full-color images, offer a never-before-seen look at the war-weary soldiers in the Battle of the Bulge who fought through the frozen Ardennes Forest in a mountainous region of Belgium in the dead of winter.

They show soldiers on both sides battling the frigid weather as they fought each other during Nazi Germany’s last-ditch effort to drive back Allied forces between December 1944 and January 1945.

The pictures were released by Life Magazine on the 67th anniversary of the start of the grueling battle.

Sherman Tank

Icy: An American Sherman M4 tank moves past another gun carriage that slid off icy road in the Ardennes Forest during push to halt advancing German troops.

At the end of the of the 41-day offensive, 19,000 American soldiers were dead. The British Army lost 1,400 lives. Total allied casualties are estimated at 110,000 – making it the bloodiest battle for American troops in all of World War II.

German casualties were lower at about 85,000. But the Wehrmacht – Germany’s unified military command – ultimately lost their gambit to break through the Allied lines and capture key supplies — especially fuel for tanks and aircraft.

Under-manned and not prepared to camp out in temperatures that dropped to four degrees below zero Fahrenheit, American forces held out against German tanks and troops until reinforcements, including General George S. Patton’s Third Army arrived and beat back the Nazi offensive.

The German surprise attack came after Allied forces liberated France and were beginning to look forward to surging into Nazi Germany. Some historians say complacency among Allied commanders left troops totally unprepared for the German counterattack that sparked the Battle of the Bulge.

Perhaps the most famous story of the bloody battle came during the German siege of the Belgian town of Bastogne. Surrounded, American units were running out of ammunition and food. Medical supplies were scarce.

When the Nazi commander demanded the surrender of the Americans, Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe, the commander of the 101st Airborne Division responded with a one word answer: ‘NUTS!’

There are some amazing images at that link above…like this one:


Beaten: A fifteen year old German soldier, Hans-Georg Henke, cries being captured by the US 9th Army in Germany on April 3, 1945.

A bit depressing, yes…but it is good to remember those people and events of the past, whether good or bad.  Remember the lessons we have learned so long ago…because it is easy to forget that things never really change.

As the following links only go to show us…

Egypt’s Tahrir clashes rage on, army unrepentant | Reuters

Egyptian military defends crackdown on demonstrators – World Wires –

Questions About North Korea’s Stability After Kim Jong-il –

BBC News – Arrest warrant for Iraq Vice-President Tariq al-Hashemi

Obama criticizes Venezuela’s rights record, ties to Iran and Cuba; Chavez responds – The Washington Post

Euro creeps lower on Europe funding fears | Reuters

Lagarde: Resolving European debt crisis requires global effort – The Washington Post

Protesting Villagers in China Share Food as Supplies Run Out – Businessweek

Politics Without Choice | Opinion | The Moscow Times

For 2012 Russian Pres Elections, ‘Big Brother’ Will Be Watching – Forbes

And those are just global links…we are well aware of the actions taking place in our own country that many should view with historical eyes…and remember the events that led to many terrible dictators or war.

16 Comments on “SDB Evening News Reads: In Remembrance…2011”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Wonderful post, Minx–one of your best ever! And that’s saying something. I always like it at the end of the year when we get reviews of the people who have died. It’s a great opportunity for old memories to come up–mostly pleasant. Nostalgia can be a lot of fun….

  2. northwestrain says:

    Thanks Minx — I was reading the list of those who have passed this year and then reading up on the Bataan Death March. Many of the Japanese officers in charge were put on trial and were executed. Times have changed —

    Good job — now I’m going back to click some more links.

  3. Pat Johnson says:

    One of the better character actors, Harry Morgan from “M.A.S.H” fame, passed away last week.

    His ability to evoke laughter and tears from his performances were always worthwhile.

    He was in his 90s.

  4. ralphb says:

    This meme refuses to go away and maybe it shouldn’t. It could be a good idea.

    New Hampshire voters should draft Hillary

    We are facing a crisis of national leadership, so citizens should step up and take charge of their country the way demonstrators in the Middle East did earlier this year. And, stunningly, as the people of Russia are now doing.

    It’s time to take the decision about America’s leadership out of the hands of the established powers and return it to the citizens of our country. That opportunity to change U.S. politics will appear in the second week of 2012 in New Hampshire.

    To seize this moment two things are required:

    First, and most important, ordinary Democrats and independents in New Hampshire should mobilize behind a grass-roots effort to write in Clinton’s name during the Jan. 10 Democratic primary.

    Second, a committed group of Democrats with resources and stature needs to help facilitate an authentic citizens’ movement — independent of party structure, Clinton and organized interests — to support a massive New Hampshire write-in campaign and put this before a deeply disaffected electorate.
    A write-in candidacy in 2012 can send a message that the Democratic Party must stand for something more than Obama’s reelection at all costs.

    We are not asking the president or the secretary of state to take action. We ask the people of the United States, Democrats and, especially, New Hampshire voters to exercise their right to be heard by writing Clinton’s name on the primary ballot.

    Voters have had enough of the establishment powers dictating who can run.

    All that is needed is a spark on the dry tinder of political frustration and anxiety. A few Democratic patriots can provide the means to make it possible — and change the course of U.S. history.

    • dakinikat says:

      It has been horrible down here since they sold the power company to entergy. The garbage pick up got privatized too. Both of these have doubled ïn the last five years for me. They have been trying to sell the water and sewers for years. Luckily the infrastructure is so old there have been no takers. They’ve sold off most of the schools to charters. That’s been with bad results too but that isn’t stopping them from doing more. They will charge us for the right to breathe polluted air next.

      • ralphb says:

        It’s really pathetic. If they’re gonna sell off services, they should regulate the heck out of them as the public utilities they impersonate.

      • Branjor says:

        Why just charge for polluted air? Why not fresh air too? If they could, they’d charge for all the air we breathe. I said that many years ago, some time back in the 80s.

      • Branjor says:

        Life is a free gift of the universe. We shouldn’t have to pay to take up space, breathe or whatever.