SDB Evening News Reads for 081711: Quick Newsie roundup today!

Okay, I have been out most of the day seeing lawyers…so that puts me in a bad mood already.  So for today’s evening news reads, it is going to be quick and to the point…

In my hometown of Tampa, FL, a 17-year-old boy was planning some kind of “Columbine” attack at his high school. Fortunately the plot was discovered before we had yet another breaking news day, full of horrible scenes and crying children.

Police: School bomb plot aimed for mass casualties –

Tampa police have arrested an expelled student after thwarting what they deemed a potentially “catastrophic” plot to set off a bomb at his former high school and cause mass casualties on the first day of classes next week, authorities said Wednesday.

Police Chief Jane Castor said Jared Cano, 17, had threatened to plant a bomb at Freedom High School in north Tampa and detonate the device when students return Tuesday.

The suspect was arrested Tuesday night after someone alerted police to the alleged plot.

Castor told a news conference that the alleged bombing plot was planned minute by minute and the intent was to cause more casualties than the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, which resulted in 13 deaths before the two shooters killed themselves.

Castor said police and the school system “were probably able to thwart a potentially catastrophic event, the likes of which the city of Tampa has not seen, and hopefully never will.”

You know, I went to a high school that had a lot of people from West Tampa and areas that would be considered “urban.”  If I wanted a gun back then, I knew who to go to, it was the same with drugs or alcohol…but at the same time, there was no animosity between the different ethnic and races of people at my school.  Not that race has anything to do with this plot to attack certain targets within the school…it is just that my graduating class of 700 people did not experience the sort of “unsubstantiated threats” that the principal of this school talks about.

High school principal Chris Farkas said Cano was expelled in April 2010 because of a non-school-related incident and would have been red-flagged if he had tried to come back on campus.

“My first response was shock. I wanted to see if it was a real threat,” said Farkas, who is accustomed to unsubstantiated threats from working at a large high school.

“Once I found out and saw the information and saw what was taken from the apartment complex, that was when the reality and the fear set in that this was a real situation.”

Violence or the threat of a vicious attack while at school, is not all kids have to deal with today.  Like this recent study that found the child poverty rate has gone up in the US.  Report: Child poverty rate hits 20 percent in US as families struggle –

There has been a “significant decline” in economic well-being for low-income children and families over the past decade as the official child poverty rate grew by 18 percent and poverty levels for families with children increased in 38 states, according to a new study.

Economic and housing difficulties are the main culprits, reports the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a private charitable organization that focuses on disadvantaged children.

“The recent recession has wiped out many of the economic gains for children that occurred in the late 1990s,” said Laura Speer, associate director for policy reform and data at the Casey Foundation, as the report was released Wednesday. “Nearly 8 million children lived with at least one parent who was actively seeking employment but was unemployed in 2010. This is double the number in 2007, just three years earlier.”

The numbers however vary from state to state, with Mississippi having the highest number of children in poverty.

“The news about the number of children who were affected by foreclosure in the United States is also very troubling because these economic challenges greatly hinder the well-being of families and the nation,” said Ms. Speer.

In the United States as a whole, nearly 15 million children (20 percent) live in poverty. A broader definition of economic straits – $43,512 a year, or twice the federal poverty line for a family of four, “a minimum needed for most families to make ends meet,” as Speer puts it – includes 31 million children, or 42 percent of the total.

And all this greatly affects the population and future generations.

“People who grew up in a financially secure situation find it easier to succeed in life, they are more likely to graduate from high school, more likely to graduate from college, and these are things that will lead to greater success in life,” Stephen Brown, director of the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, told the AP. “What we are looking at is a cohort of kids who as they become adults may be less able to contribute to the growth of the economy. It could go on for multiple generations.”

But it is obvious that no one in Washington is paying any attention to these things…

They are too busy filling their pockets and sending out emails like this:  Obama Campaign Staffer Sends Out Email Bashing Paul Krugman And The ‘Firebagger Lefty Blogosphere’ h/t Dakinikat for this link…

The Obama campaign’s point person in New Mexico recently sent an email to supporters defending the president’s position on the debt deal and bashing the Nobel Prize winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and the “Firebagger Lefty blogosphere.”

On the evening of Aug. 1, just after Congress passed legislation to raise the debt ceiling, Obama for America (OFA) New Mexico State Director Ray Sandoval sent an email to supporters with the subject line, “Please take 5 minutes to read this, Please.”


The blog post that Sandoval thought was important enough to share with others harshly condemns Krugman and progressive bloggers who have been critical of Obama.

The blog post refers to Fire Baggers, which HuffPo is attributing to a spin on the FireDogLake blog and the tea bag phrase.

Dakinikat found this definition of Firebagger on Balloon Juice:

Firebagger – Unfortunate portmanteau of FDL ‘Firepup’ and ‘Teabagger’, possibly coined by Firedoglake commenter Knoxville in December 2009 to celebrate the new anti-Obama partnership between Jane Hamsher and Grover Norquist: “How can anyone seriously support any president as he pulls tom-fuckery on the American people? I’d be more than happy if Obama were to fight for the common good and the best interests of the American people. But he’s not. Till he changes course – and till others in his base see that he’s screwing around for all the wrong reasons and screwing us all over in the process – I’ll speak out against him. Call me PUMA. Call me Firebagger. Call me the last true Progressive standing.” First nutpicked for Balloon Juice here, courtesy of commentor Midnight Marauder.

Jane Hamsher responded with this:

“[I]f this is a brilliant political strategy on the part of OFA, someone is going to have to explain it to me. I know the goal is to attract the much-prized Independent for 2012. But who do they think is keeping Obama’s poll numbers afloat? … What exactly does OFA think they stand to gain by ridiculing Krugman as a ‘political rookie,’ a hysterical ‘fanatic’ and an ‘idealogue’? Do they think they hold so much sway with liberals that they can discredit Krugman and thus neutralize his criticism? This smacks more of narcissism and personal vendetta than any sound political ‘strategy.'”

Ugh…all this is just ridiculous.  Why doesn’t the Obama Administration listen to what the people are saying, and what the people are desperate for…instead they are pushing back on anyone who is critical of them…and taking bus tours in towns that aren’t really suffering like most of America is.  Obama’s narcissistic response to any kind of criticism is a lame ass excuse for not doing what is right and what can truly help put the country back to work.

Which goes back to the blame game Obama is also pushing, and telling people to call their congress critters and do what Obama should be doing…which is taking charge.

Please share some links that you are finding this evening…Looks like it has been a busy day in the neighborhood.


20 Comments on “SDB Evening News Reads for 081711: Quick Newsie roundup today!”

  1. joanelle says:

    Thanks for this Minx – it conjured up some pictures in my mind of the guy who said he’d be ready for that 3:00 AM call standing there, wringing his hands, looking at his darling “M, M, Michelle, what can I do? They should know I’m in a tight spot here, this is too big of a mess to clean up – they said it would be a ‘piece of cake’ can’t you take care of this? Come on, Honey, help me out. Oooh, I should just have let Hillary have it.

    • dakinikat says:

      oh oh….

      A new low of 26% of Americans approve of President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy, down 11 percentage points since mid-May and by far the lowest of his presidency. More broadly, Obama is at a low ebb on five of seven major issues tested in the new poll.

      • dakinikat says:

        and more roh roh …

        Rick Perry, Porn Monger for President? from @firedoglake

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        It is all so damn depressing, Obama and the rest of the republicans. No jobs, no money, no health insurance…You know you have given up on just about anything when you are lying down in bed, and you feel something moving lightly on your leg… you think it is something like a bug but then realize it is just the hair on your legs have gotten so damn long, they are flapping in the breeze of the fan you have blowing on you while you sleep…Yup, talk about pathetic! Maybe I will get a little out of this funk if I did shave my legs. Who knows.

    • Fannie says:

      Minx………………Nair – Nary a day goes by that you don’t make me laugh.

  2. dakinikat says:

    It must be the start of the silly season if hippie bashing is in vogue again.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      Hey, here is a WaPo article about the firebaggers thing and the hippie bashing:

      Does Obama camp see upside in pissing off the left? – The Plum Line – The Washington Post

      The Obama campaign is now going on the record distancing itself from the email. A campaign spokesman, Katie Hogan, emails: “The views expressed in this email do not represent the views of the campaign.”
      …this story does provide a window into what I think is a real problem — the nature of the Obama team’s frustration with liberal critics. The problem is that some on the Obama team don’t reckon with what it is lefty critics are actually saying. Obama advisers get angry when they think liberal critics are refusing to accept the limits placed on him by current political realities, and when lefties presume at the outset that Obama will inevitably sell out. That’s reflected in Sandoval’s angry email and in other periodic explosions of anger at the “professional left.”

      But the lefty critique goes considerably further than this. It’s an argument with Obama’s team about tactics and strategy, about what might be attainable if he handled these negotiations differently. The case from these critics is if Obama approached negotiations with a harder line, it would be better politics because it would juice up the base and show indys he’s a fighter. They also advocate for this course because the current dynamic is hopelessly broken — and they think a more aggressive approach has at least a chance of broadening the field of what’s substantively possible. (There’s a segment on the left that also thinks Obama wants what’s in the deals he keeps securing, but the points above are broadly what many lefties agree on.)

      But wait, I thought Obama wasn’t campaigning….and he was just going on a bus tour to “listen” to the people…

      And if anyone is in Philly, be sure to answer Susie Madrak’s call:

      Suburban Guerrilla » Blog Archive » Philly, listen up

      The unChristians of the Westboro Baptist Church plan to demonstrate at tomorrow’s funeral for Michael Strange, the Philadelphia Navy Seal who was killed last week. This kid grew up only a few minutes from my house, and it really galls me that they’re coming here.

      So if you’re around, please take part in building a human wall around the family:

    • dakinikat says:

      yellowsnpdragon SpiralEyeCafe
      by EllieElliottFDL
      Thankfully firebaggers are willing to talk about the *epic suck* that is the Obama administration. #weareallfirebaggersnow

  3. joanelle says:

    So if we can’t end them to their rooms, we can give them a time out by following Starbucks Corp Chief Executive Howard Schultz call to withhold political contributions from U.S. lawmakers until they strike a “fair, bipartisan” deal on the country’s debt, revenue and spending.
    Schultz recently led the world’s biggest coffee chain through a painful but successful restructuring that returned it to growth. In his letter Monday, he also challenged fellow U.S. business leaders to do their part by hiring workers to give the national economy a much-needed jolt.

    Good idea! 🙂

  4. dakinikat says:

    Michelle Bachmann campaign continues to get reports of threatening and assaulting reporters.

  5. Minkoff Minx says:

    Oh this makes me feel a lot better…not: Obama: We’re Not In Danger of Another Recession – National Journal staff –

    Pushing the same blame on the earthquake, tsunami, arab spring, gas prices…I expect him to go into the monologue from the Blues Brothers:

    And don’t forget to end with blaming the republicans too…

  6. northwestrain says:

    0bowma seems far too sensitive about himself to be Prez.

    But what is really happening is that 0bowma can’t handle the truth — and he’s never been able to handle to truth. He just wasn’t and isn’t ready to be Prez.

    Can’t we all just imagine the temper tantrums that 0bowma must be throwing — and his staff will be responding to his foul moods. He’s a narcissist so it is a given that in private he has some words about everyone who “doesn’t understand him”. That’s not the problem — we do understand that he has no idea what he’s doing and he doesn’t understand what working people go through on a daily basis. (Like dealing with lawyers etc.)

    Also like GW bushie — 0bowma is probably “protected” in a bubble.

    As someone said — “If 0bama wins it’s going to be an ugly win.” It will be interesting to watch — because 0bama’s preferred method of fighting is passive aggressive. (Sort of like the female duck who has her mate go out and beat up other ducks. She points and he attacks.)

  7. jillforhill says:

    Norquist=Jane Hamsher=FDL=Liberals/Progressives

  8. alibe50 says:

    The only way Obama ever wins is to cheat. usually he does his major cheating in the Primary season. He gets the worst candidate to run against by hook or by crook. He is a thug and a cheater. Unfortunately, cheaters often win. GW Bush, Obama, Saxby Chamblis are prime examples. I am sure Obama is gearing up for the big cheat. He governs as if his election is in the bag…..just like GWBush did. It probably is!

    • northwestrain says:

      Perry and Mitt are the real threats right now — so they will be taken out early.

      I’m betting that the GOP primary winner is the one person that 0bowma can walk over back into the white house.

      I agree with you — 0bowma has always cheated to “win”.

  9. northwestrain says:

    The SEC is dirty dirty dirty. In bed with the Wall street firms & personalities they are supposed to regulate and then deliberately destroying records.