SDB Evening News Reads for 101911: Conservative Closets and Hot Potatoes

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I don’t know how many of you organize your RSS feeds, or if you even use them…but I have mine set up in groups, that I call Minx Crap 1 & 2. One group is feeds of stuff that I read every day, most of it from left leaning blogs, main stream media and two right-wings sites, Hot Air and Newsbusters. I keep lots of other right-wing feeds in another group, and feeds from science and history sites in another group. The reason I mention this is because looking at the Hot Air and Newsbuster feeds gives me a pretty good feel for what crap is being floated about, and the tone that the “conservative” folks are pushing. Lately the tone is becoming more desperate, and by that I am talking about the reporting they have been doing on the OWS global protest. Another area that is getting a lot of attention is the anti-women stories…most of which are written by a woman.


I guess what I am driving at is that some of the conservatives out there are really letting their true feelings out of the closet. Not that the closet had any real doors on it…the wingnuts usually aren’t stingy with their hate. I just think that the recent tone would suggest they are even more on the defensive then usual…The occupy “uprisings” must be hitting a nerve.

Alrighty then, here are your news links for the day…

Last night Jon Stewart was on fire! Late Night: Jon Stewart: Republicans don’t like most Americans –

Stewart kicked off the segment with a montage of conservatives rallying their base with bellicose rhetoric: “Take our country back!”, “Get your musket!” and so on. He followed it with a series of clips in which some of the very same Republicans expressed their dismay over the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Most notable was House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who expressed his increasing concern over the “growing mobs occupying Wall Street” and characterized the protests as class warfare.  “Believe it or not, some in this town have condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans,” he said.

Stewart seized upon Cantor’s apparent inconsistency. “If Republicans don’t condone pitting Americans against Americans, then who is it that we Americans should be taking this country back from?” he wondered.

Cue another montage of Republicans enumerating their many, many enemies: liberals, Hollywood, Planned Parenthood, labor unions, “tenured professors who can flunk you for being too openly conservative,” federal employees, people who support tax increases on the wealthiest Americans.

Stewart suggested that, not coincidentally, the list of America’s enemies was more or less a list of people who don’t vote Republican. “It must be tough to love America so much but hate almost three-quarters of the people living in it,” he concluded.

The clip is just over 8 minutes…watch it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Let me say that Stewart is completely right in his assessment of the right’s hatred toward anyone that is not them…no surprise, but he really made the point so well last night. Bravo.

In other news, Obama’s Teleprompter. (Note I have the word Teleprompter capitalized…like any formal noun.) Obama’s stolen teleprompter recovered, national silence averted –

First, the bad news: They recovered President Obama’s teleprompter.

So, anybody going to his speeches on the current Darth Vader armored bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia is still going to get the full 22-minute monty about how he’s there to listen.

The Real Good Talker’s top speech aide was in a truck stolen from a Richmond hotel parking lot early Monday morning and recovered in another hotel parking lot about 12 hours later.


Many politicians use teleprompters, of course, especially for new standard speeches they are testing or learning. Few politicians appear so fond of the teleprompter as Obama, though, who once during the 2007-08 cycle had one set up in the dirt of a rodeo arena, a place that might call for “Hey, how are you all?” less formality.

And the Democratic administration has demonstrated some sensitivity over his need for the aid, since Obama’s White House teleprompters have been rigged to recede into the floor when his formal remarks are finished and the cameras pull back.

I had no idea that the WH has taken the time to make Obama’s Teleprompters “built in” to the floor.

Leading me to believe that Obama does not do anything without being told what to do and say…

PHOTO: President Obama sits down with ABC News' senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper for an exclusive interview in Jamestown, N.C.

There has to be a teleprompter just over Jake’s shoulder…I am sure of it…I only wish the real man behind the curtain will stand up. Cause I am sick of seeing the Wizard give his “performance.”

There was a couple of links on women and children that I wanted to share with you:

Tennessee Commission Gives Family Planning Contract to Religious Health Group | Care2 Causes

Harvey Urges Parents To Refuse Care For Their Children From Gay Doctors | Right Wing Watch

Give those two links a look see! Especially the one about boycotting gay doctors. WTF? If anything proves just how much the right hates those who aren’t like them, that crap about putting your kids health in jeopardy because they don’t want some “fag” tending to their medical needs takes the cake!

Lastly, can someone tell me why this kind of legislation is even being brought before Congress. US Senate thwarts Barack Obama by backing the potato

Oh yeah…that just is rubbing salt in the wounds. It’s the economy stupid…jobs, jobs, jobs. I just find it ironic that the one thing which got the people of Ireland through the Potato Famine is trying to be banned by the Obama administration…perhaps they know something we don’t?

Nah…we know exactly where we are heading.


Near the center of the encampment of some 70 tents, somebody had erected a section of unpainted wooden fence, with a sign asking “What’s your story?” The fence is full of authentic American stories scrawled on the wood with Magic Markers and Sharpies.

Members of Occupy Wall Street celebrate after learning they can stay in Zuccotti Park in New York

You can bet your ass we do!

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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    I want to again urge you to watch the Jon Stewart clip…

    Bernie Sanders is talking on Wolf Blitzer…I will find the link and post it…gotta love Bernie!

  2. northwestrain says:

    Why are Cantor’s ears so big? Also that Ryan guy — his ears are also huge.

    Jon Stewart — he’s a better political reporter than the “real” political reporters.

  3. Fannie says:

    I am with the woman who hopes a law suit comes about in Memphis, Tenn. I don’t think a religious group should be doing any type of medication……………where is the petition?

  4. ralphb says:

    “Bank of America Setback: $8.5 Billion Mortgage Settlement Successfully Removed to Federal Court”

    This should be very costly for BofA and Bank of New York. That $8.5 billion will probably look like chicken feed at the end.

  5. The Rock says:

    In case this video has been posted already, my humblest apologies. If not, it so SOOO worth 7mins of your day. And Chris Hedges is on my really really good list!!

    Hillary 2012