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Everywhere you look it’s just terrible news…and to top it off, my internet is again giving me problems, this time it is the wireless router. So that is why the evening reads is late, and it will be a quick one, so here it goes.

Iranian protesters storm British diplomatic compounds | Reuters

The latest on the problems in Iran, like RalphB said earlier in the comments, for those of us who remember the time when it was the US Embassy…and the result was the Iran hostage crisis, this latest “attack” on the British Embassy is bringing back some scary memories.

Iranian protesters stormed two British diplomatic compounds in Tehran on Tuesday, smashing windows, torching a car and burning the British flag in protest against new sanctions imposed by London.

Britain said it was outraged and warned of “serious consequences.” The U.N. Security Council condemned the attacks “in the strongest terms.” U.S. President Barack Obama said he was disturbed by the incident and called on Iran to hold those responsible to account.

The attacks come at a time of rising diplomatic tension between Iran and Western nations who last week imposed fresh sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program, which they believe is aimed at achieving the capability of making an atomic bomb.

I don’t know if anyone has made this connection but it seems the timing is perfect to get our attention away from the explosions that have occurred in Iran the past week.

Several dozen protesters broke away from a crowd of a few hundred outside the main British embassy compound in downtown Tehran, scaled the gates, broke the locks and went inside.

Protesters pulled down the British flag, burned it, and put up the Iranian flag, Iranian news agencies and news pictures showed. Inside, the demonstrators smashed windows of office and residential quarters and set a car ablaze, news pictures showed.

One took a framed picture of Queen Elizabeth, state TV showed. Others carried the royal crest out through the embassy gate as police stood by, pictures carried by the semi-official Fars news agency showed.

All embassy personnel were accounted for, a British diplomat told Reuters in Washington, saying Britain did not believe that any sensitive materials had been seized.

You can see images of the protesters overrunning the security here:

Protesters storm British embassy |

In Pakistan:

Pakistan Announces Boycott of Afghanistan Conference | Asia | English

Pakistan says it will boycott a major Afghanistan reconciliation conference next week in Germany to protest NATO’s recent airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s decision to boycott the Afghanistan conference in Bonn, Germany, comes despite an appeal by Afghan President Hamid Karzai to reconsider.

And because certain Afghan militant groups have ties to Pakistan’s security forces, Pakistan’s engagement is considered crucial to any future Afghan stability effort.

U.S.-led NATO combat forces are scheduled to depart in 2014, meaning the window of time to negotiate a secure peace framework is rapidly shrinking.

The CDC has some new numbers out, ready for it? Check out the amount of Americans who don’t know they have HIV. CDC: 240,000 Americans have HIV and don’t know it – HealthPop – CBS News

Once a death sentence, AIDS can now be managed so effectively that people with the disease can live almost as long as those without it – but that’s true only for those who get good medical care.

Unfortunately only one in four Americans with AIDS has the virus under control, according to a new CDC report.

PICTURES: AIDS hotspots: 15 states with most cases

“The big picture is we could do a lot better than we’re doing today,” said Dr. Thomas Frieden, the CDC’s director.

Why is the treatment success rate so low? Partly because, of the 1.2 million Americans who have HIV – the infection that  causes AIDS – 20 percent don’t know they’re infected. That’s 240,000 people. People can have the infection for years without developing symptoms.

Another reason for the low success rate,  only about 40 percent of people with HIV are getting HIV-fighting medications regularly. Worse, only 28 percent have gotten the virus to low levels in their blood. That translates to roughly 850,000 Americans who don’t have the virus controlled, Frieden said.

Success rates were lowest in blacks and women, he said.

Sad to see this number of unknowing HIV infected American is so damn high.

“The fact that nearly three quarters of Americans living with HIV still have the virus circulating in their bodies, damaging their brains and immune systems and putting their sexual partner at risk is something we think we can do a lot about,” Frieden told Reuters.

The report – published Tuesday on the CDC’s website – was based on surveys and surveillance reports from 2010 and a study that focused on medical care for people with HIV.

I don’t know, it seems like AIDS/HIV is the old boring news…

Tonsil Trouble (Season 12, Episode 1) – Full Episode Player – South Park Studios

For a quick clip:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Boston Boomer sent me these next two links today:

How Zuccotti Park Became Zuccotti Prison: Creeping American Police State | Occupy Wall Street | AlterNet

Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg’s police assault on the park, OWS has largely decamped for spaces unknown and for the future.  Left behind was a grim tableau of our distinctly up-armored, post-9/11 American world.  To take an obvious example, the “police” who so notoriously pepper-sprayed non-violent, seated students at UC Davis were just campus cops, who in my college years, the 1960s, still generally wore civvies, carried no weapons, and were tasked with seeing whether students had broken curfew or locked themselves out of their rooms.  Now, around the country, they are armed with chemical weapons, Tasers, tear gas, side arms, you name it.  Meanwhile, some police departments, militarizing at a rapid rate, have tank-like vehicles, and the first police surveillance drones are taking to the air in field tests and capable of being weaponized.

And keep in mind, when it comes to that pepper-spraying incident, we’re talking about sleepy Davis, California, and a campus once renowned for its agronomy school.  Al-Qaeda?  I don’t think so.

And this link about the drought it Texas:

Texas Drought Is Revealing Secrets of the Deep –

For more than three years, the lake on Jack Mewbourn’s ranch here held a secret at its murky bottom: A 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. His grandson was the first one to notice the top of the car peeking out of the water. It wasn’t luck, or even fate. It was drought.

The water level in the seven-acre lake has dropped about five feet from a lack of rain. Stand on the grass lining the lake’s edge today, and in any other year you would be standing nearly waist-deep in water.

On a recent Saturday, Mr. Mewbourn, a longtime rancher in this rural unincorporated community about 90 minutes southeast of Dallas, took a boat to the middle of the lake with two of his grandsons. They confirmed that the small object they thought at first might be a barrel was indeed a car. Mr. Mewbourn called a local constable, and with the help of a diver and a tow truck, the vehicle was slowly dragged out. Inside, still buckled into the driver’s seat, were the remains of Brenda Kay Oliver, who had been missing since July 2008.

But finding missing people is not all that is starting to show up in lakes and ponds that are drying out.

The historic drought that has devastated crops and forced millions of Texans in small towns and large cities to abide by mandatory water restrictions has had at least one benefit: As lake levels have dropped around the state, objects of all kinds that had been submerged for years, decades and even centuries are being revealed. Some of the discovered items are common debris like computer monitors, tires and sunken boats. But much of it has attracted the attention of historians, anthropologists, criminal investigators and, in one case, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Long-submerged marble tombstones from the 1880s have become visible in the receding waters of Lake Buchanan in Central Texas. Near the Texas-Louisiana border, the grave sites from an early 19th-century cemetery have turned up at one drought-stricken lake. Pat Mercado-Allinger, the director of the Texas Historical Commission’s archaeology division, said one water authority estimated having roughly 200 previously unreported archaeological sites resulting from lowered lake levels.

Take a look at both of these links, they are very interesting…

I’m sorry this is such a pathetic evening news reads, but I wanted to get this post up before my router completely goes kaput…

10 Comments on “Later SDB Evening News Reads 112911: Eeeek…”

  1. ralphb says:

    I’m glad some good is coming from this drought because it’s a real bear. Here in Austin, we need almost three feet of rainfall to overcome the drought conditions. Hopefully we won’t get all three feet at once though 🙂

  2. northwestrain says:

    wireless routers are so much fun — NOT.

    You will probably need to reboot often –turn off the wireless and then wait and turn it back on. It seems that until the computers and wireless work out mysterious kinks they will be a pain in the butt.


    Interesting info about the Texas drought — we were there in October when heavy rain hit — but not enough apparently.

  3. northwestrain says:

    The drones — used on civilians is really disturbing. Especially if the po dunk cops get the missiles to go with their new toys.

    When the cops gear up for the non existent terrorists — then they’ll want to target civilians. This has happened in England already. Harassment from afar thanks to new electronic toys.

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Thanks for a great roundup, JJ. It looks like I’m the only one around, but I enjoyed reading it. I don’t understand what’s happening in Iran. I wonder if anyone does–I’ve been a little out of touch the past couple of days. It all seems pretty ominous.

  5. quixote says:

    I think Obama would love to have a flag-waving diversion in time for the election.

    But I also think that what’s happening inside Iran is likelier a reflection of internal politics than of Western machinations. Sometimes an explosion is just an explosion, if you know what I mean.

    As for the embassy thing, obviously that is a classic casus belli, but it doesn’t feel like a parallel to the anti-US demos back in the day. That stuff was way worse, and the Brits aren’t Americans, so they probably will refrain from making it worse than it has to be.

    What everybody really needs is to get all the godbags out of government.

    Good luck with that!

  6. Fannie says:

    Jerry Brown is looking into the pepper spray as chemical weapons………..60 people have died, and many have asthma and allegric reactions, and children are involved. I know Fox news thinks the pepper spray is a free veggie to eat, but maybe California will take this issue seriously. I hope it get’s outlawed.

    We are definitely becoming a Police State