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Good afternoon, just a few links for you today…There is a discussion going on right now here: Breaking… Verdict Reached in Casey Anthony Trial « Sky Dancing

Casey Anthony found not guilty of murder of daughter | Reuters

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She got away with it…but don’t forget the one who’s voice was snuffed out…

Horrifying New Details Emerge in Caylee Anthony Case

Caylee Anthony Orange County Sheriff’s Office

I thought the things Chaney Mason said at the press conference was something he should have reserved for another time.  He did not mention Caylee at all, and that is wrong.

I thought what Jose Baez said at the press conference was first class.

Jose Baez | Casey Anthony Lawyer | Casey Anthony Verdict | Mediaite

Following today’s verdict that found Casey Anthony not guilty of first degree murder, child abuse or manslaughter, Anthony’s Defense Attorney Jose Baez spoke to the press outside of the Florida courthouse. He thanked his legal team, praised his “adversaries” in the Prosecution, and decried a media he felt convicted his client before her day in court. He also, however, used the moment to speak out against the death penalty, asking why the country still sees fit to “kill its own citizens.”

“I think that this case is a perfect example of why the death penalty does not work and why we all need to stop and look and think twice about a country that decides to kill its own citizens. Murder’s not right no matter who does it, whether its a ritual killing or someone becoming a victim in a drive by shooting. It’s disgusting and I think, if this case gets any attention, it should focus on that issue, that we need to stop trying to kill our own people.”

In other news…

White House reportedly offers cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, in deficit talks – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

Amid ongoing efforts to work out a deal to raise the debt ceiling, the New York Times reports that the White House is offering up tens of billions of dollars’ worth of reductions in Medicaid and Medicare programs – if Republicans agree to increase tax revenues.

Cutting short their Fourth of July recess, senators returned to Washington on Tuesday in an effort to reach a deal on reducing the deficit, without which Republicans have said they will not vote for an increase in the debt ceiling.

And while CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante reports that there are currently no talks scheduled between congressional Republicans and the White House to discuss the deal, negotiators appear to be working on a proposal that would cut funds from Medicare and Medicaid without majorly overhauling them or imposing direct new costs on beneficiaries.

Washington Post is reporting: Obama calls lawmakers to White House in effort to break debt stalemate – The Washington Post

President Obama will summon lawmakers to the White House this week in an effort to break a stalemate over how to rein in the soaring national debt.

In an announcement Tuesday afternoon, Obama called on Republican and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate to each send two representatives to the newly-constituted talks, which are aimed at slicing more than $2 trillion off the federal budget by 2021.

The announcement, which marks Obama’s first formal participation in the talks, comes with just over two weeks remaining until the White House deadline for an agreement.

I realize that this is an extremely short post, but honestly I am very upset about this little girl that deserved better than this. Will see you all tomorrow am, and no Anthony news whatsoever…I promise you all that.

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  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    I just wanted to bring this up:

    Sunny Hostin: I believe Casey Anthony knows who killed her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee – In the Arena – Blogs

    The verdict didn’t surprise me. This was never a “slam dunk” case. The government had to prove it’s case beyond a reasonable doubt – that is an extremely high burden.

    There wasn’t any direct evidence linking Casey Anthony to the death of her daughter, no eyewitnesses.

    I completely agree with Sunny, and I think of all the ones talking about or reporting on this case she was the one that I most connected with and agreed with.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    I’m listening to an interview with one of the alternates right now. This guy would have also voted not guilty–didn’t think the prosecution proved their case. Says it was obvious during the trial that the family was so dysfunctional there was no way they could believe their testimony. He didn’t consider sexual abuse at all because there was no evidence of it. He felt the prosecution’s theory of how Caylee died didn’t make sense. It made more sense that the duct tape was used to seal the bag, just as they did with their pets.

    Specifically, they did not believe much of George Anthony’s testimony. The prosecution didn’t prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      Yes, I know and he is right…but I still think Casey is responsible for Caylee’s death. Whether an accident or not…and I just feel that Casey got away with something. That whole family is guilty in one way or another. I’ve said it before, they all deserve to be locked up. I just can’t get around the idea that this little girl is dead. I feel the same way whenever any little child is killed…it is unnatural.

      • bostonboomer says:

        That’s your right. I believed OJ was guilty even though he was acquitted, but in this case there was so much lying that I don’t feel I know what happened.

        To repeat an old adage, I’d rather that 100 guilty people go free than one innocent person found guilty. In recent years, we have learned that many people who have been sentenced to death row and even put to death were innocent of the crimes they were convicted of.

        • Minkoff Minx says:

          I think OJ was guilty too…I have said it before, I think Casey had something to do with this little girl’s death. An accident or not…
          I am glad she got the verdict she got because there was reasonable doubt, I get that…which is why I fully agree with Sunny Hostin. However, I do not think that Caylee got justice, because she did not die of natural causes…only Casey and George and Cindy and Lee know what happened. I am a Mama, I know my own experience is coming though in my opinion about all of this. I just keep thinking about that dead little girl in the woods.

        • dakinikat says:

          They really couldn’t prove how Caylee died. That was probably the biggest problem I saw with the prosecution case.

      • bostonboomer says:

        No, Caylee didn’t get justice.

  3. Pat Johnson says:

    On a previous thread bb asked why I support George Anthony against the charges of sex abuse. My only answer is why would I ever take Casey at her word?

    During the Menedez Bros trial awhile back, stuck with the simple fact that the two brothers had no actual reason for killing both parents, the “abuse excuse” came into play. Two boys accusing their father of having forced them into sexual relations from the time they were young up until the day they took two shotguns, reloaded when they ran out of bullets, and shot their father twice in the head and their mother 6 more times as they sat and watched tv while eating ice cream. They claimed to be in “fear” that their parents were about to kill them since they were going to “reveal” the abuse claims.

    There was never any proof offered to back up the statements but it was revealed that their supposed defense came directly from a case history documented in a book by a clinical psychologist who had written about a boy’s treatment at the hands of both his father and grandfather. The details offered by both Menendez Bros were an accurate mirror of the boy’s abuse.

    Why did Casey sit in jail for 3 years rather than to open up about what happened to Caylee as the defense outlined in their opening statement? Because it never happened. They waited to drop that bomb in their opening statement to garner exactly the response that the possibility existed since they too had no other means of explaining her total disregard toward Caylee and her shameless behavior during those 31 days. Some people bought into that theory which had no basis beyond what Casey had said.

    Are we to believe her now? Are all those lies to be set aside but this one has substance above all others?

    My belief is that inside that house Cindy rules. Whatever Cindy says goes. Her need to control may be what has led George astray. It is certain that he had created some serious financial problems with online gambling and as a result he left the home for a period of time.

    Casey, as we heard repeatedly on those tapes, rules Cindy if no one else. Not that Cindy is stupid but that she prefers to believe her own tissue of lies when it comes to Casey. She can’t control her every move but she seeks to explain away her bad behavior by inventing excuses that covers her inability to manage Casey and placing her in a better light. George, I believe, tried to confront her but Cindy acted as the buffer. I am sure that Casey used every opportunity to throw up his inadequacies in his face every time he called her actions into question. He was the perfect target for her revenge by way of that opening statement which most assuredly took the light off her and placed it firmly on him.

    Her mother was still angling to get into Casey’s good graces by way of perjured testimony. Casey sat there, face composed, as her mother tried once again to smooth things out for her. George did not go along and regardless of whether he stepped away from his marriage vows there is no way in my mind that he attempted to cover up a supposed accidental death by placing that child in garbage bags then dumping her body in the woods. It makes no sense.

    Both parents may be responsible for her less than perfect upbringing but it was Casey, a grown woman, who did the deed in the end. It was Cindy who got between them each and every time, never holding Casey accountable for her actions while probably berating her for them time and again.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I wasn’t asking why you support him against sexual abuse. I know there is no proof. I suspect it because of my own background in studying the topic and my own personal experience as a survivor of abuse. My opinion about that has nothing to do with George’s cheating on Cindy. What I have seen in this family screams out sexual abuse. I can’t prove it, but I suspect it. That is still no excuse for what happened to Caylee.

      Again, I have never tried to justify the killing of this child or the abuse of any child. I loathe child abusers, and I think anyone who abuses a child should be severely punished. Anyone who kills or sexually abuses a child should be locked up for life, IMO.

      “The abuse excuse” was not a factor in this trial. No evidence of it was presented. But the dysfunctionality of this family was on display for all to see. The alternate juror who was just interviewed said he didn’t believe George’s testimony, so I’m not alone in that anyway.

      • bostonboomer says:

        To be clear:

        I think Casey Anthony is a pathological liar and narcissist.

        I think Cindy Anthony is a pathological liar and narcissist.

        I think George Anthony is a pathological liar and narcissist.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        I agree on all your points.

        I would hate either be stuck working with or living next door to these people. I imagine they could make life uncomfortable just being around them.

        Beside, I would have to keep checking my purse to be sure neither Casey or George got their hands on my wallet!

    • jillforhill says:

      She will kill again, don’t be shocked to hear that both of her parents were found dead one day..Did you see how fast George and Cindy left that courthouse, because they know that Casey is coming home and they want NOTHING to do with her.they are probably terrified that she will kill them next

      I always thought casey was like diane downs.

  4. The Rock says:

    White House reportedly offers cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, in deficit talks – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

    The beginning of the end of Medicare and Medicaid in the United States.


    Hillary 2012

    • bostonboomer says:

      I wrote a post about that this morning if you’d like to read it. It’s down a couple of posts.

      • The Rock says:

        I read it briefly earlier. This is a very dark time in this country. Only a Democrat could kill those two programs and that is what is happening. Any seniors, republican or democrat, that votes for Obumbles in ’12 is self-hating.

        Hillary 2012

  5. bostonboomer says:

    Nancy Disgrace is really working hard to whip up a posse to impose “justice” on “tot mom.” Nancy is already responsible for one vulnerable woman committing suicide. If she gets a lynch mob going and they kill Casey or her parents, Nancy should go to prison.

  6. JeanLouise says:

    Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid whether they come on the supply side or the beneficiaries side are still cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. I cannot find a non-curse word that describes what I think of Obama.

    The whole betrayal of Democratic principles reminded me that Michelle Obama refused to identify herself as a Democrat in one of the interviews that she gave during the primaries. These are people who have no core values beyond improving their lot in life. They literally make me sick.