Sky Dancing Evening News: Sorry for your loss…”Job Loss” that is, when you care enough to send the very best.

Good Evening Y’all!

It is funny how even though it is hot outside, and I have the air running…because the sun is not streaming into our room at a different angle, it feels like fall.  The crystal ball paints brilliant colors of light on the floor and wall, but it only does it in fall and winter. I can’t wait for it to get cooler out…fall is my favorite time of year.

Yes, my mind is a bit off today. It wandered a bit during the morning post and I am sure it will do the same this evening.

A hell of a lot has been going on, so I will post some quick links to things you may have missed…

There’s been a man arrested in connection with the Indiana murders.  Five people were killed Sunday in Laurel, a small town southeast of Indianapolis: Police Arrest ‘Person of Interest’ in Indiana Killings

According to Dr. Christina Pietz, Jared Loughner does know what he did, feels remorse about the killing and his competency can be restored again in about 8 months.  The Associated Press: Testimony: Loughner’s competency can be restored Wow, every time I see that mug shot of Loughner it gives me the willies. He is now being medicated with psychotropic drugs by force…and is no longer having hallucinations. They still have him on suicide watch.

NYPD has announced that they will look into a complaint filed about an officer that  pepper sprayed a woman protester.  NYPD will investigate pepper spraying at protest 

I don’t know how complete and unbiased it will be…the New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is already pulling an “obama” by commenting on the video evidence:

Kelly says the video leaves out tumultuous conduct by protesters who illegally tried to block streets.

See what I mean, he is setting the investigation up to fail already. (Ah, maybe I am just reading too much into that statement.  Here are a couple more links from different sources, you can decide.)

From a local CBS station in NYC: Kelly Addresses NYPD Pepper Spray Incident At Wall Street Protests « CBS New York

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly won’t say whether the cop was justified, but he did describe the protesters’ behavior leading up to the incident as “tumultuous conduct.”

“We have not interfered with them even when they’re marching on the sidewalk in significant numbers — we’ve allowed them to do that. What we said, what we’ve told them is ‘don’t go out in the street and block traffic’ and that’s precisely what happened on Saturday,” Kelly told reporters, including 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria.

And from the Atlantic:  NYPD Now Has Two Pepper Spray Incidents to Investigate

A new video showing Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna in a second pepper-spraying incident during the weekend’s Occupy Wall Street protest came out overnight, a few hours before the New York Police Department announced it would investigate Bologna’s use of the spray, which it had previously defended. The original video of Bologna spraying four women detained behind netting has been pretty well parsed by folks who say it goes against the department’s guidelines. The new one also seems to show a violation of the department guidelines as Bologna sprays what appears to be a photographer who wasn’t being detained.

We’ll see huh?

Alabama is again going to be a focal point in my post today…first there is this nugget that Boston Boomer emailed me…Sponsor Of Alabama Immigration Law Scott Beason Refers To Blacks As ‘Aborigines’ | ThinkProgress

Alabama state senator Scott Beason (R), who sponsored the state’s tough new immigration law, has been caught on tape referring to black customers of a casino as “aborigines.” Beason made the offensive comparison while wearing audio recording equipment for the FBI as part of an investigation into a group of people accused of buying and selling pro-gambling votes in the legislature. The Associated Press reports:

In one transcript, Beason and two other Republican legislators were talking about economic development in predominantly black Greene County and the customers at one of the county’s largest employers, the Greenetrack casino in Eutaw.

“That’s y’all’s Indians,” one Republican said.

“They’re aborigines, but they’re not Indians,” Beason replied. […]

The transcripts also showed Beason and other Republicans talking about what would happen if the legislation to protect electronic bingo casinos were approved by the Legislature and placed before voters in the election in November 2010. They speculated that casino owners would offer free meals and free bus rides to get black voters to the polls.

Under questioning, Beason said they were concerned that a large black turnout would hurt Republican candidates.

When pressed on his comments, Beason explained, “I don’t know what I meant at the time.” “I don’t use that term normally. I don’t know where it even came from that day,” he said in federal court. Democrats have called on Beason to resign. The federal judge in the bingo trial case will allow defense lawyers to question witnesses about Beason’s “racially charged” statements.


He has also been leading the charge to redraw district lines in a way that would significantly dilute the power of black voters.

Oh, that is a freakin’ surprise.

And what about that Immigration law?  Judge lets key parts of Ala. immigration law stand 

A federal judge refused Wednesday to block key parts of a closely watched Alabama law that is considered the strictest state effort to clamp down on illegal immigration, including a measure that requires immigration status checks of public school students.

U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn, appointed by Republican President George H.W. Bush, wrote in her 115-page opinion that some parts of the law are in conflict with federal statutes, but others aren’t.

She said federal law doesn’t prohibit checking students or suspects pulled over by police. She also refused to stop provisions that allow police to hold suspected illegal immigrants without bond; bar state courts from enforcing contracts involving illegal immigrants; make it a felony for an illegal immigrant to do business with the state; and make it a misdemeanor for an illegal resident not to have immigration papers.

There is no mention of when the unblocked parts of the law will go into effect, but Blackburn’s previous order blocking enforcement expires tomorrow.

Alabama Republicans have long sought to clamp down on illegal immigration and passed the law earlier this year after gaining control of the Legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. GOP Gov. Robert Bentley signed it, saying it was vital to protect jobs of legal residents.

Both supporters and critics say it is the nation’s toughest partly because of a section that would require public schools to verify the citizenship status of students and report statistics to the state. Illegal immigrants wouldn’t be barred attending public schools, but opponents contend the law is designed to decrease enrollment by creating a climate of fear.

One of the groups in opposition of this law has issued a statement on behalf of 150 United Methodist Preachers.

…church leaders were “pleased to see some of the harsh and far-reaching elements of the law have been struck down.”

“We feel that many of these elements, written by members of the State House and Senate who campaign on Christianity, are not representative of the message of Christ who welcomed the stranger despite country of origin or status,” they said.

Not to mention the cheap labor the “Righteous” Christians will get in the bargain. (Hey, I have become very cynical of the Religious Right…and the proclamations of being good “christians” while looking out for their best interest.)

And lastly, you know the economy and employment numbers suck ass when Hallmark has a new set of sympathy cards for the loss of a job.  Hallmark adds sympathy cards for job loss –

Greeting card companies have taken a cue from the nation’s 9 percent unemployment rate.

In a six-by-four inch envelope, someone can send a friend who lost his or her job a pre-printed message of encouragement and sympathy.

Though not available at every corner store, layoff greeting cards are being manufactured by Hallmark and sold at its stores and online — and selling well, said Frank Fernandez, owner of two Hallmark stores in North Texas.

“We’re in the emotional business,” said Fernandez. “You want to say something emotionally correct and give them (your friends) a card that you’ve chosen to express your own thoughts.”


Hallmark, based in Kansas City, Mo., has always adapted its cards to the current events, and it has taken into consideration the economy since 1910, said spokeswoman Jaci Twidwell.

Hallmark produces six kinds of layoff sympathy cards. The company would not disclose sales figures, but the manager of a Dallas store said such sympathy and encouragement cards sell out quickly.

In the past, some Hallmark cards have dealt with difficult issues — such as the military draft in the 1960s, nuclear warfare and the Great Depression. Cards have also offered sentimental greetings to members of the military during the 1940s and to those who suffered loss after Sept. 11, 2001.

I just want to see some cards that reflect losing your unemployment pay…and having to pawn what little you have to make a few bucks.  I want to see empathy cards…like some sort of Dr. Pepper jingle. Hey I lost my job, you lost your job…we’re all losing our jobs, aren’t you glad you lost your job too? Man, that sucked didn’t it…not creative enough.

My suggestion would be for Hallmark to make some of these Job Loss Sympathy cards in holders, like they do for birthday’s and graduations. Where the card has a money envelope incorporated within it…Only instead of cash, it would hold the pink slip…and maybe a severance check if you are lucky.

Well, I am off to make some French toast…I’ll catch y’all later in the comments!


13 Comments on “Sky Dancing Evening News: Sorry for your loss…”Job Loss” that is, when you care enough to send the very best.”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    I wanted to put this link up: Letterman’s Chris Christie Top 10 List All Fat Jokes (VIDEO)

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011
    Top Ten Ways The Country Would Be Different If Chris Christie Were President
    10.Al-Qaeda taunts America with “Yo President’s so fat” jokes
    9.Goodbye White House vegetable garden
    8.Cabinet will now have a Secretary of Cake
    7.New state: Fatassachusetts
    6.Congress does whatever he wants, ’cause fat guys are, like, super-strong when they freak out
    5.Presidential retreat moved from Camp David to Hersheypark
    4.Taxpayers would have to pay for the President’s second seat on Air Force One
    3.New national anthem: the “Chili’s baby back ribs” song
    2.Instead of Iraq, we’d invade IHOP
    1.Scandal when President is caught in Oval Office with Betty Crocker and Sara Lee

  2. bostonboomer says:

    I love the job loss sympathy card idea. Maybe it could be a musical card.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    That Alabama state senator must be really stupid, because I think he was wired by the FBI in some kind of sting. So he knew he was being recorded.

  4. Minkoff Minx says:

    Speaking of Job Loss: Atlanta top metro area — for job losses  |

    The Atlanta region lost more jobs the last year than any other metro area, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Wednesday, further evidence that the post-recessionary slump here shows little sign of abating.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      Metro Atlanta shed 30,800 jobs since August 2010. Kansas City — 12,800 positions erased — was the closest competitor in job-losses. Nearly all of Atlanta’s peer metro areas added at least some jobs amid the slow economic recovery.

      The figures add to a growing sense that Atlanta has experienced a Lost Decade. The Great Recession and its aftermath have obliterated the mid-decade’s huge job and wealth gains that put Atlanta atop the New South economic pedestal. The Atlanta region, for example, notched 2,237,100 jobs last month — almost exactly the same amount as in early 2002.

      Well I guess there is always agriculture jobs.

  5. paper doll says:

    Greeting card companies have taken a cue from the nation’s 9 percent unemployment rate.

    In a six-by-four inch envelope, someone can send a friend who lost his or her job a pre-printed message of encouragement and sympathy.



    When’s the ” sorry your medical insurance dropped your preconditioned ass ” cards coming out?

  6. Peggy Sue says:

    How about a SOB card for the CEO’s who have cut jobs, sent them overseas, and then padded their own bank accounts with undeserved bonuses??? Same thing for the pols on the industry payroll.

    Might open a whole new revenue stream for Hallmark :0).

  7. The Rock says:

    I had to post this before I go to bed. I don’t even know what to say about this. The Obot sycophants are picking strawman fights with invisible opponents. This one doesn’t even make sense. Except that the Obumbles team must be scared. Their internal polling must be in the toilet for them to be pulling this tactic out this early.


    Hillary 2012